25 Fascinating Off The Map Tattoos That Are Hard To Resist

Getting a tattoo inked on your body is no normal trait especially off the map tattoos. Not everyone has the courage to wear their style on their body but those who do, have a different standing among peers.

One special category of tattoo lovers is travelers and explorers who want to live their life roaming around the world. And these adventure seekers love to have their passion inked on their body.

While there is a multitude of designs available for tattoo lovers, ‘Off the Map’ tattoo designs are most popular. They just want to have the globe or a map carved on their body so that they can feel connected with their inherent taste.


Remarkable Off The Map Tattoo Ideas To Try

If you are a travel enthusiast or love mystery, then off the map tattoos on our list will definitely please you. Handpicked, these design ideas have everything from simple maps to 3D tattoos and designs featuring special themes. They are surely gone inspire you for your next elaborative tattoo.


#1: Compass Calves

off the map tattoo with compass

Legs are your essential companion on the journey and getting them branded with the explorer designs is one exciting idea. This tattoo has a compass carved on one calf and a voyager sail ship on the other. Elaborative and iconic, it is truly a representative of an explorer attitude.


#2: Mischevious Full Back Tattoo

Full Back off the map tattoo for women

Isn’t this remind of the Harry Porter or other magical movies? We are bowled over by the perfection. So masterfully covering the entire back, it showcases a transcript seems to uncover from a burnt surface. It is indeed a rare tattoo design.


#3: Voyager

off the map tattoo grants pass

This design depicts the true spirit of an explorer. Inked on the right chest with world map and a compass, this tattoo is very popular among explorers around the world. You want to roam the world in style, have this tattoo on your chest.


off the map tattoos for men


off the map tattoo on back


off the map tattoo for leg



off the map tattoo with compass













off-the-map-tattoo-23 world-map-tattoo-rib

Though a specific class of tattoos, off the map tattoos, truly represent your free spirit. Simple or intricate, these designs are powerful enough to energize any travel lover.

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