50 Stunning Side Tattoos for Contemporary Girls

#31: Swallow Over Roses


Like penguins, swallows choose their mate for life. That’s why it is a strong symbol for love and loyalty that resonates well with roses. This illustration is a magnificent way to signify their meaning.


#32: Tiger Side Tattoos for Girls

amazing Tiger Side Tattoos for Girls

Tiger tattoos are always placed on the back or the sides and stretches to your body. To make it more lady-friendly combine this fierce creature with a soft background like the flowers in this tattoo.


#33: Compatible Quote and Design


Unlike the first two quote tattoos shown above, you can have your background design to support your message like this artwork. Notice how the message talks about inner beauty while showing a leafless tree to empower its message.


#34: Geisha Surrounded with Flowers


The Geisha is a well-known figure for women in Japan. Though commonly mistaken for one, a geisha is not a prostitute but someone educated to entertain men. That’s why having a geisha tattoo represents the pinnacle of female appeal and seduction.


#35: Skull Side Tattoo


It is not common but skull tattoos can also be inked on the side. Just make sure to make it lengthy like the picture shown above to maximize its display.


#36: Bouquet of Flowers

Girls favorite Flowers side tattoo idea

If you’re thinking of getting a flower tattoo, consider having a set of flowers lined up on your side like this one. You can even give it a little twist by having several types of flowers (shown below).


#37: Flowers of Serenity


Looking at this rib tattoo influences a calm emotion. A serene yet graceful artwork of a flower best for people with a peaceful personality.


#38: Elegant Peacock

Elegant Peacock side tattoo

Peacocks will always have a dash of royalty in their looks. Plus their wings are like a bunch of beautiful eyes. Though this shows the peacock at the side it easily stretches to the back because of its size. And if you want your peacock tattoo to look elegant you’ll want it as big as this one.


#39: Diverse Set of Flowers


As mentioned earlier, if you want to add a twist to your flower design just use a diverse set of flowers like this one. Just make sure to know what each flower symbolizes as you might pick one not suited for your taste.


#40: A Side Tattoo Painting

Nice side tattoo idea for girl

A painting using your skin as the canvas. This lovely tattoo shows a girl sitting in a garden waiting for someone. This tattoo may be a story of a woman waiting for his man.

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