Top 25+ Most Unique Berserk Tattoos You Can Ink Right Now

Imagine you are in the Berserk world, fighting against the ultimate evil. How heroic it would be, isn’t it? And for your passion for being a Berserker spirit, we are showcasing some of the best selections of Berserk tattoos here. 

Berserk tattoos are an interesting form of body art. They symbolize power, strength, wisdom, and moral judgment. People usually love to ink these tattoos for their deep insights and their love of the “Berserk’’ manga series. On the other hand, some are interested in getting this tattoo to honor the historic, destructive berserker warriors.

Nevertheless, here we are displaying some of the best Berserk Norse tattoos to Berserk Guts tattoos all at once to satisfy your desire of tattooing a berserk craft on your skin. So, let’s end the formal inception and dive into the designs of the most unique Berserk tattoos.


25+ Berserk Tattoos Designs and Meanings

In the world of entertainment, the “Berserk” manga series has captured a large amount of audience and inspired them to make tattoos on their body parts. And in the history of the Norse, berserkers are the most fearsome warriors that have ever lived on Earth. Their timeless tales have inspired people in various ways for ages. Inking them on your skin is going to be one of the creative ways to pay tribute to Berserker’s spiritual and primal lessons as well as the dark-themed TV show. As these tattoos carry several meaningful insights, it is easy to fit your thoughts with them. Here, take a look at some of the best Berserk tattoo designs that are not only capable of expressing your  Berserk attitude flawlessly but also can enhance the beauty of your skin.


Berserker Norse Tattoos

The Berserker Norse tattoo concept is derived from old Norse mythology. Berserkers were those who used to fight insanely, as they were possessed by wolves or bears. This first section of ancient Norse warrior’s tattoo designs symbolizes immense power, strength, and bravery. Showcase your warrior spirit by getting these mighty fighters inked on your skin. 


1. Mighty Lagertha

Berserker Norse Tattoos 1
Source: jadyskuld

Here in this first tattoo, the ferocious shield-maiden Lagertha, with her bear coat, is portrayed perfectly on the side of a girl’s thigh. Have it on your skin to showcase your powerful spirit through its vicious look.

2. The King of Kings

Berserker Norse Tattoos 2

As we saw the mightiest female warrior in the last tattoo, now here is her partner, the king of kings, the true Viking hero of all time, Ragnar Lodbrok. He first found the path to get to British land for raids among the Vikings. Get this heroic character on your arm and get a chance to praise his bravery. 

3. Legacy of Rollo

Berserker Norse Tattoos 3
Source: ingohermann

Don’t forget about Rollo, the older brother of Ragnar, a robust Viking, and the Duke of Normandy. This tattoo is of him. Looking at its enemy with a harsh gaze. Draw him on your skin and embrace his beast-like strength. 

Berserk Brand of Sacrifice Tattoo

Once in a lifetime, every Berserk manga fan wants a Brand of Sacrifice mark on their skin. Aren’t they? Of course, they are. This cursed mark is the iconic one, indeed. And for the desire to get that Sacrifice mark, this section displays you the unique options for the Berserk Brand of Sacrifice Tattoo. Don’t be late because ‘’The God Hand’’ is waiting to make a deal with you.


4. Mark of Doom

Berserk Brand Of Sacrifice Tattoo 1
Source: jinkimtattoos

This berserk brand of sacrifice on a man’s arm is the invocation of doom. If you are ready to participate in the mystical ritual or recall the memory of those episodes of Berserk, then get this tattoo and feel the nostalgia.

5. Death Badge

Berserk Brand Of Sacrifice Tattoo 2
Source: noremorsetattoostudio

This very detailed design from Berserk World can relate to several symbols. Usually, it’s connected to death. Those who dare to wear it are going to be marked as bait of Godhand.

6. Guts’ Lesson

Berserk Brand Of Sacrifice Tattoo 3
Source: camila.outsider

In this art, a simple yet realistic black-and-white design of a cursed symbol is flourishing the beauty of man’s skin. This brand of sacrifice reminds us of Guts’ courage, which teaches us that no matter what bad happens to us we should keep searching for the light.


Berserk Curse Mark Tattoo

Berserker curse mark tattoos are known for their unique and realistic style. The most interesting thing about this genre of design is that you can put them anywhere on your body. But many people love to paint them on their necks. So, let’s take a look at these magnificent tattoos below.


7. Cursed Fate

Berserk Curse Mark Tattoo 1
Source: slylodolce

You are marked by this curse sign. Now you are destined to sacrifice yourself. Yes, this berserk curse mark tattoo has been waiting for you from the inception of the creation. Ink it and see the doom.

8. Berserker’s Choice

Berserk Curse Mark Tattoo 2
Source: necronomitron

This fiery berserk curse mark tattoo is going to make you suffer. But the question is, do you want to bend down on your knees, or you are going to fight back against your doomed fate? Find out by tattooing this dark design.

9. Web & Sacrifice

Berserk Curse Mark Tattoo 3
Source: tattoobytran

If you are a crazy fan of Spider-Man and Berserk TV series at the same time, then this design is made for you. This is the perfect art of a spider and berserk curse sign that combines these two popular marks perfectly. Have it and get the ticket to explore the Spider-verse and Berserk world at once.


Berserk Symbol Tattoo

Berserk symbol tattoos have come from the manga and anime series “Berserk” by Kentaro Miura. This design is a stylized “V” with two small lines, like a combination of “V” and “I” in a Gothic font. It’s this iconic symbol that has lured the audience’s attention and interest, at the same time to continue following the show over the ages. Here we exhibit some selected Berserk symbol tattoos. Hope you are going to love them.


10. Existential Crisis

Berserk Symbol Tattoo 1
Source: nomadtattooist

In this portrait, you are seeing a Berserk symbol which is a bearer of many powerful meanings. But here it defines the struggle between humanity and the forces of darkness. Pick this body art can be a great way of showcasing your personality that thinks beyond the earthly metier.

11. Rune Symbol

Berserk Symbol Tattoo 2
Source: tattoos_revolution

This image depicts a man with three different tattoos on his chest, one of which is the Berserk symbol. The design of the cursed mark is so minimalist as well as exceedingly realistic, that can easily enhance the beauty of your skin.

12. Armor of Demon

Berserk Symbol Tattoo 3
Source: santostattooshop

Imagine you are wearing this Berserk armor and saying, “Fight until all your bones are shattered, and every drop of blood is spilled.” How ironic it would be, isn’t it? To make it more ironic, you can tattoo this armor with the Berserk symbol on your skin to represent your inner demon.


Berserk Tattoo Ideas

If you are searching for Berserk tattoo ideas that are a little bit different from other designs in this same category, then check out the following character-inspired suggestions. Each tattoo contains unique ideas and symbols that can embrace your body part with enigmatic beauty.


13. Tormented Gaze

Berserk Tattoo Ideas 1

The first design of this gallery is telling a story. The story is about Guts, dealing with his condition where he seems afraid and pained at the same time his demonic character is giving a creepy smile. This probably happened when he first met the demon and was marked by the GodHand.

14. Gusty Kitty

Berserk Tattoo Ideas 2
Source: loveyoon.too

This art is so meaningful. It depicts: even if a cute little cat can carry the Berserk soul, so why can’t you? To nourish the terror inside of yours and display to the world that you are a true Berserk, choose this design as your next ink.

15. Guts’ Fury

Berserk Tattoo Ideas 3

This ferocious design of Guts illustrates that he is in his maximum form. The reddish eye of Guts, and the way he is giving expression from a dragon’s mouth, also give hints about how mighty he is. Therefore, elevate your form by getting this lethal tattoo on your bicep.


Berserk Tattoo Meaning

Mostly, people choose Berserk tattoos for their versatile meaning. As this series is known for its dark, violent, and deep themes, the audience has related their insights from regular life through the episodes. The symbol of power and strength or the appreciation of dark themes can be the meaning behind this tattoo. Though it holds a maximum stake in people’s choice of what meaning they want to put in this body art. So why waste time? Let’s dive into the world of mesmerizing Berserk tattoo meanings.


16. Dark Dominance

Berserk Tattoo Meaning 1
Source: fermatattoo

What you are seeing in this design is an absolute depiction of a demon. This glowing, red-eyed demon with the horns, the wings, and the sword all are just pointing to one person, and that is Guts and his rage and power.

17.  Dark Alliance

Berserk Tattoo Meaning 2

This Berserk tattoo showcases the three most prominent characters of Berserk. It also has deep meanings like friendship, betrayal, and the power of chaotic nature.

18. Hreroic Dilemma

Berserk Tattoo Meaning 3

There are two faces in this painting of the Brand of Sacrifice. One of them is Guts and another one is Griffith. These two main characters hold very complex themes in the Berserk Series. You can ink this design and describe your complex attributes proudly through this provoking piece of art.


Berserker Tattoo Meaning

Berserker tattoos have a direct connection with the historical Norse warriors known as “Berserkers.” These tattoos carry meanings like recklessness, wildness, or an aggressive demeanor of a person. The meanings of these types of tattoos can vary from person to person. Here are possible meanings of Berserker tattoos that might relate to your interpretations.


19. Fearless Conqueror

Berserker Tattoo Meaning 1
Source: martin_tattooartist

A Gorgonian berserker with a horned helmet and beard is ready to slash some less. This tattoo depicts that we should always work hard and be ready to win our challenges. Paint this tattoo and show that you don’t fear anything.

20. Rage of Battle

Berserker Tattoo Meaning 2

Source: eleven.rb

In this design, we can see a fierce berserker warrior in a state of battle fury. If you are a berserker fan, then this tattoo can be your perfect fit. Grab this remarkable art to showcase your warrior spirit.

21. Wise One

Berserker Tattoo Meaning 3
Source: mr.vipere

With a wolf coat over this old berserker, this tattoo is the symbol of strength, wisdom, and experience. If you are one of those who seeks knowledge from elders, then you can ink this tattoo to tribute to those wise souls.


Viking Berserker Tattoo

This section of Berserker tattoos is mainly associated with Viking warriors. In memory of those fearless beings, the following designs represent the fearsome Berserkers—those who conquered the world before and are now ready to portray your devotion to them.

22. Savage Spirit

Viking Berserker Tattoo 1
Source: will_allan_tattoos

A symbol of the Viking berserkers, here in this design is a portrait of a fierce warrior. These warriors are known for their ferocity, strength, and disregard for pain. With the bear head coat, this tattoo gets more intense meaning.

23.  Odin the Allfather

Viking Berserker Tattoo 2
Source: alma.sucia

In this craft, you are witnessing the Allfather of the Berserkers, the chief God of the Norse pantheon, Odin. Don’t make him wait because he has summoned you to his hall. Grab this tattoo and enjoy the feast with Allfather.

24. Viking Vegvisir

Viking Berserker Tattoo 3
Source: taylormarieart

A Viking berserker with the Vegvisir design has made this tattoo a perfect and magical symbol that is said to guide and protect its bearer on their journey. Be the owner of this tattoo and start your journey that goes beyond your limit.


Berserk Guts Tattoo

Every ‘’Berserk’’ manga fan has a soft corner in their heart for Guts, the protagonist of this show. The immense strength of this character and his iconic oversized sword with moral judgment has made him the most-admired hero in the manga universe. Take a look at the following design of the Berserk Guts tattoo to showcase your self-expression for Guts.


25. Brave Soul

Berserk Guts Tattoo 1
Source: anilcantattoo

Baptize yourself with the blood of the sword of Guts. This tattoo is not only bold but also carries an important message. And that is we shouldn’t stop fighting for ourselves and our loved ones as Guts didn’t even after knowing his fate.


Berserk Guts Tattoo 2
Source: rubyblk



Berserk Guts Tattoo 3
Source: thiagoresendetattoo



And now, we are at the end of an outstanding exhibition of Berserk tattoos. Here, we have seen top-notch, eye-worthy designs that can efficiently serve your purpose of getting a Berserk tattoo.

Tattoos’ beauty depends on how skillfully they are drawn on your skin. In the case of a Berserk tattoo, it is highly recommended that you go to an experienced artist to make your skin partner look exactly as you expect. Pricing and time of doing this sort of tattoo depend on the design you choose.

So, the time has come to paint your skin with the most ferocious Berserk tattoos to join the cult of exercising the unearthly forces.



Q: What does the Berserk tattoo mean?

A: Berserk tattoo defines the characteristics of a protagonist who unleashes his inner demon and gets stronger by dominating his fear.

Q: What does a Berserker tattoo symbolize?

A: A berserker tattoo is a visual articulation of those Norse warriors who used to contain inhumane strength and power in their bodies that led them to fight like a beast.

Q: Are Berserk tattoos associated with Dark sorcery?

A: According to the series, it does. But when it comes to reality, these tattoos generally spread the message of “keep searching for the light,” even when nature fails to give any sign of redemption.

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