80 Top Bull Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women!

If you are someone who wants to stand out with a tattoo, then the bull tattoo may be the right design for you. This tattoo has the power to make people stop and take notice. The bull is a symbol of strength, power, and rawness. 

Bull-themed tattoos are a form of body art that are traditionally put on the chest of a person who is a fighter or a rodeo rider. The design usually consists of a bull’s head, horns, and feet. The tattoo often has a reference to the fight or the rodeo.

This blog will look at all the different styles of bull tattoo designs. It’s going to look at traditional designs and contemporary styles.

Here Are Top 80 Bull Tattoo Designs and Ideas:

Bull tattoos are often found on many people’s arms, torsos, or necks. A bull-themed tattoo is usually defined as a depiction of a bull charging or running, with either a red or black background. This blog shares a range of bull tattoo designs and ideas.


Taurus Bull Tattoo

The Taurus Bull is one of the most iconic symbols in the world. This tattoo has a deep meaning for the Taurus and is a source of strength and honor.


  1. Star Moon
Taurus Bull Tattoo 1
Source: artbystephiijayne

A bull with different flower and sun designs looks extraordinarily rare. And there is a moon and star sign on this tattoo, representing the Taurus faith.


2. Bull girl

Taurus Bull Tattoo 2
Source: spacetatooo

A beautiful woman is endowed with the Taurus belief of the bull, and the bull has a moon symbol on its brow. This tattoo represents Taurus girls seeking power and respect.


3. Rain Bull


Taurus Bull Tattoo 3
Source: boomiebones

A girl is holding a bull’s head as though she adores the bull. This bull-themed tattoo has a raindrop motif, indicating that we must maintain our faith in Taurus even when it rains.


Brahma Bull Tattoo

A Brahma bull tattoo is a traditional Indian tattoo design. This tattoo represents courage and authority, as the bull is regarded as the world’s monarch and a sign of prosperity, fertility, and luck.


4. Red eye Bull


Brahma Bull Tattoo 1
Source: ysikuza

A bull with crimson fiery eyes staring at you looks incredible. This Brahma bull-type tattoo represents a young man’s power and confidence, which is why it is popular among the younger generation.


5. Dashing Bull


Brahma Bull Tattoo 2
Source: bethrowetattoo

A bull with a daring appearance and an attempt to convey, “Don’t mess with me.” This tattoo is ideal for boys since it demonstrates physical strength and dedication.


6. Dark Bull


Brahma Bull Tattoo 3
Source: edgarlunatattoos

We can see a bull glaring at us as if it is angry with us and ready to strike at any time. This tattoo has a dark mood with excellent details and is ideal for bikers.


Traditional Bull Tattoo

Traditional bull tattoo designs are a popular choice for those who want a tattoo that is not only unique and speaks to their personality but also leaves a lasting impression.


7. Orange Horn Bull


Traditional Bull Tattoo 1
Source: keithkirin

A bull is enraged, and its horns are orange in hue, making it seem fantastic. This tattoo’s dark tone and eye color details are fantastic.


8. Red Rose Bull


Traditional Bull Tattoo 2
Source: wolfmanink

We notice a bull standing aggressively behind a rose with two yellow horns that look fantastic. This bull-themed tattoo is ideal for self-sufficient ladies working to provide for their families.


9. Black Star Bull


Traditional Bull Tattoo 3
Source: jasonmarcustattoos

The bull in this tattoo is dark, taking a big breath and bearing star symbols. However, its bright red eyes and pure black hue distinguish it from other bull category tattoos.


Tribal Bull Tattoo

Tribal Bull tattoos are popular among many cultures and groups. The bull symbolizes strength, power, fertility, and virility and is a popular tattoo among many cultures.


10. Three Circle Bull


Tribal Bull Tattoo 1
Source: badbullyink

If you look closely at this bull, you can notice three circles on its forehead, and the rest of the design has a tribal feel. This tattoo is ideal for the thigh, and wrestlers adore this kind of tattoo.


11. Running Bull


Tribal Bull Tattoo 2
Source: tattoosbytoro

A bull is charging at you, and its ocean wave pattern design is stunning. People like this tattoo because of its modern style, and it can be drawn anyplace on the body.


12. Dark Wave Bull


Tribal Bull Tattoo 3
Source: jandrade8608

Big bull with a dark ocean wave design with a deep dark tint makes it clearer and more noticeable. People love this tattoo because it represents strength perfectly.


Charging Bull Tattoo

The Charging Bull tattoo is a symbol of the United States. It is a bronze sculpture of a bull by artist Arturo Di Modica, that stands at the junction of Broadway and Liberty Street in the Financial District of Manhattan, New York City.


13. Pencil Art Bull


Charging Bull Tattoo 1
Source: edisantana_tattoo

This bull design is similar to a pencil drawing and is ready to attack its opponent. It also has black, pointy horns. This tattoo is quite popular in New York; many athletes choose to have it.


14. Bull Charge


Charging Bull Tattoo 2
Source: patric_grazziotin

This bull tattoo design is ideal for the hand because the entire tattoo is visible. The tattoo’s black hue is dazzling, and a dark shadow surrounds the bull.


15. 1980 Bull


Charging Bull Tattoo 3
Source: rosie_tattooer

It’s a New York dark charging bull with pink eyes that looks spectacular. It has incredibly realistic muscles and color details. This tattoo is ideal for you if you were born in the nineteenth century.


American Traditional Bull Tattoo

American Traditional Bull Tattoos are a traditional symbol of masculinity. It is often given on the chest, but it can also be on the back of the neck. Its meaning is roughly “strength and honor” and “honor.”


16. Texas Bull


American Traditional Bull Tattoo 1
Source: zlasher__

A colorful bull with a Texas banner represents Texas city and its culture. This tattoo is excellent for those who appreciate Texas city culture and heritage.


17. Manly Bull


American Traditional Bull Tattoo 2
Source: maleficarvm

This bull has long hair all over its body and is quite lifelike, and the pink color keeps adding to its appeal. This Texas Bull tattoo expresses pride in one’s culture and nationality.


18. Diamond Bull


American Traditional Bull Tattoo 3
Source: kanetattoos

A red-eyed bull with a yellow & red diamond design on its head looks magnificent. This tattoo’s black and blue shadow is realistic and interesting, depicting ancient American culture.


Angry Bull Tattoo

An angry bull tattoo is a great idea for men who are not afraid to stand out. This is a great tattoo for young men who want to show that they are tough and don’t take any crap from anyone.


19. Bull Head


Angry Bull Tattoo 1
Source: ryeclavxtattoos

Here we observe a dark-colored bull head with crimson eyes, indicating that it is enraged and ready to strike at any time. Actually, this type of tattoo demonstrates men’s bravery and manhood.


20. Yellow Teeth Bull


Angry Bull Tattoo 2
Source: beanertattoo

A raged bull with a smidgeon of hair on his head and highly realistic red pattern eyes. This tattoo suits males who want to project a confident and manly image to others.


21. Deep Breath Bull


Angry Bull Tattoo 3
Source: fairy.in.black

A bull that is enraged and exhales deeply to demonstrate its rage. This tattoo is appropriate for a man who rides a motorcycle or is a part of a biker gang, representing power hunger.


Raging Bull Tattoo

The Raging Bull is a tattoo that symbolizes determination and strength. The tattoo is a must-have for those who want to show strength and resolve.


22. Young Bull


Raging Bull Tattoo 1
Source: southeastustattoos

A young, enraged black bull with fiery eyes is rampaging violently. This tattoo’s dark and white color pattern highlights the bull’s muscles pleasantly and effectively.


23. Red Bull


Raging Bull Tattoo 2
Source: blindfaith_tyler

A red bull with white horns ready to battle looks fantastic. The red and yellow color pattern on the tattoo makes it more appealing, and it is a little tattoo that is excellent for the upper hand.


24. Smoke Bull


Raging Bull Tattoo 3
Source: bravo_zulu_tattoo

A fire-burning bull coated in smoke and eager to battle appears enraged. This bull tattoo includes sharp fangs and horns, indicating its ferocity and strength.


Sitting Bull Tattoo

Sitting Bull tattoo designs are often associated with a Native American man and his story. In the late 1800s, Sitting Bull, also known as Sitting Bull of the Lakota, was a famous chief of the Lakota Sioux people.


25. Red Sitting Bull


Sitting Bull Tattoo 1
Source: radecki.tattoo




Sitting Bull Tattoo 2
Source: thehandsofink




Sitting Bull Tattoo 3
Source: rickyttattoo


Geometric Bull Tattoo




Geometric Bull Tattoo 1
Source: inkedpandart




Geometric Bull Tattoo 2
Source: gabrielbslg_tattoo




Geometric Bull Tattoo 3
Source: lampyris_art


Realistic Bull Tattoo




Realistic Bull Tattoo 1
Source: enkitattooshop




Realistic Bull Tattoo 2
Source: tattoomicknl




Realistic Bull Tattoo 3
Source: jay20tattoo


Japanese Bull Tattoo




Japanese Bull Tattoo 1
Source: jessievtattoos




Japanese Bull Tattoo 2
Source: hanu.classic




Japanese Bull Tattoo 3
Source: kozz44


Longhorn Bull Tattoo




Longhorn Bull Tattoo 1
Source: tattoosbymeach




Longhorn Bull Tattoo 2
Source: jdubz0317




Longhorn Bull Tattoo 3
Source: kim_991133


Spanish Bull Tattoo




Spanish Bull Tattoo 1
Source: jermwarfare_tattoos




Spanish Bull Tattoo 2
Source: tattoo_farbgefuehl


Bucking Bull Tattoo




Bucking Bull Tattoo 1
Source: noy_ink_lady




Bucking Bull Tattoo 2
Source: funnybutforever




Bucking Bull Tattoo 3
Source: jadelomaxart


Zodiac Bull Tattoo




Zodiac Bull Tattoo 1
Source: 142tattooshop




Zodiac Bull Tattoo 2
Source: antonie.tattoo




Zodiac Bull Tattoo 3
Source: kurokurotattoo


Skull Bull Tattoo




Skull Bull Tattoo 1
Source: electricsunlc




Skull Bull Tattoo 2
Source: south_paw_tattoo




Skull Bull Tattoo 3
Source: snakeladytattoos


Ferdinand Bull Tattoo




Ferdinand Bull Tattoo 1
Source: sorrymomtattoomoraira




Ferdinand Bull Tattoo 2
Source: hard_color_massa




Ferdinand Bull Tattoo 3
Source: thetoriwinkle


Polynesian Bull Tattoo




Polynesian Bull Tattoo 1
Source: avalan.tattoo




Polynesian Bull Tattoo 2
Source: darryll_richards_tattoo




Polynesian Bull Tattoo 3
Source: yann_guitton_tattoo


Fighting Bull Tattoo




Fighting Bull Tattoo 1
Source: tintasacrificios




Fighting Bull Tattoo 2
Source: now_tattooer




Fighting Bull Tattoo 3
Source: rafaelkendi


Chest Bull Tattoo




Chest Bull Tattoo 1
Source: sudal_blk




Chest Bull Tattoo 2
Source: cino_tattoo




Chest Bull Tattoo 3
Source: nick_st_lux_tattoos


Devil Bull Tattoo




Devil Bull Tattoo 1
Source: evaleaplaza




Devil Bull Tattoo 2
Source: __trampstamp




Devil Bull Tattoo 3
Source: inkachetattoo


Flaming Bull Tattoo




Flaming Bull Tattoo 1
Source: toad_tattooer




Flaming Bull Tattoo 2
Source: hfxmunroe




Flaming Bull Tattoo 3
Source: methza


Hereford Bull Tattoo




Hereford Bull Tattoo 1
Source: amylynn.colson




Hereford Bull Tattoo 2
Source: blackfriarstattoo




Hereford Bull Tattoo 3
Source: mortishaart_tattoo


Lion Bull Tattoo




Lion Bull Tattoo 1
Source: korra.tattoo




Lion Bull Tattoo 2
Source: misscharlottemonster




Lion Bull Tattoo 3
Source: cursed_ink_tattoo


Mad Bull Tattoo




Mad Bull Tattoo 1
Source: sumok_tattooer




Mad Bull Tattoo 2
Source: tropical_tattoo_studio




Mad Bull Tattoo 3
Source: cal.c.tattoo


Running Bull Tattoo




Running Bull Tattoo 1
Source: emilianopanaytattoo




Running Bull Tattoo 2
Source: gilsoolis




Running Bull Tattoo 3
Source: tripletwotattoo


Final Words:

We hope you enjoyed our article about Bull tattoo designs. We did a little bit of research and came up with a list of our favorite designs. The Bull-style tattoo is an iconic tattoo design and is a popular design choice for many people. 

You can’t go wrong with any of these designs, and if you are ever unsure about what you might like, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you!


Frequently Asked Question

What does a bull tattoo signify?

A bull tattoo signifies strength, leadership, bravery, anger, fearlessness, security, courage, and manhood.


What is the tattoo on Dwayne Johnson’s right arm?

The tattoo on Dwayne Johnson’s right arm is The Brahma Bull.


Why did The Rock cover his bull tattoo?

The Rock covered up his bull tattoo because the Brahma Bull represented his on-screen act, and he left WWE.


What does the bull skull mean?

The bull skull represents lifetime protection from all environmental factors.


What does The Brahma Bull represent?

The Brahma Bull represents bravery, passion, force, and resistance.


Where To Place A Bull Tattoo?

A bull tattoo looks good on a medium to large size and is perfect for the chest, upper arm sleeve, and back.


How Much Are Bull Tattoos?

Depending on the design, bull tattoos come in different types and cost anywhere between $35 and $300.

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