30 Trendy Wisteria Tattoos That Only Suit Unique Personalities

Wisteria tattoo is the perfect choice only when you carry a spiritual stance. Of course, you do not have to be a Rumi to ink this flower. But the Wisteria tattoos look flawless on people with a thoughtful outlook. 

The interpretation of the Wisteria tattoo changes from place to place. Though native to Asia and America, the Wisteria flowers are seen widely nowadays. Is it only because of the beauty? No, the deeper meaning of the Wisteria flowers is the main attraction. 

In Japan, the Wisteria trees are treated as the symbol of wise aging. Many cultures often associate the flowers with prayers, humbleness, and fortune. In Korea, Wisteria represents the eternal love.

Get 30 Wisteria tattoo designs below.  


30 Wisteria Tattoo Designs With Deep Meanings

The Wisteria tattoo offers versatility, and who doesn’t fall for that? Wisteria flowers look amusing and soothing, for sure. Also, they carry several interpretations. For instance, this flower tattoo can be your lucky symbol to make wealth. Again, people ink the Wisteria tattoo to express their love, heartbreak, and spiritual connections. The designs also sit perfectly to flex one’s new beginning of life.


Wisteria Flower Tattoo

Wisteria flower tattoos are most popular in 4 colors: purple, pink, blue, and white. The meaning of the flower changes with the color. While the pink Wisteria flowers stand for friendship, the white ones represent a spiritual journey. With the right design selection, anyone can add depth to these tattoos.

1. The Lost Love

Wisteria Flower Tattoo 1
Source: jcalenzotattoo

In Japanese culture, blue Wisteria is associated with lost love. Hence, the Wisteria tattoo illustrates the mourning period. The spreading vines symbolize your unexpressed emotions and unspoken words.

2. Forever Loyal 

Wisteria Flower Tattoo 2
Source: rottencandy_ink

Nowadays, people barely show dedication towards their passion. But you should never let the fire die inside you. The purple Wisteria tattoo reflects the undying devotion to a goal or person.

3. Starting Over 

Wisteria Flower Tattoo 3
Source: victoriaatattoos

The Wisteria line art tattoo, along with the bumble bee, embodies a fresh start. It is a symbol of determination. The design reflects your never-give-up mentality.

4. Hope  

Wisteria Flower Tattoo 4
Source: tilda_tattoo

Anyone will fall for this elegant and mesmerizing Wisteria-Butterflies tattoo. The scenario looks like a magical moment and makes you optimistic about life.

5. Guardian Angle

Wisteria Flower Tattoo 5
Source: ladymisskai

In many folklore, the Wisteria flower is used to fight demons. So, you can ink Wisteria to combat your inner monster. The tattoo will encourage you to stay on the right path.

Wisteria Tree Tattoo


Wisteria trees are known for their longevity. Besides, the drooping leaves of these trees reflect humbleness and humility. In a sense, the Wisteria tattoo symbolizes your true self and desire. You can manifest your better self by inking a Wisteria tree tattoo on your body.

6. Vessel Of Life 

Wisteria Tree Tattoo 1
Source: ciara_meyer_tattoos

This soothing Waterfall-Wisteria tree tattoo embodies tranquility and positive energy. The added colors here have leveled up the entire design. This life-size tattoo suits outgoing and extroverted personalities.

7. The Sacrifice

Wisteria Tree Tattoo 2
Source: bamgashi_

Love is all about sacrifices. Right? This Wisteria-Women tattoo illustrates such obsession. It shows that you can do anything for your passion. The tattoo conveys a bold statement about your personality.

8. Wisdom Tree

Wisteria Tree Tattoo 3
Source: stephaniessart

Wisdom comes with age. The Wisteria trees are known for their longevity, and thus, they also symbolize wisdom. Inking this mini Wisteria tree tattoo represents your maturity.

9. The Afterlife 

Wisteria Tree Tattoo 4
Source: amandacreek

This Japanese Wisteria tree with mini spirits will grab attention for sure. The tree represents life. Again, the miniature figures stand there for protection and good luck.

10. Hundred Years Old 

Wisteria Tree Tattoo 5
Source: maebetattoos

We humans are mortal. But our good deeds can serve humanity for ages. The Wisteria tree in the tattoo represents immortality through work. Likewise, the bird depicts the inner calling.

Wisteria Tattoo Meaning


Wisteria tattoos are more like a spiritual art than a Gen-Z flex. The meanings of these tattoos can be interpreted in many ways. You can describe all your positive emotions through the Wisteria vines and flowers. People experiment with these tattoos by adding elements to them.

11. Sway

Wisteria Tattoo Meaning 1
Source: hotpinkhotdog

In Buddhism, Wisteria flowers have often been linked to impermanence. The tattoo reminds you that life is too short. So, you should live in the moment and make the best of it.

12. Reverance 

Wisteria Tattoo Meaning 2
Source: raitattoos

In Japan, the Wisteria flower and vines were engraved in the crests of the high-ranked families. This Wisteria tattoo will represent the royalty that lies within you.

13. Divine Love 

Wisteria Tattoo Meaning 3
Source: vismstudio

In many references, the Wisteria flowers have been interpreted as undying love. Two birds in the tattoo here represent your soul. The entire design depicts the story of your eternal love.

14. Poisonous Elixier 

Wisteria Tattoo Meaning 4
Source: patrizia.aurelia

In reality, the Wisteria trees are toxic. Yet, the flowers symbolize the vitality of life. The Wisteria flowers of two colors in the tattoo illustrate this play of life and death.

15. Immortalus 

Wisteria Tattoo Meaning 5
Source: thebeeink

Cats have 9 lives, and the Wisteria tree stands for a long lifespan. This realistic Cat-Wisteria tattoo symbolizes immortality. The tattoo is a wake-up call to do something extraordinary for the world.

Wisteria Vine Tattoo


We all search for the light in our life. But little do we realize that this light lies within us. Such spiritual awakening helps us find the higher meaning of life. With the Wisteria Vine tattoos, we can express our spiritual beliefs and noble virtues.

16. Brokn Wings

Wisteria Vine Tattoo 1
Source: allie_tattoos

Who says you can not fly with broken wings? You can do the impossible if you have the passion and determination. This wing-like Wisteria vine tattoo is a token of motivation.

17. Resilience

Wisteria Vine Tattoo 2
Source: umatattoos

Do you know Wisteria is one of the earliest flowers of Spring? It blooms in the harsh snow, proving its resilience. So, the Wisteria tattoo shows your warrior mentality.

18. Bowing Down

Wisteria Vine Tattoo 3
Source: cc_tattoos

You can only reach the sky if you keep your feet on the ground. The Wisteria tattoo represents exactly this thought. It teaches you to be humble and grateful to everyone.

19. Nightgarden

Wisteria Vine Tattoo 4
Source: valentinaviotti.tattoo

Both the moon and the Wisteria flower symbolize growth and prosperity. So, this moon garden tattoo will act like your charm for success. It will remind you to work harder.

20. Guardian Angel 

Wisteria Vine Tattoo 5
Source: ratqueenink

References say that Wisteria was used as a protection charm in many cultures. You can ink this Wisteria Arch Angel tattoo from this belief. It will be your light in the darkness.

Minimalist Wisteria Tattoo

The minimalist Wisteria tattoos might look simple. Yet, they convey a powerful message. People who prioritize the little things often go for these minimal flower tattoos. It shows that they do not believe in grand gestures but the thought behind the actions.

21. Feminine Energy 

Minimalist Wisteria Tattoo 1
Source: vane.tattoo_

The Wisteria is mostly associated with feminine energy. Women of all ages get this flower tattoo to express their fertility, emotions, and sensitivity. It is a sign of strength to them.

22. Innocence Intact

Minimalist Wisteria Tattoo 2
Source: sashavorb_tattoo

The anklet can be the perfect spot to ink your minimal Wisteria tattoo. This shows that you carry an innocence in your heart regardless of your actions.

23. Creative Bloom

Minimalist Wisteria Tattoo 3
Source: z_lasu_tattoo

The Wisteria flower often symbolizes potential creativity in a person. So, you can express your innovative mindset with this tattoo. Add more colors and elements to the design if you want.

24. Prayr Of Soul

Minimalist Wisteria Tattoo 4
Source: thegoodlifetattoos

The Wisteria vines mostly reflect spiritual enlightening. This is why the flowers symbolize wishes and prayers. You can also show your admiration for life with the Wisteria tattoo.

25. Amore

Minimalist Wisteria Tattoo 5
Source: suya_ink

The Wisteria tattoo depicts the story of love and friendship. This floral heart tattoo lets you show your passion and unconditional affection for your partner.

Wisteria Tattoo Design



Wisteria Tattoo Design 1
Source: ayaka.tattoo



Wisteria Tattoo Design 2
Source: nina.p.tattoo



Wisteria Tattoo Design 3
Source: tattoobyjeeein



Wisteria Tattoo Design 4
Source: ianreynold



Wisteria Tattoo Design 5
Source: cannelle.r


The Wisteria tattoo has a girly touch. No wonder this tattoo is mostly popular among women. They wear the Wisteria flowers to flaunt their feminity and emotional energy. The tattoo also expresses spirituality and humbleness. You can take ideas from the above 30 Wisteria tattoo ideas when customizing your design.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The Wisteria Tattoo Mean?

Wisteria tattoo interpretation can change depending on the design, color, and elements. Primarily, the tattoos represent a positive change and a new phase in life. Besides, the arts are also used to illustrate good fortune and success.

What Do Wisteria Flowers Symbolize?

In Japan, the Wisteria flowers symbolize a higher rank in society. It also stands for longevity and immortality. The Wisteria vines depict love and friendship in both Japanese and Korean cultures.

What Is Wisteria In Demon Slayer?

Demon Slayer is a popular anime. Wisteria plays a significant role in the battles of this storyline. The flowers are used to protect the hero from the demons.

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