65 Christian Tattoos for Religious Men and Women!

Although Christian tattoos were first sighted in the 6th and 7th centuries they are still one of the most popular & in-demand tattoos among enthusiasts.

There are also some Christians who stand against tattooing on their skins based on Hebrew Prohibition. Still, they are some of the gorgeous and superb tattoos available today.

These tattoos contain symbols, texts, portraits, etc. They give the sense of suffering and the struggle to break free. It also inspires one to transform oneself and seek redemption.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about these tattoos and their meanings. We’ll also explore some eye-catching designs for you to try.


65 Ideas for Christian Tattoos

There are countless variations of Christian tattoos. They are often easily combined with other tattoo styles. Each design can have some extra meaning depending on the person’s liking. Here are some of the best Christian tattoos to inspire your next design.


Christian Fish Tattoo

Christian fish tattoos are drawn based on the Ichthus symbol. It is a sign marked with two arcs that joins with one another and creates a fish-like design.


1. Ichthus Cross



Source: blackpearltattoohouma

The front of the Ichthus symbol contains a small cross that symbolizes the eye of the fish. It represents the faith Christians have in the symbol.


2. The Ichthus



Source: project_x_tattoo

The forearm of the woman is inked with a clean design of the Ichthus symbol. The bold color creates a beautiful contrast against her hand.


3. Tail Cross



Source: katiegirltattoo

The backend of this Christian symbol is accompanied by a cross but when the hand will stay natural it’ll represent an inverted cross which might be disturbing for some Christians.


Christian Sleeve Tattoos

Christian sleeve tattoos represent the era when European Christians were enslaved by the Muslims of North Africa. They are a piece of the historical moment.


4. Chained Enslaved Person



Source: doves_and_serpents

A Christian person with godlike physic is carrying two heavy beams made of stones. The chains have him shackled. An amazing Christian tattoo that reminds of the dark times.


5. Lion & Goat



Source: inkinktat

A mythical goat with wings is at the bottom and the lion is protecting the goat on the top. The flower hides the ferocious acts of the lion from the tiny creature. A piece that shares the same old Christian value of protecting the week.


6. Slave’s Messenger



Source: michaelaschiek

A Dove is acting as the messenger of the enslaved Christian. The bird will carry out his thought to the viewers. An extraordinary tattoo with great details.


Christian Temporary Tattoos

Tattoos that can be easily removed and contain a slight touch of Christianity are considered Christian temporary tattoos. They are very affordable and are preferred by people who only want a design that they want to carry on for a few time.


7. Be Still



Source: promisedland_co

Stillness is recognized as the ultimate form of self-control and peace. Christian tattoos typically embrace that thought. If you have a skinny arm this design on the side of your wrist will look phenomenal.


8. Saved



Source: promisedland_co

A small sunflower is accompanied by the word “Saved”. It indicates that the flower has been rescued from something terrible. The flower in this piece is a representation of a person’s soul.


9. Transformed Butterfly



Source: promisedland_co

A delicate butterfly is placed on the inner forearm of this man. The word redeemed goes well with the butterfly as it grew from being a small insect to a beautiful one that most people love. One of the best temporary Christian tattoos for anyone looking for an inner forearm piece.


Small Christian Tattoos

Typically small tattoos are preferred by people with thin hands and those who need to easily hide their tattoos for unavoidable reasons. However, these tattoos can be very cute and carry a minimalistic vibe with them.


10. Mother & Child



Source: lunar_tattoostudio

A Christian mother can be seen carrying a child. She also has green grass on the other hand. Most likely she is working in a field. The love of a mother for her child in her hands is clearly visible in this tattoo.


11. Cross & Signs



Source: ely.blacksquadtattoo

A design made out of the cross and straight lines has formed an amazing design. The sun in the background adds more depth to the design on this man’s chest.


12. Cute Chihuahua



Source: tattooist_hana

A portrait of a chihuahua’s head is on the biceps of this person’s hand. The dog has its tongue out and looks at you with dazzling eyes. This shows the love for pets of this faith-full person.


Christian Forearm Tattoos

Forearms have a clean surface that is very visible to the audience. This face is also relatively less painful to get. Usually, they contain texts and portrait designs.


13. Text Cross



Source: lolastattoolounge

A cross tattoo with text is at the center of this man’s forearm. The texts contain writings that show faith and trust in god. One of the best Christian tattoos made out of texts.


14. Praying Woman



Source: safe_house_tattoo_studio

A woman with a gorgeous design is the center of this piece. She has her praying hands tied together with her head down. She is showing faith and trust in god. A representation of true Christian beliefs.


15. Negative Cross



Source: tattoosbymrvincent

A cross tattoo is drawn with the help of negative space. There are few flowers surrounding this cross. It pops out from the messy background. However, it is best suited for men with strong forearms.


Christian Symbol Tattoos

Christian tattoos are usually filled with many religious and cryptic symbols. These tattoos are often had to be deciphered and need a few moments to understand properly.


16. Alpha Omega



Source: jonesing.ink

The two ends of this Christian chest tattoo have two symbols. One is the “Alpha” symbol & the other one is the “Omega” symbol. They are spread in two quadrants.


17. Yin & Yang Ankle



Source: celebrityinkfountaingate

Yin & yang stand for balance between good and evil. It is one of the most common beliefs of the Christian religion. It is a good representation of the religious belief of the Christians.


18. Cross Symbol Transition



Source: bennybrowntattoos

The upper portion of this cross is inked with bold black ink but the lower section slowly transitions to a more symbolic design. A combination of both Christian and symbol tattoo design.


Christian Fish Symbol Tattoo

Christian fish aka the Ichthus sign is usually accompanied by some other symbol to add more value to them. They typically contain a symbol that also represents Christianity. However, there are always some exceptions like texts, names, etc.


19. Tiny Cross Eye



Source: skullandrosetattoo

The front of this Ichthus has a small cross symbol that looks like its eyes. The symbol has some texture to its body. A simple Christian tattoo is suitable for thighs and arms.


20. Ichthus Sign



Source: celebrityinkfountaingate

An elegant Ichthus sign is drawn on the side of his hand. The symbol itself is facing downwards. It’s suitable for any Christian with fair skin. It’s also small in size & easy to get inked.





Source: trayati_tattoo

A minimal tattoo with the Christian symbol “Ichthus” is inked on the forearm of this young man. The symbol contains a string of texts that doesn’t make any sense to ordinary people.


Christian Chest Tattoo

Christianity is often represented in chest tattoos. Many symbols such as a cross, Bible, & praying believers are inked on the chest along with some other combination. They are typically large in size and a bit painful.


22. Cross Wings



Source: karimkalashnikow

The holy cross symbol has a wing attached to it. A true representation of Christian beliefs.


23. Rabbit Carrier



Source: lumentattoo

A rabbit is often associated with good luck. The religious man with a hood is carrying the rabbit in his arms. It indicates that religious beliefs & good luck are tied with the same bond.


24. Cursed Cross



Source: christiantattooartists

A magnificent design is visible on this tattoo. The cross seems to be made out of gold and is accompanied by two roses. But the ribbon has a text that says “SUFFER WELL”. One of the very few Christian tattoos with a quote.


Christian Hand Tattoos

Christian tattoos for hand are a sign of authority and having control over one’s emotions. They are some of the most common tattoo ideas for Christian-themed designs.


25. Beads & Rose



Source: bhsptown

The bottom of this bracelet-like design has a cross hanging. The flower enhances the softness of the design and the cross brings the religious aspect.


26. Goat In Circle



Source: lifeofbeanr


27. Crown Of Thorn 



Source: christiantattooartists


Christian Full Sleeve Tattoos


28. Raging Ruler



Source: christian_tattoo23


29. Double Rose



Source: christian_tattoo23


30. Mountain Wolf



Source: christian_tattoo23


Christian Leg Tattoo


31. Trapped Eye



Source: christian_tattoo23


32. Predators & Hunter



Source: christian_tattoo23


33. Lightning Odin



Source: christian_tattoo23


Unique Christian Tattoos


34. Protecting Mother



Source: evan_draven


35. Happy Skull



Source: bongkee_


36. Old Child



Source: polandtattoos


Classy Christian Tattoos


37. Cosmic Patch



Source: christian_tattoo23


38. Number Two



Source: dom_disciplesink


39. Black Puma



Source: holyghosttattoostudio


Christian Wrist Tattoos


40. Tattoo of Yggdrasil Tree



Source: wrongkindofchristian


41. Mountain Tip



Source: peachez.and.ink


42. Favoured



Source: createdbydig


Christian Shoulder Tattoos


43. Dragon Spikes



Source: christian_tattoo23


44. Sunflower & Shadow



Source: christian_tattoo23


45. Black Rose



Source: christian_tattoo23


Christian Finger Tattoos


46. Barely Visible



Source: ave_reel04


47. Star & Rose



Source: createdbydig


Christian Half Sleeve Tattoos


48. Blue Cross



Source: ncinkkimberley


49. Happy Dog



Source: tattooist_hana


50. Violence Navigator



Source: compassrosetattooandart


Simple Christian Tattoos


51. Thin Cross



Source: day_0ne_


52. Nails & Swords



Source: tattoosbynipps


53. Side Neck Cross



Source: n.i.nick


Christian Lion Tattoo


54. Christian Knight



Source: tylerdaniel7861


55. Protector Lion



Source: mavericks_tattoo_studio


56. Lion Faced



Source: imjameskeller


Cool Christian Tattoos


57. Crossed Nails



Source: windriver_tattoo


58. Royal Book



Source: brionyvictoriatattoo


59. Friction



Source: carloskryptontattoo


Minimalist Christian Tattoo


60. Blossomed Cross



Source: penrose.ink


61. Elegant Crawler



Source: tatuajescristianos


62. Wrist Symbols



Source: inkd.by.d


Christian Couple Tattoos


63. The King & Queen



Source: goodinktattoo1999


64. Symbolic Bond



Source: octo_tattoo


65. Being Still



Source: jennywrenstudio



We hope these amazing Christian tattoos were able to spark some new ideas in your mind. If you want to get one that is easy to cover go for the smaller designs. Also, symbols and texts can be added to your liking to add more personality to your tattoo. An artist who has enough experience is always recommended for these types of designs.


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