15 Exclusive Stomach Tattoos For Men thats Need Guts To Try



This guy is a motorsports fanatic. And he got the right chest and stomach tattoos to show off his crazy side. There are cars racing on tracks, motorbikes jumping in the air, the clock and even the signboard ‘Hell Drivers’. And then there is the sunshine with a white pigeon that represents God’s presence. This is one of the best examples of tattoo designs for men stomach.




Don’t understand if the guy believes in dark world or otherwise. But we must admit, this is a rare tattoo design with a high level of complexity, detailing and finish. From evil on one side to a blood sucking vampire with candles on the other makes the upper half. As you go down the upside down Christ is inked in a way as if a werewolf is ready to engulf him. Hats off to the artist for putting so many mysterious elements that made the tattoo so attractive and exceptional.

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