80+ Best Nature Tattoos Ideas / Designs for Men and Women.

Nature is beautiful and the best way to represent its beauty is to get nature tattoo designs inked on your body. These tattoo designs are a great way of depicting our connection with the Earth and showcasing its pretty sights.

Animals, skies, mountains, rivers, and forests are all great ways of representing your love and respect for nature and the pretty world. With endless possibilities of designs, nature tattoos look outstanding on every part of the body.

If you are on the hunt to look for the right nature tattoo to get inked on your body, then we are here to help you. Check out the guide where we will take a look at some of the most eye-catching nature tattoo designs of all time.


84 Nature Tattoo Ideas to Get Started

Nature is stunning and lovely in every shape or form. From the greenery to the animals, forests, rivers, and oceans, you have access to numerous designs and customizations. Let us see some of the top nature tattoo ideas below.


Nature Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve tattoos are trendy among both men and women. The large area works as a great canvas for the artist to unleash their outstanding creativity. Let us take a look at some of the best nature tattoos on sleeves.


1. The Beaming Squirrel


Nature Sleeve Tattoo 1
Source: dean.gunther

Happy animals are one of the prettiest sights in the world. This colorful nature tattoo of a happy squirrel will undoubtedly make your heart happy.


2. Representation Of Nature


Nature Sleeve Tattoo 2
Source: evolutiontattoogallery

Represent the beauty of nature with this animal and waterfall tattoo. It symbolizes courage, beauty, strength, and healing in life.


3. Snake Plantation


Nature Sleeve Tattoo 3
Source: stefanie_regnier

Snakes are an essential part of the tattoo culture. This nature tattoo is a representation of life, rebirth, and new beginnings.


4. Frog On The Snail


Nature Tattoo Ideas 1
Source: _volz_

Exploring nature helps us find peace and validity in life. Symbolize desires, progress, growth, and perseverance.


5. Blooming Leaves


Nature Tattoo Ideas 2
Source: bitteregyptian

Celebrate new beginnings in life with this pretty nature tattoo idea. It is a representation of the cycle of life and a new chapter.


6. The Moth in Leaves


Nature Tattoo Ideas 3
Source: craigteatime

Moth tattoos have become extremely popular over the past few years. This nature tattoo is a symbolization of faith, self-acceptance, personal growth, and struggles of life.


Natural Eyeliner Tattoo

The natural eyeliner tattoo ideas are pretty and quite eye-catching. While the idea sounds a bit different, the designs are breathtaking with a beautiful meaning. Here, we will take a look at some of the best nature tattoo eyeliner ideas.


7. Floral Eyeliner


Natural Eyeliner Tattoo 1
Source: fabio_nembo_

Cover your scars or marks with this colorful and realistic eyeliner design. It symbolizes knowledge, guidance, and clarity in life.


8. The Watery Eye


Natural Eyeliner Tattoo 2
Source: lunatattooart

Pay tribute to your loved ones with this teary-eyed tattoo idea. It shows respect and love to the ones you have lost in life.


9. Teary Floral Eye


Natural Eyeliner Tattoo 3
Source: andrew.marrow.tattoos

Turn heads towards you with this stunning nature tattoo design. It is a combination of the beauty of life and nature.


Sacred Geometry Nature Tattoo

Nature and geometry make up an interesting tattoo combination. The geometric designs help to bring creativity to life when combined with components of nature. Let us see a few nature tattoo ideas mixed with geometry.


10. The Nature Representation


Sacred Geometry Nature Tattoo 1
Source: weschetattoo

Attract eyes to your full sleeve geometric nature tattoo. It is a representation of stability, balance, and harmony.


11. Floral Geometry


Sacred Geometry Nature Tattoo 2
Source: weschetattoo

Represent the soft and beautiful features of flowers in this pretty geometrical nature tattoo. This design symbolizes love, strength, purity, and life.


12. Patterned Flowers


Sacred Geometry Nature Tattoo 3
Source: weschetattoo

Get this patterned nature tattoo as a symbolization of love, prosperity, beauty, and happiness.


Minimal Nature Tattoo

Simple nature tattoo designs are both attractive and cute. Let us take a look at the top minimal nature tattoo ideas.


13. The Pretty Budgerigar


Minimal Nature Tattoo 1
Source: ayhankrdg

Birds are a cute idea for a tattoo design. This nature tattoo of a budgerigar on a branch is a beautiful representation of freedom, innocence, and happiness.


14. Hollyhock


Minimal Nature Tattoo 2
Source: ayhankrdg

Represent fertility, health, rebirth, and ambition with this pretty hollyhock tattoo.


15. The Seaworld


Minimal Nature Tattoo 3
Source: tealeigh

Turn heads everywhere you go with this sea nature tattoo. It is a representation of strength and resilience.


Nature Tattoo Simple

Simple nature tattoo designs stunningly to the eye along with a deep meaning. Here, we will see some of the best nature tattoo ideas.


16. Leafy Pinecone


Nature Tattoo Simple 1
Source: justinbyrdart

Get this cute pinecone tattoo as a representation of new beginnings, eternal life, and enlightenment.


17. Butterfly World


Nature Tattoo Simple 2
Source: botanicalteepee

Butterflies and flowers are a significant part of nature. Get this nature tattoo as a depiction of feminity, fertility, and young love.


18. Colorful Bird And Flowers


Nature Tattoo Simple 3
Source: emmxskye

Show respect to your loved ones with this cute nature tattoo. It represents freedom, innocence, and peace.


Nature Tattoos Forearm

Forearms are one of the best ideas for tattoo placement. Nature tattoos on the forearm are a great way of representing a pretty design with a deep meaning. Let us take a look at the best nature tattoos on your forearm.


19. Floral Sleeve


Nature Tattoos Forearm 1
Source: desireedisarraytattoo

Flower tattoos are a beautiful and happy representation of nature. It is a symbolization of love, delicacy, cuteness, and purity.


20. Tree Roots


Nature Tattoos Forearm 2
Source: evolutiontattoogallery

Tree root tattoo designs are quite rare, but the meaning behind this nature tattoo is deep and heartwarming. It symbolizes past connections, support, and nourishment.


21. The World Of Birds


Nature Tattoos Forearm 3
Source: amyjiaotattoo

This woman makes her forearm look attractive and outstanding with this nature tattoo of birds and flowers. It is a depiction of freedom, beauty, love, and innocence.


Nature Arm Tattoo

Nature is beautiful in all shapes and forms. Depict a beautiful design with an equally pretty meaning. Let us see a few examples of nature tattoos on the arm.


22. Flowers and Butterflies


Nature Arm Tattoo 1
Source: rockyartsink

Attract eyes to yourself wherever you go with this pretty nature tattoo. It shows the beauty of nature along with a representation of new beginnings and good things in life.


23. The Moth And Dragonfly


Nature Arm Tattoo 2
Source: mattooer

The placement of a moth and butterfly in a tattoo is a combination of peace, harmony, fertility, and rebirth. The creativity of the artist is visible in this intricate nature tattoo design.


24. The Simple Flowers


Nature Arm Tattoo 3
Source: azumarte

Simplicity in nature tattoos helps to showcase the wonderful aspects of life. This tattoo design depicts purity, art, and love.


Nature Forest Tattoo

Forests are the best way of exploring nature and its beauty. Check out some of the top nature forest tattoos below.


25. Pine Trees


Nature Forest Tattoo 1
Source: elapour

Pine trees are a unique way of representing long life, growth, perseverance, and peace.


26. The Forest


Nature Forest Tattoo 2
Source: jurgurgur

Show your love for Earth and its eye-catching view with this stunning nature tattoo.


27. The Full Moon


Nature Forest Tattoo 3
Source: josue_la_tattoos

The artistic nature tattoo of the full moon in the forest is a unique representation of nature and the creatures.


Nature Tattoo Designs

Nature tattoo designs are a great way of showing love and respect for the world we live in. Here, we will see a few examples of nature tattoos.


28. The Mushroom Plantation


Nature Tattoo Designs 1
Source: catladytattooist

The world consists of several magical and mysterious creatures. This nature tattoo is a representation of the magic, mysteries, and beauty of the world.


29. The Zoo Animals


Nature Tattoo Designs 2
Source: nav_tattoo_108

Animals are precious and we must save and protect them. Represent love, beauty, and art with this stunning nature tattoo filled with intricate and realistic animal designs.


30. Girl With The Deer


Nature Tattoo Designs 3
Source: sararosenbaum

Get this beautiful nature tattoo design inked on your thigh and turn heads everywhere you go. It is a pretty representation of peace, harmony, courage, love, and nature.


Cool Nature Tattoos




Cool Nature Tattoos 1
Source: cleisonsts




Cool Nature Tattoos 2
Source: frogwitchtattoo




Cool Nature Tattoos 3
Source: helena.ayala


Japanese Nature Tattoo




Japanese Nature Tattoo 1
Source: studiomuscat




Japanese Nature Tattoo 2
Source: eugenejacob




Japanese Nature Tattoo 3
Source: morganrosetattoo


Nature Chest Tattoo




Nature Chest Tattoo 1
Source: allthepiercingsandmods




Nature Chest Tattoo 2
Source: spooky.pookie




Nature Chest Tattoo 3
Source: spooky.pookie


Addictive Nature Tattoo




Addictive Nature Tattoo 1
Source: scott_schwab




Addictive Nature Tattoo 2
Source: scott_schwab




Addictive Nature Tattoo 3
Source: scott_schwab


Nature Armband Tattoo




Nature Armband Tattoo 1
Source: kingsmantattoos




Nature Armband Tattoo 2
Source: 1920tattoozhub




Nature Armband Tattoo 3
Source: recycle.tattoo


Nature Realism Tattoo




Nature Realism Tattoo 1
Source: inkmindcrew




Nature Realism Tattoo 2
Source: aram.manukyan1991




Nature Realism Tattoo 3
Source: mracetattoos_


Meaningful Nature Tattoo




Meaningful Nature Tattoo 1
Source: getink_byjerry




Meaningful Nature Tattoo 2
Source: andrew_felontattoo_phillips




Meaningful Nature Tattoo 3
Source: namutatu


Nature Compass Tattoo




Nature Compass Tattoo 1
Source: ladygrayarts




Nature Compass Tattoo 2
Source: floralink_tattoo_padawan




Nature Compass Tattoo 3
Source: gwenythwild


Realistic Nature Tattoos




Realistic Nature Tattoos 1
Source: sushan_tattoo




Realistic Nature Tattoos 2
Source: bluerose_tattoos




Realistic Nature Tattoos 3
Source: skull_tattooink


Traditional Nature Tattoo




Traditional Nature Tattoo 1
Source: radiantmaidentattoos




Traditional Nature Tattoo 2
Source: crayola.tattoo




Traditional Nature Tattoo 3
Source: devinsheehy80


Mountain Nature Tattoos




Mountain Nature Tattoos 1
Source: _ryhno_




Mountain Nature Tattoos 2
Source: _ryhno_




Mountain Nature Tattoos 3
Source: shoshin_tsai


Nature Back Tattoos




Nature Back Tattoos 1
Source: _kajaa




Nature Back Tattoos 2
Source: jurassictattoocompany




Nature Back Tattoos 3
Source: skull_pigments_tattoostudio


Nature Finger Tattoos




Nature Finger Tattoos 1
Source: honor_tattooist




Nature Finger Tattoos 2
Source: andretattoosnc




Nature Finger Tattoos 3
Source: syahistudio


Nature Goddess Tattoo




Nature Goddess Tattoo 1
Source: amanda_owley_tattoo




Nature Goddess Tattoo 2
Source: jessmillmantattoos




Nature Goddess Tattoo 3
Source: stephanieheffrontattoos


Nature Thigh Tattoo




Nature Thigh Tattoo 1
Source: codyfortson




Nature Thigh Tattoo 2
Source: tattoosbytonez




Nature Thigh Tattoo 3
Source: tattsbytanner


Aggressive Nature Tattoo




Aggressive Nature Tattoo 1
Source: mgrabek_tattoo_and_beauty




Aggressive Nature Tattoo 2
Source: suhanovsky_tattoo




Aggressive Nature Tattoo 3
Source: jeffmartnz_tattoo


Nature Shoulder Tattoos




Nature Shoulder Tattoos 1
Source: sheyda_tattoo2




Nature Shoulder Tattoos 2
Source: diana.severinenko




Nature Shoulder Tattoos 3
Source: diana.severinenko


Wolf Nature Tattoo




Wolf Nature Tattoo 1
Source: hrtattoostudioglasgow




Wolf Nature Tattoo 2
Source: zeropensieri_italian_tattoo




Wolf Nature Tattoo 3
Source: teotattoo4life



Nature tattoos are beautiful and finding the perfect one is quite difficult. We have now reached the end of this guide, and hopefully, you have found the right inspiration for your next nature tattoo. You can choose one with a pretty meaning or just the best creative design to adore your skin.

Make sure to check the experience and certification of the artist before getting a tattoo. Get an attractive nature tattoo and enjoy the beauty and meaning it brings.

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