89 Stunning Neck Tattoos For Men in 2022

If you are looking to get a tattoo that’ll make you more stunning and aesthetic then neck tattoos are a great option. Neck tattoos for men help to achieve a unique look that makes them stand out from the crowd.

Neck tattoos are a sign of masculinity and power. It creates a sense of dominance and authority.

Usually, these designs are smaller in size compared to other tattoos. However, they are some of the most painful tattoos to get.

There are lots of nerves in the neck area which makes it very sensitive. You should be very careful when choosing an artist to do a neck tattoo piece.

In this article, We’ll discuss lots of tattoo design ideas for men’s neck tattoos. So, buckle up and let’s get started.


89 Neck Tattoo Ideas for Men

You might be wondering which tattoo is best for neck? Well, there isn’t a definitive answer. It relies on your needs and preference. Neck tattoos come in various sizes and shapes. Here are some of the best neck tattoos for men.


Small Neck Tattoos For Men

Usually, neck tattoos are small in size. The small pieces are easy to get and heal very fast. Not to mention less discomfort and complications.


1. Cross


Source: christian_1nk

A straightforward and bold cross is drawn on this man’s neck. There are also two letters associated with this neck tattoo. It lays nicely on this side of his neck.


2. Evil Spike


Source: gujju_tattoowala

The spike of an evil being is inked on the side of this man’s neck. The grip of the spike is disconnected from the head of the weapon. It gives an unholy vibe to the surrounding.


3. Outlined Star


Source: memories_tattoo_studio

A simple, minimal, & bold outline of a star is drawn just behind the jaws of this young fellow. It is a small piece but will still be able to grab people’s attention.


Back Of The Neck Tattoos Male

Some men prefer the back of the neck for tattoos because of the additional surface areas. However, they are more painful to get. Usually, the tattoos cover the entire back portion of the neck.


4. Mighty Owl


Source: forevertruetattoo

With its lethal claws, an owl can be seen inked on the back of this dude’s neck. The yellow eyes with black lines give a fierce look to this tattoo. A piece to show aggression.


5. Flying Diamond



Source: jeremias.tattoo

A diamond is one of the most precious objects on this globe. It is incorporated with two wings. It metaphorically suggests that it’s hard to catch. It is one of the cool neck tattoos for men.


6. Crossed Leaves



Source: alex_godair

Two ranches of a small tree are drawn together that covers the back of this handsome man’s neck. The deep and light use of dark color adds more complexion to this tattoo.


Front Neck Tattoos For Men

Front of the neck AKA the throat is a delicate place to get tattoos. Especially the space above the windpipe needs to be drawn with extreme care. If not it can cause excessive pain and swelling.


7. Tiny Tiger


Source: panterart

There’s nothing more intimidating than a roaring tiger. We can see a cartoonish tiger drawn on the throat of this handsome dude. The tiger has its sharp jaws open. An intimidating neck tattoo for men.


8. Giant Butterfly



Source: centralcitytattz

A huge butterfly is inked on the front of his neck. It covers his windpipe and the surrounding area. This tattoo represents transformation and growth. A wonderful neck tattoo for men.


9. Arabic Writing



Source: sashtattooer

If you are looking for a neck tattoo that has an Arabian or middle eastern theme, this tattoo with Arabic letters will be a good fit. depending on your needs you can customize the letters and make your own meanings.


Full Neck Tattoos For Men

If you are feeling adventurous you can go for a full next tattoo. the entire neck will be covered in this type of tattoo. Just make sure you have lots of time before going to the appointment.


10. Crowned Ghost



Source: adamcronshawtattoos

The entire neck of this lad is beautifully tattooed with a cryptic design. The small creature with wings is the main attraction. We can also see some patterns on the upper portion of this tattoo.


11. Golden Winged



Source: tattoosbybutcher

Nothing represents death more clearly than a skull. In this piece, the skull has a pair of wings that is golden on top. The red glowing eyes represent its vengeance and anger. The wings are fully covering the neck.


12. Extended Neck-work



Source: djalexdawson_slikkutz

This tattoo is an extension of an already existing chest tattoo. The dark and red colors create a contrast in this guy’s tattoo. If you have a chest tattoo and want to extend it to the neck, you can connect them both like this one.


Rose Neck Tattoos

Roses are used in all types of tattoos for men. Neck tattoos are not any different. The delicacy of the rose is used in these types of neck tattoos for men to balance out the dominating masculine vibe.


13. Single Rose



Source: silvio.arts

A massive rose is covering one entire side of this gorgeous young man’s neck. The rose lacks some color but the details on this flower make up for the missing colors in this piece.


14. Rose & Thorn



Source: tatuajefino.madrid

Nature is a miracle on its own. The beautiful rose is protected by sharp thorns. The delicate rose on the side of this person’s neck is protected by the thorns on the stem of the flower. A balance between beauty and danger.


15. Partial Rose



Source: ssinkor_di_nero

Although some parts of this rose are missing, It still has all the needed features to classify it as a rose. It teaches us that, sometimes a little trace can lead to discoveries. A meaningful neck tattoo for men.


Angel Neck Tattoos

If you believe in religion & afterlife then angel neck tattoos are a solid option for you. They are believed to be the guardians & messengers of the creator. These types of tattoos are a part of religious neck tattoos for men.


16. Angel & Balance



Source: naiicaramelo

An angel with a balance in its hand is drawn on the back of this man’s neck. There is also a shadow of the angel. A gorgeous tattoo for men’s necks.


17. Angel On Side Neck



Source: psychodelink_tattoo

This tattoo is quite similar to the tattoo above but this time the tattoo is at the side of the neck. This piece complements his ginger beard color. If you have a light-colored beard this neck tattoo will look great on you.


18. Glamorous Angel



Source: steelpointtattoos

A dashing angel is inked on the left side of this brave man’s neck. The details on the angel are gorgeous and it has an attractive look. This neck tattoo for men will definitely grab attention.


Big Neck Tattoos

Massive elements are usually drawn on neck tattoos that cover a huge portion of the neck. If you can rock this type of tattoo, it will make you more visible in a crowd.


19. Filigree Clock



Source: 70six_

A massive clock is the main subject of this tattoo. The side of the neck is beautifully inked with a filigree theme. The use of shadows adds dynamic to the piece. One of the best neck tattoos for men.


20. Deadly Scorpion



Source: japan.tattoo

The venomous sting of this deadly predator is out. This scorpion neck tattoo for men indicates power and habit. A piece suited best for men with fair skin.


Cross Neck Tattoos

A cross is a symbol of the Christian religion. They are heavily used in neck pieces for men. They come in different sizes and designs. The cross is used to describe suffering and sacrifice.


21. Aesthetic Cross


Source: undying_ink

The cross on this tattoo is kind of old-fashioned. There are some aesthetic vibes associated with this neck piece. It’ll look best on men with a skinny body type.


22. Metal Cross


Source: porvida_bodyart

The metallic theme on this cross is eye-catching. The sharp edges on this piece make it look like somewhat of a weapon. A tattoo neck tattoo for men which represents a versatile use case.


23. Bloody Cross



Source: officialtimbo_ink

Blood is a sign of violence and pain. The three crosses are drawn in close proximity to one another. The red outline on the crosses reminds us of the violence they witnessed. A neck tattoo for men that represents suffering.


Name Neck Tattoos

Some people like to add names to their neck tattoos. It can be their own name or someone that means a lot to them. Artists can create variety in designs by using different fonts and colors.


24. Rajesh



Source: tatto_artist_tush

The name Rajesh is inked on the side of this man’s neck. The first letter “R” uses a different font than the other letters. It makes the tattoo a bit more interesting.


25. Anayra


Source: vakratundatattoo

“Anayra” is a girl’s name. The man in the picture has it tattooed on the side of his neck. The name must have significant meaning to him. The design is very minimal and simple.


26. Date Of Birth


Source: slinging_ink_tattoo_studio

The date on this boy’s neck shows his birth year. The word since makes it look like a brand that was established in 1995. A tattoo that is playful and authoritative at the same time.


Side Neck Tattoos For Men

Side neck tattoos for men are the most common and most attractive design. Almost every tattoo artist will recommend this if it’s your first neck tattoo.


27. Double Triangle



Source: crazy_ink_tattoozz_raipur

Two sharp triangles are drawn on this side neck tattoo. The tattoo goes nicely with this man’s beard style. A minimalist tattoo with sharp details. It’ll look nice on a masculine body.


28. Single Wing



Source: bli_ink_u

Wings are usually drawn in pairs. The artist took an interesting initiative and only drew a single wing on the side of his neck. But it is still looking crisp. it shows that everything doesn’t need to be conventional. Sometimes a few unconventional steps can make something extraordinary.


29. Angry Eagle


Source: merakitattooindia

The mighty eagle is looking very angle. With its open claws and mouth, it is ready to attack. You don’t want to cross paths with this one. A neck tattoo for men to show dominance.


Urban Neck Tattoos

The use of an urban theme is sometimes incorporated in men’s neck tattoos. Old cities, people, and places are usually included to remind them of the peaceful life of an urban environment. They make the tattoo bearer more aesthetic and handsome.


30. Meditating Monk



Source: gleadles_needles

A portrait of a meditating monk is tattooed on the back of this man’s neck. This tattoo is a reminder of peace and calmness.


31. Tiny Dagger



Source: mr.inkst

A small Dagger with its cover is inked on the side of this man’s neck. The belt surrounds the dagger which also looks like a person hanging on a cross. A neck tattoo for men has two meanings.


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Colorful Neck Tattoos

Life needs colors. Neck tattoos with colors look fantastic. However, they can peel if you use too much color. Use a balance between colors to get the best results.


32. Multi-Colored Rose


Source: yanblanchette_

The throat of this handsome dude is inked with an image of a rose. The red color of the rose is nicely complemented by the green color of the rose. The dark shades add some extra depth to the tattoo.


33. Color Contrast


Source: reverie_tattoo_studio

Red and blue are two opposite colors in a color spectrum. This young man’s side of the neck is decorated with this amazing tattoo that is creating a contrast of blue and red. The black stripes make it more majestic.


34. Crazy Hyena 


Source: legacytattoony

Hyenas are one of the most aggressive and clever predators. The beast on this man’s neck is looking ferocious. If you are looking for a tattoo that is scary and your skin is fair then you can try this one.


Cool Neck Tattoos

Neck tattoos will make you appear cooler without trying too much. However, there are certain elements such as flowers, symbols, and a mix of them are considered cool among the tattoo enthusiast community.


35. Realistic Rose


Source: connorrudytattoos

A realistic rose this the main element of this tattoo. Everything from the proportion & thorns makes it look realistic. One of the best flower neck tattoos for men.


36. Cool Symbol



Source: aymy.ink

Symbols are always considered to be cool and fashionable. This person is carrying this design proudly. They can be anything one desires. However, it’s recommended that you keep them to a simple and minimum design.


37. Mixed Throat Design



Source: animadetattoo

At least two to three styles are combined to make this piece on his throat. The main elements are flowers, architecture, and monochrome style. The flower theme is dominating the design. A masterpiece with lots of styles in one tattoo.


Hood Neck Tattoos

The hood is always full of mystery and meaningful connections. Hood neck tattoos are used to commemorate the culture of the hood. Men who want to be associated with the culture can get them to feel more connected.


38. Messy Work



Source: inkmoneyy

There’s a feeling of chaos in this neck tattoo. This resembles the culture of a typical hood. the man is rocking this piece nicely on his neck. A wonderful tattoo for dark skin.


39. Disconnected Telephone


Source: spieler_tattoo512

A telephone is inked at the back of the ear of this guy. However, the cord seems to be broken. It can’t be used and is most likely a thing for decoration only.


40. Money Sack


Source: calliinks

A Sack of many is drawn on this handsome man’s neck. The piece complements his skin tone. The use of white negative space makes the tattoo more beautiful.


Tribal Neck Tattoos


41. Hidden Eye



Source: tattoo_martin_81


42. Tribal Lower Neck tattoo



Source: tribal.korner


43. Mountain & Hidden Palace



Source: inkedbyrae


Wolf Neck Tattoos


44. Deadly Wolf



Source: deaddrifttattoodenverco


45. One-Eyed Wolf



Source: goksisdead


46. Bloody Wolf



Source: lewismckechnie


Money Neck Tattoos


47. Money Stack  & Sack



Source: salles__tattoo


48. Flower Of Money



Source: nicholas_cl


49. Flying Money



Source: tintastral


Crown Neck Tattoo


50. Kings Crown



Source: henrimontegut


51. Queens Crown



Source: painted_people_tattoos


52. Mini Crown



Source: sai_tattoos_03


Dove Neck Tattoos


53. Black Dove



Source: leandro_teixeira.13


54. Flying Pegion



Source: industrial_art_bayonne


55. Cute Dove



Source: scream.queen.tattoos


Japanese Neck Tattoos


56. The Creepy Mask



Source: veleno_tatau


57. Red Bloom



Source: lighthouse_tattoo


58. Hunter Eagle



Source: ajito.osaka.tattoo


Arrow Neck Tattoo


59. Broken Arrows



Source: voorodriguestattoo


60. Minimal Arrow



Source: _afroditattoo.ink


61. Upper Arrow



Source: o.a.k_art


Blessed Neck Tattoos


62. Born Blessed



Source: rucaroots.tattoo


63. Horizontal Blessed



Source: lipejovita


64. Blessed Wings



Source: jackmillertattoo


Dragon Neck Tattoos


65. Green Dragon


Source: pigmenttattoonola


66. Dragon Head



Source: irezumirepublic


67. Black Dragon



Source: trezzetattoo


Lion Neck Tattoos


68. Roaring Lion



Source: aybar813


69. Sad King



Source: mwmartstudios


70. Crying Lion



Source: tawdtattoos


Owl Neck Tattoos


71. Owl Head



Source: beztreztattoo


72. Barn Owl



Source: centerlefttattoostudio


73. Flying Nightbird



Source: xv_siglootattoo


Scorpion Neck Tattoos


74. Dark Venom



Source: allsaintstattoonorth


75. Glowing Scorpio



Source: spacebootjope


76. Metalic Stinger



Source: troublesbrewintattoo


King Neck Tattoos


77. The Dead King



Source: guismo.dreads


78. Wings & Crown



Source: vp_tattoo_and_art_studio


79. The King



Source: huseyin_tattoos


Music Neck Tattoos


80. Simple Tone



Source: karmainkcali


82. Music Beats



Source: rude_tattoo


83. Microphone



Source: chardainespelzini_tattooartist


Religious Neck Tattoos


84. Religious Women



Source: jose_tattoord


85. Rays Of Prayer



Source: guiotaviotattoo


86. Glowing Hands



Source: sailor_tatts


Wing Neck Tattoos


87. Black Wing



Source: lukepurnell


88. “AR” Wings



Source: gabrielesellani_tattooer


89. Feather Strokes



Source: lunastattoos



Neck tattoos for men are an amazing way to show people that you are open to new opportunities and love to take on challenges. But If the tattoo artist doesn’t have the proper experience, it’s best to look for another artist with proper experience. Try to avoid using too much color in neck tattoos. Bold and solid colors will look best on almost every skin complexion.


Frequently asked Questions


What do neck tattoos symbolize?

It symbolizes that the person is open to taking risks & looking for new opportunities. It can also symbolize power & dominance.

Is a neck tattoo a good idea?

if you have a high pain tolerance then you can try them but there is always some chance of complications.

Is the neck painful for getting a tattoo?

Yes. In fact, they are considered one of the most painful places to get a tattoo.

Can you get a job with neck tattoos?

There are certain jobs that require you to hide tattoos. In those cases, it’s extremely hard to hide the tattoos on the neck. Hence making it harder to get the job.

Do neck tattoos heal fast?

Nope. They can even take more time than other body parts.

Do neck tattoos peel?

if you don’t use too much color on your neck tattoo then they won’t peel that much.

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