30 Blissful 444 Tattoo Designs That Will Protect You From Evil

Among all the trendy tattoos in the market that contain a specific number, ‘444 tattoo’ designs own a special place for the ethereal meanings they hold. The number itself is considered to be a lucky number that sets you in the right direction in life.

Depending on the design and placement of triple 4 tattoos, they can be subtle and gorgeous at the same time. So let’s begin exploring designs of this angelic number tattoo below.


444 Number Tattoo Designs and Meaning

Number tattoos are always fascinating to everyone especially because some number tattoos hold a personal meaning to the tattoo wearer. Moreover, sometimes some specific numbers bear special meanings and 444 is also that kind of number with influential significance.

From guidance and protection to setting you on the right path, 444 tattoos are best for good omen. Scroll down below to know more.


444 Angel Number Tattoo

In the religious realm, 444 is considered to be an angel number. They are often associated with two guardian angels named Jophiel and Chamuel. if you frequently see this number in your life, it means you are under the protection of Archangels.


1. Angel’s Grace

444 Angel Number Tattoo 1
Source: mr.inkwells

This tattoo is not too fancy but looks just gorgeous on the wearer’s ankle. The font used to write 444 in this tattoo is classy and elegant. The tattooist didn’t fill it with full black but gave some room for transparency using negative space which is praiseworthy.


2. Holy Protection

444 Angel Number Tattoo 2
Source: leafygreens.tattoo

The two twinkling stars by each of the sides of this 444 tattoo represent the two guardian angels linked with this number. With this tattoo in your hand, Archangels will always be there to protect you from all the ungodly things.


3. 444 Butterfly Wing Tattoo

444 Angel Number Tattoo 3
Source: malilartmeg_tattoo

A 444-number tattoo on a woman’s back of the hand. As 444 is seen to be a blissful number, wings are often used in this number tattoo. The tattooist drew very detailed butterfly wings on both sides of the number emphasizing its fairy powers.


4. 444 Tattoo on the Side of Your Hand

444 Angel Number Tattoo 4
Source: evelyntattooartist

The side of the hand is an excellent place to ink your number tattoo. Not many tattoo designs look captivating in that spot. But this number 444 tattoo will surely attract many eyes from all around you.


5. Good Luck Charm on Skin

444 Angel Number Tattoo 5
Source: artbyquinnx

The number 444 is a popular numeral character considered lucky and known to all.  So having a tattoo of it will not only help overturn your luck but also attract people to hang around with you as they will see you as a positive person.


444 Neck Tattoo

The neck is the best place for vertical tattoo designs. Specially the side neck that is under the ear can be used for 444 number tattoos. It can also complement the earrings if you wear any.


6. Colored 444 Tattoo

444 Neck Tattoo 1
Source: blockzink

This black and blue 444 tattoo is placed just under the ear of a girl and you can see that the girl is wearing blue earrings which perfectly complements the tattoo. You can try other colors also as you like to match your taste in this design.


7. Red and Black 444 Tattoo

444 Neck Tattoo 2
Source: bitchthattattss

This vertical tattoo on the neck has the same design as the last one but it has different colors. This triple 4 tattoo can encourage you to get going no matter what happens in life and always be positive.


8. Black 444 Tattoo

444 Neck Tattoo 3
Source: mikeitornottattoos

A mesmerizing triple 4 tattoo under a girl’s ear. The repeated appearance of the number 4 is a good omen. It suggests that you are making the right choices and taking the right paths in life.


9. 444 Tattoo with Love

444 Neck Tattoo 4
Source: pieroink2_

One of the most subtle tattoos in this collection. The red heart under the 444 number makes the tattoo look prettier than it already is. You can experiment with different font styles in this tattoo and it will still look as pretty as it is in you.


10. Bold 444 Tattoo

444 Neck Tattoo 5
Source: jans1_tattoos

Very deep black ink has been used to curve this 444 tattoo on the neck of a man. The font applied here is a newspaper font used for headlines in the old times. This tattoo is straight to the neck which adds more aesthetics to this design.


444 Tattoo Behind Ear

Behind the ear is a great place to get a tattoo on. This area is less sensitive and less painful to get tattooed on. it can bear personal significance. Also, you can easily conceal your behind-the-ear tattoo even if you have medium hair.


11. Triple Seven Tattoo

444 Tattoo Behind Ear 1
Source: llanotattooart

A boldly colored 777 tattoo. Just like triple 4, triple 7 is also considered to be a lucky number in different cultures. This tattoo symbolizes good fortune, positivity, or a personal lucky charm.


12. Simple 444 Tattoo

444 Tattoo Behind Ear 2
Source: pinkcosmetictattoo

This is a minimal-looking triple 4 tattoo behind a girl’s ear. The tattooist used a simple font for this design and didn’t really have to put much effort into giving it a lovely gesture.


13. Subtle 444 Tattoo

444 Tattoo Behind Ear 3
Source: inkyolks

This is a vertical 444 tattoo behind the ear that showcases a bold and symbolic design. This 444 tattoo can serve as a powerful reminder of personal strength and resilience as well as a compass toward a brighter destination for you.


14. Stylish 444 Tattoo

444 Tattoo Behind Ear 4
Source: basia.kolasinska

The tattooist used a thinner font in this tattoo design which makes this tattoo subtle but pretty to look at. As behind the ear has less space, thin and narrowed tattoos look really stunning in this spot.


15. Chinese 444 Tattoo

444 Tattoo Behind Ear 5
Source: ephemeraltattoo.artists

The space behind the ear is very narrow and it contains less space. Many may see it as a disadvantage but the tattoo artist doing this tattoo surely didn’t. This creative tattoo design affirms that you are loved and supported by the universe and it is time to take action on your dreams and goals.


444 Angel Tattoo

The number 444 is considered an angel number because it is believed to be a sign from your guardian angels. When you see the number 444 repeatedly, it is a message that your angels are with you and that they are supporting you on your journey.


16. Angel’s Blessing

444 Angel Tattoo 1
Source: charlie.georgetattoos

‘Protection’ is written under the triple 4 tattoo here and surely this angelic number will protect the wearer from all the bad energies of the world. The shading of this tattoo is very cool to look at and will catch the eye of others.


17. Sparkling 444 Tattoo

444 Angel Tattoo 2
Source: becca_tattoo

Sparkling tattoo of the number 444 on a woman’s forearm. This tattoo looks sizzling and the twinkling stars effect reaffirms the energy of this celestial number. It means the angels are with you and supporting you in your journey.


18. 444 Tattoo with Angel Wings

444 Angel Tattoo 3
Source: dogwalkertattoos

This 444 tattoo design with archangel wings radiates an angelic aura and energy around it, inviting divine protection and guidance. You will be never lost with this tattoo embedded in your hand.


19. Deep Black 444 Tattoo

444 Angel Tattoo 4
Source: cullimarie

A bold and black 444 protection tattoo on a woman’s thigh. The font used here is deep and stylish at the same time. The number 444 represents support, encouragement, and endorsement to the tattoo wearer which this tattoo perfectly highlights.


20. Spikey 444 Tattoo

444 Angel Tattoo 5
Source: luciferinkstudio

Spikey thorns are coming out of this tattoo. Many may see it negatively but you can view this design as protecting you from the grasp of evil. Athletes can consider inking this tattoo on the back of their legs for good luck and extra protection from injuries.


444 Hand Tattoo

A hand is considered to be one of the most sacred places of the human body. In many cultures, the hand is seen as a symbol of creation, power, and protection. It is also associated with healing, blessing, and prayer. So what other place can be more suitable for a 444 tattoo?


21. Minimal 444 Tattoo

444 Hand Tattoo 1
Source: marief.ink

A plain yet gorgeous triple 4 tattoo below the pinky finger of a girl.  This tattoo can be a personal good luck charm to protect you from danger and guide you to the right path of righteousness and prosperity.


22. 444 Tattoo with Chinese Alphabets

444 Hand Tattoo 2
Source: geniusknighttattoo

A Chinese-styled 444 tattoo. With the help of globalization, cultures and ideas are traveling throughout the world. Though the idea of the number 444 being a good omen is Western, it is now known and believed worldwide.


23. Matching 444 Tattoo

444 Hand Tattoo 3
Source: thetattoocoven

You can also have a matching triple 4 tattoo with your life partner. It will indicate good omen, longevity, tranquility, protection, guidance, and harmony to the togetherness of you two.


24. Red 444 Tattoo

444 Hand Tattoo 4
Source: allisoninkstattoo

You have seen a few side of forehand tattoos in this collection but this one is different in color and style. The number 444 is a symbol of hope and encouragement and this beautifully crafted red triple 4 tattoo will surely be a reminder of enthusiasm to you.


25. Sacred Number on Skin

444 Hand Tattoo 5
Source: suavecitotattoos

Another forearm tattoo of 444 on a woman’s dark skin. The number 444 is a message from the universe that you are on the right track. It reminds you that you are not alone and that the universe is there to help you succeed.


444 Tattoo Neck



444 Tattoo Neck 1
Source: prickedandpoked



444 Tattoo Neck 2
Source: forevermarkedtattoos



444 Tattoo Neck 3
Source: rangerstudio



444 Tattoo Neck 4
Source: miss_lucypop



444 Tattoo Neck 5
Source: kiiingcrybaby



If you are a tattoo enthusiast and believe in the power of tattoos, don’t miss out on the opportunity to get yourself inked with this powerful number. If you are seeing this number repeatedly in your everyday life, it might mean that the universe is suggesting you to get a 444 tattoo on your skin.

Hope this beautiful collection of 444 tattoo designs has inspired you to choose your next tattoo design. So hurry up and contact your tattooist right away and set your appointment for your desired 444 tattoo.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does a tattoo with 444 mean?

A tattoo with 444 indicates protection, guidance to the right path, a reminder to never give up, and resilience in hard times.

What does the 444 tattoo mean for a couple?

For couples, 444 tattoo holds a deep meaning. It means you are on the right track in life with your soulmate who will stay by your side forever.

Are angel numbers bad to tattoo?

Not at all. In fact, many see them as a good omen and a lucky number to be curved into the skin.

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