80 Odin Tattoos Design Ideas You Never Miss!

If you have wanted to get Odin tattoos or want to learn more about them and their meanings, you’ve come to the right place.

As one of the principal gods of Norse mythology, Odin has inspired a lot of tattoo artists and enthusiasts in creating a lot of amazing tattoos that covey valuable messages through them. The old god of war and wisdom is a great choice of tattoo to describe one’s beliefs and values.

Not only Odin but his two ravens and other qualities are also used in a lot of tattoos that indirectly point to him. It’s very common to see a tattoo that doesn’t have Odin at all but suggests that it’s an Odin tattoo.

In this article, we’ll go through what these tattoos mean, Odin’s symbols meanings, what does his ravens’ tattoo mean, etc. Which will broaden your knowledge and give you a new perspective on these tattoos.


What does an Odin tattoo mean?

Generally, when a tattoo has Odin on it or something that directs the viewer to the qualities or symbols of Odin is considered an Odin tattoo. Odin tattoos usually mean wisdom, healing, knowledge, and sorcery. But they can also mean death, war, and battle depending on the depiction of the tattoo. They are also used to describe someone’s personality traits or a certain chapter of their life that they want to commemorate with these tattoos.


  1. Odin’s Ravens Tattoo
odin's ravens tattoo
Source: bunnyakahk

Both of Odin’s ravens are flying around thors hammer and one of them has an eye. Most likely the eye is representing Odin’s missing eye that he exchanged for wisdom.


2. God of Death

odin's eye tattoo
Source: boston.born.ink

Odin has a Skull over his head which represents death. His raven is on top of it and looks like it has an arrow going through its mouth. Both Odin and his raven have blood-like red eyes that are full of anger.


3. Screaming ravens

odin symbol tattoo
Source: bojan3f.ink

Both Huginn and Muninn are drawn on a man’s shoulder. One of them is screaming and the other one has a Valknut symbol on his necklace. There are some mystical symbols in the background as well.


4. Norse Mythology Symbols tattoo

odin's wolves tattoo
Source: tattoo13_cz

A dead tree is at the bottom of the tattoo and now white and one black raven is flying around it. It has two Norse symbols at two sides of the tree and a lot of Norse symbols on top that have formed a circle shape.


5. Traveler Raven

odin's spear tattoo
Source: westend.tattoo_wien

Odins Raven is trapped inside a diamond-shaped trap. there’s a circle orbiting around its head. It indicates the nature of the raven which is traveling around and gathering intel.


6. Odin Symbol Tattoo

odin's knot tattoo
Source: zoshizi.tattoo

A simple tattoo of the god of wars symbolizes the Valknut on a man’s arm. A very minimal tattoo that represents the brave who died in war protecting Odin’s clan.


7. Believer of wisdom

odin rune tattoo
Source: lalutattoo

A tattoo with Odin’s symbol right over the heart. It suggests that he truly believes in seeking wisdom as Odin and deeply thinks he’s worthy to be a ruler himself.


8. Odin’s Spear Tattoo

odin's tattoo
Source: maxbtattin

Odins Spear of destiny is drawn as a leg tattoo. There’s a flame around the spear. Also, it has some ancient symbols in the middle. However, the spear is partially available and the end part looks broken.


9. Spear And Hammer

ravens tattoo
Source: flamineighttattoo

Two forearm tattoos of a spear and thor’s hammer. The hammer has an axe head attached to the handle. The spear has a lot of Norse symbols around it. A great pair of tattoos for both hands.


10. Good old spear

eye tattoo
Source: jessvehretattoo

A spear with a rustic look. The spear has a Diamond shape and a cross sign. A hand is seen around the spear suggesting that it was thrown and is flying through the air.


11. The raven and spear

symbol tattoo
Source: redgoatdesigns

An amazing Odin tattoo with two of his most iconic symbols. The spear of destiny is drawn with great details. The raven in the background can be seen partly revealing its sneaky nature.


12. Odin’s Knot Tattoo

wolves tattoo
Source: paulboxalltattoo

An amazing back of the head tattoo of Odin’s knot and his wife Frigg. Her beautiful blue eyes catch all the attention with a message that quotes ” Spread the love “. A great way to express feeling for someone.


13. All eyes on deck

spear tattoo
Source: artesobscurae

Odin’s raven has one of his eyes in its beak while it’s standing on top of Odin’s head. Both Odin and the raven’s eyes are glowing. Odin also looks angry. He might have traded his eye for wisdom and this tattoo reflects that.


14. Grumpy Odin Tattoo

knot tattoo
Source: rostyle_tattoo

Odin is wearing a hood over his head and is looking grumpy. He’s not in a good mood. It’s better to not mess with him. There’s a Vulkan symbol on the end of the tattoo.


What does Odin’s symbol mean?

The Symbol of Odin is also known as The Valknut. As Odin was the ruler of all gods and also the god of death and war his symbol represents the cult of the dead. Sometimes this symbol is drawn with Odin’s head. It is a symbol that makes it easier to recognize the brave soul that died in the war for the good of Odin’s clan.


15. Raven on Odins head

rune tattoo
Source: mineiro.tattoo

Odin’s raven is standing on his head suggesting that it’s feeding information to Odin on what is going on around the world. The raven is a crucial part of Odin’s information supply and knowledge.


16. Odin with skull tattoo

odin tattoo
Source: parascosvamvounis

Odin is wearing a helmet that is made out of the skull. He is also wearing a necklace that has symbols on it. There’s a wing coming out of the back of his head as well.


17. Viking Odin

odin tattoo ravens
Source: mgntattoos

The god of war is wearing a biking helmet. He is believed as the ruler of Vahalla. He is wearing the biking helmet to blend in with the Viking soldiers who died in the war.


18. Triple Horn symbol tattoo

odin tattoo eye
Source: giovannironchi

The Triple horn symbol over Odin’s head gives the idea of his quest to get the magical potion. It also represents the three draughts he was able to produce over three days.


19. The gladiator Odin

odin tattoo symbol
Source: luizheavypower

A biking ship is sailing through the cruel sea and has The Odin’s head watching over it. The lightning suggests that there’s a storm going on but that won’t stop the brave soul from his quest.


20. Screaming Odin

odin tattoo wolves
Source: rodrigonez_

The god of war Odin is looking ferocious and angry. He is so angry that he is breaking out a scream. He has a patch over his eye that has Odin’s knot. Most likely he is angry at the three realms clashing with one another.


21. Odin’s tattoo on forearm

odin tattoo spear
Source: renanartstattoo

A simple yet gorgeous Odin tattoo on a man’s forearm. Odin’s head is at the top and in the middle, there’s a Viking compass symbol and at the bottom, there’s a Valknut symbol.


22. All in one Odin tattoo

 odin tattoo knot
Source: alteregotattoozukowo

This Odin tattoo has it all. Odin’s raven, the Valknut symbol, Odin’s spear, and Odin himself are drawn in this amazing tattoo. It has highlighted everything in a compact way that it’s just genius.


23. Realistic Odin Tattoo

odin tattoo rune
Source: hajas_182

A realistic-looking colorful tattoo of Odin on a mans’ shoulder. He has some blood on his face which is not surprising as he is the god of war. He has a biking compass on one of his eyes as well.


24. 3D Odin with Axe Tattoo

ravens tattoo odin
Source: inkeffectstattoo

A highly detailed tattoo of Odin with great use of shades. The shades give the tattoo a realistic 3D look. There’s also an axe at the bottom of the tattoo as well.


25. Realms Navigator

ravens tattoo eye
Source: laszlo_david_tattoo

The ruler of multiple realms is drawn at the middle of the Valknut and the Viking compass symbol. It symbolizes Odin’s power to navigate through the realms and control them.


26. Viking Odin back Tattoo

ravens tattoo symbol
Source: blackscorpion13

The Viking god Odin is Wearing a Viking helmet and has his raven on his shoulder. The tattoo has a red stroke around it. An amazing Odin tattoo on a man’s back shoulder.


27. Starstruck Odin

ravens tattoo wolves
Source: oniix_tattoo

A thigh tattoo of Odin that has a golden star helmet around Odin’s face. The star is radiating some kind of strings out of it. The scar over Odin’s eye is highly visible on this tattoo.


28. Blue Eyed

ravens tattoo spear
Source: luizserra_kzd

The god of poetry is looking cold with his ice-cold blue eyes. He also has half of a biking compass on one side of his forehead and the wings of his raven are partially showing from the side of the tattoo.


29. Shielded Odin

 ravens tattoo knot
Source: humanarttattoo

The Ruler of Asgard is wearing a helmet and has vengeance on his eyes. Most likely he is preparing for a quest of his own in search of new wisdom and knowledge.


30. Guarding Raven

ravens tattoo rune
Source: hades_tatuador

Odin’s raven is trying to protect him. The raven has transformed into the shape of a helmet and is shielding Odin’s head. There’s a circle around the raven head kind of like a feather of an old-fashioned war helmet.


31. Odin and his wife tattoo

 eye tattoo ravens
Source: edychagaz

A back of the arm tattoo of the Viking God Odin and his wife. Odin is drawn at the top with great attention to detail and his wife Frigg is drawn at the bottom but in a small portion to Odin.


32. Odin and the forest tattoo

eye tattoo symbol
Source: vinifernandestattoo

A forest that looks as if it was a giant tree itself is used to describe Odin’s garden. The roots of the tree go very deep and Odin is watching over it from the sky.


33. Odin Thigh Tattoo

eye tattoo wolves
Source: ivonneetattoo

A thigh tattoo of Odin with a Viking compass over his head. Also, his hair is looking like a tree branch that has a few leaves and is lightly touching the symbol.


34. The trusted Carrier

eye tattoo spear
Source: dorian_tattoos

Odins Raven has his one eye in its mouth. It symbolizes how he uses the raven to gather intel plus Odin is wearing a hood.


35. Odin Sidechest Tattoo

Odin eye tattoo knot
Source: marco.odio

A fascinating tattoo on a man. Odin is in the middle of the tattoo and his two ravens are the two ends of the tattoo but both of them are looking interconnected.


36. Cosmos Traveler

 eye tattoo rune
Source: engrave__tattoo

The wisdom seeker is depicted in the tattoo and there’s a galaxy underneath him. It indicated his passion for seeking knowledge and his journey across the cosmos to gain knowledge.


Who is Odin in Norse Mythology?

In Norse mythology, Odin is known as the ruler of all gods and a seeker of wisdom who often roamed far away from his kingdom in search of new quests and knowledge. He is both described as the god of war and also the god of poetry. He is often depicted as a one-eyed man who has immense strength and magical abilities. Unlike other all-knowing, all-powerful gods he has certain limitations and wants to gain new powers and knowledge on his journey.


37.  The protector Odin

eye tattoo odin
Source: mateus.tattoo

Odin can be seen with his spear. He has a strong grip around his spear. It gives the message that he’ll do anything to protect his realms. The helmet suggests that he’s ready to fight for it if needed.


38. Loyal companion

symbol tattoo odin's
Source: fran_art_berlin

Odin looks as if he was injured and both of his ravens are also hurt. the bottom raven is almost about to break into tears the other raven is shielding Odin’s head from the scorching sun. A true display of loyalty even in the most unfortunate times.


39. Mind navigator

symbol tattoo ravens
Source: mamiyaink

Odin is drawn with a Viking compass on his head. It symbolizes him navigating through the vast wisdom he has gained over his lifetime. A good depiction of his vast knowledge.


40. Destructive Odin Tattoo

 symbol tattoo eye
Source: samneedles_max_

A Dark side of Odin’s nature is shown through this tattoo. Both he and his two ravens look consumed by anger and destruction. A different perspective of the god of war with a meaningful message.



symbol tattoo wolves
Source: 13wavestattoo



symbol tattoo spear
Source: klymmainlandtattoo



symbol tattoo knot
Source: fromfis_tattoo



symbol tattoo rune
Source: lucian_roza_tattoos



symbol tattoo odin
Source: castagna.tattoo



wolves tattoo odin's
Source: kittymorgann



wolves tattoo ravens
Source: ill_mace



 wolves tattoo eye
Source: tattoo.kink



wolves tattoo symbol
Source: catus_tattoo



wolves tattoo spear
Source: titi_ink



wolves tattoo knot
Source: jsjs_tatts_8



wolves tattoo rune
Source: dan_ball_tattoo



wolves tattoo odin
Source: tobstattoo



spear tattoo odin's
Source: juankorp



spear tattoo ravens
Source: ritocassio



 spear tattoo eye
Source: dreeitattoo



spear tattoo symbol
Source: sonictattoorj



spear tattoo wolves
Source: sash_tattoo



spear tattoo knot
Source: khaleesitattooart



spear tattoo rune
Source: tonimeinold



 spear tattoo odin
Source: paulbirchmore_tattoo



knot tattoo odin's
Source: franktatouage



knot tattoo ravens
Source: listrinhatattoo



knot tattoo eye
Source: kamil.cardak



knot tattoo symbol
Source: dh_tatt2



knot tattoo wolves
Source: desperhate3



knot tattoo spear
Source: thefalltattoo



knot tattoo rune
Source: skilly93_fit



knot tattoo odin
Source: renanmonstertattoo



 rune tattoo odin's
Source: artonskintattoocastronno



rune tattoo ravens
Source: line_tattoo_supply



rune tattoo eye
Source: pradys_tattoo



rune tattoo symbol
Source: jpena_ink



rune tattoo wolves
Source: et_tattoobl



rune tattoo spear
Source: twistink.tattoo



rune tattoo knot
Source: bobi.ink



rune tattoo odin
Source: titi_ink



 tattoo ravens eye
Source: _thanks.leo_



tattoo odin's odin
Source: magic_ink_tattoo_studio



 tattoo odin's eye
Source: cejaymedio_tattoo



We hope these amazing Odin tattoos were able to give birth to new ideas and inspiration for your tattoo. They are known to have a lot of meaning and messages hidden in them. But, in the end, it all comes down to what you believe in and how you describe the tattoo. Every person has his own taste and the Odin tattoos will surely satisfy everyones.

Feel free to try out these amazing tattoos and express your love and beliefs through them. Wheater you want to show power, control, wisdom, or fear, these mind-blowing tattoos got you covered.

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