30 Anchor Tattoos For A Signature Look in 2022

Want to show your passion for the waters? An anchor tattoo of your choice is a remarkable idea for this. These time-old tattoos have a classic history where they were worn by sailors and sea lovers. They were also the hidden symbol of Christianity to avoid Roman prosecution. More so an anchor tattoo signifies composure, salvation, calmness, hope, and steadfastness.

What Makes Anchor Tattoos So Amazing?

From legends and lore to symbolic representation, anchor tattoos are great to ink for many reasons. The US Navy represents crossing the Atlantic Ocean and entry into the new world with these tattoos. For a sailor, it means a strong foundation, firmness, and strength. For any tattoo lovers, the theme is pretty stylish yet classy. Both men and women equally love the idea of anchor tattoos and have their own signature designs. An anchor can be accompanied by water elements such as ships, sharks, fish, or sailors’ caps. Since the tattoo style comes in a variety of designs, sizes, and patterns, we have picked up the most coveted designs for you.


#1: Geometric Anchor Tattoo



If you are not afraid of showing your tattoo, a dramatic geometric design like this is super cool to rock on the back of the hand. The red and grey shapes in the background make the anchor look bold and strong.


#2: The American Style



With hints of the American colors and symbols, this tattoo on the lower arm is nice to show your patriotic side but in a puzzle form. The golden anchor is best complemented with the blue and red in the background. You may choose your own pattern to make is a custom design.


#3: Anchor Ankle Tattoo



The ankle is a cute option to rock a tiny tattoo like this. Such ankle tattoos look very edgy and classy. They also convey the traditional meaning of the theme very clearly and practically.


#4: Anchor Thigh Tattoo



It’s a very meaningful and iconic thigh tattoo. The anchor resembles the crucifix and the blood in black reminds of Christ’s crucifixion. This is a tattoo that shows faith in a different way.


#5: Anchor And Feather Tattoo



Anchor and feather both have their own meaning and symbolism. The latter shows a connection with your creator and when combined with an anchor it can express honor and trust in the almighty.


#6: Anchor With Ship Wheel And Compass



What an interesting way to connect with the waters. This tattoo with its interesting objects simply shows the love of the wearer for the sea, ship, and adventure. What’s your take on this?


#7: Anchor Over Sailing Ship



This lovely thigh tattoo showing a pirate ship is firmly anchored in a storm is a thing to admire time and again. The artist’s perfection is clear in even the tiniest details such as the skull on the flag, the windows, and even the waves.


#8: Anchored Fish Tattoo



Want an abstract piece of art? Try an idea like this fish and anchor tattoo in black. It’s interesting to see the fish with mustaches and thick eyelashes. Can you defer its meaning?


#9: Anchor Topped By Octopus



You are intelligent, can achieve more, have the ability to regenerate if fails and you know how to overcome your fear while being anchored to the ground even in the toughest of time. That can be one of the many meanings you may draw for this interesting thigh tattoo.


#10: “I Refuse to Sink” Anchor Tattoo



A thigh offers plenty of space to draw an elaborative tattoo. You can include multiple motifs like this tattoo lover has added flowers, a ship wheel with coordinates, an anchor, and highly inspiring words. Just do some brainstorming before finalizing a design.


#11: Anchor With Flower



People love to ink an anchor and flower tattoo to show that they reach a point of stability in their lives or maybe to express that they are grounded. You may choose a sunflower with an anchor like this or maybe any other blossom of your choice to express your story.


#12: Abstract Skull and Anchor Tattoo



A well-defined geometric skull and anchor tattoo like this is far ahead of time. Skulls are known to offer protection to the wearer and symbolize overcoming difficulties. An interesting tattoo design idea like this definitely needs a highly skilled artist.


#13: Anchor Roped To Ship Wheel



If you believe there is hope in stormy weather then this is a sort of tattoo you would love to flaunt. You can do custom changes in the design by adding elements that reflect your vision.


#14: Anchor Leg Tattoo



Want to go for a minimalist design, try something like this. Small anchor tattoos on body areas like the foot, ankle, or calf look really awesome. You can show or hide them as per your wish.


#15: Simple Anchor Wrist Tattoo



A simple line drawing like this is quick and easy to get. It still conveys the deep meaning of the wearer being strong and rooted. Moreover, tiny wrist tattoos are always loved by girls and an anchor is one of their favorite themes.


#16: Leg Anchor Tattoo



An anchor tattoo on the leg also has a sentimental value as it can be easily hidden and can only be shown to the selected ones. It clears that the person can open when much love is given. Moreover, a tattoo like this on the thigh shows the creative side of the wearer.


#17: An Anchor In Action



When you choose to ink on the forearm, make sure you are vocal about your passion and expression inked on the hand. For the design, this all-black ship anchored in the ocean is just dramatic and extraordinary.


#18: Anchor With Compass And Clock



This finely drawn forearm anchor tattoo can be called multi-dimensional. The anchor shows stability while the clock speaks for the ever-changing time and the compass guides in the right direction. It can say that the wearer has moved out of the painful past or maybe that he is stable and focused on the future.


#19: Minimalist Forearm Tattoo



Tattoos like this speak volumes through their simple detailing. Moreover, it has done very playfully and gives an illusion of the anchor falling down while the rope is tied up.


#20: Family Anchor Tattoo



A lot of men and women like a tattoo that can show connectivity with family. This forearm inking cleared that the wearer is deeply anchored with her family and it always feels like the garden of heaven with them.


#21: Anchor Ribbon Tattoo



Here is another tiny and cute but very meaningful hand tattoo. An anchor with motifs such as ribbons, flowers, rope, vines, and others gives a feeling of peace, calmness, and stability. What would you like to add with a traditional anchor on arm?


#22: Anchor And Seagull Tattoo



This tattoo featuring an anchor falling apart at the top and as the pieces fly away they turn into seagulls. It’s a kind of tattoo you would like to flaunt for a sense of freedom, and to contemplate your passion for the sea.


#23: Painted Flower Anchor Tattoo



What a lovely inking on the waist! An anchor combined with softly painted flowers is giving a very feminine feel.


#24: Sharp Design



If you want an edgy and sharp design, try something like this tattoo with an outlined anchor, a star compass, and pointed spears. It’s a perfect tattoo to ink on your arm, shoulder, or leg.


#25: Palm Tree Anchor Tattoo



Now that’s an abstract and meaningful wrist tattoo for anyone to speak through pictures. Both the palm tree and anchor symbolize stability and strength. The tree here remarks truth, eternity, and warmth while the anchor works as the roots.


#26: Anchor On Ankle



This is another example of how a simple anchor can make a statement style. Choose a solid black simple design and put it on a body part that is visible to all.


#27: Victorian Frame



A lot of women love to have an artistic design that speaks for their exquisite choice. You can think of this Victorian-style frame with flowers or any similar ornate design to rock a splendid anchor arm tattoo.


#28: 3D Anchor



Three-dimensional designs have gained popularity for their exceptional appeal. They look very real and natural. For example, this solid anchor with its glass finish is sure to be a stunner.


#29: Splash of Colors



A beautifully drawn arm tattoo that looks even prettier with bold blue and soft pink hues. Adding to it is the white shade that gives the glass-like finish.

#30: Abstract Art



Sky has no limit to an artist’s visualization. We are totally blown away by this beautiful and elegant design that holds a lot of meaning in every detail.


Frequently Asked Questions


What does an anchor tattoo symbolize?


Safety, stability, strength, and security with a sense of connection with the earth are a few attributes that an anchor tattoo symbolizes. The body art used to serve as a visual talisman amongst the sailors on voyages to different parts of the world. Each tattoo has its own story. Anchors with roses, infinity, compasses, ropes, and wheels are a few most popular elements that reflect the expressions of never-ending hope, passion, love, etc. Anchor tattoos act as a motivator to help the wearer let go of the fears and suggest being bold enough to sail against the odds.


How much is a small anchor tattoo?


Tiny anchor tattoos on the wrist, ankle, back of the hand, or on fingers are very popular for their minimalist appeal. These small tattoos usually start at a price of $50 or $100. However, the cost for these small anchor tattoos also depends on the overall design and where you are getting it from. Usually, famous artists charge high even for a bit of inking.


What does an upside-down anchor tattoo mean?


An upside-down anchor means stability and preparation for a new voyage. You may choose this design to signify your positive attitude and readiness for new challenges. If an upside-down anchor is in a lifting-up position, it states the wearer is fearless and calmly ready to take up life’s storms with poise.


What does a black anchor tattoo mean?


A black anchor tattoo reflects both the positive and the negative aspects. It stands for a strong, contained yet mysterious personality. If you choose an anchor in black it means you wish to move from a depressing and pessimistic version of yours to a more stable, focused, and clear-headed one. IT also suggests letting go of the withholding and move ahead to enjoy the challenges the journey gives.


What is the best way to pick the type of anchor tattoo I want?


This needs you to answer certain questions such as why you want a tattoo. Do you know the meaning and attributes of an anchor tattoo? What do you wish your tattoo to carry? When you understand the theme and have your own story to express through it, decide if you want the design to be simple or very elaborative, and if it will have multiple design elements such as anchors with hearts, flowers, wings, ships, etc. A professional and experienced artist can help you sort the right tattoo in a few settings.


Where you should put your anchor tattoos?


Anchor tattoos are extremely eye-catching and when inked at the perfect spot they certainly make a style statement. The placement choice could be different for men and women. It also depends on the size and overall theme. For example, women love to spot a small anchor tattoo on a finger, at writs, or ankle. Behind the ears is also popular amongst female tattoo enthusiasts. Men on the other side love to make it large. Thus, chest and back, as well as shoulder and calf, are best to portray their love for the sea life.


How much Do the anchor tattoos cost?


The cost of an anchor tattoo widely depends on its design, size, and placement. If it’s a large shoulder tattoo with lots of detailing and colors, chances are that it would be $500 or more. A simple anchor tattoo starts with $100. A monochrome tattoo would cost lesser than a colored one. But again the kind of technology, ink, overall detailing, the experience of the artist, and similar other factors further decide the cost.

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