80+ Newest Yggdrasil Tattoos Ideas For Men and Women!

Yggdrasil tattoos are one of the most influential and popular tattoos based on Norse mythology and it got immense popularity after its appearance on God of War.

Many prefer to get this tattoo as it motivates them and helps them to stay strong and do better in their daily life.

Besides its story, these tattoo looks appealing as well.

For this reason, in this article, we will share everything you should know about Yggdrasil and about 80 inspiring tattoo ideas well.

Feel free to check it now!


Yggdrasil Tattoos Designs and Meaning

Yggdrasil is a highly spiritual symbol from Norse culture. The Yggdrasil concept represents the connectivity between everything on this earth.

It shows how we human, plants, animals and everything is connected and without each other we are useless.

Well, the Yggdrasil is also known as the Great Tree and the tree of life.

Yggdrasil shows how a tree is connected with roots in dark and how the limbs and branches of the tree show the need for good things in the universe and higher power as well.

The best part is Yggdrasil tattoos are for everyone. It’s beyond religion, culture, as it shares a powerful belief.


  1. The inspirational tree
norse tree of life tattoo
Source: arturszolc

This Yggdrasil back tattoo idea is one of the most stunning tattoos anyone can get. Its sketchy design and detailing make it alluring. As it’s a back tattoo, you can hide it in formal events as well and still stay motivated by this powerful tattoo.


2. Tree of life

norse tree tattoo
Source: ingeinks

This black-inked tattoo idea looks attractive and on point as well. The tree doesn’t look loud, as it’s a sketch-type tattoo, but it portrays Norse’s traditional tree and the interconnection properly.


3. Yggdrasil with Viking Symbol

yggdrasil symbol
Source: don_nardon

The inner arm tattoo idea shows both the stronger and protective sides of a tree. Looking at the roos, it shows the protectiveness, where the ancient Viking symbol at the top represents superpower.


4. Resilient Tree


tattoo of norse tree
Source: lukasz_chojecki

The black inked sketchy design and the detailing help it stand out. The strong roots, resilient trunk, and sky-approaching brunches make it charming.


5. Lifesaver Tree

Yggdrasil tattoos

Source: szutattoo

This tattoo looks best on one arm and represents the concept of the Yggdrasil tree well. The birds around and above the trees are using this tree for living and their food while the root helps the tree to remain strong.


6. B/W tenacious Tree 

symbol of norse tree
Source: monkeyotoshi

This is a small and simple tattoo inspiration that looks fabulous your hands. The black background and the white tree combination make it appealing and bold.


Yggdrasil Tattoos and Norse Mythology

Yggdrasil is an important element of Norse mythology. It’s the strongest tree that is in the center of the universe and its roots connect the tree with the nine worlds.

In English, the Yggdrasil tree means the World Tree or the Tree of Life. However, the Ygg is one of the ancient god Odin’s names, and drasil means a horse that’s why it’s also known as ‘Horse of Odin.’

In the entire folk tales, the tree plays a significant role and shows its strength. That’s why many use this as the symbol of protectiveness, holy things, energy, and resilience.

However, this type of tree’s existence is available in many mythologies and religious stories where they represent this tree as a ladder the goes upward to heaven or down to the underground.

The reference of this tree can be also found in Indian, Hungarian, Scandinavian, Swedish, Norwegian, and in many other cultures.

That’s why, Yggdrasil tree has been a core element of many stories, movies and mesmerizes people as well.

It became many people’s belief system and they want to ink it to their bodies so that they can feel stronger and more motivated.


7. Rooted Yggdrasil 

norse tree symbol
Source: tattoos.by.miss.wicked

Looking for a small, simple Yggdrasil leg tattoo idea? Here in this tattoo, it’s black-inked, small, and represents the entire concept of the World tree, whereas it’s super affordable.


8. The tree of life  

tree symbol tattoo
Source: tu_szpila

This tattoo idea describes the theory of the Yggdrasil tree altogether. Also, the black-inked illustrative work makes it both versatile and cost-effective. The birds, the tree’s sky-approaching branches, deep roots, strength sign make it a splendid inspiration.


9. Deathlessness

norse tree
Source: szutattoo

Are you a fan of sketch tattoos? If yes, then this tattoo is something you are looking for. The tattoo looks realistic and the deep root signifies its power. As it’s a small tattoo, you can do it anywhere.


10. Heaven and hell connector

 yggdrasil tree tattoo
Source: brauliotattoo.imperio

Here is another small and simple tattoo idea for you. The detailing and the visual of this tattoo are unavoidable. It represents the tale of the World tree thoroughly. Also, as it’s a black-inked tattoo, it will be super affordable.


11. Yggdrasil’s extremity

tattoo of yggdrasil
Source: gakirulestattoo

This full arm tattoo is one of the most powerful Yggdrasil tattoos I have ever seen. The combination of ancient Viking symbols, spirit symbols, and wolves makes it super motivating and powerful. An excellent tattoo inspiration to get inked.


12. Haunted Yggdrasil

norse tree life tattoo
Source: iacobusk

Want to get a SPOOKY version of Yggdrasil? In this full arm tattoo idea, it’s wonderfully combined with skulls at the roots, where the trunk and branches are covered by a deadly snake. A spooky, dark-themed inspiration that can be considered a halloween tattoo as well.


Symbolism & Mythology

The Norse tales show the tree of life but because of the illustration of it, it shows many other things, too. So, here are some of the strongest symbolic meanings you should know as well.



Yggdrasil aka Tree of life tattoo shows wide branches and networks with the roots together combining with the stem in the center in middle. With this, it represents the connectivity between everything in the world.

In many tattoos, it focuses on showing how everything, every branch, and root are connected to each other. This way, it shows the Norse traditional Nine world connected to each other.


Mortality and Immortality

According to the ancient Norse belief, Yggdrasil shows both mortality and immortality.

If we see, some trees live for hundreds of years (up to 300 years) and they can survive in the toughest circumstances as well. Even if you cut a tree down or it dies, the seed of the same tree helps other trees to grow stronger. This shows how trees are immortal.

As per Norse folk story, many animals live on the roots, trunk, and branches of the Yggdrasil tree and depend on it for other demands by biting the roots and leaves. In the end, the strongest tree is mortal too.

That’s where we see the concept of mortality. As we all know, death is unavoidable, wasting time behind stressing out is a waste.



Yggdrasil is mortal, but in its lifetime, the strength is its best quality. The Yggdrasil keeps the universe together in unavoidable and terrible situations.

Tolerating the animals gnawing, feeding them, and giving them shelter makes Yggdrasil the symbol of strength and springiness.


13. Interrelationship

 life tattoo of norse tree
Source: myszata_tattoo

The entire tree looks super durable, whereas the color combination of red, green, and sea blue balls/planets stands out louder. An outstanding tattoo inspiration.


14. Yggdrasil blossom

 life of norse tree tattoo
Source: legadotattoo

Looking for a vibrant small Yggdrasil tattoo inspiration? Here in this tattoo, the tree of life looks robust, whereas the pink leaves make it fun and vibrant. As it’s small in size, you can pull it off anywhere you want.


15. Mysterious world tree 

 tree tattoo of yggdrasil
Source: tdon86

This tattoo inspiration shows how supremely Yggdrasil can be combined with abstracts. The tree looks caged in the abstracts. However, the Yggdrasil tree was superb, and the abstracts were improving the whole tree.


16. Rooted knowledge

 norse tree of yggdrasil
Source: maddisonmagicktattoo

This tattoo inspiration carries huge meaning. The book is under the roots and the tree above with sun and moon on two sides shows how today’s world should be. This small and simple arm tattoo delivers a tremendous message.


17. Vibrant Yggdrasil 

tree norse
Source: pinkfluffyunicorn0815

Here in this full leg tattoo inspiration, it’s so soothing and fun to see. Looking at the color grading, the green, red and blue color represents protectiveness, strength, connection, and sky. Outstanding combination for a tattoo.


18. Paradise connector

yggdrasil tree
Source: 681tattoosshop

Looking for a dark theme for Yggdrasil’s full-arm tattoo? Here this dark-themed tattoo looks stunning and the white clouds make it super unique.


19. Vikings root

 symbol norse tree
Source: little.vikink

This tattoo looks super powerful and motivating. The ancient Viking symbol gives this entire tattoo a hidden power where the tree of life is representing the connection between everything in this world.


20. Eternity

Source: masvidamastattoostudio

This is one of the most simple yet persuasive Yggdrasil small tattoos on the list for people who want a simple small tattoo. The connectivity between the roots and the branches is great, whereas the dark trunk of the tree catches everyone’s attention.


21. Parallel

yggdrasil of life
Source: mirfin_ia

This tattoo looks super aggressive while the design of it is damn attractive. The white tree and snake look superb, whereas the entire tattoo looks like the incomplete face of a devil. A masterpiece tattoo for the forearm.


22. Tree of life illustration

yggdrasil life
Source: ayuso.tgd

This tattoo is so soothing and simple. Whenever you see this, you will understand what it’s about. It’s just fabulous. The small tree looks cute, and it’s affordable as well.


23. Animated tree

 tattoo tree
Source: shola_mcgregor_tattoo

This tattoo looks vibrant and so realistic. From the color of the wood to the detailing of this artwork (especially, the birds on the top), everything is amazing.


24. The Viking mirror

symbol norse
Source: valhallatattoobondi

This hand tattoo looks like a magical mirror. However, it’s a marvelous combination of the world tree and the ancient Viking symbol pulled off superbly.


25. Nine planet’s junction

norse symbol tree
Source: blackbirddotwork

The Yggdrasil arm tattoo looks mysterious and only those who know about Norse Mythology will find it fascinating. In the Nose Mythos, the tree connects with the 9 planets, and which is the concept of this tattoo.


26. Yggdrasil Vegvisir tattoo

symbol yggdrasil
Source: morgana.tattooart

This tattoo is a combination of the Yggdrasil, and Vegvisir tattoo, and it looks super influential. This full-arm tattoo looks mysterious and someone who understands the meaning and history of it will feel more motivated with this tattoo.


27. Norse’s world tree 

Source: alessandroconti_art

Looking for a versatile tattoo for arms? If yes, then this tattoo can be an appropriate option for you. The interconnection thing inspires the tattoo, and it’s why the roots and branches all are connected and the existence of an animal fulfills it.


28. Wild Haunted Yggdrasil 

symbol norse life
Source: marc.house

This tattoo looks both horrible and wild at the same time. Looking at the details., the devil part at the roots, clouds around the tree, snake on the trunk, a big eagle, and the Yggdrasil tree, deadly combination.


29. Sailors dilemma

life symbol
Source: wendigoink

Another simple Yggdrasil back tattoo design is here for you. The tree looks unique because of the trunk that looks like a compass. Also, there is an alphabet written around the tree, which makes it look like a compass for real.


30. Destroyed Yggdrasil

tree symbol norse
Source: pascalglagla

Just like the name, the tattoo looks like a destroyer itself. The root of the tree looks strong because of its protectiveness, and the upper side looks at the tree has been destroyed. A great example of immortality.


31. Yggdrasil’s peace 

 life tree
Source: stevesinktattoo

This back tattoo looks quite simple, but it’s an ideal Yggdrasil tree tattoo. Strong, robust, resilient, and connecting with everything.


32. Illusional world tree

yggdrasil norse
Source: marcosptorre.tattoo

Well, here is another Yggdrasil with abstract tattoo ideas for you. This tattoo looks like a pencil sketched art piece. The tree looks phenomenal and is covered with connected abstracts that show the connectivity as well.


33. Strong immortal Yggdrasil 

life symbol tree
Source:a ndypmartin22

Ancient trees are some of the strongest and long-living creatures of the world. This tattoo features a sturdy tree with many branches, strong roots, and an oldish trunk.


34. Ancient Vikings World Tree  

symbol life
Source: estudiogaleriateix

Another combo of Yggdrasil and Vegivisir tattoo. The combo tattoo looks aesthetic on the arm, and the tree over the Viking symbol looks masculine.


35. Interconnection 

tree of norse
Source: ingabolotova

Another simple tree tattoo is here for you. In this tattoo, the tree doesn’t look so powerful. In fact, it’s an ideal example of connectivity. However, it’s a small and super affordable tattoo a Yggdrasil tattoo lover can get.


36. Ash Tree

yggdrasil life symbol
Source: wendyarruztattoo

This is one of the manliest tattoos on my list. The tree looks tremendous and the sign over the tree makes it more powerful and the quote above looks superb as well.


37. Vikings life tree

norse tattoo
Source: countessofscratch

This full-arm tattoo is one of the most desirable Yggdrasil tattoos. This dark-themed tattoo is highly inspiring. It carries the Yggdrasil tree (aka the tree of life) and the Viking symbol as well.


38. Unique Norse tattoo

tattoo of tree
Source: heio.f

This tattoo is 100% based on the Norse mythos. It contains all the 9 other planets, sun and the tattoo also shows it’s in the middle of the universe. Down below, it shows the deep roots of the shield/protector of the tree. An ideal tattoo that describes the Norse.


39. Yggdrasil and arrow

tree of norse symbol
Source: aks.tats

This tattoo beautifully combines the arrow, the tree, and birds. The tree and birds look so aesthetic whereas the active/running arrow shows aggression. It’s a mid-sized tattoo that looks gorgeous on the inner arm.


40. Viking roots 

tree symbol yggdrasil
Source: ezorcyna

The Viking and the tree of life are the most used combination. In this forearm tattoo, the Viking symbol, instead of the roots, gives it an interesting and mysterious look.



tattoo symbol tree
Source: inkedbynate


norse of tree
Source: sith_ink


tattoo symbol
Source: carltattoos


symbol of tattoo
Source: craftypirategirl


tattoo of norse
Source: thaisrubitattoo


tree tattoo
Source: johnnystattooart


tattoo tree of symbol
Source: kejos1


 trtree tattoo of yggdrasil life
Source: no1sh2sh3


 yggdrasil life of norse
Source: poschyyy


yggdrasil norse tattoo
Source: pejczi


life of tree
Source: samtpfote_art


tree norse tattoo
Source: tattooeastside


life of yggdrasil
Source: fatniss_ink


symbol tattoo
Source: erik777tattoo


yggdrasil tree life
Source: gloeckchen778_


symbol of life


life norse tattoo
Source: juniperevergreen


 life yggdrasil tattoos
Source: sailingwilly


symbol life tattoo
Source: symbol life tattoo


norse tattoo life
Source: marleyink087


life of yggdrasil norse
Source: sebstalindstroem_tattoo


norse symbol life
Source: _______joe_________


yggdrasil tattoo symbol
Source: ywr.art


norse life symbol
Source: sailingwilly


norse symbol yggdrasil
Source: marcushammertattoo


tattoo symbol norse
Source: darkarttattoobp


norse yggdrasil symbol
Source: blackteatattoo


tattoo of life norse
Source: szucs_bence_agoston


norse of life
Source: anastasia.tnt


norse of yggdrasil
Source: firecubetattoo


norse tattoo yggdrasil
Source: roomtattooestudio


life of tatto norse
Source: jonas_abgrundhoch


life of yggdrasil tattoo
Source: jessebrittentattoo


tattoo of norse life
Source: marcusrotten


norse tree tattoo symbol
Source: raaweschwarz


symbol of norse
Source: parom_tattoo


tatatoo of norse tree symbol
Source: vincentrudberg


tattoo symbol norse tattoo
Source: artwithapoint


yggdrasil life of norse tree
Source: danielparish


yggdrasil tattoo of norse tree
Source: tattoosbycampos


Undoubtedly, the concept of the Yggdrasil tree is so unique and in-depth and that’s why it’s still famous in today’s modern era.

If you learn more about the Norse mythos, then you will understand how fascinating the concept is and why people get it inked in their bodies.

However, we hope you have learned enough about the symbol of energy, the Yggdrasil tree, and enjoyed the Yggdrasil tattoo designs as well and if you really did, don’t forget to share it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Should You Get Yggdrasil Tattoo Design?

= Well, there are many tattoo artists available who create Yggdrasil tattoos. If you already found an idea, then show it to your tattoo artist and if you don’t know one, contact us!

What is Norse Mythology?

= Norse mythology is the religion of ancient Norse people. However, Norse belief is also known as nordic mythology and North Germanic mythology.

Where Is The Yggdrasil Tree?

= According to Norse folk stories, Yggdrasil is a gigantic tree that is situated in the center of the earth.

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