Top 80 Fire Tattoo Designs for Men and Women in 2022

Since the dawn of civilization, fire is a symbol of hope, passion, and energy. A fire tattoo is used to commemorate those symbols and create breathtaking designs.

Most often these tattoos include different forms of fire. They are drawn in many distinctive styles and are recognized throughout the tattoo community.

Mythical creatures that are associated with Greek mythology such as the immortal phoenix or daemon are often used in these tattoos. Ordinary objects are also combined in this tattoo style to enhance their meanings.

In this article, we’ll go through the meanings and reasons behind the fire tattoos, what they symbolize, how they are used to express power, etc. We’ll also cover some FAQs related to this topic at the end.


Fire Tattoo Meaning  & Symbol

All fire tattoos have some hidden meaning behind them. These tattoos are used to symbolize energy, power, passing rebirth, etc. They are also used to represent anger, vengeance, evil, etc.

The meaning behind these tattoos depends on the depiction of the piece. They often mean that the person bearing these tattoos is full of energy, believes in rebirth, etc.

They can also mean that the person believes in the mythologies and ancient history as well. Depending on the placement of the tattoo the meaning behind them can also alter in its direction.


1. Fire Phoenix Tattoo



The phoenix is used to represent fire tattoos all over the world. They are the symbol of fire. These creatures are born in fire and get rebirth from fire as well.


2. Yellow Phoenix


Source: tattooisthillman

A simple mythical bird known as the phoenix is drawn to express the thoughts of fire and energy. The phoenix doesn’t have visible flames on its body but the fire can ignite at any time.


3. The Fire Bird


Source: outerlimitscostamesa

The bird has fully emerged in flames. Its deadly claws are sharp and ready to attack. The glaze on the eyes shows pure determination. A colorful fire tattoo on the leg.


4. Sleek Dancer


Source: toratattoostudio

An amazing leg tattoo with fire. The elegant feathers of the mythical being are covered in red flames. The bird looks amazingly agile. The flame-like design on its wings is truly a piece of art.


5. Black Feathers


Source: koizhou_tattooist

The black feather is used to represent the ashes of a dimmed fire. The flames are gone but the presence of fire is still there. The bird represents the spirits of the flame. The tattoo is nicely placed on the back of a man’s shoulder.


6. Fireforged Bond


Source: koizhou_tattooist

A display of pure bonding between two people. The bird is used to combine both of the names and give this a new meaning. This is the final product of being forged in fire from the phoenix.


7. Fire Phoenix on Arm



A gorgeous fire tattoo on a man’s arm. The Phoenix has its head down. Most likely it is a sign of showing respect. The end of the wings of the tattoo is drawn in red. Colorful tails are an indication of the variety the person believes in.


8. Fire Crawler


Source: cam.kelley

A black daemon-like being with some flower and a flaming birds combination is drawn as a hand tattoo. There is also a lamp that has a palace on its fire. Two mythical beings are crawling down his arms.


9. Mighty Flames


Source: real.big.plans

The anger and fear can easily be seen on this tattoo. Her eyes are wide open and her claws are sharp and ready to attack. Fire is all over her body. A wonderful tattoo for a women’s hand.


10. Fire Hydrant Tattoo


Source: wastedtalent713

Although a fire hydrant is supposed to provide water, This one is spreading flames. It bears the message that although something looks safe that doesn’t mean it’s actually safe. The tattoo nicely fits at the back of the elbow.


11. The Watcher Hydrant


Source: theartfulworldtraveler

An anti-fire tattoo is drawn on a man’s leg. The fire hydrant is looking down the eyes of the nearby. He is being used to represent the anti-flames. The blue background suggests water which is the total opposite of these designs.


12. Burning Candle

Source: trent.tattoos


A glowing candle can be seen on a women’s back arm. The flame is enormous compared to the candle itself. This shows the ability of the fire to exceed expectations and all the barriers.


13. Fire Rose Tattoo


Source: streety1112

A minimal tattoo of a rose drawn with simple lines. The lines are used to outline the tattoo. Fire can be seen at the bottom of the rose. A great combination for a tattoo on the neck.


14. Flaming Black Rose


Source: rita_bubble_art

A rose on a woman’s back is usually used to represent love and desire. The fire on this rose indicates that the desires are far beyond the accepted limit and poses risk to the ones close to them. The slight tint of fire enhances the meaning behind the tattoo.


15. Toxic Flames


Source: calencurley

A back of the arm tattoo is drawn with the combination of a rose and fire. The rose is in the middle of the flame and The flames around it are dark and glowing. It indicates that the flames are most likely toxic. In another sense, it can be described as a vengeful love.


16. Burning Pairs


Source: inkedmag

A pair of flowers can be seen on fire. But there is still a few drops of water on them. The waters indicate that the fire is within the flowers. It represents someone who can tame their anger and vengeance.


17. Orange Flamed Flower


Source: tattertot98

Although the rose looks like an autumn-themed tattoo that isn’t the case for this one. The orange color is there because of the burning flames of the fire. A good representation of fire being used to change someone’s appearance.


18. Ember Rose


Source: marcustats

Due to the fact of being emerged in the fire for so long, the rose has turned itself into an ember. The tattoo lays nicely on a man’s chest. It indicates that his heart has turned into an ember like a flower.


19. Symbolic Fire


Source: luvinink

This amazing tattoo on the side of the leg is an iconic symbol of a fighter. The fire color is used to draw this amazing piece. It states the quote ” Never A Victim Forever A Fighter. “. A strong message to carry on such a strong tattoo.


20. Partial Fire Tattoo


Source: eugener.barrow

A cute tattoo of a partially burning flower on a woman’s arm. The top of the tattoo has caught in flames but the bottom is completely intact. A beautiful tattoo for women.


21. Colorful Flames


Source: ___wt10___

The main attraction of this pair of tattoos is the gorgeous color and texture of the flames. The flames are red and purple in color. The green leaves nicely complement the flames of the fire. A cute pair of tattoos for forearms.


22. Symbolic Arrows


Source: boscolaynetattoo

An arrow is drawn on a man’s hand with the fire symbol. The background of this lethal tattoo is red in color. The arrow is pointy and has a minimalist touch to it.


23. Multicolored Flame Symbol


Source: damonmyers_tattoo_artist

A symbol of flame is drawn just over the wrist of a man. The different sections of the flames are in different colors. It indicates that although they are together they are not the same from the inside.


24. Fire Sketch Tattoo


Source: xoxo__nine

If you like light-weight and simple design this sketch tattoo of a burning flower is the perfect match for you. The light details and outline make it elegant and pleasing to the eyes. A beautiful choice for women’s wrists.


25. Flower Based Flame Symbol


Source: books_tea_and_eatingwell

A strong base means a strong structure. The base of this tattoo is a delicate flower. There is also a flame on top of the flower. The flame is held up from the ground by the thin layers of insulation from the fire. It means that no matter how mighty you can become there’s always a soft spot.


26. Falling Flames


Source: dreaminginktattoos

Fire can never be trusted. The flower that was holding it for so long is now itself is in flames. Its pulps are falling off and the leaves couldn’t escape as well. A reminder not to blindly trust someone at any time.


27. Ember Rose On Shoulder


Source: rosamorena111

A fire tattoo on the back of the shoulder can be seen drawn with a dark background. The Flower slowly burns in the fire and the ashes in the background have made it more obvious.


28. Evil Flames


Source: honma_tat

A mysterious black-colored object shaped like a flower can be seen on a women’s hand. The figure seems to be in flames that are violet in color. This gives a seer feeling of evil and destruction.


29. Filigree Fire Tattoo


Source: aleee412

A fire tattoo on a woman’s back. The tattoo is heavily inspired by the filigree style. The flames on the object if light blue in color. The center of the woman’s back is decorated nicely with this amazing tattoo.


30. Bold Symbol


Source: bells_916

The fire symbol that is drawn in this tattoo is very bold in color. It is just below her neck. This symbolizes her passion and high level of energy. If you want a bold message to be delivered with your tattoo this could be a great option.


31. Screaming Fire Tattoo


Source: akanehell_ink

The pain associated with the burn from the fire is too much to handle. The flower can be seen screaming on top of its head. But that won’t stop the flame from doing its thing.


32. Faded Tattoo of Fire


Source: chiera

The tiny rose has a small flame on it. But don’t get confused by its size it still can burn whatever comes into its ways.


33. Burning Mates


Source: luuckygonzalez

A bunch of flowers can be seen together and burning in the fire. They are still together until their very end. A great display of unity and bonding can be seen on this fire tattoo.


34. Lover’s Desire


Source: heavenlyink_

A burning rose is an ultimate display of desires. There is a name on the stem of the rose. It is most likely dedicated to the lover of his life. A pure display of love and desires.


35. Fire Farrior


Source: sexual.abuse_awareness

A woman’s chest tattoo is drawn with a fire symbol on the front. The word “Warrior” is written beside the symbol in a cursive style. It indicates that she is a true believer and won’t back down easily from a fight.


36. Side Wrist Flame Symbol


Source: bella.sprouts

A beautiful woman has her hand raised and the tattoo on the side of the wrist can be seen perfectly. The symbol is drawn with straight lines which are not conventional but look good. A tiny tattoo perfect for women.


37. Fire And Flower Forearm Tattoo


Source: atomictattoobossier

A man’s lower forearm is covered with a fire-themed rose tattoo. The flame has black edges and is burning in the background. The red rose is helplessly laying on the front. This indicated the helplessness of the tattoo.


38. Fire and Ice Tattoo


Source: jennie_kiebler_art

Two completely different elements are combined in this tattoo. The ice has the number 17 written on it and the fire is all-around it. It’s a battle between two sides and nobody knows who will win.


39. Frankenstine On Fire


Source: intenzetattooink

An evil doctor is located at the center of the tattoo. He most likely created this girl. Her face is stitched together with ropes and she has fire on her hands. Who knows what this evil genius has on his mind. None the less a wonderful tattoo on a woman’s thigh.


40. Fire and Snake


Source: voicefangirl

Two different types of fire are on each side of a tree. A snake can be seen on top of the tree. There is no place to escape from there. There is a crystal at the center and the snake is trying to protect it. A pure symbolization of dedication.








Source: rattrott




Source: dirtslubgabo




Source: itssabrinabitch13


45. Fire Sign Tattoo


Source: pooja8barot




Source: cassiopeiaurora




Source: rowiedzamora



Source: black_ink_tattoo_lbc



Source: inkoutsideofthebox



Source: tattoohelps



Source: takeshi_club_



Source: carolinekuepper.tattoos



Source: phillyeddiestattoo



Source: mandycptattoo



Source: denise_wolbit



Source: black_w_ink



Source: heyheybitches


58. Fire Nation Tattoo


Source: sonjaelise_




Source: findyoursmile




Source: nonameetattoo




Source: foragertattoo




Source: yokairu_




Source: oztheuniverse


64. Fire and Water Tattoo


Source: becca_black_tattoo




Source: christophersthompson




Source: vanitytattoo_1996




Source: amspear_peekops




Source: familiatattoo_bali




Source: ruby_art_tattoo




Source: stigmatattooroma




Source: stormhorsetattoo




Source: momsofspokane




Source: tattoo_perfektstyle




Source: akhil_patel_relic_tattoos




Source: caramelo.dsgn




Source: sham_b_tattoo




Source: anchorsuptattoo


78. Fire Hydrant Tattoo


Source: paulnycz




Source: styxxink




Source: outerlimitscostamesa



Fire tattoos are very popular and filled with deeper meanings. I hope these amazing tattoos were able to ignite a flame in your creative minds. They are iconic in style and can be recognized from a distance. If you combine them with other tattoos they will work nicely as well. If you are in the market for a new tattoo definitely give these fire tattoos a thought.


Frequently Asked Question

What Are The Most Common Prices For These Tattoos?

It totally depends on the artist and location. The most common prices of fire tattoos are $75-150 per hour.

What Is The Best Placement For A Fire Tattoo?

The best placements for a fire tattoo are the shoulders, wrist, forearms, and Chest.

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