Most Famous Lil Peep Tattoos Designs and Meaning for His Fans!

Gustav Elijah Ahr, better known as Lil Peep, was an American rapper and songwriter. The late rapper was an inspiration to many people and the fans would get tattoos of Lil Peep to honor his passing. The lyrics in most of his songs are deeply emotional and here you will also find tattoos that resonate with those lyrics.

Lil Peep was also famous for his tattoos and he had a bunch of them all over his body. Each of the tattoos had a special meaning to him and in this article, we will be going over the meanings of each and every tattoo design

You will also find that some of the tattoos here won’t really make much sense but not all tattoos have to be meaningful, do they? For a tattoo to be significant to you, it really does not have to have a specific symbolism or interpretation. All that matters is that you decided to get the tattoo because you simply liked the design and wanted it on your body.

75  Lil peep Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Lil Peep had several tattoos on his body, each with their own special meaning. Just to be clear, the headline does not really mean that the rapper had 75 different tattoos. Most of these are just variations, with little or no change in their meanings.

People could also relate or connect emotionally with the tattoo designs. It’s like the tattoos could speak to them and that should give you an idea about how meaningful the designs are. Today, we have compiled some of the most prominent tattoo designs once worn by the young rapper that will surely be effective in grabbing people’s attention.

So without any further ado, let’s get started!


Lil Peep Love Tattoo

The late rapper had the word “love” tattooed on his abdomen. Although no information has been provided about its meaning, we do know that the tattoo was quite meaningful to him. Here are some cool designs below:


1. Sadness In Disguise


Source: florink_tattoo

Since no information is given about its deeper meaning, the tattoo can be interpreted in several ways. It could mean that there is sadness or heartbreak hidden in love.


2. Deceit


Source: ade_and_tattoos

The tattoo could also mean someone can be easily deceived while being in love and thus left miserable, which brings its meaning back to that of the previous tattoo.


3. Minimalism


Source: mondkindtattoos

The title of the Lil Peep tattoo design above refers to the use of thin outlines and strokes in this tattoo. The meaning remains unchanged but the design keeps everything simple.


Lil Peep Crybaby Tattoo

The “crybaby” tattoo of Lil Peep is just another addition to his face tattoos. The idea for this particular face tattoo comes from his childhood. Below you’ll find some cool variations of this tattoo design:


4. Crybaby


Source: lilpeep_11196_

During his childhood, Lil Peep used to be in a bad mood most of the time and would complain a lot. This tattoo is ideal for someone who is of similar nature.


5. Self-entitlement


Source: cannonrae_tattoos

Self-entitled people have a self-absorbed view of the world they live in and very little regard or empathy towards people. The wings shown in the tattoo depict this idea vividly.


6. Fragile


Source: unsatisfied.etc

People who are whiny in nature also tend to be quite sensitive and fragile. The tattoo is perfect for an individual with this particular character trait.


Lil Peep Face Tattoos

Several tattoos were etched on Lil Peep’s face, each one with its own separate meaning. Most people are not big fans of face tattoos but if they are done right, they can look really stylish.


7. Fanatic


Source: unsatisfied.etc

People who are greatly enthusiastic when it comes to face tattoos will most likely get something like this. Moreover, the use of bold outlines will surely make the tattoos look more noticeable.


8. All Eyes On Me


Source: unsatisfied.etc

If your tattoo is the first thing you’d want people to see when you meet them, then you should definitely get something like it.


9. Scattered Ink


Source: everylilpeeptattoo

An individual can get just one meaningful tattoo or they can get several of them, scattered all over their face.


Lil Peep Hellboy Tattoo

In 2016, Lil Peep got the Hellboy tattoo after releasing his first mixtape called “Hellboy”. He was also a huge fan of the comic “Hell” and its main character, “Hellboy”.


10. Protection



Hellboy, a fictional character, symbolizes protection from all sorts of evil. The tattoo is suitable for a person who’ll do anything to protect their loved ones from evil.


11. Bravery


Source: tiaani.riches_tattoos

The tattoo of the skull also stands for courage and bravery. This tattoo of Lil Peep is appropriate for a person who is fearless in nature and does not give up on anything that easily.


12. Positivity


Source: unsatisfied.etc

The character, despite his demonic origins, actually cares for other humans. Similarly, an individual who has been mistreated by a lot of people still sees the good in them. This tattoo paints that picture very clearly.


Lil Peep Bird Tattoo

Lil Peep’s bird tattoos are not just ordinary bird tattoos. Generally, bird tattoos represent our desire to live a happy life. A sad bird tattoo depicts the complete opposite.


13. Denied


Source: nadine_tattoos

This bird tattoo of Lil Peep portrays the life of an individual where they’ve been somehow denied the will to live a spiritually free life. Colors can also be added to the tattoo for vibrancy.


14. Self-Centered


Source: ghost_talons

The word “crybaby” refers to a person who is whiny in nature or an individual who likes to complain a lot. The wings of the bird, in this scenario, represent the person’s self-centeredness.


15. In Depth


Source: betotattz

This tattoo design is just another variation of the previous tattoo. Here, loads of details have been thrown in to make the tattoo look more stylish. The meaning remains unchanged.


Lil Peep Finger Tattoos

Lil Peep also had a lot of tattoos etched on his fingers and each tattoo had its own meaning. Sit tight as we’re going to walk you through all of them one at a time.


16. L.O.V.E


Source: lilpeepfantattoos

We went through the details of this tattoo earlier and as you might’ve guessed, the meaning here also stays the same. However, you can tattoo the letters separately onto your fingers to get the most out of this design.


17. Wavy  Baby


Source: everylilpeeptattoo

The term “wavy baby” is actually a 70’s hippie term. Some also say that the tattoo is a reference to Max B, an American rapper Lil Peep looked up to.


18. Homesick


Source: everylilpeeptattoo

Because of his music shows, Lil Peep had to travel a lot, and often at times, he would feel homesick. When asked about the tattoo, he mentioned that it would remind him of his mom.


Lil Peep Lyric Tattoos

This is where tattoo bearers are left with plenty of options. They can pick a deep, meaningful lyric from any of Lil Peep’s songs and get it tattooed on their body. Below are some cool ideas:


19. Star Shopping


Source: lilpeepfantattoos

This line has been picked up from Lil Peep’s song called “Star Shopping”. It means that each person on Earth has a reason to live: to fulfill their dreams and just shine for themselves.


20. Sober


Source: lilpeepfantattoos

People tend to say or do a lot of things they didn’t mean to when they’re “under the influence”. This is the literal meaning of this tattoo but you can come up with your own interpretation if you like.


21. Toxicity


Source: lilpeepfantattoos

This lyric is referring to a toxic relationship where it’s almost impossible for the guy or the girl to leave it behind despite facing so much abuse from their partner. This Lil Peep tattoo paints that picture quite vividly.


Lil Peep Homesick Tattoo

As mentioned before, the homesick tattoo is a direct reference to the times when Lil Peep would miss his home since he had to move around a lot for his shows. Below you will find some cool variations of the tattoo:


22. Looking Back


Source: modernaddictiontattoos

People who are homesick tend to experience a longing for their homes during a period of absence from them. If you wish to get this tattoo of Lil Peep on your fingers, this is one of the best ways to do so.


23. Safe Space


Source: everylilpeeptattoo

Home is a comfort zone and a safe haven for everyone. It’s the only place where you can truly just be yourselves. This is another reason why some people might feel homesick.


24. Never Again


Source: tonyy87

Many homesick people, after arriving back home, decide to not move away ever again. If you are one of those people and you wish to get a tattoo like this one right here, be sure to choose a cool font for it.


Lil Peep Arm Tattoos

The late rapper also had several tattoos on his arms. Although we covered some of them earlier, those same exact tattoos can look even better on your arms as there will be more room for creativity.


25. Get Cake, Die Young


Source: blackcatsdontcry

The meaning of the “Get Cake” part is quite ambiguous. It can refer to making money or it might also be referring to the literal birthday cake. It depends on the bearer what they would want the tattoo to mean.


26. Egocentric


Source: lilpeepfantattoos

This Lil Peep tattoo is apt for egocentric or self-obsessed people. The heart around it which is made up of barb wire also makes the tattoo look stylish.


27. Sad Reality


Source: sugabear_tattoos

Some people have this misconception that being in love guarantees happiness and joy. The letter “O” tells us that there is heartbreak concealed in love.


Lil Peep Hand Tattoos

In this section, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the tattoos the late rapper had etched on his hand. If inked and positioned properly, these tattoos can look really striking.


28. Black Rose


Source: everylilpeeptattoo

Black rose tattoos portray a combination of death, mourning, and grief. These tattoos are moving displays for memorial services to bid farewell to a loved one.


29. Caged


Source: twentyse7enmusicuk

Bird tattoos symbolize freedom and independence. They also represent optimism, peace, and happiness. A sad bird tattoo stands for the exact opposite. You can add colors to it for vibrancy.


30. Rebellion


Source: lilpeep.ghost.boy

Black roses also stand for strength and rebellion. Rebellious people tend to be courageous and from courage, comes strength. This tattoo is perfect for you if you’re one of those people.


Lil Peep Heart Tattoo

In 2015, Lil Peep got the broken heart tattoo after experiencing immense sadness and depression. As you may have guessed, that is exactly what a broken heart tattoo stands for.


31. Melancholy


Source: everylilpeeptattoo

It symbolizes the loss of a loved one as well as the pain that comes with the loss. Under the eye, this tattoo represents the tears we shed while grieving the loss.


32. Pain


Source: peeposting

The meaning here remains unchanged. If you don’t wish to get a lot of attention with this tattoo, then it’s best to get it etched on one of your fingers.


33. Dead Inside


Source: rachel_tattoo_

This is just another variation of the broken heart tattoo. It is recommended to keep the size of the tattoo as small as possible, especially if you’re getting it inked on your face.


Lil Peep Back Tattoo

The late rapper also had a lot of tattoos on the back of his torso. In this section, we’ll walk you through all of them one at a time and analyze the meanings of each.


34. Pink Panther Tattoo


Source: lilpeepfantattoos

Lil Peep got this tattoo because he was super bored and that’s just it. You, on the other hand, can get it if you share a common personality trait with this fictional character.


35. Commemorate 


Source: lilpeepfantattoos

You can get this tattoo to honor the passing of Lil Peep if you ever were a fan of him and his work. The tattoo of wings is more like a tribute to his departed soul.


36. Good Enough


Source: bodybazzare

The meaning behind this tattoo is very critical. It talks about being good enough for someone and making that person wait while you work on yourself to be better.


Lil Peep Chest Tattoos

There are many tattoos of Lil Peep which you could get etched onto your chest. Not every tattoo will look good over there, so you might want to take your time with it.


37. Force of Habit


Source: dani.fiji

Once a crybaby, always a crybaby. In case you didn’t know or forgot, this Lil Peep tattoo represents people who complain about almost everything. The tattoo can also be quite good on your chest.


38. Devil’s Lettuce


Source: 4everlilpeep96

Cannabis, otherwise known as “The Devil’s Lettuce”, is a recreational drug used by people mostly for leisure purposes. Meaning aside, if we’re only talking visuals, the tattoo does look very cool.


39. Self-Obsessed


Source: migl.tatts

Again, this is just another variation of the crybaby tattoo we looked at earlier. The addition of the crying bird just adds more depth to the meaning.


Lil Peep Horseshoe Tattoo

Lil Peep had a horseshoe tattoo located between his eyebrows. He used to believe that the horseshoe was his good luck charm. You can get this tattoo just about anywhere on your body.


40. Lucky Charm


Source: lilpeepfantattoos

The horseshoe tattoo, once worn by Lil Peep,  is said to bring good luck. People believe that hanging the horseshoe with the ends pointed upwards is the best way to bring good luck.




Source: lilpeepfantattoos




Source: unsatisfied.etc


Lil Peep Anarchy Tattoo



Source: zaim_tattoo




Source: halitattoostudio




Source: tatt_man_juan


Lil Peep Castles Tattoo



Source: jugend.suende




Source: tomsandys




Source: controlledabrasions


Lil Peep Mom Tattoo



Source: lilpeepfantattoos




Source: everylilpeeptattoo




Source: kaynesherwoodtattoo


Lil Peep Daddy Tattoo



Source: szataneq_tattoo




Source: karina_lyutsiy




Source: baztiel


Lil Peep Exit life Tattoo



Source: steveatbodyworks




Source: spidertattoostudio






Lil Peep Fan Tattoos



Source: beamerboy_ilpeep




Source: codicainetattoos


Lil Peep Neck Tattoo



Source: xansanxious








Source: rachel_tattoo_


Lil Peep Centipede Tattoo



Source: everylilpeeptattoo




Source: montlow_ink




Source: tattoosbycharlotte__


Lil Peep Rose Tattoo



Source: crybaby_ink




Source: lenabeantattoos




Source: shadijtattoos


Lil Peep Mood Tattoo



Source: lilpeep_mood




Source: xix_ink




Source: vragub1t


Lil Peep Scorpion Tattoo



Source: montlow_ink




Source: sebasnoise


Lil Peep Head Tattoo



Source: beamerboy_ilpeep




Source: lilpeep__hellboy03



These are all the Lil Peep tattoos we’ve gathered for you to go through. Know that the tattoo you get doesn’t have to be a duplicate of the tattoo you’ve chosen from this article. You can take some inspiration from it and then make your own adjustments to the tattoo.

Take your time while you’re going through the designs. Once you’re done picking your tattoo design, it’s all smooth sailing after that. We really hope this article helps you to choose your new Lil Peep tattoo, or next if you already have one. Good luck!

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