12 Inspiring Old Ladies With Tattoos

Since tattoos have high cultural significance, it is not surprising to see an old lady with tattoos. But what surprises is the growing number of senior citizens getting crazy for body art. A way to show individualism and self-expression, the tattoos in the ’60s and ’70s reveal the bohemian soul lurking in the conservative dressing. Tattoos represent your secret persona while making a personal statement about your values and beliefs, therefore it lets you express yourself as a free spirit. The reason that body art expresses the passionate and rebellious soul, more women over 50 are interested in getting inked.


Tattoos For Older Women

The art of tattooing has come a long way but the roots are still the same. In fact, they have just gone deeper. It is an incredible way to connect with a culture, tribe or with yourself as an individual. And when you meet an old lady with tattoos, you will feel that she is an interesting and passionate woman who is not afraid of expressing herself at any stage of life.

If you are in your 60s and have the vigor to get inked then there is no limit for designs. From traditional designs of Celtic Knots and religious symbols to those reflecting your personal life, strength, likes, beliefs, or your connection with a loved one, there are as many choices as you can imagine. Our collection of the old lady with tattoos is a good source of inspiration if you need to see how tattoos can affect your sense of adventure, curiosity, creativity, and self-expression.

#1: Hands Full Of Tattoos


What a crazy old lady she is! The many portraits on her hands are evident that she loves Hollywood and mysterious. Adding to the collection of amazing body art is that necklace style tattoo. It is just the perfect accessory to complement any look.


#2: The Tattooed Fashionista


It is difficult to figure out all the tattoo designs. There are stars, skulls, the Statue of Liberty, some music notes and even Marilyn Monroe. This old lady is crazy for all things fashionable and glittering. Her style and confidence cleared that age brings more confidence and charisma.


#3: Traditional Tattoos


While her tattoos are fade away or blurred because of the wrinkled skin, their placement shows her boldness. A tattoo on forehead, cheeks, and chin are not very common since they are very painful. And in old times, they were the sign of a rebel.


#4: Old Lady With Tribal Tattoos


The design might get wrinkled, the tribal patterns are still so evident. And being full shoulder tattoos, they simply state the boldness and connection of the lady with her roots.


#5: Awesome Full Body Art Work


In love with tattoos from head to toe. She is a live canvas featuring the magnificent and colorful artwork inspired by nature. You could get numerous design ideas from her. Just observe the tattoos carefully.


#6: Interesting Full Arm Tattoos


While her hair is photoshopped for some grey highlights, the incredible designs on hand are the result of precision and exceptional imagination.


#7: The Illuminati

08 - LuVWXd2.jpg

It’s an interesting tattoo for an old lady. The design has though been grown over time, it has connectivity. It has an eye wearing a crown, a hand with wings, a heart full of love, some quotes, and many other design elements that show the spiritual inclination of the lady.


#8: A Navigator


She seems to love the life on the deck and might have grown with those mysterious stories. The colorful tattoos on her chest and hands are pretty evident in her deep grown love for the waters.


#9: A Colored Sleeve


A full sleeve tattoo like this will definitely a thing to talk. And with that level of confidence, it will make others jealous of you.


#10: A Crazy Shoutout


She is fabulous and so lively that even we get energized with her vibes. Adding to her charismatic personality are those incredible and tangled designs include tribal elements, knots, spiders, creepers and more mysterious things.


#11: Minimalist


You could choose a tattoo like this simple flower and a tiny bird that could remind you of some special moments of life.


#12: Connected With The Two Worlds


This old lady with tattoos clearly stated that she is full of life and love to include every element of the cosmos in her personality and style. The tattoo design with marine and cosmic elements are beautifully blended for one large tattoo.


Seeing the photos, it is clear that age is just a number when you want to take risks. Moreover, there is no restriction on imagination and creativity if you want a tattoo. Being old doesn’t mean you have to have simple, family-oriented, minimal tattoos. So go bold with your choice and let the world share the pictures of an old lady with tattoos!

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