Best 80 Praying Hands Tattoos For the Peace-Seeking Guys!



Praying hands tattoos are a sign of forgiveness and seeking help. They also symbolize prayers and devotion. Some people also believe them to be a sign of faith and trust in the almighty.

Many tattoo artists implement this style with their work and create amazing pieces. They are very iconic and meaningful tattoos. Almost every tattoo enthusiast who has a religious belief will find this tattoo a great fit.

Most often they can be seen as two hands stuck together in a polite gesture. The variations in the style and design can mean different things. Mainly praying hands are known for the study of the Hands of an Apostle

In this article, we’ll go through some of the best praying hands tattoos and describe their meanings. We’ll also highlight what they symbolize and some FAQs.


Praying Hands Tattoo Designs Ideas

There are uncountable numbers of design ideas for this type of tattoo. Here are some of the best pieces to give you a proper idea of the styles and design:


1. One Life One Chance

Source: danny_mac.n.cheese

This amazing tattoo of a praying hand contains the writing “One Life One Chance”. It is a clear indication of the philosophy that encourages the tattoo bearer to move out of his comfort zone and live his life to the fullest.


2. Tiny praying hands tattoos

Source: bellafineline

A pair of tiny Apostle’s hands can be spotted on a man’s bicep. The tattoo is a representation of the study of hands that was drawn by the German painter Albrecht Dürer. It is quite similar to the printed version of his work.


3. Floral Praying Hands Tattoos

Source: bucogmarkanthony

A flower is a symbol of love and forgiveness. The hands have drawn by the tattoo artist also represent the forgiving nature of the Almighty. The cross on the hands only amplifies that thought.


4. Glowing Prayers

Source: inkedbyjay_5150

The glow coming out of this cheek tattoo on the right side of this woman’s face is nicely drawn with contrast and shadings. The glow represents the blessings from the unseen. It is a sign that the lady feels blessed.


5. Faith In the Almighty

Source: salipdanpatrick

True believers of god always know that everything is in the hand of the creator. All they can do is pray and hope for the best. The praying hands are drawn with pigeons, which is a sign of peace. This tattoo means true peace can be found in God’s direction.


6. Clean Praying Hands Tattoos

Source: scubasteve_tattoos

A clear and concise depiction of a pair of hands clamped together is on top of a man’s chest. There aren’t any elements that suggest religious beliefs. It is a sign of asking forgiveness from someone.


7. Ring Fingered 

Source: im_wilsonflix

A dark-colored ring can be spotted on this hand. The hands are seeking forgiveness and there is a rose on the bottom of the tattoo. This is an indication that he might have committed a sin and is seeking forgiveness.

8. Trapped Praying Hands Tattoos


Sharp pointed vines have made a circle around a crimson-colored hole. The person with the rose drawn on his hand is most likely trapped in some bad situation, and the only way to escape is through the mercy of someone other than himself.


9. 1999

Source: gordon_richards_tattoos

When there is a date associated with a praying hands tattoo, it is a sign that something happened in that time that the tattoo bearer is feeling guilty about. In this case, the year 1999 is the date he feels most guilty about.


Praying Hands Tattoo Outline

A lot of the time these tattoos are drawn with just the outline at the beginning. As the design starts to get a new shape the artists add new shades and elements that bring out the true design. It is a common style that gets incorporated with these tattoos.


10. Praying Lady

Source: salipdanpatrick

The outlines of this tattoo are drawn in white colors. This gives the tattoo a more defined look. The lady seems to be praying and a pair of angels are right below her. A beautiful shoulder tattoo.


11. Praying Hands Arm Tattoo

Source: bori_ortiz

The arm of a man is covered with a highly detailed tattoo that represents forgiveness and prayer. There is lace around the fingers and a cross symbol hanging out of the hand. The shading gives this a good sense of depth.


12. Into The Clouds

Source: jayseventy_one

Some clouds are surrounding the hands. This indicates that the prayer has already reached the sky and is going to the one up above. It indicates that he is a true believer and his prayers will reach the gods.


13. Glowing Cross

Source: kingtattoo2halllane

The cross hanging out of the hands is a clear indication that it is the main focus of this tattoo. It is glowing and rays are coming out of this. The symbol looks as if it was radiating positive energy, which the people around it desperately need.


14. Double Cross

Source: kingtattoo2halllane

The cross is a symbol that represents Christ. There is a big cross that is being held by the praying hands. There are also some clouds forming behind the cross and some rays of sunshine at the very back. The small cross only signifies the meanings behind this design

What do the praying hands Tattoos symbolize?

Praying hands symbolize prayer, forgiveness, and religious beliefs. They can also symbolize fear from someone or something. But mainly it symbolizes praying for something to the almighty.

Regarding art and painting, they symbolize the study done for the hands. They are a symbol of the praying people at old churches in Frankfurt Germany.


15. Skinless Hands

Source: _thoreeeee

The hands in this tattoo don’t have any flesh or skin. The only thing that can be seen are the bones. This indicates that the person isn’t alive anymore and is seeking forgiveness for the things he may have committed during his lifetime.


16. Cover-up Draft

Source: fatboy_tattoos

The before and after of drawing this tattoo can be seen in this piece. The outlines of the draft are nicely covered with black ink. The shading gives the tattoo a realistic look. The outline helped the design to be more crisp and accurate.


17. Hand and Skull 

Source: tattoosnob

The hand is the main focus of this tattoo, but some part of the man’s skull is also visible in this piece. The hands are near his mouth. The tattoo indicates that he was praying until the last breath.


18. Angel Winged Praying Hands tattoo

Source: ninj1980

A combination of Praying hands that is drawn with the wings and the skeleton art design. The wings are an indication that his prayers have been answered by the one above. The angel has come to fly him away from his misery.


19.  Skeleton Praying Hands Tattoos

Source: tattooartistdan

The cross that was supposed to be in his hands is replaced with a bone that looks like a part of something unholy. This is an indication that he is seeking help from something that won’t result in any good. Although he might get temporary benefits, eventually, it won’t end nicely.


20. Black Cross

Source: _ccotto

The cross hanging from the praying hands is black in color. The tattoo is nicely situated on the man’s left shoulder. There is a sun behind the hands.


21. Knife Through Praying Hands

Source: ricardogtattoo

A sharp knife can be seen going through two hands that were seeking prayers. The tattoo indicates that the person didn’t accept his request. Instead, he committed an act of revenge.


22. Fisted Pair

Source: carmencherrycake

Both hands in this tattoo seem to be fisted tightly. The person is ready to fight if the request for peace is denied. It teaches us that we should always be prepared for any situation.


23. Praying Hands Tattoo with Wings

Source: cltattoos

The clouds and wings on the back of the symbol are a sign that it is the calling from the angles. The hand on the bottom is praying, and his callings have been answered.


24. Blurry Hands

Source: cranioluciano

Inks for this tattoo appear to be blurry. The outlines are not defined, but the main subject can still be recognized. A small tattoo suitable for women’s legs.


25. Study Of Hands

Source: needlejuice_tattoo

The hands were drawn in this tattoo to represent the study of hands committed by the Albrecht Dürer. This tattoo nicely coveys those meanings and the thought behind that study.


26. Perfect Sculpture

Source: billydiamondtattoos

A breathtaking sculpture of the symbolic hands can be seen drawn on a man’s arm. The drawing is vivid and spotless. A perfect balance between color and shading.


27. Minimal Praying Hands

Source: henriartetattoo

A minimalist-styled tattoo on a woman’s thigh can be seen with a small rose in the middle. The rose represents love and friendship, and the entire tattoo tells us that there should always be forgiveness between friendship and love.


28. Praying Hands Tattoo Female

Source: abelciustattoo

A pair of female hands can be seen together praying in this tattoo. The bones are sticking out and look as if they were broken. The sharp black nails and snake-like skin indicate that it is not any hand of a human.


29. Hands On The Back Of The Neck

Source: blanktattooart

The back of the neck of a man is inked with an iconic piece. The tattoo made it seem as if the veins on his head are visible and the prayers are coming from inside.


30. Praying Hands Neck Tattoo

Source: mike_rincon

This tattoo is slightly situated below the left ear of a handsome man. It rests gently on the neck and makes the neck more muscular and strong. A great tattoo on the side of the neck.


31. Full Sleeve

Source: kimviegas

The entire arms of this woman are covered in the following style that represents seeking forgiveness and asking for help. The woman is most likely tired of begging, so she is expressing her thoughts with this piece. A very bold tattoo for ladies.


32. Back of the Arm Praying Hands Tattoo

Source: antonella_bubble

The back of this man’s arm is gorgeously painted with this artistic-looking tattoo of the praying hands that has a little flower on it.


33. Bruised Praying Hands

Source: javigomeztattoo

The knuckle of these hands is heavily bruised. Most likely he was part of violence. But now he is feeling guilty and is seeking a way out of that guilt.


34. Gratitude 

Source: edinhorfreitas_tatuador

Humbleness and Gratitude are two of the noblest virtues a man can have. The word “gratitudao” means gratitude. It is an important part of this tattoo. It goes nicely with the hands above.


35. Praying Hands and Pegion

Source: shane_mcloughlin123

Pigeons are a symbol of peace and friendship. The meanings of the praying hands on this tattoo amplify with the pegion on the bottom. A good choice for a forearm tattoo.


36. Praying Hands Side Chest tattoo

Source: inkfusion_tattoo_studio

The tattoo is conveniently placed at the side of this man’s chest. The chain with the locket has a different color than the entire tattoo. It will only be visible if the person wants to show it to others.


37. Spanish Quotes

Source: rocker.indacrew

This tattoo contains a Spanish quote. This indicates that the person has some ties with the Spanish heritage and he is praying to get out of there.


38. Boney Fingers

Source: javigomeztattoo

The hands are coming out of a red-colored dress. The finger on the hand looks like bones. The small lines surrounding the hands are indicating the blessings being radiated.


39. 2022

Source: henriartetattoo

A scene from a battle from the past can be seen at the bottom of the tattoo. The word recycle 2022 is written at the top right. It indicates that the person is hoping to contribute to the recycling of his horror during the battle.


40. Gates Of Haven

Source: tattoo.brooklyn

There is a religious tattoo on the back of a man’s head. The gate to haven seems to be locked, and the soul is praying for the gates to open. He can enter the peaceful destination only if he is forgiven.






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Source: kjin.f_tattoo



Source: 50shadesofgreatt



Source: lkhnd_haiyuantattoo



Source: kaling_tatak



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Source: 99s_tattoo_ink



Source: darkmatter_tattoos



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Source: sunrise_tattoo



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Source: fitratattoo



Source: kothaetattooist_est2015



Source: nursetattoo



Source: m_tattoo_artist



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Source: ___90boy___



Source: vextoryinkxbeauty



Source: skull_tattooink



Source: geztattoo



Praying hands tattoos are considered to be a highly religious type of tattoo. Whichever elements you introduce to them, they’ll always be shadowed by the hands. If you are in the market for a tattoo that shows your religious beliefs, then give these amazing tattoos a try.


People Also Asked:

What does a praying hand tattoo mean?

They mean forgiveness and prayers.

Who created the praying hands?

German painter and theorist Albrecht Dürer created the praying Hands

What is the origin of the praying hands?

Dominican church in Frankfurt is the origin of the praying hands.

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