35 Astonishing Old People With Body Tattoos

#21: From Then Till Now

old people with tattoos that last forever

Talk about an art that never ages. Not only did the owner have this masterpiece all over his upper body, he also didn’t change or add a single tattoo. Now that is commitment.


#22: On Arm’s Length

On Arm's Length tattoos for women

It’s hard not to get captivated by the lengthy variety of designs in her arm. It just shows how this tattooed senior is one radical ink lover.

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#23: Old People with Tattoos For Love

Old People with Tattoos For Love

Notice their tattoos have similar style and placements. This romantic couple immortalized their relationship by having identical artwork cover their body.


#24: Tough and Sturdy

beautiful old people tattoos

This tough and sturdy oldie has a native vibe going on. As shown above, he has a combination of animals roaming around his body with one bearded guy on his belly.


#25: A Sumo of Art

a sumo art tattoos on old people

An emblem that is probably as awesome then as it is now. This tattooed old man shows a brand commonly seen on sumo wrestlers in Japan. If tattoos do tell a story, his will certainly be worth hearing.

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