93 Best Mountain Tattoos Ideas for Men and Women!

mountain tattoos
Source: lauren.violet


Mountain tattoos are a symbol of one person’s journey throughout life. They are used to describe different phases and events of their life.

These tattoos were believed to be used as symbols which meant kingdoms of gods. However, nowadays they can have many meanings depending on the style.

Mainly they represent bond, strength & unity. They are often monochromatic and simple in design. Smaller designs have the most elegant loos. Long sleeves are also popular among enthusiasts.

Besides representing power and masculinity they are also used to represent feminism in some cases. So, without further ado, let’s dive in and check out these amazing tattoos.


93 Mountain Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women

Mountain tattoos have a massive fanbase with thousands of designs. They range from small forearm pieces to large sleeve tattoos. There’s something for everyone regardless of your gender, skin type & tone. Here are some of the best mountain tattoo designs for you to try:


Simple Mountain Tattoo   

Simplicity is the key to many classic mountain tattoo designs. They are always in style and help people to express their thoughts clearly without too many complications. They are elegant to look at and usually have a clear meaning.


1. Adventure


Simple Mountain Tattoo 1
Source: soniagarciamat_tattoo

A mountain is always full of adventure and mystery. This mountain tattoo on his forearm reminds us of that. A tattoo, suitable for men with veiny forearms.


2. Blurry Reflection


Simple Mountain Tattoo 2
Source: jcalab87

The mountain has a solid reflection on the base. However, it is slightly blurred compared to the real one. It tells us that no matter how much one tries the original can never be replaced.


3. The Divider


Simple Mountain Tattoo 3
Source: wolfandbear.co

A large tree is standing between two mountains. It is simply dividing the two peaks. A tattoo that shows that something small is also sometimes sufficient enough to make a bond fall apart.


Small Mountain Tattoo

Although mountains are huge in size, mountain tattoos are sometimes drawn on smaller body parts such as forearms, neck, wrist, etc. These small tattoos are often very detailed but minimal takes are also becoming popular.


4. Shaded Valley


Small Mountain Tattoo 1
Source: mane.ink

The tall stones on the mountain are casting shadows on the opposite side of the light. This fits perfectly on the outer side of this woman’s leg. A perfect display of light and shadow.


5. Deep Slope


Small Mountain Tattoo 2
Source: ihatematthewstella

A man’s bicep is inked with a mountain tattoo that suddenly ends up like a slope. The dark lines indicate the depth of the hill. A dangerously beautiful piece to have on the bicep.


6. Only Outline


Small Mountain Tattoo 3
Source: folkneedle__

The artist only highlighted the outline of the mountain. But it still looks like a complete design. The extra black shades add some dynamic and depth to this simple yet elegant mountain tattoo.


Minimalist Mountain Tattoo

With the rise in popularity of the minimalistic lifestyle, minimal tattoo demands have also skyrocketed. These elegant mountain tattoos typically take very few moments to get and tend to be on the more affordable side.


7. Mountain Line & Dotted Sun


Minimalist Mountain Tattoo 1
Source: mountaintattoos

The outer shape of this mountain line is only drawn with a thin simple line. There’s a sun on the left side which is drawn with a few dashes. One of the most minimalistic mountain tattoos for every gender.


8. Cracked Valley’s


Minimalist Mountain Tattoo 2
Source: minustattoo

The lines in the middle of this valley are cracked. They are drawn like a tree branch. A tattoo suitable for minimalist lovers with thin arms.


9. Triangle Peaks


Minimalist Mountain Tattoo 3
Source: wildsalt.ink

Two mountain peaks are inked on the back of this girl’s elbow. They are made of a few geometric triangles. A combination of geometric tattoos & mountain tattoos.


Mountain Range Tattoo

A mountain range tattoo refers to a tattoo with a series of mountains or hills. They have a large width and sharp peaks. They represent unity and bond.


10. Mountain Range Top


Mountain Range Tattoo 1
Source: mollymurrayink

The peak of these mountains is connected with each other. They are a symbol of pride and a strong connection. The straight lines are used to represent shadows among the hill cracks. It’s slightly wider compared to other pieces.


11. Picturesque Side Feet Tattoo


Mountain Range Tattoo 2
Source: the_devlintattoos

This tattoo is going to be a lot painful to get. This part of the foot is very sensitive and painful to get tattooed. The black tint adds a vintage look to this mountain tattoo on the side of his ankle.


12. Four Stars


Mountain Range Tattoo 3
Source: mentat_gamze

There are four tiny stars on top of this mountain range. Each hill contains a shining star on its peaks. It rests nicely on the back of this man’s shoulder. There is also a constellation circle along with the stars.


Mountain Tattoo Sleeve

Sleeves are usually favored by people who are already familiar with the tattoo world and can tolerate pain. Mountain tattoo sleeves are often created with not only hills and slopes but also with the surrounding places around them. Sky also plays a major role in these designs.


13. Road To Top


Mountain Tattoo Sleeve 1
Source: tattoo_katie

A person can be seen walking down a road that leads straight towards a huge mountain. Is it his destiny? is it his chosen path? nobody knows and it creates a mystery in the viewer’s minds. A well-thought mountain sleeve tattoo for men.


14. Mountain View


Mountain Tattoo Sleeve 2
Source: katarina.heinze

The entire ecosystem of a mountain is inked on the entire arm of this man. The natural view is complemented by the gorgeous night sky with a shining moon. A piece that looks like it’s straight out of a fairy tale.


15. Orange Boat


Mountain Tattoo Sleeve 3
Source: grxsy

Although the half sleeve is tattooed with black ink, it has an orange boat in the center. The person is fishing in a flowing stream that comes from the hills. The forest around the mountain looks beautiful and terrifying at the same time.


Feminine Mountain Tattoo

Mountain tattoos are also used to promote feminism. Feminist variations of these tattoos tend to be on the minimalist side of the spectrum. If you are a feminist then you’ll find them very appealing.


16. Side Chest Mountains


Feminine Mountain Tattoo 1
Source: seriartwork

The side of this gorgeous woman is tattooed with a minimal hill tattoo. It is drawn with simple lines that are sharp but thin to look at. If you have a slim body then it’s highly recommended.


17. Mountain Arrowhead


Feminine Mountain Tattoo 2
Source: bboujeeink2

This tattoo looks more like a broken arrowhead than a mountain tattoo. The sharp triangle-like bottom structure only signifies that thought. There are also some stars sparkling on the top. It adds a bit of a girly vibe to the piece.


18. Flower & Mountain


Feminine Mountain Tattoo 3
Source: propaganda.tattoo

A beautiful branch of a flowering tree is the main attraction of this piece. This highlights the fertile nature of this tattoo. Although it is a monochromatic design it brings color to the viewer’s mind.


Geometric Mountain Tattoo

Mountain tattoos that are drawn with geometric shapes looks like artificial pieces and have sharp edges. Geometric shapes also signify the strength of a mountain & its bonds.


19. Crystal Hill


Geometric Mountain Tattoo 1
Source: kevin.waltz

A mountain that is made of some shining crystal is in the center of this triangle shaped tattoo. The mountain is drawn with some shapes made out of geometry. The scattered dots on the top act like the sparks of energy that is radiating from the hill.


20. Reflecting Shapes


Geometric Mountain Tattoo 2
Source: mglatattoo

The reflection of this geometric hill will grab anyone’s attention. The black shades also add dynamics to the piece. However, it’s only suitable if you have a wide forearm.


21. Carrying Bear


Geometric Mountain Tattoo 3
Source: juhikaran

The responsibility of a caring bear is displayed in this piece. It is carrying the mountain on its back. The entire hill is inside a bubble which the bear is carrying very delicately. An amazing mountain tattoo for men’s arms.


Mountain And Tree Tattoo

Mountains and trees are closely related. They are often part of the same ecosystem. One is incomplete without the other. They share a symbiotic relationship that teaches us to help each other in every situation.


22. Framed Tree


Mountain And Tree Tattoo 1
Source: skid.market.tattoos

A mountain range is accompanied by lots of trees in the foreground. The hills are slightly in the background. The entire tattoo is surrounded by a circle that is drawn with dots and dashes.


23. Moon Paths


Mountain And Tree Tattoo 2
Source: jz_inker

There are a total of three paths marked by a circle. It represents the position of the moon & stars throughout the season. It is the sole observer of the ever-changing mountains.


24. Black Pine


Mountain And Tree Tattoo 3
Source: rippintattoos

A forest of pine trees is drawn with this hill tattoo. The dark spots on the steep peaks match the color of the trees. It gives a sense of fear and danger. It’s suitable for thigh & leg.


Mountain Lion Tattoo

A mountain lion tattoo usually means taking control of your life into your own hands. It symbolizes courage and leadership. These tattoos are often thought to bring power to the tattoo holder.


25. Lion Portrait


Mountain Lion Tattoo 1
Source: devinholmestattoos

The ferocious nature of the mountain lion is clearly visible in its eyes. The calmness in this mountain tattoo is the indication of an outbreak that’ll happen very soon.




Mountain Lion Tattoo 2
Source: thedimforest




Mountain Lion Tattoo 3
Source: db_outdoorsaddict


Forearm Mountain Tattoo




Forearm Mountain Tattoo 1
Source: kelly_tattoos_




Forearm Mountain Tattoo 2
Source: theartoftattooingofficial




Forearm Mountain Tattoo 3
Source: vavatattoo


Mountain Bike Tattoo




Mountain Bike Tattoo 1
Source: needleattackosnabruck




Mountain Bike Tattoo 2
Source: emanuelemasin




Mountain Bike Tattoo 3
Source: thiagolimaart


Mountain Laurel Tattoo




Mountain Laurel Tattoo 1
Source: clotonia.art




Mountain Laurel Tattoo 2
Source: astro.cat.tattoo




Mountain Laurel Tattoo 3
Source: rbktatts


Wave And Mountain Tattoo




Wave And Mountain Tattoo 1
Source: valentino.tattoos




Wave And Mountain Tattoo 2
Source: pirateislandtattoohelsingborg




Wave And Mountain Tattoo 3
Source: nikitattooing


Mountain And Ocean Tattoo




Mountain And Ocean Tattoo 1
Source: maggiefoxart




Mountain And Ocean Tattoo 2
Source: darkforesttattoo




Mountain And Ocean Tattoo 3
Source: emmarainetattoo


Mountain Goat Tattoo




Mountain Goat Tattoo 1
Source: bradburkhart




Mountain Goat Tattoo 2
Source: karlmrkstattoo




Mountain Goat Tattoo 3
Source: grease_one


Rocky Mountain Tattoo




Rocky Mountain Tattoo 1
Source: lauren.violet




Source: lauren.violet




Rocky Mountain Tattoo 3
Source: lauren.violet


Bear Mountain Tattoo




Bear Mountain Tattoo 1
Source: hello_my_name_is_jaks




Bear Mountain Tattoo 2
Source: galelevins




Bear Mountain Tattoo 3
Source: mglatattoo


Blue Ridge Mountain Tattoo




Blue Ridge Mountain Tattoo 1
Source: jenpoteet




Blue Ridge Mountain Tattoo 2
Source: _tattoos_bywyn_




Blue Ridge Mountain Tattoo 3
Source: dereklilly


Minimal Mountain Tattoo




Minimal Mountain Tattoo 1
Source: tats.by.jo_




Minimal Mountain Tattoo 2
Source: whimsytatts




Minimal Mountain Tattoo 3
Source: marta_robbiano


Mountain Tattoo Arm




Mountain Tattoo Arm 1
Source: enteka




Mountain Tattoo Arm 2
Source: circletattoodelhi




Mountain Tattoo Arm 3
Source: ladylike.ink


Mountain Wrist Tattoo




Mountain Wrist Tattoo 1
Source: naiatattoo




Mountain Wrist Tattoo 2
Source: sashakiseleva




Mountain Wrist Tattoo 3
Source: sashakiseleva


Smoky Mountain Tattoo




Smoky Mountain Tattoo 1
Source: jostestattoos




Smoky Mountain Tattoo 2
Source: painlessjenmclellan




Smoky Mountain Tattoo 3
Source: tattooculturemag


Traditional Mountain Tattoo




Traditional Mountain Tattoo 1
Source: peytonollie




Traditional Mountain Tattoo 2
Source: corijamestattoo




Traditional Mountain Tattoo 3
Source: serwal.tattooer


Wave Mountain Tattoo




Wave Mountain Tattoo 1
Source: _tmtattoo




Wave Mountain Tattoo 2
Source: chill_n_ink




Wave Mountain Tattoo 3
Source: electricsunlc


Holy Mountain Tattoo




Holy Mountain Tattoo 1
Source: jacquietattoos




Holy Mountain Tattoo 2
Source: foofytattoo




Holy Mountain Tattoo 3
Source: leeroymendoza


Iron Mountain Tattoo




Iron Mountain Tattoo 1
Source: nikipepperstattoo




Iron Mountain Tattoo 2
Source: william.giampieri




Iron Mountain Tattoo 3
Source: iron.glacier


Mountain Shoulder Tattoo




Mountain Shoulder Tattoo 1
Source: joelmejiatattoo




Mountain Shoulder Tattoo 2
Source: dr_butcher13




Mountain Shoulder Tattoo 3
Source: pomalu.tattoo


Japanese Mountain Tattoo




Japanese Mountain Tattoo 1
Source: koizhou_tattooist




Japanese Mountain Tattoo 2
Source: jumanzolli.tattoo




Japanese Mountain Tattoo 3
Source: shnioka


Mountain Compass Tattoo




Mountain Compass Tattoo 1
Source: turan.nyc




Mountain Compass Tattoo 2
Source: baba_yaga_0260




Mountain Compass Tattoo 3
Source: sierra_granger


Mountain Silhouette Tattoo




Mountain Silhouette Tattoo 1
Source: leftylucille




Mountain Silhouette Tattoo 2
Source: andrew_tattoos




Mountain Silhouette Tattoo 3
Source: paintedladyparlour


Realistic Mountain Tattoo




Realistic Mountain Tattoo 1
Source: turan.nyc




Realistic Mountain Tattoo 2
Source: dylanwebertattoos




Realistic Mountain Tattoo 3
Source: cribustattoocircus


We hope these mountain tattoo designs were able to spark some new ideas in your nature-loving mind. The only thing left is to choose one and discuss with your artist to get the best tattoo according to your liking and beliefs. Try to avoid too many detailed designs on small areas as they’ll fade quickly and turn blurry.


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