80 Hamsa Tattoos Designs and Meanings To Get Inspired in 2024

With the rise of popularity in the middle eastern culture adaptation, hamsa tattoos have gained a new peak in popularity. They are now incorporated in many gorgeous tattoo designs based on the Arabic/middle eastern cultures.

Throughout history, hamsa tattoos were inspired by the ornamental works of hand-shaped objects. They were believed to be a protective amulet.

They are also known as the hand of Fatima tattoo. However, nowadays these tattoos are mostly drawn as a style element rather than religious beliefs. They come in all sizes and shapes.

In this article, we’ll go through the meanings behind these tattoos, their significance, and how you can mix your own style to the mix.


Hamsa Tattoo Meaning

The word hamsa originated from an Arabic word. It means disambiguation. Hamsa tattoos are a sign that refers to a process that helps distinguish differences between similar meanings and objects.

Simply put, they mean making something clear and obvious. They can also mean blessing, power, and protection depending on the depiction.

In Jewish beliefs, the Hamsa amulet represents the hand of God which is also known as ‘The Hand of Miriam’. And In Muslim beliefs, the hamsa is known as ‘The Hand of Fatima’.


Hand of Fatima Meaning

Hand of Fatima is a synonym for the word hamsa. In tattoo designs, they refer to the palm that is drawn on hamsa tattoos. They are a symbol of casting away evil and protection. They are also known as the symbol of bringing happiness, luck, and health.


Hamsa tattoo design

Hamsa tattoo designs are highly adaptable. It means they can be easily combined with other tattoo elements. They are most suitable for the chest, hand, back, and shoulders. Here are some of the best designs and their meanings.


1. Hamsa Chest Tattoo

Source: fckthetinytattooer

The tattoo is situated at the center of her heart. The Hand has some slowers on the bottom. Two birds are at the sides of the eye. It indicates that she is a true believer that the hand will protect her from evil.


2. Hamsa And Yin Yang

Source: cavemantattooer

Chinese culture and the middle eastern style have joined forces and created this amazing tattoo. The Yin and Yang is representing the philosophical aspect and the palm represents the religious beliefs.


3. Crown Palm

Source: pknightbridgetattoo

The Hamsa hand is depicted as a crown. The edges of the hand make it look similar to a queen’s crown, and the eyes on the bottom give it the hamsa vibe. The loose dots have created a chain-like design at the bottom.


4. Chopped Finger

Source: paienjenica.emy7

chopped fingers and the symbol on the bottom suggests that it is a sign of sacrifice rather than protection. The third finger is gone, and the fourth finger is chopped. A great display of sacrifice.


5. Floral Mini Hamsa Tattoo

Source: dan_tattoosp

The hand of protection is a bit tiny compared to the other element of this tattoo. The circle of flowers is a sign of fertility that is embraced by the hamsa sign. A small tattoo for the side of the leg.


6. Stairs To The Sky

Source: artemiss_tattoo

The eye at the center of this tattoo has wings attached to it. There are stairs all around the eye. It suggests that the stairs will take it up to the sky. It will see everything and try to eliminate evil.


7. Hamsa Sleeve

Source: atlantic_coast_tattoo

The entire arm is covered with various tattoos that include hamsa tattoos, flowers and patchwork tattoos, etc. The hand in the center of the tattoo takes all the attention. Still, the other elements are highly visible as well.


8. Shackled Hands

Source: painted_lady_az

The palm is upside down. It is made from metal and the chain on the metal looks like a necklace. There is also a star shaped locket on the chain. It indicates that it was supposed to be worn as an ornament.


9. Forearm Blue Hams

Source: thetattoogallerysa

The bluish color was used to fill in this amazing tattoo. The eye has a realistic look due to the blue colors. It also looks similar to the color of the sky, which indicates its all-seeing ability.


10. Side Chest Hamsa Tattoo

Source: bush_tattoo

The hearts on the fingers of this hand of Fatima’s tattoo shows devotion to the ones he loves. It also shows his religious beliefs on the unseen. A tattoo with more in-depth meanings.


11. Small Hamsa Tattoo

Source: evasfak_tattoo

A tiny hamsa tattoo can be spotted on a woman’s back. The tattoo has a dome-shaped structure on the bottom. A key feature of this tattoo is missing, which is the eye. Still, there’s now dought that it is a hamsa tattoo thanks to the palm-shaped design.


12. Lutus Hand

Source: sergiocruztatuagem

The tattoo looks more like a flower than a palm. The eye on the center is the main feature that makes it different from a flower tattoo. A combination of the flower’s love and the protection of the hand complements each other nicely.


13. Minimal Palm Tattoo

Source: nicoleellisse

Only what is absolutely necessary is drawn on this tattoo. The palm on this tattoo aligns with the hand of the person. The outline is clear and vivid the flower on the bottom is also outlined in bold color. Small dots on the fingers represent the stars in the sky.


14. Hamsa Horror

Source: erica_wedge


Usually, hamsa tattoos are a symbol of peace and protection but in this case, the tattoo looks horrifying. There are multiple eyes on this piece. Arrows are coming out of the sides of this tattoo that goes through the moon and a virus on top of everything. In total, a scary tattoo indeed.


15. Hamsa And Constellation

Source: nataliaborgia

The hand on this tattoo symbolizes protection and the three symbols on the bottom are constellation symbols for Cancer, Virgo, and Aquaris. This tattoo means it will protect the bearer from the harm from these constellations.


16. Named Protector

Source: francisco_tattoo_

The immense details on the eye on this tattoo are a work of art. The shading is done with a black color, which adds depth to this tattoo. The name David on the bottom suggests that David will try to protect him or her from any kind of danger.


17. The World Under Controle

Source: laceylilactattoos

This huge thigh tattoo has a lot of elements that have many meanings. However, the main focus is on the world drawn by the eye. It indicates that the hand is seeing everything and the world is within its grip.


Hamsa Hand Tattoo Meaning


18. Before And After

Source: zaredesigns

The tattoo on the left is freshly drawn and the one on the right is after the skin has healed. The one on the left looks wide because the hand got swollen due to pain. But after some time, the one on the right indicates how it has healed. It spreads the message that if a tattoo can be beautiful when it’s healed, so can you.


19. Bloomed Protector

Source: __dk_art__

Flowers are a sign of beauty and love. The incorporation of the palm of hamsa gives this tattoo a new meaning. The hand works as a defender of evil, while the flowers bring out beauty and peace.


20. Hinduism And Hamsa

Source: chrissiewaltontattoos

In Hindu mythology, the hamsa is the ride Brahma uses. The flower on this tattoo is a lotus which he holds in his hand and the symbol means the creator. Which in Hindu religion is believed to be the brahma.


21. Vinal Hamsa Tattoo

Source: albertobalboatattoo

The flowers and stars on this tattoo have been replaced by ferns that look like vines. The eye in the center looks angry and has a flower around it. Outlines of the palm are filled with dotted.


22. Trapped Hamsa

Source: mikeas4tattoos

The palm of the hamsa tattoo can be seen trapped inside a circle. Although it is trapped, the goodness within the symbol hasn’t failed to attract good luck. The butterfly is an indication of the luck brought by the Hamsa symbol.


23. Multicolored Palm

Source: chrisnantz

Every color on this tattoo works together in enhancing the richness of this art. The colors give this a joyful vibe. It indicates happiness and protection at the same time.


24. Filigree Palm On Back

Source: redmoontattoostudio

The thin chains and jewels on this palm-shaped tattoo indicate the influence of the filigree style. The eye has a glow on it and is resting on top of a colored flower. This strengthens the fact that the Hamsa itself is an amulet.


25. Happy Faced

Source: gemlovelondon

The Palm of this tattoo looks like a smiling face. The flowers have created a mouth and the eye makes it look like a smiling face. There is also a ray of sunshine on the middle finger. It indicates that it will wash away the darkness and bring back the light.


26. Lamps On Hips

Source: dollydolltattoos

A man’s hips are inked with the help of purple colors. The tattoo looks like a lamp that has a hand on it. The lower part looks like a stand and the middle part looks like the bulb of a lamp.


27. Day and Night

Source: crookedvillainchris

Circles of day and night can be seen on the fingers of this tattoo design. The moon is followed by the sun, and it’s again followed by the moon. It creates a circle of day and night repeating after one another.


28. Blessed Flower

Source: arthurshail


The hand on top of the flower is a sign of blessing from the god Bramha. He is often seen with a water lily in his hand. The flower is an indication of that blessing from him.


Hamsa Evil Eye Tattoo Meaning

Although Hamsa tattoos are a sign of protection from evil, sometimes they are depicted with an evil-looking eye inside the hand symbol. It means that the evil is already within and can’t be removed unless you get rid of the entire thing. People also believe that it means; that nothing is all pure and there is always going to be some darkness.


29. Blue Eyes

Source: kingtattoo2halllane

Red, black and blue are the contrasting colors that are used in this tattoo. The red flower on the bottom of the hand is making the blue color of the eye pop out. It gives us the message that opposite views can also complement each other.


30. Creepy Eyes

Source: abbieunderwoodtattoo

The eye on this hand tattoo is giving a creepy vibe. The lines coming out of the bottom of the eye look terrifying. The center of the tattoo is dominated by that. The flower is also inverted, which is the opposite of good faith.


31. Hamsa Leg tattoo

Source: thetattoojar

It is not common to have a tattoo of the hands of Fatima on a leg. But in this instance, the tattoos are on the side of the leg. The eye has three leaves over it, which from a distance makes it look like having four eyes.


32. Hamsa Moon Tattoo

Source: katlatattoo

A gorgeous tattoo with a lot of details is drawn on this man’s hand. The moon is nicely decorated with flowers and a hamsa amulet is on top of the flowers. The tattoo looks amazing on his skin, and the slight use of color makes it even more eye-catching.


33. Reversed Arrow

Source: ajay14_27

The top part of this tattoo is pointy like an arrowhead. It looks like a heart shape that is on top of a hand. There are three blue-colored spikes on top of that. The hand on the bottom acts as the tail of the arrow.


34. Coverup Tattoo

Source: dannyscotttattooartist

The previous tattoo has been fully covered by the new and enhanced colored Hand of Fatima tattoo. The abstract mix of blue-purple and black gives this a beautiful, fresh look.


35. Grasp Over Life

Source: ljubicatattoo

Every living being is somehow dependent on food. This tattoo is drawn to remind us that we don’t have control over nature. The wheat plants on the fingers of this Hamsa represent the blessing we receive from the creators in the form of food.


36. Hamsa And Hinduism

Source: corrie.martin.tattoo

This tattoo represents the presence of hamsa in the Hindu religion. The word “Om” is symbolized at the heart of this tattoo. Which stands for the Hindu God in the form of sound.


37. Hamsa Bicep Tattoo

Source: allendovmeci

The bicep of a woman is amazingly tattooed in an ancient style of the Egyptian Muslims. The hand Is very sharp looking and the negative space helps with enhancing the tattoo canvas.


38. Amulet of Hamsa

Source: tea_ink_tattoo

An amulet on the back of a woman is drawn with some chains coming out of them. The eye is green in color which represents greenery and protection from everything bad.


39. The Chakras

Source: tattoo_brian

An implementation of the chakras in the Buddhism religion can be seen on this hamsa tattoo. The two moons on the side represent the new moon in the sky that the Buddhas believe to bring a new change of life!


40. Egyptian Symbols

Source: tattoosby.newyork

The two triangles on the center of this tattoo represent the symbol of unity. It is an ancient symbol that was spotted in Egyptian culture. The two styles go well together because of their origins in the Muslim traditions.



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Hamsa tattoos are believed to be one of the most popular middle eastern tattoos. If you are looking for a tattoo that has religious beliefs tied to it then definitely give these amazing styles of tattoos a try. They can also be combined with other tattoo styles which makes them a versatile option.



Where do you put the Hamsa tattoo?

Although they are very flexible, Hamsa tattoos should be in the chest, shoulder back, or arms.

Should a Hamsa be up or down?

Hamsa tattoos should be Up

Do palm tattoos hurt?

Yes. Palm tattoos hurt

What religion is Hamsa associated with

Hamsa is associated with two religions Sunni Muslims and Hinduism.

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