30 Sternum Tattoo Ideas For Females To Flex Their Feminity

sternum tattoo is undoubtedly eye-catching, attractive, and sexy. But, inking this chest-bone tattoo will put you in immense pain. 

Well, if you have a high endurance, do not think twice before getting a sternum tattoo. It makes you more appealing and expresses you as a bold character. Selecting the right design will add subtleness to your personality. 

Yes, both males and females can have a sternum tattoo. But this article focuses on female chest bone tattoos only.

There is a difference between a male and a female sternum tattoo. The girl’s sternum tattoos are usually inked to flow under the breasts, making a natural curve.

So, let’s start.


30 Sternum Tattoo Designs With Deep Meaning

You can put all your creativity and imagination into customizing a sternum tattoo. There will be no complaints from the tattooist’s side as the artist gets a larger surface to ink the design.

So, what designs should you put? We recommend fusing dragons, flowers, snakes, chandeliers, mandalas, etc., with other elements. You can find our top 30 sternum tattoo selections with their meanings in the below sections.


Delicate Sternum Tattoo

Why not go for a feminine and cool sternum tattoo? The delicate chest-bone tattoos might look simple, but they carry deeper beliefs.

Sternum tattoos do not necessarily have to be large. You can curve your thoughts in minimal designs, too. In fact, the delicate tattoos carry a strong message. They amplify a discreet yet powerful personality.

1. Growing A Life  

Source : indigoforevertattoos

Shells symbolize fertility in women. So, this shell tattoo is special for women carrying their first child. The radiating energy here is coming from the new life in the womb.

2. The Rose Leaf

Source : tussilago.t

A rose leaf tattoo embodies a feminine and graceful energy. Inking this design on the sternum expresses the courage and strength a woman holds within her.

3. Floral Wings 

Source : indigoforevertattoos

The branches coming out of the flower resemble wings. While the flower adds purity to this tattoo, the arcs indicate freedom. Spill in some colors to make this design more attractive.


Lotus Sternum Tattoo

Lotus tattoos are more symbolic than you can think. Different religions, cultures, and tribes have used this flower to express their belief. A lotus tattoo on your sternum will pose you as a spiritual and mindful person.

But try to add other elements to your lotus design. Otherwise, you will look out of fashion.

4. Lotus Moon 

Source : sacredinkrishikesh

The lotus moon tattoo is a token of divine power. Here, the lotus stands for purity. Likewise, the moon captures feminine energy and enlightenment, adding a sacred touch to the design.

5. Spiritual Womb

Source : the_moderndayhippie_tattoo

In Buddhism and Hinduism, the lotus has been referred to as a metaphor for the universe. Getting this tattoo on your sternum showcases your belief and spiritual mind.

6. Rising Lotus 

Source : awakentattoostudio

Do you know lotus rise from the mud? Yet, a blooming lotus radiates only beauty and purity. This flower tattoo will remind you to become a better version of yourself.


Snake Sternum Tattoo

People often link snake tattoos to evil or dark energy. But in reality, snakes symbolize strength, power, and even wisdom. In many beliefs, snake body art represents protection from evil and rebirth.

Sternum snake tattoo ideas are popular among both males and females. These designs not only look cool but add a classy vibe to your personality.

7. Floral Serpent 

Source : theartofeverett

Passion is what keeps us alive. But when this zeal becomes an obsession for blinding success, it ruins everything. The flower and snake tattoo depicts this story of destruction.

8. Guardian In Shadow 

Source : belenatattoos

Snake is considered sacred in many beliefs. In fact, the Hindus worship snakes on particular occasions. The snake tattoo here is inspired by such faith and symbolizes protection from evil.

9. Reborn And Shine 

Source : hoperosie

Snakes shed their skins to grow bigger and stronger. The floral snake tattoo represents the rebirth of your soul. Here, the flowers symbolize the purity of your thought.


Butterfly Sternum Tattoo

You can mold a simple butterfly into a fantastic sternum tattoo with just a little creativity. Butterflies are metaphorically used to indicate rebirth, creation, marriage, death, and a deceased soul. The interpretation of butterflies changes with belief and culture. Again, people also get a butterfly tattoo as a token of memory.

10. Creativity Wings 

Source : scottashmoretattoo

Butterflies are amusing creatures. In this tattoo, the butterfly is shooting up for the sky. It will remind you to fly towards your dreams with full force.

11. Commet Moth With Butterfly 

Source : ah.vocado

The comet moth symbolizes good luck. Pairing the moth with a single butterfly expresses that you embrace life with hope. Coloring the butterfly adds a joyful vibe to the tattoo.

12. Immortal Soul 

Source : bugpin_beck

The moon changes phase once every month. Similarly, butterflies symbolize the transformation of life. Adding the moon to the butterfly tattoo embodies the growth and maturation of life.


Geometric Sternum Tattoo

Geometric tattoos are a complete package. You get to fuse natural patterns with personal beliefs. A clean geometric tattoo will express you as an organized and visionary person.

You can try literally any pattern on your sternum. Let it be a simple geometric design or a print inspired by nature.

13. Laxmi Lotus 

Source : mizt.tattoo

In Hinduism, the lotus symbolizes good fortune and wealth. It also indicates self-acknowledgment, self-actualization, and liberation. This sternum lotus tattoo suits both males and females.

14. The Divine Light 

Source : bibi.lea.tattoo

The geometric pattern here resembles a chandelier. It symbolizes a light from within that will help you find your path. The flowers in the tattoo represent divine power.

15. Bowing Life 

Source : danpricetattoos

Ego and arrogance always push people toward failure. You can grab success only when you are humble. This rose tattoo will remind you to show gratitude to life.


Rose Sternum Tattoo

Rose tattoos are timeless. This flower expresses love, friendship, joy, happiness, and whatnot. In fact, roses carry significance in spirituality, too.

The rose tattoos beautifully flex the sternum curve in females. Hence, choosing the right design will add boldness to your overall character.

16. Geometric Rose

Source : maddymaitattoo

The above tattoo is perfect for introverts. While the rose looks realistic, it is closed in a geometric pattern. The design expresses the shy and reserved character of introverts.

17. Bridge Of Flower 

Source : rose_tattoo

Any woman will surely fall for this flower bridge tattoo. The design looks simple, clean, and on-point. Those blooming flowers symbolize your growth and maturation.

18. Just Love

Source : cierahightattoos

Every girl fantasizes about dedicating a tattoo to her partner. What design is better than a rose? This tattoo can be your token of love for your close one.


Dragon Sternum Tattoo

Dragons are mystical creatures holding divine forces. The interpretation of dragon tattoos is different in Eastern and Western cultures. But in any scenario, the dragons are acknowledged as strong animals. So, a dragon sternum tattoo only reflects your raw energies and hidden potential.

19. Night Fury

Source : evil_twin_tattoo

In the West, dragons stand as a symbol of death and destruction. Show your rage through this dragon tattoo. This design is perfect for the young rebels.

20. Firey Passion

Source : paigelouisetattoo

There is no success without taking risks. The flower dragon tattoo is a reminder of that. You have to be fierce and passionate to enjoy the sweet victory.

21. The Slayer 

Source : spiritinknz

In Eastern cultures, dragons are curved on the temples. They believe that dragons are our protectors. The slayer tattoo will give you courage and help you overcome tough times.


Lace Sternum Tattoos

Lace tattoos sit perfectly on the sternum. Years ago, only wealthy females could afford jeweled laces. Well, now, the time has changed. Yet, women adorn laces and use these patterned fabrics to enhance their aesthetics. Such thoughts of grace and delicacy inspire the sternum lace tattoos.

22. The Jeweled Crown 

Source : ebanyangel

The lace tattoo looks like a queen’s crown. Purple gemstone here symbolizes wisdom, spiritual insight, and good fortune. This tattoo will suit sophisticated women with a magnetic personality.

23. Ruby  

Source : coreyclarktattoos

Rubies are the rarest kind of gem. The lace tattoo with this gemstone symbolizes wealth and power. A flower on the top sets up your pure intention and non-corruptible soul.

24. Harnessing Moonlight 

Source : stacytattoos

Moonlight has a feminine energy in it. Bathing under the moonlight will channel your inner force in a positive direction. The moon-lace tattoo symbolizes this divine power.


Mandala Sternum Tattoo

Generally, people with spiritual interests go for mandala tattoos. The complex patterns in the designs symbolize the nature of life. In Christianity, mandalas are considered sacred. You will see the rose-window mandala pattern on churches.

Mandala body arts are most common on shoulders. But you can ink one in the sternum, too.

25. Eternal Balance

Source : smiler2000

As per Buddhists, mandalas represent the balance of body, mind and soul. A mandala tattoo on the sternum symbolizes a divine balance between this world and eternity.


Source : calli_redwoods_tattoopage


Source : kirsten_teggart

Medusa Sternum Tattoo


Source : highwaterstattoo


Source : emmajeantattoos


Source : solitaryhell


Frequently Asked Questions


Do Sternum Tattoo Hurt?

The artist inks the sternum tattoo right on the chest bone. The repeated penetration of needles causes high-intensity pain in this area. So, consider your endurance limit before getting a sternum tattoo.


Can I Wear A Bra After A Sternum Tattoo?

Do not wear a bra right after getting a sternum tattoo. The garment will rub against the ink, causing irritation and itching. It can even lead to swelling and infection.


Are Sternum Tattoos Attractive?

The sternum tattoos look damn hot in both males and females. Males can show off their masculine and broad chests with these tattoos. Similarly, females flex their cleavage curves with these body arts.


Are Sternum Tattoos Easy To Remove?

The sternum has a sound blood circulation system underneath. Hence, you can easily remove tattoos from this area. Contact a tattoo artist to avoid irritation and risk of infection.



The sternum tattoo recently has become a hot cake. Both males and females are trying this body art to represent their dynamic personalities. The sternum area offers more surface to ink a bigger tattoo. So, people often select bold and expressive designs for sternum tattoos. 

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