90+ Viking Tattoos Ideas and Designs for Men and Women

Viking tattoos are popular among artists and people for their unique style and powerful history. These designs are connected to the lifestyle of the Vikings and provide a projection of their strong personality and style. And these Viking designs also represent wars, survival, fighting spirit, bravery, and so on.

Finding the right Viking art piece that matches your personality and reveals your inner feelings is not easy. To make things easier for you, we have accumulated some of the best designs of the Vikings in this guide. So stay with us till the very end to see and know about the trending styles.


93 Viking Tattoos Designs You Must Love!

Getting a Viking tattoo is often misunderstood, but these designs typically have a positive meaning. With a deep meaning behind the art and intricate details, these styles catch the eyes everywhere. Join us in the journey of discovering the best tattoos of the Vikings.


Traditional Viking Tattoo

Traditional tattoos win our hearts at every stage of life. And when combined with the Viking style, the designs become more attractive and eye-catching. So, let us see a few examples of traditional Viking designs.


1. The Warrior Skull

Traditional Viking Tattoo 1
Source: tomtilden

Show off your fiery and fierce side with the Viking warrior tattoo. The skull and intricate design significance bravery, courage, and fighting spirit that comes from within.


2. The Fiery Viking

Traditional Viking Tattoo 2
Source: fabriziocalavera

Bring out the best in you with the warrior tattoo of a Viking. The small gold tooth and other details in the designs make it an excellent choice for men.


3. In War Zone

Traditional Viking Tattoo 3
Source: claude_sdt

Give your strength and bravery a clear visual representation with the Viking tattoo. This design is perfect on a male body and looks great on the calf muscle.


Ragnarok Viking Tattoo Sleeve

According to Viking mythology, Ragnarok is considered to be the end of the world and the cosmos. This meaning of the design is incorporated in various designs. Look at the best Ragnarok Viking designs.


4. Viking On The Sleeve

Ragnarok Viking Tattoo Sleeve 1
Source: itspaulogtattoos

Put an end to the sad stories and troubled fights in life with the beautiful man’s sleeve tattoo. The artistic approach and the detailing make it an outstanding choice for a female arm.


5. Fight Of The Powers

Ragnarok Viking Tattoo Sleeve 2
Source: irishjaytattooer

Praise the art and the artist with the design featuring the Viking world. It is a stunning representation of the existence, belief, and courage of the Vikings.


6. The Wolf And The Warrior

Ragnarok Viking Tattoo Sleeve 3
Source: lucastattoo99

Symbolize power, art, and bravery all in one tattoo with the Viking style. The intricate details and artistic talent makes it a perfect arm tattoo for male models and artists.


Valkyrie Viking Tattoo

Valkyrie holds one of the strongest personalities among the Vikings. Her wits, loyalty, courage, and power are praised throughout each and every stage. So, let us take a look at the Valkyrie Viking designs.


7. Posing Valkyrie

Valkyrie Viking Tattoo 1
Source: d_world_of_ink

Glorify the beauty of your hips. Flaunt your summer body and the outstanding tattoo design of a Valkyrie. This tattoo is perfect for women who are not afraid to show off their glorifying personalities.


8. The Viking Beauty

Valkyrie Viking Tattoo 2
Source: oik_one

The beauty of the Valkyrie is hard to match but this tattoo does justice to the stunning looks. It is a great design for inking on the arm or back of the thigh.


9. Beauty With The Gem

Valkyrie Viking Tattoo 3
Source: edd_arrows_tatts

Beating the mesmerizing look of colored tattoos is extremely challenging. And when the beautiful and unique styles of Valkyrie meet the art, the result is magical. The back is perfect for the intrications of this big design.


Celtic Viking Tattoo

Celtic beliefs and culture have been a major part of history. When combined with the Viking designs, the tattoos become outstanding and eye-pleasing. Discover the top tattoos categorized under the combination of Celtic and Viking styles.


10. The Patterned Viking

Celtic Viking Tattoo 1
Source: irontattoovarese

The fierce style and personality of the Viking warrior match the beauty of the Celtic patterns. Suitable for males, this design looks amazing on the arm, shoulder, or chest.


11. The Viking Mask

Celtic Viking Tattoo 2
Source: studio21tattoo

Give yourself a sense of power, strength, and faith with the mixture of Celtic patterns and the warrior mask. The incredible design shows the utmost dedication of the artist and undeniable creativity.


12. The Celtic Warrior

Celtic Viking Tattoo 3
Source: cosmicinktattoos

Express the beauty of your creativity with this Celtic-Viking tattoo. The design shows the head of the Viking warrior decorated with Celtic patterns. This tattoo looks excellent on a man’s half sleeve.


Raven Viking Tattoo

The raven holds deep importance and meaning in the Viking culture. It is believed that these are the eyes and ears of Odin and a great part of wars. Find out the top tattoo featuring the ravens.


13. The Viewer Raven

Raven Viking Tattoo 1
Source: juliobartu

Open your senses to new experiences and possibilities in life. The raven tattoo and the details of this art piece make it a wonderful choice for adventurous personalities.


14. Patterned Ravens

Raven Viking Tattoo 2
Source: rigo_tattoo_berlin

Head tattoos hurt without any doubt, but the final look makes it worth the pain. The ravens inked on the head are a clear indication of alertness, smartness, and courage.


15. Raven On The Head

Raven Viking Tattoo 3
Source: fabriciokblo

Beautify the side of your head with the realistic raven head tattoo. It is a top choice for men and combines well with other tattoos on the body.


Wolf Viking Tattoo

In Viking mythology, the wolf is seen as a symbol of strength, power, and savagery. These tattoos look great on each and every part of the body. Let us go ahead and check out the wolf tattoo designs.


16. The Wolf Fighter

Wolf Viking Tattoo 1
Source: poli_tattoo_piercing

Depict your internal feelings through art and beautify your arm with this great design. The intrications and artistic skills showcased on the tattoo makes it a perfect choice for Viking fans.


17. The Viking Compilation

Wolf Viking Tattoo 2
Source: vinodh_cocolee

The pretty Viking wolf combined with the other representations and symbolizations of the mythology looks amazing on the body. It is the right tattoo choice for women on the thighs.


18. Wolf Compass

Wolf Viking Tattoo 3
Source: berry_boy_tattoo_era

In mythology, wolves are known for their strength, power, and protection while the compass is seen as guidance and protection. Combine these two signs and create a highly powerful and meaningful tattoo.


Berserker Viking Tattoo

The Berserker is an owner of strong personality among the Vikings. The fighting spirit, courage, and audacity of these warriors during wars are praised. Let us guide you through the top Berserker Viking tattoos.


19. Berserker Warrior With Wolf

Berserker Viking Tattoo 1
Source: denny_mur_tattoo

Signify and strengthen your belief and love of Viking mythology with this eye-catching tattoo design. It comes with a mixture of personalities that represent cleverness, power, and bravery.


20. The Viking Chronicles

Berserker Viking Tattoo 2
Source: luscheggia_tattooer

Express the need for power, dominance, and courage with the realistic warrior tattoo. It is an important design among Viking fans and extremely eye-catching to the viewers.


21. The Power Of Vikings

Berserker Viking Tattoo 3
Source: zakkrench

If you are a fan of intricate and scary Viking tattoos, then this one is for you. The placement, artistic approach, unique design along with realistic edge make it a perfect choice for men.


Nordic Viking Tattoo

Nordic tattoos are highly popular and a favorite among the fans of Viking. The intricacy and art of these designs make them a worthy choice. See the top Nordic Viking tattoo examples.


22. The Compass Connection

Nordic Viking Tattoo 1
Source: sledziu_tattoo

Let the world and your way of living guide you through the battles and connections in life. This design represents devotion, sacrifice, guidance, and a way of life.


23. The Nordic Eye

Nordic Viking Tattoo 2
Source: joe_tattoo92

Enlighten the warrior and fighter in you with this stunning and eye-catching design. It is a representation of how our lives are controlled by the Gods and their power.


24. The Fight On Chest

Nordic Viking Tattoo 3
Source: vikingsbrand

Show off your summer body to the world along with the attractive Viking tattoo. This designs comes with a wide array of signs and symbols, depicting the lifestyle of the Vikings.


Odin Viking Tattoo

Pioneer of wisdom and knowledge, the Odin tattoo is a popular choice among artists. The significance of the design and the distinctive nature of the style makes it worth the hype. Take a look at the best Odin Viking designs.


25. The Odin Art

Odin Viking Tattoo 1
Source: yustynatattoo

Give the world a show of your wise nature and spread knowledge everywhere you go with this innovative design. It shows artistic ability, creativity, and captive thinking.




Odin Viking Tattoo 2
Source: diihfavaretto




Odin Viking Tattoo 3
Source: jaybird_tattoos


Warrior Viking Tattoo




Warrior Viking Tattoo 1
Source: psycho5701




Warrior Viking Tattoo 2
Source: hillmaninktattoos




Warrior Viking Tattoo 3
Source: yankeestattoocarrigaline


Realism Viking Tattoo




Realism Viking Tattoo 1
Source: thechurchtattoo




Realism Viking Tattoo 2
Source: esteban.sendino.tattoo




Realism Viking Tattoo 3
Source: westend.tattoo_wien


Tribal Viking Tattoo




Tribal Viking Tattoo 1
Source: freshinkkanata




Tribal Viking Tattoo 2
Source: joshuaflinn




Tribal Viking Tattoo 3
Source: benji_colohan_tattooer


American Traditional Viking Tattoo




American Traditional Viking Tattoo 1
Source: joetrucktattoo




American Traditional Viking Tattoo 2
Source: ihatematthewstella




American Traditional Viking Tattoo 3
Source: dom_pope_tattoos


Full Sleeve Viking Tattoo




Full Sleeve Viking Tattoo 1
Source: beckyharristattoo




Full Sleeve Viking Tattoo 2
Source: aggie_vnek




Full Sleeve Viking Tattoo 3
Source: inspirationink


Irish Viking Tattoo




Irish Viking Tattoo 1
Source: tattoosbypaulowen




Irish Viking Tattoo 2
Source: jannickewiesehansen




Irish Viking Tattoo 3
Source: hooklineinker


Lagertha Viking Tattoo




Lagertha Viking Tattoo 1
Source: elaugurio




Lagertha Viking Tattoo 2
Source: carlosmuelatattoo




Lagertha Viking Tattoo 3
Source: tageloehner_tattoo


Swedish Viking Tattoo




Swedish Viking Tattoo 1
Source: vintagekarma




Swedish Viking Tattoo 2
Source: manulondono85




Swedish Viking Tattoo 3
Source: lionfish_collective


Geometric Viking Tattoo




Geometric Viking Tattoo 1
Source: _tater_t0t_tattoos




Geometric Viking Tattoo 2
Source: engraver.mari




Geometric Viking Tattoo 3
Source: marioalejandrotatuajes


Snake Viking Tattoo




Snake Viking Tattoo 1
Source: blackvoidtattoostudio




Snake Viking Tattoo 2
Source: rt_tattoo_




Snake Viking Tattoo 3
Source: sanyink


Chest Viking Tattoo




Chest Viking Tattoo 1
Source: uncrownedink




Chest Viking Tattoo 2
Source: vicky_arttattoo




Chest Viking Tattoo 3
Source: mikedohertytattoos


Chevron Viking Tattoo




Chevron Viking Tattoo 1
Source: oldman_tattoostudio




Chevron Viking Tattoo 2
Source: oldman_tattoostudio




Chevron Viking Tattoo 3
Source: oldman_tattoostudio


Compass Viking Tattoo




Compass Viking Tattoo 1
Source: lenka_blackswantattoo




Compass Viking Tattoo 2
Source: artificetattoostudio




Compass Viking Tattoo 3
Source: neilzeroink


Danish Viking Tattoo Designs




Danish Viking Tattoo Design 1
Source: goodfellas_tattoo_club




Danish Viking Tattoo Design 2
Source: snedkertattoo




Danish Viking Tattoo Design 3
Source: sascha_kritzelkratzel_tattoo


Dead Viking Tattoo




Dead Viking Tattoo 1
Source: camsovereign




Dead Viking Tattoo 2
Source: tattoosbyforrest




Dead Viking Tattoo 3
Source: max_pain_tattoo


Dragon Viking Tattoo




Dragon Viking Tattoo 1
Source: flamishadow




Dragon Viking Tattoo 2
Source: drew_potts




Dragon Viking Tattoo 3
Source: tattoosbycaptainbret


Eagle Viking Tattoo




Eagle Viking Tattoo 1
Source: runantattoo




Eagle Viking Tattoo 2
Source: brunofigueiratattoo




Eagle Viking Tattoo 3
Source: faelsouart


Fenrir Viking Tattoo




Fenrir Viking Tattoo 1
Source: mumia916




Fenrir Viking Tattoo 2
Source: diegofkttattoo




Fenrir Viking Tattoo 3
Source: lilarees


Full Body Viking Tattoo




Full Body Viking Tattoo 1
Source: inktomasz




Full Body Viking Tattoo 2
Source: norse_tattoos




Full Body Viking Tattoo 3
Source: tattoodesignwrld


Rune Viking Tattoo




Rune Viking Tattoo 1
Source: uriiel666




Rune Viking Tattoo 2
Source: rudy__b_




Rune Viking Tattoo 3
Source: minim.tattoo


Shoulder Viking Tattoo




Shoulder Viking Tattoo 1
Source: rocknrolla_tattoos




Shoulder Viking Tattoo 2
Source: st71628tattoo




Shoulder Viking Tattoo 3
Source: artbyjoewinkler


Skeleton Viking Tattoo




Skeleton Viking Tattoo 1
Source: jocelyne_feltin




Skeleton Viking Tattoo 2
Source: viniciusspam




Skeleton Viking Tattoo 3
Source: oceancitytattoo



The age of the Vikings is over long ago, but the popularity is still available through entertainment and tattoos. The art of these designs and the effort and creativity of the artists must be appreciated. While many people are not fans of the Viking tattoo designs, there are several people who express their personalities through the style.

We have discussed and shown you the best of the Viking designs trending right now. We hope that you have found the perfect inspiration to showcase your Viking love. Do not forget to choose a great and credible artist to get the best design and details.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Viking tattoo symbolize?

Depending on the design and style, the Viking tattoos symbolize bravery, courage, and strength. It is also seen as sign of audacity, power, and attitude.

What is Viking tattoo called?

The name of the Viking tattoo varies based on style, design, approach, and many more. These tattoos include Valknut, Vegvisir, Nordic, and so on.

Did actual Vikings have tattoos?

It is believed that the Vikings had tattoos all over their bodies. While there is very few evidence that back up the claim.

Is it OK to get Viking tattoos?

Viking tattoos are popularly known to be symbolic signs and designs. While it is okay to get Viking designs inked on the skin, there are a few styles that are up for conversation.

How were tattoos done in Viking times?

There is a lot of controversy and discussion regarding the topic. However, research indicates that the Vikings used wood ash as the dyeing agent.

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