25 Jaw-Dropping Pin Up Girl Tattoo Worth Giving a Shot!

Pin up girls are women whose pictures are displayed in a naughty manner. That’s why pin up girl tattoo became a hot choice of ink for soldiers, marines, and navies a few decades ago. But it didn’t stop there, for women are also liking the idea of having a flirtatious image pierced on their skin. Now women are also getting pin-up girl tattoos to display either their fun personality or sexual preference.


Naughty Pin Up Girl Tattoo to Try

If pin up girl tattoos are too sexy for you to handle, then choose a more conservative design. Because they are deliberately meant to arouse a person’s desire. Find the right balance between naughty and nice, not showing everything but shows enough to build a strong sexual tension. And last but not least, follow your gut. If you instinctively react to the image of your pin up girl, then you’re on the right track. To give you some ideas on what to get or how you want yours to look like, keep scrolling down.


#1: Start Your Engines

tattoo pin up girl

Our first ink right here is probably owned by a car enthusiast. Look how those flirtatious eyes tease you while softly sitting on a piston, this will definitely get your engine going.

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#2: The Muffin Girl

tattooed pin up girl

Here’s a pin-up girl tattoo of a hot woman exposing most of her curves while holding her sweet muffin. Aggressively teasing you by tapping into your two most instinctive desires.


#3: Lifelike Pin Up Girl Tattoo

Lifelike Pin Up Girl Tattoo idea

A realistic pin up girl that is pretty from top to bottom. She has a tantalizing face of a celebrity and a captivating curvature that’ll make you drool.


#4: The Forbidden Opera

pin up girl tattoos

This one has a taste of sophistication and intricacy. The way this design looks at you seductively while her body pulls away gives you mix messages of what she wants.

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