30 Aphrodite Tattoo Ideas To Flaunt Your Purity and Devotion

The inspiration behind the Aphrodite tattoo ideas is simple. Stay connected to the Goddess of femininity.

Aphrodite was a Greek God. Even though people dispute her origin, there is no debate about her divine power. Aphrodite was so beautiful that any man would fall for her at first sight. Sometimes, her description was enough to make men go crazy.

Unlike Medusa, Aphrodite had no intention of staying virgin. She had many lovers, both Gods and mortal humans. No wonder Aphrodite is the Goddess of beauty, fertility, and sexual desire.

Inking the Aphrodite tattoo will express your feminine energy more. It is a reflection of your inner beauty and deeper thoughts. Check our Aphrodite tattoo collections below and see if anything fits your personality.


30 Aphrodite Tattoo Designs and Meanings That Will Definitely Suit You

Aphrodite tattoos are genuinely timeless. Any generation can wear the piece as you can customize the designs. From representing beauty to rebelling against society or expressing grief, Aphrodite tattoos stand for everything. The best part here is that you can seek Goddess Aphrodite’s blessings through symbols like seashells, doves, sparrows, or myrtles too. These elements will only enrich the tattoo. Browse 30 on-point Aphrodite tattoo designs in the upcoming sections.


Aphrodite Goddess Tattoo

The beauty of the Goddess Aphrodite is unmatchable. Only a true artist can capture her true elegance in the tattoos. Aphrodite Goddess tattoos illustrate her traits and virtues. Wearing these designs will make you more powerful. Besides, with these tattoos, you can finally tell the world your own story.

1. The Goddess 

Aphrodite Goddess Tattoo 1
Source: tati_ferrigno

The story of Aphrodite flexes several elements. Take a seashell, rose, necklace, or myrtle as examples. The tattoo here includes them all. It symbolizes your femininity and a feeling of fulfillment.

2. Aphodite Statue 

Aphrodite Goddess Tattoo 2
Source: bekkietattoo

In Greek, Aphrodite statues are built to show respect to females. You can even ink this Goddess tattoo on your tummy or arm. It will radiate a positive feminine energy from you.

3. Peristera  

Aphrodite Goddess Tattoo 3
Source: ophelia.tattoo

Peristera, a nymph, transformed into a dove and helped the Goddess to snatch a victory. He got cursed in the process. Aphrodite always kept him close. This Aphrodite-Dove tattoo symbolizes such special connections.

4. Queen  

Aphrodite Goddess Tattoo 4
Source: amberosia.ink

The elegance and beauty of this Aphrodite tattoo is unmatchable. It flaunts your inner strength and dominant nature. Besides, the design details add sassiness to spice up your personality.

5. Aphrodite and Medusa 

Aphrodite Goddess Tattoo 5
Source: jemmaleetattoo

The stories of the enchantment of Medusa are not unknown. Aphrodite, the Goddess of beauty, was the only rival of her. This Aphrodite-Medusa tattoo illustrates this tale of jealousy between a Goddess and a priestess.

6. Sacred Birds 

Aphrodite Goddess Tattoo 6
Source: ninareymondtattoo

Sparrows and doves are considered the symbols of love. For Aphrodite, these birds are sacred. The Aphrodite-Birds tattoo shows a pure and spiritual connection to the universe.

Aphrodite Symbol Tattoo

When they say mystery comes with beauty, they are not wrong, actually. The enchanting beauty of Aphrodite added many layers to her essence. She used to carry elements that were, in reality, symbols for a deeper meaning. Inking the Aphrodite symbol tattoos will definitely add depth to your personality.

7. Psytrance 

Aphrodite Symbol Tattoo 1
Source: abcd_tattoo

The energetic and magical beats of Psytrance can hypnotize anyone, and so can the beauty of Aphrodite. This elegant and enchanting mandala tattoo symbolizes the mesmerizing charm of this Goddess.

8. Seal 

Aphrodite Symbol Tattoo 2
Source: jakkichantattoos

This circular mandala chakra is the symbol of Goddess Aphrodite. Paint it red, as Aphrodite’s divine power is often associated with red. This tattoo will fill you up with spiritual energy all the time.

9. Marigold Mazes 

Aphrodite Symbol Tattoo 3
Source: nyco666

Aphrodite’s symbol has a special significance. It embodies her true essence, from beauty to wrath. The tattoo depicts that even the Gods are not perfect. Inking it will comfort troubled souls.

10. The Race 

Aphrodite Symbol Tattoo 4
Source: millertime_tina

It is believed that a dove helped Aphrodite win against Eros in a flower-picking competition. Dove here is an assistance to victory. This tattoo can be the lucky charm to your success.

11. Gray Symbol  

Aphrodite Symbol Tattoo 5
Source: inkbox.lca

This Aphrodite symbolic tattoo suits the youngsters. It allows you to flex your femininity and belief without losing the fun element of your personality. Ink this tattoo on the shoulder or arm.

12. The Origin  

Aphrodite Symbol Tattoo 6
Source: lunaxadows

According to myths, Aphrodite was born from a scallop seashell. Hence, the tattoo symbolizes the origin of this Goddess. Seashell tattoos are always sacred and considered spiritual.

Aphrodite Tattoo Sketch

Do you find the typical Aphrodite tattoos boring? Yes? Then, experimenting with these Aphrodite sketch tattoos will not disappoint you a bit. The sketch tattoos demand immense detailing only a true artist can pull off. These funky Aphrodite tattoos are perfect for the Gen-Zs.

13. Incomplete Beauty  

Aphrodite Tattoo Sketch 1
Source: inst_inked

This incomplete Aphrodite tattoo stands for rebel purposes. It symbolizes that beauty has no definition or limitation. While the outer look will give you praise, you are incomplete without your inner purity.

14. Breaking The Shackles 

Aphrodite Tattoo Sketch 2
Source: _salvadortattoo_

Another rebel tattoo for youngsters. To this date, people judge women by their beauty. This tattoo is a slap on this kind of mentality. It illustrates that females are more than just good looks.

15. Goddess Venus

Aphrodite Tattoo Sketch 3
Source: amyvictoriatattooist

This magnificent Goddess Venus tattoo will attract eyes for sure. It gives a seductive vibe, which is a quality of Aphrodite. Inking this tattoo will make you look more sassy and elegant.

16. True Reflection 

Aphrodite Tattoo Sketch 4
Source: martasofiatattoo

Mirrors only show our outer beauty, not our inner innocence. Though we worship Aphrodite for her grace, she has a good heart, too. This tattoo inspires us to carry a pure soul.

17. Madam Patron 

Aphrodite Tattoo Sketch 5
Source: arteink_bymirtha

Aphrodite advocates for the prostitutes, too. So, the sex workers worship her as their patron. This tattoo conveys that no profession is to be hated, and everyone should be respected.

18. Realistic Aphrodite 

Aphrodite Tattoo Sketch 6
Source: theartofreese

This realistic Aphrodite tattoo is unique. The Goddess has a determination in her eyes, and she is carrying her favorite dove. Wear this tattoo on your arms or thighs to show your dominant nature.

Simple Aphrodite Tattoo


People often argue that only the basic Aphrodite tattoos carry the true essence of this Goddess. In fact, for many girls, minimal and simple tattoos are the best way to express themselves. We respect your choice. That is why we have added some simple yet artistic Aphrodite tattoo designs for you.

19. Only Victory  

Simple Aphrodite Tattoo 1
Source: ryanwaidtattoos

Aphrodite hated to lose. She would do anything to snatch everything that belonged to her. No wonder she is a symbol of victory, too. Ink this tattoo to keep yourself motivated.

20. Venus De Milo

Simple Aphrodite Tattoo 2
Source: cherry.lynne.tattoo

Venus de Milo is a sculpture that depicts the beauty of Aphrodite. The original statue is preserved in a museum. But the inspired artists have made art and tattoos mimicking the sculpture.

21. The Guardian  

Simple Aphrodite Tattoo 3
Source: makedon_tattoo

Sailors used to carry the Aphrodite symbol to stay protected from any evil eye on the journey. The Goddess also stands for navigation. Wear this tattoo as a protection charm in your life journey.

22. Epiphony

Simple Aphrodite Tattoo 4
Source: nikitacharlotte_tattoo

Aphrodite was married and had multiple relationships. She was full of love, but at times, she didn’t hesitate to show wrath. This tattoo is a symbol of self-realization and self-actualization for girls.

23. Into Pieces 

Simple Aphrodite Tattoo 5
Source: tattoo.vibes05

Aphrodite was a Goddess. Yet the death of her dear ones made her grief. The tattoo tells you to acknowledge your sufferings and move forward.

24. Line Aphrodite 

Simple Aphrodite Tattoo 6
Source: joetonte.art

This artistic Aphrodite tattoo has creativity and depth. Ignoring the details symbolizes the insignificance of outer beauty. The tattoo shows that you are not here to follow the norms of the society.

Aphrodite Tattoo Ideas


Aphrodite tattoos do symbolize love and romance. But the designs also stand for grief, tolerance, and rebellion. Adding elements to the main Aphrodite character can flourish these thoughts. Also, you can go into details and ink the life-size Aphrodite figures.

25. The Story

Aphrodite Tattoo Ideas 1
Source: tattoo.kink

This tattoo is a true masterpiece. It brilliantly captures the story of Aphrodite and related tales. You can go for this design only if you genuinely worship this Goddess.


Aphrodite Tattoo Ideas 2
Source: asuraink_



Aphrodite Tattoo Ideas 3
Source: alex.gink



Aphrodite Tattoo Ideas 4
Source: soch.tattoos



Aphrodite Tattoo Ideas 5
Source: webbster_tattoo



Aphrodite Tattoo Ideas 6
Source: mhtattooz


We have featured 30 Aphrodite tattoo ideas. Each one is unique and meaningful. Aphrodite symbolizes beauty, lust, victory, and love. Dove, sparrow, rose, myrtle, and seashell are elements of this Goddess. Customize the Aphrodite tattoo to channel your feminine energy and express yourself loudly.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Does The Aphrodite Tattoo Mean?

The meaning of the Aphrodite tattoo depends on the design. For example, the Goddess with a dove will stand for love and romance. Similarly, crowned Aphrodite illustrates a dominitive nature.

What Is A Symbol For Aphrodite?

The dove, sparrow, seashell, rose, myrtle, etc., symbolize Aphrodite. Each one has a separate meaning. For example, a seashell indicates fertility. Again, the dove represents a special bond.

How Beauty Is Aphrodite?

No one can truly describe the beauty of Aphrodite. You will only find her description of long hair and feminine curves in tales. However, we can imagine the grace and elegance of this Goddess by judging the ancient statues.

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