25+ Graceful Ankle Bracelet Tattoo Designs For You

Have you been thinking of getting an ankle bracelet tattoo? Well, if you are still confused, let me just tell you how much of a good idea it is.

Ankle bracelet tattoo designs usually show a simple bracelet around the ankle with hanging charms. The bracelet can also be with complex patterns according to the preference of the wearer. The charms are mostly flowers, hearts, diamonds, etc. But it can be anything you want!

In this blog, you will get to see a bunch of different tattoo designs of ankle bracelets and you can pick the most appealing one for you! Colorful, black and white, simple, gorgeous – we have it all!


XX Ankle Bracelet Tattoo Designs And Meanings

The most common meanings of ankle bracelet tattoos are a sense of freedom, a delicate vibe, and a strong bond with nature. Most women prefer these tattoos to portray their soft and loving personalities.

However, you can also find designs that are tough and strong for women who like to come off as empowered individuals. Some designs are so simple that they can also be worn by men.


Feminine Ankle Bracelet Tattoo

Ankle bracelet tattoos are mostly feminine and show a strong sense of celebrating femininity. They are fresh and floral giving off a nice womanly vibe that decorates the ankles beautifully. The designs can be made creative by adding a personal touch to make the tattoo more meaningful.


1. Dew Drops

Source : irenebogachuk

The ankle in this picture is beautifully decorated with flower outlines. The flowers are shaded to make it more realistic and you can see little charms of dew drops and paper plane hanging.


2. Queen Of Nature 

Source : irenebogachuk

This one is quite simple with shaded leaves and small buds. The tattoo looks like spring where you can see fresh leaves growing with little flower buds spread all over the place.


3. Floral Beauty 

Source : sydneydulong

I love the bluish shading on this tattoo with flowers and small leaves. Some leaves are still growing and the white dots in the flowers make the design more eye-catching.


Ankle Charm Bracelet Tattoo

Ankle bracelets with little charms are the prettiest as they often come in beautiful shapes. The most common ones are hearts and flowers. Some ankle tattoos are customized with initials that just look super cute and elegant at the same time.


4. Little Charms

Source : stefanytattoos

The tattoo over the ankle shows a thin chain hanging some beautiful letters. It could be anything – your name, your partner’s name, an important date, etc. You can even color the letters to make it more vibrant.


5. Favorite Toys

Source : sukisuki.now

You can see a funny-looking ankle charm with cute little toys hanging. One of them is a super cute furry dog innocently looking at you! The wired chain makes your personality come off as a fun-loving person.


6. Hearts And Chains

Source : linneapastel

How cool does this tattoo look? The colors and patterns are super graphic with an ankle charm designed as a big brown chain with a pink star, butterfly, and heart.


Small Ankle Bracelet Tattoo

Minimal tattoo designs are never out of fashion. In fact, they are one of the most popular types as first-timers start with something safe to decorate their bodies. Small designs of ankle bracelets are just perfect in such cases as they are not just a safe choice but are almost always beautiful!


7. Diamonds And Hearts

Source : gingerink.tattoo

If you are looking for an elegant ankle bracelet tattoo, this could be perfect for you. The chain is designed with tiny dots and the hanging charms are super simple diamonds and hearts.


8. A Delicate Knot

Source : zeetattooo

Simple tattoos are nothing but adorable. The ankle bracelet here is decorated with a simple knot. If you look at it suddenly, it will almost look like a real string tied in a knot.


9. Sunshine And Moonlight 

Source : indigo_tattoo_studio

If you are in love with the sky and the stars, this might be appealing to you. The charms on this bracelet are a sun and a moon. They look super unique together, tied in a lock of heart.


Ankle Tattoo Bracelet Designs

Such designs come in a range of different designs, all showing elegance. They can also be funky if you want as creativity knows no bounds. The designs go from simple to gorgeous, floral to funky, colorful to black and white. It all depends on what you want and how you wish your ankles to be decorated.


10. Minimal And Beautiful 

Source : inkvici

This design is so simple that it will even look good on men. The bracelet is nothing but a string of dots with an additional line of string on top. It won’t even be too noticeable so you can get it if you wanna play safe.


11. Watercolor Flowers 

Source : rosschandlertattoo

The beautiful colors in this design are to die for! The flowers are colored in serene blue and pink with green leaves and stems keeping them together. It almost looks real from afar.


12. Beauty And The Beads

Source : labeledforlifetattoos

You can see how this design is bold and black. The beads have a shadow to make them look real and are connected in a string to make a graceful ankle bracelet.


Flower Ankle Bracelet Tattoo

Tattoos of ankle bracelets are mostly feminine. What else can portray that more wonderfully than a flower pattern? It could be real flowers or a string shaped like one. Both give off a strong sense of beauty and femininity. Let’s take a look at some of such designs and choose the prettiest one for your new ankle tattoo.


13. Flowing Tassel

Source : olgacaca

You need a good tattoo artist to pull this design off. The tassel on the design looks super real with a rusty red color making it pop. It looks like the day is breezy and the tassel is flowing.


14. Colorful Nature 

Source : suya_ink

If you love nature and its beauty, you can get this super simple flower ankle bracelet as a tattoo. The blue flowers have yellow centers with a tiny brown dot. You can also see pink flowers at the end!


15. Black And White Beauty

Source : dongtattoostudio

How incredible do you think this tattoo would look with a sundress? Just wear a simple, flowery sundress and show this simple flower ankle bracelet design, and see how your Instagram followers get crazy.


Butterfly Ankle Bracelet Tattoos

These designs are incredible combinations of the gracefulness of a butterfly and the delicate nature of light ankle bracelets. The patterns are decorated with flowers to make them more connected to nature. Such designs are sometimes given a splash of watercolors to enhance the beauty of them to the next level.


16. Floral Butterfly 

Source : paakhitattoos

Looking for something unique? I think this design could be your answer. The overall vibe of this tattoo is between purple and magenta where a floral butterfly is flying off the bracelet. You can also see other beautiful charms hanging.


17. Delicate Nature 

Source : bunami.ink

Simple tattoo lovers are gonna love this! The design is super simple with a baby butterfly about to land on the stem connecting the flowers. Even though the design is black and white, it reminds you of a colorful spring.


18. Butterfly Blues 

Source : jooyoung_tt

I love how elegant the blue looks in this tattoo. The butterfly is colored in a Beauty deep and vibrant blue and it is hanging off of a bracelet like a charm. The bracelet is black and simple.


Realistic Ankle Bracelet Tattoo

Realistic tattoos are one of the best ones, especially if they resemble an ornament. Ankle bracelets as realistic tattoos often give an illusion of it being actually on the foot and then you can surprise the viewers by showing it is a tattoo! Take a look at some of the coolest designs like that below.


19. Freedom Of Heart

Source : ljungberg_tattoo

You would love this one if you have a fearless personality and are not afraid to experiment. The design is super gorgeous giving a goth vibe with the thick chain and flying bird.


20. Starfish Of Stone

Source : barbwiretattoos

The animated star charm almost looks like it is floating over the ankle. The beads are shining and the overall aesthetic of the tattoo has a mysterious grey tone.


21. Colors And Charms

Source : jen_maw

Gorgeous tattoos are as elegant as simple ones and here is the proof. The ankle bracelet looks like a thick collection of flowers, stems, and leaves. A little gold charm of heart hangs beautifully from one side.


Mandala Ankle Bracelet Tattoo

Mandala designs of ankle bracelets portray a unique fusion of mandala artwork formed in a bracelet pattern. These tattoos show symmetry and elegance in a phenomenal way. Some of the designs even portray spirituality with quirky designs and intricate shading.


22. Super Symmetry

Source : ink.about

If you love mandala patterns, you may find this design interesting. It creates an ankle bracelet on the back of the ankle with two long-stem flowers emerging from two sides.


23. Henna Patterns 

Source : suhasinigour

If you like henna artwork, you definitely should go for this one. The mandala pattern here is commonly seen in beautiful henna designs and it has two portions connected with a symmetric dotted line.


24. The Badass Queen

Source : joca182.tattoo

I would say that this design is quite impactful. It makes a statement about how carefree and fashionable you are. The pattern of the ankle bracelet is elegant and makes you look like a badass queen!


Sunflower Ankle Bracelet Tattoo

Sunflower is one of the most beautiful and vibrant flowers out there. Imagine getting a bunch of them wrapped around your ankle! Well, practically that doesn’t look sustainable but what else are tattoos for? Tattoos of ankle bracelets featuring sunflowers are my personal favorite as they almost always have a bright yellow tone resembling the sunshine.


25. Warm And Orange 

Source : peria_tattoo

How real do these flowers look? The tattoo here almost looks like real orange flowers tied with a string of leaves and worn as an ankle bracelet. They make the ankles super delicate and beautiful.



Source : panimeldy

Concluding Words

Have you decided which ankle bracelet tattoo you like the most? All of them are super cute with the little charms. The realistic designs feel like the charms in them are almost going to clink and make a beautiful sound.

Show your favorite to the tattoo artist and make the beautiful patterns come to life!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does an ankle bracelet tattoo mean?

Tattoos of ankle bracelets can mean different things to different people. Some of the designs could signify something meaningful if you add a personal touch to it such as initials or dates. Others could just mean the idea of embracing femininity gracefully.

Do ankle tattoos hurt?

The ankle areas have the bones lying just below the skin. These areas can be more painful than the others due to the thin skin getting direct contact with the bones. People prefer simple designs like ankle bracelet tattoos that are not very complex and painful.

Which tattoo is best for ankle?

Simple tattoos are the most popular choice for ankles as they can be a little painful. You can find a bunch of minimal designs of tattoos in this article that are just perfect to decorate your ankles.

Are ankle tattoos for girls?

In general, ankle tattoos are popular among women. However, there are a bunch of designs for men as well that suit them perfectly.

Are ankle tattoos expensive?

Since ankles are delicate parts of the body, they need more care when doing a tattoo. Due to that, it can cost a bit more than the usual tattoos done on thighs or hands. Moreover, it also depends on the complexity of the designs and the skillfulness of your tattoo artist.

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