80 Princess Mononoke Tattoos You Must Try in 2022

During the past few years, Princess Mononoke tattoos have gained a lot of popularity among tattoo enthusiasts due to the overall increase in popularity of Japanese culture and the supernaturals in western societies.

These tattoos are inspired by the terminology called “Princess Mononoke”. They are Japanese-themed tattoos. If you are looking for a tattoo that represents Japanese culture and the supernatural, Mononoke Hime tattoos are a great choice.

They look amazing on arms, legs, shoulders, and back. There are a lot of verities in these fantasy-themed tattoos. They come in different colors, shapes, sizes, and designs.

In this article, we will discuss everything related to these super popular tattoos, including what do they mean, their origins, different types of tattoos, some other fun facts, and myths surrounding this topic.


What does Princess Mononoke Tattoos mean?

The word Mononoke often gets confused as a name but it doesn’t represent any name. It actually means spirits of shape-shifting beings. The terminology Princess Mononoke originates from the Japanese word “Mononoke Hime”. It roughly translates to “Spirit Princess”.

It means a supernatural princess that lives with spirits and tries to protect nature and is able to change shapes when needed. Mononoke Hime has gained popularity thanks to the Japanese fantasy movie called Princess Mononoke which was released in 1997.


  1. Red Princess Mononoke
Princess Mononoke Mask Tattoos

Source: niaink

A thigh tattoo of San, One of the main characters of the fantasy movie with a little touch of red. It represents her anger and aggressive part when it comes to protecting nature. A great option for an attractive Monokoke tattoo.


2. Shishigami with Forest spirits

princess mononoke yakul tattoo

Source: thebakery

Forest God Shishigami with forest spirits on his branch-like horns that is surrounded by green leaves. A vibrant tattoo that shows the forest spirits climbing on the forest god’s playful horn. One of the most popular choices for the back of the arm.


Princess Mononoke San Tattoos:

San is one of the main characters in this amazing fantasy-driven animated movie. She is arguably the main character of the movie and many variations of tattoos have been created based around her. The spirited princess is highly fantasized in the tattoos and is usually depicted as a strong female character who knows how to keep control. Here are some of the best Princess San tattoos that have grabbed the eyes of most tattoo enthusiasts.


3. Vibrant San and Moro

Princess Mononoke San Tattoos

Source: tattooist__misaki

A colorful tattoo of Princess Mononoke San with a feminine-looking wolf spirit Moro at a woman’s arm. It is a feminine tattoo that’s surrounded by green leaves. One of the cutest-looking tattoos for women that screams feminine vibes.


4. Angry San with Moro and Forest spirits

princess mononoke wolf tattoo

Source: rustydiego_tattoo

A tattoo of angry Moro with San and forest spirits from Princess Mononoke. The forest spirits look frightened but San and Moro are looking aggressive and ready to fight at any moment. The black gusts indicate a fight is about to break down at any time.


5. San holding a dagger

Mask Tattoos

Source: grimoireink

Vengeance is coming out of Princess Mononoke San as she holds a dagger on top of the wolf god Moro and forest spirits. A stunning leg tattoo that shows the aggressiveness of the wolf god and the anxiety of forest spirits.


6. Mythical Dragon Slayer

wolf tattoo

Source: palitratattoo2017

The spirit empress is holding a sharp blade with blue symbols on a majestic white-eyed dragon. The wolf god is shielding her from danger and her fur is depicted as the princess’s hair.


7. Masked countess

San Tattoos

Source: korrupt_esc

The spirit ruler is hiding her face with a mask and is kneeling down on her knees. But don’t get distracted by her Provocative body as she is ready to charge at any time with her blade.


8. Flower Queen

Princess Mononoke Mask

Source: bearpattontattoo

A gorgeous tattoo of princess San riding a wolf surrounded by flowers. The wolf is showing its teeth indicating that she’s angry and you don’t want to mess with her spirit rider.


9. Monochromatic Gaint Wolf

Princess Mononoke yakul

Source: flameo_ink

The spirit ruler San is standing beside the giant wolf god who is giving a ferocious glance. The wolf is resting one paw on her shoulder to assure that nothing will come in between them.


10. Dynamic Duo

Princess Mononoke san

Source: alice_arttattoos

A pair of black and white tattoos of the dynamic duo of the spirit empress San with wolf gods and Ashitaka biting a knife with forest spirits on his belts. Most suitable for fantasy-loving couples.


11. Trapped Spirits

Princess Mononoke tattoo

Source: leti.sphynx

Ferousiousness of wolf god and shocked forest sports are pinned at a corner with San. The three black blocks indicate a trap that they must escape to break free in nature again.


12. Javelin hunter

princess tattoo

Source: princess tattoo

Princess San is holding a Stone made javelin and staring at the horizon in search of prey with an injured spirit wolf in the background. Her legs are tied and she is seeking freedom.


13. Magical eyed princess San

princess mononoke

Source: gennyjeo

Her eyes can melt any man’s heart. A portrait of the spiritual ruler princess on hand. Her face is covered with three red stripes which reveal her fighting nature. Simple yet gorgeous.


14. Minimalist Spirits

tattoos san

Source: floodtower

A minimalist tattoo of forest spirits standing with princess San and the wolf god Moro. They all look determined and is observing their surrounding. The plants suggest that they are in a forest.


15. Spirits carrier

tattoos yakul

Source: jesmartintattoos

The wolf god Moro is carrying the forest spirits and the spirited princess San who has a mask on her head and is holding a bloody knife. This shows how much the wolf God cares about them and is willing to go far beyond expectations.


Princess Mononoke Mask Tattoos

From the human perspective, princess San represents the forest spirits. She wears an ancient mask to represent the forest spirits. Although she is a human, wearing the ancient mask means she’s deeply connected with the forest inhabitants. Throughout the movie, she wears it when she needs to represent her fellow companions. It plays a major role in the character of San. It’s also one of the most popular choices for tattoos thanks to its ancient and mythical look.


16. Frozen Yakul

tattoos mask

Source: paintedsamurai1

Yakul is a loyal companion of Ashitaka. A detailed tattoo on the leg, standing still like a statue. He seems to be frozen in time as he went through a shock.


17. Evil Wolf

tattoos woif

Source: kellyc_tattoos

Princess Mononoke San is revealing her face and puts her mask on her head. The wolf god is showing its teeth as if it’s possessed by dark energy. The forest spirits look frightened.


18. Decapitated Shishigami

mask tattoo

Source: myzu.tattoo

Ashitaka and San is holding ShishiGami’s decapitated head together while Ashitaka has one of his hands wrapped around her waist and riding on top of the wolf god Moro. It describes the attraction between the two characters.


19. Tear of Vengence

wolf tattoos

Source: cat_sevares

Mononoke san looks so sad that she could break down in tears at any moment while holding her mask in one hand and a dagger with another hand with the wolf spirit in the background as she thinks about the forest.


20. Giant mask

san tattoo

Source: rogues.tattoo

The ancient red mask of San is in front of her but it looks too big for her face and she is giving an optimistic look with fine details on the fur and hair of the character. An excellent choice for an arm tattoo.


21. Forest Queen

tatoos tattoo

Source: minhkaiju

The forest princess is holding a sharp knife and is illustrated in vibrant color with green leaves surrounding her and her ancient mask on her head. An angry look of the queen able to make anyone fear her.


22. Vinal Frame

tattoo san

Source: megoaktattoo

A portrait of Empress San with vine leaves around the frame and jungle spirits standing on the vines while the wolf head is at the bottom of the frame on a thigh. The red stipes pop out and grab attention.


23. Youthfull Princess

Source: mr.mutante_tattoo

Fabulous colorful tattoo of San and her mask. The large eyes of the princess are a clear sign of her cuteness and youthfully age. She also has her forest spirits on her neckless who look charmed by her looks.


24. Vivid Flashback

tattoo wolf

Source: marie.terry.tattoos

Hime San is having a flashback of the past and remembering her early days in the forest with the forest spirits and Moro. The memory is vivid and clear with fine details on the shoulder.


25. Princess on heart

 tattoo princess mononoke

Source: danny_does_art.ie

A tattoo of San with her mask on her head standing with the wolf spirit near the man’s heart. Simple monochromatic design with good texture and blood edges. Great use of shadows for increasing depth.


26. Hairy mask

tattoos princess mononoke

Source: lostatuajesdespider

The short hair of the princess is covered with the long hair from the mask on her head. One of the ears of the mask is showing out of the thick layer of hair and the princess looks committed to a certain cause.


27. Bold Ancient Mask

princess tattoos

Source: blvckwxlf

A highly detailed image of the ancient mask over Sans head is tattooed on a forearm with bold dark color. The use of negative space as highlights gives this tattoo a unique and rich look.


28. Spirits Standoff

mononoke tattoo

Source: batxcat.art

Both wolf and San is facing the opposite direction and has a staredown face. While Moro is looking ferocious San is looking gorgeous with her lovely eyes. Flowers are drawn at the bottom to give balance to the tattoo.


29. Flaming Wolf

mononoke princess

Source: alexunderwood_tattoo

The forest spirit representative is on top of a wolf spirit that is breathing flames and is ready to burn down anything in its path. San is holding on to her blade as the forest spirit is scared to death.


30. Bloody Princess

mononoke princess tattoos

Source: animemasterink

Fresh blood on princess Sans’s face and her purple eyes are ambitious and deadly looking. She’s not afraid to get her hands dirty when it comes to protecting her fragile nature and fellow unprotected forest spirits.


31. Floral Mononoke

mononoke princess tattoo

Source: kassandrarobert_tattoo

A bunch of flowers is all around San and Moro while two Kodama is looking happy with them. One is on San’s shoulder and another one is hiding in the flower.


Princess Mononoke Yakul Tattoo

Yakul is a giant serow who is the best companion of Ashitaka. Although he looks similar to the forest god he doesn’t have many forms. That’s why he’s only seen illustrated in his natural form in many tattoos. His tattoo means bonding and companionship.


32. Smiling Deer God

mononoke princess yakul

Source: oztheuniverse

Shishigami is smiling and it has a few spider webs on its horn with a few small flowers here and there. A joyful tattoo, suitable for the forearm.


33. Fungi valley 

mononoke princess san

Source: parallaxartstudio

Kodama and San is walking through a mushroom-covered valley and the Kodama’s are enjoying every moment. A minimal backhand tattoo design for happy vibes.


34. Night roamer 

mononoke princess mask

Source: pocatattoos

The dark night has begun and the spirited princess and wolf god Moro are wandering around through the vast darkness of the night with pure aggression on their face.


35. Double-faced

mononoke princess wolf

Source: tukostattoos

A young version of Princess San is holding a Night Walkers’ head while on the bottom she is illustrated as having two versions one being young & the other being mature.


36. Split personality

mononoke tattoos

Source: gioiaperry

Half masked and half unmasked version of the Mononoke Princess San showing her both sides as being human and spirit empress.


37. Glowing Spirit

mononoke san

Source: dijahtattoos

Kodama and the spirit princess’s hair are glowing like blue flames and she is holding a blade with her left hand.


38. Masked slayer

mononoke mask

Source: amynguyenart

The deadly spirit ruler is ready for battle with her mask on and looking forward to slaying the evil in her path with Moro.


39. Cute princess

mononoke yakul

Source: the_hideaway_tattoo

A cute portrait of a young princess with her ancient mask on her head and wolf spirit Moro surrounded by a heart on a leg.


40. Deadly jaws

mononoke wolf

Source: chihirotattoos

The steellike sharp jaw of the wolf god is coming out of its mouth and the young ruler of spirit is standing beside it.



mononoke san tattoo

Source: _baristaart_


mononoke mask tattoo

Source: saskiayoung_xox


mononoke yakul tattoo

Source: greeeneerg


mononoke wolf tattoo

Source: ericbranchfield


princess san

Source: xtralikeavocado

Princess Mononoke Forest Spirit Tattoos

The deer god is both loving and cruel at the same time and these tattoos convey that message clearly. The forest spirit a.k.a. deer god has many abilities such as healing, growth but it also has its dark side when he loses his head.


princess mask

Source: benstewartink


princess yakul

Source: zolsantana


princess wolf

Source: sorise_art


mononoke tattoo san

Source: brandedredart


mononoke tattoo mask

Source: leahmarietattoo


mononoke tattoo yakul

Source: vivianaserrra


mononoke tattoo wolf

Source: pwtattoo


princess tattoo san

Source: rabbitholetattoo


princess tattoo mask

Source: inksomniatattoocyprus


princess tattoo yakul

Source: hollyedwardstattoos


princess tattoo wolf

Source: blissofpain_


mononoke tattoos san

Source: katalinamolnar


mononoke tattoos mask

Source: kawaiixriceball


mononoke tattoos yakul

Source: barbaranobody


mononoke tattoos wolf

Source: wade.whitman


 princess tattoos san

Source: oc_tatt


princess tattoos mask

Source: antlercollective

Princess Mononoke Kodama Tattoo

Kodama’s are an unknown species of the forest that indicates the overall health of the forest. They are the tiny white creatures who represent the innocent forest spirits. The tattoos are usually small and cute looking. Throughout the movie, they seem to be dependent on other characters. The Kodama tattoos highlight this characteristic heavily.


princess tattoos yakul

Source: alex_arias.ink


princess tattoss wolf

Source: inkylumberjack


san tattoo mononoke

Source: _blackmonolith


mask tattoo mononoke

Source: ken_possibble


yakul tattoo mononoke

Source: siknaktattoo


wolf tattoo mononoke

Source: shiyu_tattoo


san tattoo princess

Source: nancytatt


mask tattoo princess

Source: amazon_tattoo


yakul tattoo princess

Source: amyjeantattoos


wolf tattoo princess

Source: tsukisukitattoo

Princess Mononoke Forest Spirit Tattoo


mononoke san princess

Source: leduren.tattoos


mononoke mask princess

Source: savvytattoos24


mononoke yaku princess

Source: dwynhny77


mononoke wolf princess

Source: newskin_tattoo


princess tattoo mononoke san

Source: chezpierrefernand


princess tattoo mononoke mask

Source: tattooloversinc


princess tattoo mononoke yaku

Source: mtptattoo


princess tattoo mononoke wolf

Source: artlabtattoostudio


Through these amazing tattoos and discussions, it’s clear that Princess Mononoke has played a major role in highlighting Japanese culture with a fantasy-driven story that has inspired a lot of other movies and unique tattoo designs. It is a symbol of humans and nature clashing with each other. Although nature is loving and kind in times of separation it doesn’t hesitate to strike back. The tattoos greatly emphasize this topic of spirits and the correlation between humans. These amazing tattoos are a visual representation of your belief in the well-being of nature and the characteristics of human nature.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Princess Mononoke made by Studio Ghibli?

Yes. Princess Mononoke was made by Studio Ghibli in 1997.

Is Princess Mononoke the best Ghibli film?

Yes. Arguably It is the best film by Ghibli besides Spirited Away.

Is Avatar based on Princess Mononoke?

The movie Avatar was heavily inspired by Princess Mononoke but the entire story isn’t based on that.

What is Studio Ghibli?

It is a Japanese Animation Studio that was founded on 15th June 1985.

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