100+ Fascinating Roman Numerals Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women

Roman numerals have been used for centuries, dating back to the Roman Empire. They were originally used to represent numbers in stone inscriptions and on coins. Over time, they became popular for use in architecture, art, and literature. Today, Roman numerals are still used in many different ways, including as tattoos.

There’s something about Roman numerals that make them perfect for tattoos. They’re strong and classic, yet still, have a bit of an edge to them. And when it comes to inking them on your body, there are endless possibilities.

There are many reasons why people choose to get Roman numeral tattoos. For some, it is a way to remember an important date or event in their life. Others may use Roman numerals to represent the initials of their name or the name of a loved one.

So, if you’re thinking of a roman numeral tattoo or looking for inspiring ideas then you’ve hit the link. Take some time with us and let’s dive deeper into an ocean of exotic design ideas.


101 Roman Numerals Tattoo Ideas and Designs

There are many different ways to design a tattoo using Roman numerals. Some people choose to get a tattoo with the numerals of their birth date, while others use Roman numerals to spell out a name or significant word. No matter what the design, a Roman numeral tattoo can be a beautiful and unique way to show your individual style.

And we are here exactly for that. If you’re thinking of getting a roman numeral tattoo but running low on ideas, we bring you 101 most unique and exotic design ideas. So, read on this article and you’ll be thanking us!


Roman Numeral Forearm Tattoo

When it comes to forearm tattoos, Roman numerals are a popular choice. These tattoos can be simple or elaborate, and they can symbolize anything from a significant date to a powerful message. If you‘re considering a Roman numeral forearm tattoo, here are some exotic ideas-


  1. The Rose


Roman Numeral Forearm Tattoo 1
Source: inkbystilez

Rose is one of the most symbolic designs in tattoos. It gives the tattoo a more personalized value. In this particular design, the designer placed the rose with expertise.


2. Angel Wing


Roman Numeral Forearm Tattoo 2
Source: benjamincantaink

Wings of feathers are a common arrangement to the roman numeral tattoos. This dark feathery wing of this design makes it look gothic. And the dark posture made the inked date very personal.


3. Divine 


Roman Numeral Forearm Tattoo 3
Source: aleks_tat2

At the first glance, the design emits the vibe of enlightenment. With a cross swirling around roses, this design is perfect for representing any significant time in ones life.


Women’s Roman Numerals Tattoo

For women, Roman numeral tattoos can be placed almost anywhere. They look especially beautiful when inked on the wrist, arm, or foot. But no matter where you choose to put them, these tattoos are sure to make a statement. If you‘re looking for some inspiration, check out these exceptional ideas of women‘s Roman numeral tattoos.


4. Lucila


Women's Roman Numerals Tattoo 1
Source: artswulltattoo

A simple roman numeral tattoo on the back of this woman. However, in the middle of the roman numeral, there’s a name- “Lucila.” That’s make this design unique to the wearer. What a great way to commemorate someone!


5. Numeral Spine


Women's Roman Numerals Tattoo 2
Source: anna_is___

Just a simple roman numeral tattoo with an exceptional sense of placement. The numbers in this design runs down through the spine symmetrically. This creative placement idea gave this design an alluring aesthetic appeal.


6. Vanity Vine


Women's Roman Numerals Tattoo 3
Source: gee_tattoos_uk

Every coin has two sides. This design is the visual representation of that. One of the two vines is monochrome and the other one is vivid with colors. And the date in the middle portrays that significance of any particular moment of ones life.


Roman Numeral Birthday Tattoo

Its no secret that many people love getting tattoos to commemorate special occasions in their lives. And what better way to remember a birthday than with a Roman numeral tattoo? Roman numeral tattoos are a popular choice for birthdays, as they can be customized to represent the exact date of birth. For example, if someone was born on October 10th, they could get a tattoo that readsXXX. Cool, right?!

Here are some cool designs if you’re looking for some-


7. 1969


Roman Numeral Birthday Tattoo 1
Source: bny.loco

A simple birthday tattoo, you might say and I would agree. But the placement is very creative with the bold roman numerals that are facing upside down. This elegant font design is dure to catch some eyes wherever you may go.


8. 2002


/Source: inkbyjah

This design runs down from side chest to the waist side. The design covers a vast area of the wearers body in a pretty gothic manner.


9. 2001


Roman Numeral Birthday Tattoo 3
Source: redcatstudio.nanaimo

This date design is inked quite elegantly. Unlike the traditional bold roman numeral design, this one is quite subtle. The design covers nearly half of the wrist area and looks very appealing.


Roman Numeral Date Tattoo

Roman numeral date tattoos are a popular choice for those looking for a unique and personal tattoo design. Roman numerals are a great way to show the date of a significant event in your life, such as a birthday, anniversary, or the birth of a child. They can also be used to remember a loved one who has passed away.

If you want to commemorate any special date then here are some great design ideas-


10. Tricep Binary


Roman Numeral Date Tattoo 1
Source: demenciatattooo

This design is placed on the back of the arm. It’s a simple design yet conveys a great importance to the wearer. It poertrays the exact date 02.05.1955.


11. Thigh”s High


Roman Numeral Date Tattoo 2
Source: tattoosby.romanjm

Tattoo placed on the lower thigh sure does look appealing. It’s inked with the traditional roman numeral tattoo design and looks rather cool.


12. 2020


Roman Numeral Date Tattoo 3
Source: lewisparkertattoo

This particular design will ornament your forearm with memory. This exotic design looks super cool on the forearm and also bears the original purpose beautifully.


Roman Numerals Chest Tattoo

There‘s something about Roman numeral chest tattoos that just oozes masculinity. Maybe it‘s the fact that they often cover a large area of the chest, or maybe it‘s because they often look quite bold and dramatic. Whatever the reason, Roman numeral chest tattoos are definitely a popular choice for many men.

If you’re considering getting a such tattoos, then here are some cool ideas-


13. Bull


Roman Numerals Chest Tattoo 1
Source: southinkcustomtattoo

This tattoo is placed on the right chest with a Bull figure on the shoulder joint. The bull portrays the wearer pride while the date can be the commemoration of any significant date.


14. The Collar Bone


Roman Numerals Chest Tattoo 2
Source: beebaarstattoos

The designer inked this tattoo right under the collar bone with expert artistry. It covers a very little area yet look so elegantly beautiful.


15. Numeral Necklace


Roman Numerals Chest Tattoo 3
Source: deatstattooandbodypiercings

This one is rather elaborate one. It covers the whole upper chest from right side to left like a big necklace. While it emblems a particularly significant date, it looks quite appealing.


Small Roman Numeral Tattoo

If you‘re looking for a tattoo that‘s small and meaningful, a Roman numeral tattoo may be the perfect choice. Roman numeral tattoos are simple, elegant, and can be customized to represent anything you want. Whether you want to remember a special date or someone important in your life, a small roman numeral tattoos are a beautiful way to do it.

Here are some compact ideas-


16. The Reminder


Small Roman Numeral Tattoo 1
Source: chester_tattoo23

The design is compact and slender. It looks quite beautiful on the wrist with its minimalistic design. As it is placed on the wrist, it’ll keep reminding you that significant date tirelessly.


17. Lucky Seven


Small Roman Numeral Tattoo 2
Source: herhexedink

Its placement is quite unusual. And with a quite swavy design, it reads the number seven. It may look very simple but it will surely draw some eyes on you.


18. Tricep Traction


Small Roman Numeral Tattoo 3
Source: pintadon_tattoo

A simple date design on the tricep. This piece is inked with style. And the placement makes this design a very alluring one.

Roman Numeral Clock Tattoo

Roman clock tattoos are quite reach in symbolism. They can indicate the birth or death of a loved one. This symbolism is especially potent when combined with a clock. Timepieces are frequently associated with life and death, serving as reminders of how fleeting our existence is.

Here are some design ideas that emits a deeper meaning.


19. Kody & Kayla


Roman Numeral Clock Tattoo 1
Source: 2markedup0

With its monochrome figure the colorful clock hands make this a true piece of artistry. The clock face features roman numerals and the clock hands indicate a date. And along with the names, this design says the wearer’s heart out loud.


20. Arturo


Roman Numeral Clock Tattoo 2
Source: pas2lio

A very exotic design I must say. The clock face with a three dimensional art looks quite amazing with the roman numerals. While the inked name and date dedicate that special someone.


21. Ocean Eye


Roman Numeral Clock Tattoo 3
Source: dino_mite_tattoo

What a creative portrayal of love this one is! The eye in the center of the clock makes this piece an unique masterpiece. And the clock itself commemorates the passing of the crashed time.


Roman Numeral Wrist Tattoo

The roman numeral tattoos can be worn at any part of the body. Their minimal design suit anywhere and gives an ornamental look. And the wrist is a very suitable place in that manner. It’s compact and unique. If you don’t want to cover a vast area with ink then wrist is the way to go. It will fit with any roman numeral design perfectly with minimalism.

If you’re thinking of getting one, here are some inspirations that you may love-


22. Love Birds


Roman Numeral Wrist Tattoo 1
Source: chaneldiaz.ink

Well, it’s a couple design. If you want to recall your wedding day or the day you fell in love then this design will ace for you. This piece is a very subtle way to show off your love for your partner.


23. Crown


Roman Numeral Wrist Tattoo 2
Source: kellylindaxtattoos

This design can be a bold way to tribute your or your loved ones birthday. Also, with a little crown and the birth year at the bottom, this design is sure to make you look cool.


24. Vein


Roman Numeral Wrist Tattoo 3
Source: dubai_ink_tattoo

Just a little ink featuring some slender roman numbers. The design is inked with such a exquisite stroke of the ink. This little design can be a great conversation starter.


Roman Numeral Neck Tattoo

Roman Numeral tattoos can be small and discreet, or they can be large and showy. They can be placed on any part of the body, but are often seen on the wrist, forearm, or upper arm. However, neck is also an exclusive spot to put on your roman numeral tattoo. It will give you a discreet punk look to your appearance.

So, here are some punk ideas for you-


25. MMII


Roman Numeral Neck Tattoo 1
Source: ink.that.up


26. The Barcode


Roman Numeral Neck Tattoo 2
Source: oghieflores_tattoo

Remember hitman? Well, this design is quite similar to hitman’s back of the neck barcode. The date engraved with the roman numeral depicts a significant and very personal moment in life. Just like when hitman was born.


27. Eardrop


Roman Numeral Neck Tattoo 3
Source: arkane_tattoos

This piece is placed rather creatively by the designer. The Exquisite roman numbers are lined up in the shape of an earring. It serves both the beauty and commemoration quite expertly.


Roman Numeral Tattoo On Shoulder

To be honest, the shoulder placement of the roman numeral tattoo has no special meaning. However, tattoo placement doesn’t always need to carry any special meaning. It can be placed on different parts for their aesthetic appeal too. And the roman numeral tattoos’s design goes along with the shoulder very well.

In case you’re up for a shoulder tattoo then these designs can be a good suit for you-


28. Rough Numeral


Roman Numeral Tattoo On Sholder 1
Source: ooxx_tattoo

Roman numeral tattoos sometimes depict the strength or vanity. This design does that very well. The bold numeral design enunciates the rough masculinity while also conveying a particular date.


29. The Strip


Roman Numeral Tattoo On Sholder 2
Source: vitanixo

This design looks like a strip or ribbon is crawling down from the neck. It’s gothic art structure is very eye catchy and add an extra appeal to the wearer’s shoulder.


30. Shoulder Silhouette


Roman Numeral Tattoo On Sholder 3
Source: inkshetra

A traditional roman numeral design this one is. The bold letters looks aesthetically appealing while it indicates a significant moment of the wearer.


Roman Numeral 13 Tattoo




Roman Numeral 13 Tattoo 1
Source: golden.13




Roman Numeral 13 Tattoo 2
Source: thetiny_ink




Roman Numeral 13 Tattoo 3
Source: bethellenbrown


3 Roman Numeral Tattoo




3 Roman Numeral Tattoo 1
Source: insane_zae




3 Roman Numeral Tattoo 2
Source: lexxmariearts




3 Roman Numeral Tattoo 3
Source: tacticalphotographer


Roman Numeral 7 Tattoo




Roman Numeral 7 Tattoo 1
Source: addict_ink_tattoo_jose




Roman Numeral 7 Tattoo 2
Source: khavataritattoo




Roman Numeral 7 Tattoo 3
Source: corinnedenise7


Roman Numeral 4 Tattoo




Roman Numeral 4 Tattoo 1
Source: dfrtatts




Roman Numeral 4 Tattoo 2
Source: pelaartetattoo




Roman Numeral 4 Tattoo 3
Source: luiginuccitattooma


Roman Numeral Tattoo On Finger




Roman Numeral Tattoo On Finger 1
Source: lucilesk




Roman Numeral Tattoo On Finger 2
Source: k.dot_inks




Roman Numeral Tattoo On Finger 3
Source: hhtattoolasvegas


Roman Numeral Tattoos For Men




Roman Numeral Tattoos For Men 1
Source: kharlaatattoos




Roman Numeral Tattoos For Men 2
Source: johnnysamericantattoo




Roman Numeral Tattoos For Men 3
Source: _mylestone_


1985 Roman Numerals Tattoo




1985 Roman Numerals Tattoo 1
Source: ty8e5




1985 Roman Numerals Tattoo 2
Source: jakemasri


1997 Roman Numerals Tattoo




1997 Roman Numerals Tattoo 1
Source: dl.tduy.21497




1997 Roman Numerals Tattoo 2
Source: browncito_




1997 Roman Numerals Tattoo 3
Source: cbastian.sade


1999 Roman Numerals Tattoo




1999 Roman Numerals Tattoo 1
Source: _i_am_keisha_




1999 Roman Numerals Tattoo 2
Source: parastoo_tattoo




1999 Roman Numerals Tattoo 3
Source: babalontattoo


Roman Numeral 2 Tattoo




Roman Numeral 2 Tattoo 1
Source: tay.inks




Roman Numeral 2 Tattoo 2
Source: voilara.tattoos




Roman Numeral 2 Tattoo 3
Source: youxg_guxxz


Roman Numeral Tattoos On Arm




Roman Numeral Tattoos On Arm 1
Source: kandikotton




Roman Numeral Tattoos On Arm 2
Source: josystatworld




Roman Numeral Tattoos On Arm 3
Source: saradelara_tattoo


1994 In Roman Numerals Tattoo




1994 In Roman Numerals Tattoo 1
Source: flametattoos_




1994 In Roman Numerals Tattoo 2
Source: deejayzink




1994 In Roman Numerals Tattoo 3
Source: calicenteno


1995 Roman Numerals Tattoo




1995 Roman Numerals Tattoo 1
Source: tienanh_vector




1995 Roman Numerals Tattoo 2
Source: _roxaid




1995 Roman Numerals Tattoo 3
Source: special.tactics.and.rescue.


1996 In Roman Numerals Tattoo




1996 In Roman Numerals Tattoo 1
Source: jahan_glitched




1996 In Roman Numerals Tattoo 2
Source: ohio.swamp.fox




1996 In Roman Numerals Tattoo 3
Source: kevz_ink


Cover Up Roman Numeral Tattoo




Cover Up Roman Numeral Tattoo 1
Source: nico_inkman




Cover Up Roman Numeral Tattoo 2
Source: evanmtattoos




Cover Up Roman Numeral Tattoo 3
Source: matt_rudoo


Roman Numeral Tattoo On Foot




Roman Numeral Tattoo On Foot 1
Source: elle.tats




Roman Numeral Tattoo On Foot 2
Source: spaditattoos




Roman Numeral Tattoo On Foot 3
Source: haytattoos


Roman Numerals Rib Tattoo




Roman Numerals Rib Tattoo 1
Source: antoniofois__




Roman Numerals Rib Tattoo 2
Source: juniejunie_tattoo




Roman Numerals Rib Tattoo 3
Source: lerystatts


Roman Numerals With Name Tattoo




Roman Numerals With Name Tattoo 1
Source: tattoo_boss_keon




Roman Numerals With Name Tattoo 2
Source: sightsxisa




Roman Numerals With Name Tattoo 3
Source: bohotattooshop


Roman Numeral Bicep Tattoo




Roman Numeral Bicep Tattoo 1
Source: inkedlike86




Roman Numeral Bicep Tattoo 2
Source: badpopot_tattoo




Roman Numeral Bicep Tattoo 3
Source: kelseylorrae


Roman Numeral Tattoos Behind Ear




Roman Numeral Tattoos Behind Ear 1
Source: danaeoxotattoos




Roman Numeral Tattoos Behind Ear 2
Source: jaaytatts




Roman Numeral Tattoos Behind Ear 3
Source: danny_tattoos


Roman Numeral Back Tattoo




Roman Numeral Back Tattoo 1
Source: heyshalice.ink




Roman Numeral Back Tattoo 2
Source: matt_ashby_tattoo




Roman Numeral Back Tattoo 3
Source: _chicatattoo


Roman Numeral Leg Tattoo




Roman Numeral Leg Tattoo 1
Source: chloescribbleink




Roman Numeral Leg Tattoo 2
Source: kodeink.tattoo




Roman Numeral Leg Tattoo 3
Source: sarahgireau


Roman Numeral Thigh Tattoo




Roman Numeral Thigh Tattoo 1
Source: peeps_tattoo




Roman Numeral Thigh Tattoo 2
Source: american_skin_ink




Roman Numeral Thigh Tattoo 3
Source: tattoosbypeyton


Roman Numeral Ring Tattoo




Roman Numeral Ring Tattoo 1
Source: bundy_with_the_tatts




Roman Numeral Ring Tattoo 2
Source: geras_tattoos




Roman Numeral Ring Tattoo 3
Source: tattooist_mel




If you‘re considering a Roman numeral tattoo, we hope this blog has given you some food for thought. There are so many factors to consider, from the design and placement of your tattoo to the meaning behind the Roman numerals. But ultimately, the decision is yours and we wish you the best of luck in finding the perfect tattoo for you.

Happy Tattooing!

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