80 Marvelous Filigree Tattoos to Try in 2022

Filigree tattoos are nothing but tattoos inspired by filigree designs. They have become quite popular in the tattoo industry in the past few years.

At first, they gained popularity in the 16th century. Usually, two different precious metals such as gold and silver were used to be twisted and beaded together. That created amazing ornaments and inspired this tattoo style.

Whether it’s the gorgeous designs or the ability to enhance the details of any tattoo, these amazing tattoos are one of the best when it comes to grabbing attention. Their mesmerizing designs with eye-catching outlines are the perfect combination for tattoo lovers.

In this article, we’ll go through some of the best filigree tattoos, what do they symbolize, their meanings, etc. We’ll also cover how you can get this and express your inner feelings.


Filigree Tattoo Meaning and Symbolize

The word filigree means some kind of ornamental work that uses gold, silver, or any valuable metal that is transformed into tracery. Filigree tattoos don’t have any specific meaning of their own. When combined with other tattoo elements they bring out the details of the tattoos. Usually, filigree tattoos symbolize the style of delicate ornaments and their lace-like jewelry work style. They highlight the fragile nature of these designs but also the cost and high values that come with them.


1. Filigree Heart Tattoo


filigree heart tattoo

Source: meganrosetattoos

An amazing filigree tattoo of a crystal. The red crystal is shaped like a heart. It’s surrounded by small pearls and there’s a frame made out of gold with an extremely detailed design.


2. Filigree Cross Tattoo


filigree neck tattoo

Source: danielbrandttattoos

A tattoo of a cross on the leg is drawn with the braided style. There are some flowers on the cross and the edges of the cross are like a crown top. It seems as if the cross was burning in flames.


3. Filigree Chest Tattoo

filigree cross tattoo

Source: khr_25

One pair of tattoos on a man’s chest that look like earrings. There’s also a message that says “Stand and be true”. Although the tattoo has a feminine element, it screams masculinity all around.


4. Skull Crusher Tattoo

skull filigree

Source: daniel_wolf_tattoo

A skull that is floating on top of a flower on a man’s side chest. The Ornament at his hand gives this tattoo a filigree vibe. A raven is carrying the jewel with his claws and flying towards the skull.


5. Filigree Tattoo With Time


filigree chest tattoo

Source: twisted_ink_ballito

An ancient stopwatch is inside a frame that has an ornamental style attached to it. The gears of the clock in the center are showing. The number of details put into this tattoo highly represents the filigree style.


6. Filigree Clock on Forearm

filigree hand tattoo

Source: martin_tattooartist

A delicate tattoo of a clock on a man’s forearm. The Clock represents time consciousness and the ornamental style of the clock represents delicacy and precision. A great choice for a tattoo on hand.


7. Clocks and Gears

filigree clock tattoo

Source: helen_tinc_etherington

The normal mechanical clock is on top of a lot of gears and a sundial clock is beside it. the sundial clock represents the filigree nature of the tattoo. A gorgeous tattoo for the leg that gives a nostalgic vibe.


8. Filigree Rose Tattoo

filigree shoulder tattoo

Source: blackchalicetattooofficial

The rose with its sensitive and fragile pulps is guarded by a structure. The structure looks as if it was a part of an expensive ornament. The branch-like design gives the tattoo a filigree look.


9. Skull On Rose

filigree rose tattoo

Source: narniatattoos

A dead skull is inside of a red rose. However, the leaves and branches of the rose look like jewelry work instead of ordinary branches and leaves. The Filigree style enhances the beauty of the tattoo.


10. Rose and Eye Sleeve

 cross rose tattoo

Source: joey_formiga

A full sleeve tattoo with ornamental style on a man’s arm. There’s one gorgeous eye surrounded by breaded-style leaves with a rose on top. It conveys the message that beauty is always being watched.


11. Flower and Sword Filigree Tattoo

heart thigh tattoo

Source: sabrinaelliottetattoo

A Sword is piercing through a rose. The handle of the sword has custom jewelry work that follows an ancient filigree theme.  There’s also a flower near the handle and three expensive gems are being held in place with breaded ornamental work.


12. Red Filigree Rose and skull Tattoo

filigree tattoo

Source: pjftattooart

A skull is missing its jaw and has a red rose on top of it. A branch-like ornamental work is done near its ears and back. A creepy yet beautiful tattoo for the back of the arm.


13. Monochrome Filigree on Leg

neck cross tattoo

Source: sophie_amourtattoo

A simple yet gorgeous monochrome tattoo of a clock surrounded by flowers. The clock has a chain attached to it. It’s embedded in a heart-shaped ornament. It represents Time and Love with its excellent filigree design.


14. Light Green Rose

shoulder neck tattoo

Source: dennisetattoos

The rose tattoo on a man’s leg has a slight green tint to it. The ornament-like branches are spreading in both up and down directions. This style enhances the delicacy of the flower.


15. Gorgeous Flower Tattoo

hand cross tattoo

Source: juanfra.tattoo

The bottom half of the hand is covered with a tattoo of a flower. A few drops of dew are on the flower’s branch and tips. Great use of Shadow to bring depth to the tattoo.


16. Filigree Skull Tattoo

filigree skull tattoo

Source: maaikesebregts

A stylish tattoo based on filigree is depicted on a man’s leg. The main attraction is the skull that has a blue rose in one of its eye sockets. There is a glow of blue color in the skull. The Ornamental design enhances the tattoo by a fair margin.


17. Hellfire Filigree Skull

filigree skull

Source: loni_d_tattoo

A skull is burning in glowing red flames. The flames look like breaded jewelry work. It brings out the suffering of the trapped skull.


18. Spiked Jaws

 tattoo filigree

Source: jonhamlett

The tattoo on his shoulder has a skull of a being that looks far beyond a human. Its teeth are skipped like vampires. The delicate design is coming out of the side of his mouth up to his head.


19. Mysterious Chad

tattoo filigree skull

Source: livingshadowstattoos


The tattoo has a skull that has a very distinctive jawline. The entire skull is covered in design work. There are also three unknown symbols on his forehead that bring out the mysterious side of this tattoo.


Filigree Thigh Tattoo

20. Connected Crowns

neck hand tattoo

Source: savronthegreat

Two Crown tattoo is connected with a filigree design. The two crowns are at two different parts of the leg. The crown on the thigh is pointing upwards but the crown below the knee is pointing downwards.


21. Mighty yet Fragile

filigree thigh tattoo

Source: martin_tattooartist

The fierce look of the lion is dimmed by the fragile design around his hair. In this instance, the tattoo highlights both the mighty and fragile nature of the person who bears the tattoo.


22. Mirrorless Mirror

rose skull tattoo

Source: darkhorseinitiative

A tattoo on a female thigh. There seems to be a frame of a mirror but the reflective mirror itself is missing. The frame has beautiful artwork on it. So beautiful yet useless.


23. Tensed Skull

heart neck tattoo

Source: jezzytattoos

The skull is hardly biting on its teeth. Although there isn’t a face that doesn’t prevent it from spreading the expression that it’s angry. The anger is contained by fragile work of delicacy and can lease out anytime.


24. Floral Back

heart cross tattoo

Source: blackdahliaink

A bunch of flowers on a women’s back is contained by a filigree-type vase. The flowers aren’t touching the design but give the impression of being held by it. The beauty is greatly enhanced by the filigree theme.


25. Odin in Filigree Work

heart chest tattoo

Source: lifeof_davidmeldrum

A tattoo of the god of war and death Odin and his wife is drawn with a filigree style. The violent nature of Odin is diluted by the filigree artwork on his and his wife’s crown.


26. Dissected Flower

heart clock tattoo

Source: pr0xypunk

A diagram of a flower that is dissected and marked with proper care. A flower made of silver is on top of the diagram. It highlights the matter that no matter how detail you get nature is always two steps ahead.


27. Trapper Fly

heart shoulder tattoo

Source: darkmagicmagazine

A huge fly is trapped inside a trap. The trap itself is looking very elegant but the purpose is still the same. The fly felt for the beauty and got itself trapped. Most humans do the same in real life as well.


28. Highly Detailed Abstract Filigree


heart rose tattoo

Source: kirknilsentattoos

The tattoo has a fine amount of detail but doesn’t mean anything in particular. The meaning of this tattoo is very abstract. It’s better to be left with your imagination rather than me explaining it.


29. Colorful Gems

heart skull tattoo

Source: tattoos_by_penguin

Three beautiful gems are inside a vine-like tree that is inspired by filigree. The blue gem is shaped like a heart while the red gem is shaped like a triangle with sharp edges. The emerald-colored one is round in shape and almost hidden from everything.


30. Wolf in Filigree

heart hand tattoo

Source: clarasinclairart

A filigree tattoo of a wolf who looks like the wolf god from Princess Mononoke. The feminine look is depicted through her watering eyes. Her dangerous nature is being suppressed by the filigree-styled forest.


31. Bold Patterns

neck heart tattoo

Source: inkstory

Bold dark patterns are drawn in this superb filigree tattoo. The tattoo covers the lower half and some parts over the elbow. A great choice for someone who is looking for a filigree tattoo with minimal design.


32. Silver Phoenix 

neck shoulder tattoo

Source: sacredraventattoo

The mighty phoenix that roamed over the world is beautifully depicted in this amazing tattoo. The tail of the phoenix is replaced with filigree work that multiplied its beauty.


33. Game of Spades

neck rose tattoo

Source: unforgiventattoostudio

A filigree tattoo with playing cards on top. The ace and kind of spades is showing the strength of the hand. But the flowers are bringing a balance between them.


34. Royal Flush

 neck skull tattoo

Source: unforgiventattoostudio

One of the most powerful hands you can have in poker is on a man’s hand. Ace and king are on the top and jack, queen, ten of spades are at the bottom. The cards are connected with designs of silver jewelry.


35. Self Refelting Book

neck thigh tattoo

Source: ironbuzztattoos

A book is being reflected on a mirror that has silverwork around its frame. The design has two pointed edges. This tattoo delivers the message that a book is like a reflection of a man’s life.


36. Full Back Filigree Tattoo

neck chest tattoo

Source: damgaardart

A tattoo of an angel statue is the main attraction of this entire tattoo. It is surrounded by a filigree frame. This tattoo covers the entire back and back of both hands. A masterpiece of true dedication and belief is expressed through this tattoo.


37. Overthinker Angel

neck clock tattoo

Source: pompberry

An angel is sipping through a cup of tea and has her eyes rolled up. The tea was supposed to be relaxing but her overthinking has ruined that. She is missing the bottom half of her body. There are also two filigree flowers on top of her wings.


38. Colored Beauty

cross heart tattoo

Source: sweetdarcilove

A fully bloomed red flower and two small flowers are in this cute filigree tattoo. It metaphorically shows the growth phases of a human being with the flower.


39. Lost Time

cross neck tattoo

Source: diamanda

The watch that was supposed to show time is buried by leaves and flowers. In this tattoo, the clock represents a filigree and gives meaning to the tattoo.


40. Dazzling Eyes

 cross shoulder tattoo

Source: tattoozbybrettgordon

The hypnotizing eye of a female is drawn as a filigree tattoo on the backside of the leg. The has a reflection of an arm in its pupil. The love-seeking eye is behind an amazing gold ornamental design. They both compliment each other nicely.



cross skull tattoo

Source: clarasinclairart



 cross hand tattoo

Source: rosiemalonetattoos



cross thigh tattoo

Source: auua.tattoo



 cross chest tattoo

Source: rebelkolors



cross clock tattoo

Source: 1111ad_tattoo



shoulder heart tattoo

Source: clarasinclairart



shoulder cross tattoo

Source: jannesdegroot.tattoo



shoulder rose tattoo

Source: clarasinclairart



shoulder skull tattoo

Source: inkstory



shoulder hand tattoo

Source: vikacreep



shoulder thigh tattoo

Source: toxicinkwitch



shoulder chest tattoo

Source: nicole_tattoo_art



shoulder clock tattoo

Source: vs_tattoos



rose heart tattoo

Source: lewgreigtattoo



rose neck tattoo

Source: tattooilluminati



rose cross tattoo

Source: jaid_ink



rose shoulder tattoo

Source: retroewon



rose hand tattoo

Source: oneintroempire



rose thigh tattoo

Source: tr3yoke



rose chest tattoo

Source: visualintelligence_tattoo



rose clock tattoo

Source: kelsey.carmela



skull heart tattoo

Source: bekki.tattoo



skull neck tattoo

Source: bfaupin_tattoo



 skull cross tattoo

Source: jbrown_tattoo


65.  Filigree Neck Tattoo


 skull shoulder tattoo

Source: rustyruss_tattoo



skull rose tattoo

Source: mmm16hrs



skull hand tattoo

Source: bjarmtrout666



skull thigh tattoo

Source: jim.tat



skull chest tattoo

Source: oddmaree



skull clock tattoo

Source: clarasinclairart



hand heart tattoo

Source: victoria.grasshoff.tattoo



hand neck tattoo

Source: laceyolivialaw



hand shoulder tattoo

Source: maxbtattin



hand rose tattoo

Source: saralonitattoos



hand skull tattoo

Source: laceyolivialaw



hand thigh tattoo

Source: ross.shoe



 hand chest tattoo

Source: clarasinclairart



hand clock tattoo

Source: chematattoo



 thigh heart tattoo

Source: perfectimage_waterloo



 thigh neck tattoo

Source: krus_tattoo_cave



These amazing filigree tattoos inspired by old jewelry designs can surely enhance the beauty of any tattoo. But they don’t have any meaning of their own. At best they can represent the style of old ornamental work by themself. However, when combined with other tattoo elements they greatly complement the base element. So, If you have any ideas of your own; getting that idea converted into a filigree-themed tattoo will take it to another level.

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