Top 30 Beautiful Love Tattoo Ideas For You

What does love mean to you? For people who are heartbroken, it always means pain. For committed people in love, it is the most beautiful way of life. Even if you are neither in love nor heartbroken, love can always be a fascinating idea! The way it changes people’s lives is just incredible.

One of the most common tattoos is a love tattoo that people get to signify an important aspect of their lives or personality.

A tattoo with an expression of love usually shows affection, passion, or an emotional connection between people. The specific meaning can be different depending on the design and context.

Such tattoos might represent a romantic relationship, family bond, friendship, or even self-love. If you have noticed, you would see that popular love tattoo designs include hearts, names of loved ones, dates, and symbols like infinity signs or roses. 

Now, the main question is – what kind of tattoo are you looking for?

To help you out, this blog has 30 different ideas of tattoos to express a form of love suitable for you! Dive in to find out.


30 Love Tattoo Designs And Meanings

Tattoos with a heart or infinity signs are the most common designs for expressing love. You can mean a lot of things with that. Sometimes, people also get tattoos of broken hearts to show their pain from love.

Different tattoos mean different things to people. However, tattoos that represent love are one of the most beautiful kinds. It can represent your love for any of the relationships in your life. You can also express your love for yourself with a tattoo because why not? In the end, it is all about showing an aspect of your life mysteriously or explicitly through a beautiful tattoo that matches your personality.


Lil Peep Love Tattoo

Lil Peep fans out there can get the iconic sad love tattooed on their body to show their admiration for the artist. You can also get it simply because you like the idea of a sad face in the word “Love” because you have been heartbroken in the past. Either way, it is a unique tattoo idea with a super simple design.


1. Sad Love

Source : hadez.ttt

When love makes you sad, make it a tattoo and show it off! The sad face of the O in love says how much love has hurt you. However, you are still committed to it no matter what.


2. Love Hurts

Source : ade_and_tattoos

This one is a very similar tattoo to the one above with a red O. It adds a pop of color to the tattoo while focusing more on the sad face.


3. Emoji Tattoo

Source : florink_tattoo

Lil Peep has this tattoo right at the center of his belly while this tattoo is a little to the side. It is pretty much the same one with the sad face in the word “LOVE.”


No Love Tattoo

Tattoos of No Love are for the heartbroken people out there. You can get these ones if you believed in love but didn’t get it back like you wanted. This tattoo becomes a promise to yourself to never fall in love again and protect your heart. It may sound depressing but it means something significant to many people.


4. The Heartbreak 

Source : lyzatattz

The tattoo of this broken heart is for you if you have had your heart broken a lot of times. It has the words “No Love” right beside it to show that love is simply not for you anymore.


5. Can’t Love

Source : flavianart__tattoo

The wrist tattoo above has “NO LOVE” written in all caps. It does not have any fancy pattern and simply tells the world that you are not interested in love.


6. Rose With Thorns

Source :

You can tell everyone that you are all about no love in an artistic way with this tattoo. It has a rose with thorns and “NO LOVE” written in black and red.


True Love Tattoo

Now, not everyone here is heartbroken. Some people have found the love of their lives and are incredibly happy about it. To celebrate true love, you can get any of the following tattoo designs and make it so much more memorable. These tattoos are full of love and life!


7. Simple Love

Source : dixfelipe

An adorable way to decorate the side of your hand is putting on a simple “love” tattoo. It does not have a lot of patterns. Just a simple word to show your fascination for love.


8. Memorable Date

Source : anguis_tattoo

Tattoos are the best way to remember a date for life. It could be a date very close to your heart that you can stamp on your body with this heart tattoo.


9. Knuckles With A Message 

Source : lawrenceparkmusic

Make your fists look cooler with this tattoo of “true love.” Each letter is drawn super artistically on each of the knuckles. You can choose your own font to customize it accordingly.


Love Tattoo Ideas

It is fascinating how love can be expressed by so many signs and words as a tattoo. It can be a heart, or simply the word “LOVE” itself. You can get anything like that to express love for someone or your own self. You can also change the colors and patterns to add your own touch to the designs.


10. Heart Of Stone 

Source : inkxtreme_tattoo

When you have been hearing that you have a heart of stone, you can just get it tatted in the most elegant way! The small tattoo of the heart looks like a beautiful shiny red stone.


11. Fun Love

Source : hawol_tattoo

If you are a fun-loving couple, definitely consider getting this tattoo. It can be “LO” written in different colors on one arm and “VE” in other colors on the other arm. How fun is that?


12. Stamped With Love

Source : bwtattooartd

You are definitely going to turn some heads with this tattoo. It looks so real! As if someone stamped a hot heart and embedded it in your shoulder.


Infinity Love Tattoo

Infinity as a sign of love is a promise to love forever. It is a special form of love for someone, something, or maybe your own that can be tattoed in the most beautiful designs. Check out a few of the best ones below to get infinite love tatted on your body.


13. Baseball And A Heart

Source :

Baseball players are going to love this tattoo idea. It has a red heart and a baseball with red patterns combined in an infinity symbol. It could mean your infinite love for baseball.


14. Love For Mama

Source : royal_tattoo_and_beauty_palace

You could write your own name in this pattern to show your immense love for your mom. It is a beautiful pattern that shows a never-ending love between a mother and her child.


15. Unstoppable Love

Source :

First-timers can consider getting this simplistic tattoo on their wrist or anywhere else. It is a single-lined infinity sign with a super cute heart in between.


Lost Love Tattoo

Tattoos of lost love actually bind two people from afar with similar tattoos. These are ideas of couple tattoos that people can get to remind themselves of the love that they have for each other no matter how far away they are. Isn’t that just beautiful?


16. Couple Love

Source : skytattoos111

Make your bond stronger with your partner by getting a lovely couple’s tattoo! The tattoo has a black and red heart filled with fingerprint patterns. Its beauty increases with the names of the two people involved along with their birthdays.


17. Together Forever 

Source : bombay.tattoo9

A promise to be together forever can be beautifully represented by this combined tattoo. It has the same heart patterns on both sleeves with the word “Together” for one hand and “Forever” for the other.


18. Date To Remember 

Source : arunmanuu

Lock the most memorable date of your life with your partner with these tattoos of red hearts. It has the date with your favorite hashtag along with a beautiful heartbeat pattern in the center. It’s absolutely beautiful how the line ends with an infinity symbol.


One Love Tattoo

People truly in love are definitely a fan of the concept of one love. There is nothing more special than loyalty and the idea of it is beautiful as a tattoo. It is a promise to your loved one to make them your one and only forever!


19. One Love Wrist

Source :

Dedicate your loyalty to love and the love of your life with this tattoo of “One Love” written on your wrist. The font is super unique and you can show it off anytime you want!


20. King And Queen

Source : paulabarretoart

Consider getting this beautiful tattoo with your partner to show off your loyalty to the world. It has the patterns of a crown along with the words “One Love” on one wrist and “One Life” on the other. How lovely is that?


21. Tri-colored

Source : tailoredinktattoo

If you believe in one love, you can surely give this one a try. It’s a colorful tattoo of the words “ONE LOVE” written in an animated font on the thigh. You can also get a smaller version of it on your collarbone.


Eternal Love Tattoo

Love should be meant for eternity. In the modern era of situationships and hook-ups, make yourself committed to your partner forever. You can level up the gesture with a tattoo that signifies eternal love from you for your partner.


22. Love For Eternity 

Source : belle_tattooist

A beautiful pattern of a heart and an infinity symbol combined is all you need when you are in love. Even if you just believe in love, this tattoo is going to represent that incredibly.


23. Never-ending Love

Source : tattoosbytoppy

A unique way to express your respect for eternal love is this bold tattoo. The pattern has hearts interlocked with one another making a super unique design. You can fill it with colors to make it a little more catchy.


24. Infinite Love

Source : calcuttainktattoostudio

Feathers are always soft and delicate which can resonate with your personality. You can pick this one with a rose and a feather entangled with infinity to express your soft and loving personality.


Gaara Love Tattoo

Gaara has a forehead tattoo that is the symbol of love. Fans will know that the context of this roughly relates to a demon who only loves himself. However, it can also be interpreted as someone who is constantly hungry for love.


25. Love Symbol 

Source : nickgrigsby

You can never not like the idea of getting something unique and puzzling. This red symbol represents love and people are definitely gonna ask you what it means all the time.



Source : ink.ray


Source : marie_tattooed_girl

Hate Love Tattoo


Source :


Source : julia_blackfox_tattoo


Source : dot.tattoostudio


Final Words

How lovely were all these love tattoo ideas? Which one did you like the most? Comment down your favorite one.

I hope this blog helped you pick the best idea for your new tattoo or maybe a couple’s tattoo that you have been thinking about for a long time. Choose the best-suited one with your personality and modify the patterns and color as you wish. Always remember, a tattoo is all about creativity!


Frequently Asked Questions


1. What Tattoo Means Deep Love?

In general, heart shapes are the most common tattoo idea to signify deep love. It is the classic symbol of love and people who have experienced deep love often get a tattoo around this symbol. They modify the design with the gist of the tattoo being the heart shape.


2. What is The Best Tattoo for Forever Love?

The symbol for infinity or the never-ending loop is a great idea to symbolize forever love. It literally means never-ending which can signify your infinite love for someone or something.


3. Which Tattoo Attract Love?

The concept of love can be expressed by a lot of symbols and phrases. The most common ones are hearts and infinity symbols. People also combine them together to get an emphasized effect. You can also get a tattoo of the word “love” to have a similar impact.


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