18 Latest XO Tattoos for Men in 2024- Stylish Designs & Ideas

Tattoos can be a way to show love and to offer a warm hug to whoever sees it. And XO tattoos for men and in some cases for women can be a splendid choice. This is a way to offer hugs and kisses to oneself and others.

These designs are trendy for men and all the right reasons. XO tattoos are simple yet gorgeous. These tattoos can be placed anywhere to give a versatile look and match the tattoo enthusiast’s aesthetics.

Want to learn all about this ink design? Then you are at the right place! In this blog, we will go through every little thing about XO tattoos and help you choose your perfect one!


18 XO Tattoos for Men Designs and Meanings

XO is the text imagery for “Hugs & Kisses” or for “Love & Kisses”. Generally, we use it in text and emails to show our love and gratification. Platonic love or for couples, these tattoos can interpreted in many ways. 

The abbreviated terms are chic as inkwork and guys can use it to honor the love he has with his partner. This tattoo can also be used to appreciate a friendship. 

One can get a matching or a group XO tattoo and flaunt it the way they want. The choice is endless when it comes to this tattoo. Now let’s take a look at these designs and maybe you can find your next ink mark!

The Weeknd XO Tattoo

Who does not know The Weekend and his famous record Lebel ‘XO Lebel’? The fanbase of The Weekend made a trend of tattooing themselves with the XO symbol as a way to show their love and support for the singer and since it become voguish.

1. Kiss Land

Source : toddaarikreich

The XO in the tattoo is written in a graffiti font with a jet-black color. The red heart on top adds an affectionate touch to it. This tattoo will look great on the forearm of women.

2. Echoes of Silence

Source : tattoo_pelikan

Simple lined minimalistic tattoos are very fashionable and this tattoo is no exception. Drew with simple black lines and a little red heart, this one would go well behind the delicate part of a man’s ear.

3. Inspired By You

Source : blacksheep_ar

“After Hours” is a famous song of The Weekend and one can tattoo XO in bold black marks with the name. This shows how a man loves and misses their partner.

XO Tattoo Meaning

XO tattoos have a very cute meaning. They show the tenderness and intimacy of a romantic relationship. The XO tattoos for men are a nod to their respectable partners and friendships. This inkwork is a reminder to the wearer of the love they carry for their loved ones and to hold onto something whenever they miss them.

4. Blooming Love

Source : alliemoontattoo

The tattoo has a heart frame with 3 blooming flowers and in the middle of it is the XO tattooed in the painter’s font. This tattoo is best for the upper arm of a man.

5. Carry You

Source : roscoeink

The bold and dark geometric font tattoo looks grotesque with impeccable needlework. This tattoo is best placed on the shoulder of a man.

6. Seraphic Kiss

Source : tattoosatpinkys

Go for this tattoo if you want something minimally drawn yet elegant with a touch of red heart. This tattoo goes well with the wide canvas of the rib area of a man.

Small XO Tattoo

Not all tattoo enthusiast wants a grand gesture when they can get little symbols of XO with enormous feelings. These little tattoos can be hidden or flaunted the exact way you want. Small XO tattoos are sophisticated in their micro size but with macro impacts.

7. Miniature Kiss

Source : xoxotattoo

The thigh of a woman is a delicate part so getting a small tattoo can be effective. The tattoo here is simple with a blackish graphic font. Dainty and pretty.

8. Subtle Embrace

Source : rentattoos_

This tattoo is basic yet elegant with simply inked XO with stygian shade. If you are going for something minimalistic then go for this one.

9. Petite Heart

Source : tattoosby_meg

The bold-lined black tattoo with a similar black heart can attract a lot of attention with its dainty aura. Placed on the side of the forearm of a woman, this tattoo is gorgeous.

XO Neck Tattoo

The neck is a sensitive area for tattooing. Though it is prevalent to get an ‘XO’ neck tattoo. These tattoos are typically small or medium in size with a catchy font that captures the heart of the onlookers. Be sure of the pain level and you are good to go.

10. Canvas Of Heart

Source : tc.inkz

Boldly written font and a small black heart is the main attraction of this tattoo. This tattoo goes well with the fragile part of a man’s neck.

11. Delicate

Source : waz_ink

True to its name, this tattoo is inked with bold font but with an elegant tone to seize the attention. This looks catchy on the soft part behind the ear of a man.

12. Amour

Source : artist_prabh_tattoo

The pint-sized minimalistic tattoo is the epitome of the beauty of subtlety. It is drawn in black ink and in a simple font that just tells the story of love and affection.

XO Tattoo Designs

The simple X and O design can also interpreted as love and happiness. It whispers adoration and faith the bearer has in love. No one actually knows who started the XO symbol, but we are happy to adorn our bodies with it.

13. Happier

Source : hymnsandcurses

The tattoo is traced with a bold linear black line with a scarlet heart in the middle of the X and O. This tattoo can be a carved reminder of the little happiness we find everywhere and appreciate it.

14. Ardent Red

Source : jazzyphe.tatts

Another linear font tattoo with a blood rubi-like heart to show happiness and love. This can be a bold exotic choice for tattoo lovers.

15. Tiny Token

Source : lize.pokes

Tiny tokens of love and merriness are the tonic of life. And with a tiny XO in a greenish-black speck, the wearer can tell the story of that accomplishment of life.

XO Tattoo Stencil

After people broke the taboo of love before marriage, women used to write letters to their beloved. They would seal the words with a kiss written in X. Many tend to believe this birthed the ‘XO’ and tattoo artists think of these events while creating the stencils for it.

16. Crimson Peak

Source : chino.ink

The fonts of the tattoo are clean with an appeal to it. It is simply etched with black ink and a crimson heart on top of it to show eternal love.

17. Seal With A Kiss

Source : nannyflostattoo

The back of the neck of a woman is a good place to tattoo XO. It’s like sealing a lover’s kiss on the intimate part of the neck in a plain black font and a tiny black heart.

18. Howl

Source : rupintart_com

The tattoo features an XO that looks like a stroke of paintbrushes. The owl adds more appeal with its cartoon effect. You can choose the words you want in typewriting font to make it exclusive.



The world of tattoos is unique with varieties of stencils. XO tattoos for men are living proof of how a delicate design can charm the skin of men and make them look flawless. The XO tattoos are giving away love and hugs and we are here to celebrate it.

Our blog ends and we hope you found your next precious inkwork along with our venture. The love can be tiny, but the possibility of your dream is endless. Choose the best artist on your street and take initiative care of it. X and O, off we go!



What size xo tattoo should I get?

This is a matter of your personal opinions and comfort zone. If you want something small XO then go for it. But if you want something grand then talk with your artist, choose the best place while keeping in mind the pain tolerance and commitment and you are good to go.

What does an XO tattoo mean in a relationship?

This symbolizes the love and affection one has with their partner. The X means kisses and the O means hug. This tattoo just shows the intimacy of a couple.

Why is the X a symbol of love?

The symbol “X” has a historical root as it is used to express a kiss while writing a letter or signing cards. The trend remained and became a popular tattoo design to gesture sincerity. It is like a press of lips on the text or letter, to show love and warmth to the reader.

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