15 Stunning Thorn Crown Tattoo Art to Inspire Your Next Tattoo

King or Queen does not matter because a tattoo enthusiast can get a Thorn Crown Tattoo at any chance in the tattoo world. It has an aesthetic vibe and statement. Moreover, a nod to the Christian religion as the thorn crown represents the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for human redemption.

Popular for both men and women, these tattoos represent the excruciating pain Jesus encountered on the cross. Also, the compassion and mercy He offered for the people. It also means faith and a reminder to get strength at difficult times.

If you are someone to tell your story through a thorn crown then you are at the perfect place. In this blog, we will talk about the tattoos that can adorn the canvas of your body that can help you through adversity.


15 Thorn Crown Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Tattoos offer many symbols and tell different stories. Some designs can give a glimpse of the wearer’s life. Some inkwork tells the story of religious belief and hope.

The thorn crown tattoo creates a unique metaphor for sacrifice and love. They can also be worn by people who have been through difficult times in their lives and how they overcame it.

Want our help in choosing the perfect one for you? Then take a closer look at these 15 unique tattoo designs. Maybe you will find
your next eclectic body art that can reflect your inner self.

Jesus Crown Of Thorns Tattoo

A crown of thorns was placed on the head of Jesus before the event of crucifixion to cause him pain and mock his authority. As a tattoo, it portrays sacrifice and forgiveness. These tattoos can have droplets of blood or Scripture verses to add a personal touch to them.

1. Holy Christ

Source : justinoliviertattoo

The tattoo has amazing shading work done to create a sketch art look. The detailing is on point and the illusion of the thorn prickling the skin adds more depth to the tattoo.

2. Faith

Source : hernan__chang

The back of a man can be a broad canvas for a sizeable tattoo. The perfect realistic-looking inkwork adds a personal touch with added verses and the archangel.

3. Crown Of Vine

Source : noble1tattooing

The blood droplets are a notion of sacrifice. The color scheme of the tattoo matches well with the skin and the details are drawn with perfect tattoo gun strokes.

Cross With Crown Of Thorns Tattoo

The cross passing through the crown is a symbol of Christianity. The crown is interpreted as a reward in heaven and the cross refers to the trials one may face in life. This tattoo can be a reminder of the endless trials they may face with courage and faith. After that, they will get a rewarding bloom for all the sacrifices they made.

4. Crossover

Source : lovehatecork

The thorny crown of the tattoo is flawlessly inked with fine lines and the shading of the cross looks ethereal. This tattoo is a great option for the hamstring of a man.

5. Withered Vine

Source : foxystattoosroatanandbluebahiaresort

If you are looking for a bold-lined tattoo then this tattoo is a great option. Jet-black linework with thorns in the cross itself makes the juxtaposition of sacrifice and hope.

6. Corona Crucis Veritas

Source : silent7starsss

Tattoo lovers love tattoos that imbue a sense of relic and this tattoo is a good example of it. The subtle and light ink strokes with spikes create a celestial look.

Lion With Thorn Crown Tattoo

In Chinese culture, the lion is seen as a power and the guardian of justice. In Christianity, the lion is the symbol of Jesus and his courageous power. The mighty animal was mentioned over 150 times in the Bible. Creating a tattoo with the lion and the crown creates the notion of courage and reward for it.

7. Ice King

Source : joshartist

The realistic-looking lion and the icy blue eyes project an intense aura and complement the spiky crown. This tattoo can be ideal for the elbow of a woman.

8. Time Of Courage

Source : nikolabullet

This tattoo is timeless with an unassailable aesthetic. It shows the time of life and the adversity we face within it. The perfect tattoo for the ones with a similar story.

9. God’s Rage

Source : dev_tattoo

This tattoo shows the moment of crucifixion and the crowned lion shows God’s rage upon humanity. But God forgave them all and showed mercy and the perfectly inked tattoo shows exactly that.

Small Crown Of Thorns Tattoo

If you are going for a small tattoo then a small torn crown could be your next ink mark. The details of the crown with barbs add an edge to the tattoo. Placing it on the canvas of your body can make a bold statement of strength and resilience.

10. Tiara

Source : midnight_michael

The minimalistic tattoo art creates the thorn crown with light needlework and it gives vine effect. This tattoo is well suited for the arm of a woman.

11. Pike Halo

small-crown-of-thorns-tattoo-2Source : drewface_tattoos

A small crown is good for the front upper arm as it is delicate yet celestial. The tattoo has the perfect thorns to look aesthetic and create an enigmatic stance.

12. Thorned Diadem

Source : paulylingerfelt

The knee of a man is a good place for a bold-lined prickly crown to be placed. The bold stroke creates a stygian effect with an eerie otherworldly aura.

Crown Of Thorns Elbow Tattoo

The elbow is a great place to flaunt tattoos. And the thorn crown is a great choice for that matter. It symbolizes the love Jesus has for humanity and the faith his followers have for that love. Placing it on the elbow can remind the wearer to believe in the love of God and move forward.

13. Tiara Of Love

Source : _bootattoos

For the devotee of thin spikes, this tattoo is phenomenal. It is inked meticulously and the thorn looks almost realistic with thin lines and shading.

14. Halo Moon

Source : javierbetancourt

This crown gives a moon look with a precise design and white shadow. The color combination is on point and stark with the tone of the skin.

15. Fire Crown

Source : franklintattoos

The sunset yellow and red give the thorn crown a fiery effect and a good tattoo for creating a statement. The bold lines contrast the color and look gorgeous on the canvas of skin.



A thorn crown tattoo is your go-to symbol for showing your faithfulness and the trust you have in the love God bestows upon you. A testament to life and a will to move forward, these tattoos can be poignant reminders to not lose hope whatever one may face. And give love and respect to everyone.

If you have found the one you are looking for then visit the best tattoo artist you know. Take care of the tender skin of yours and the story you etched on it. La revedere!



What does it mean to wear a crown of thorns?

To wear a crown of thorns is the symbol of sacrifice and self-denial. Jesus Christ was forced to wear it before crucifixion and it is a reminder of the sacrifices He did for humanity and the love he showed for everyone.

Is Crown of Thorns lucky?

It is lucky to own a crown of thorn tattoos in some religions but mostly it is about belief.

What does a 3-point crown mean?

A 3-point crown can mean royalty and power and prays a tribute to religion. It is also a famous design for gang members to show the power of family.

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