111 Unique Fairy Tattoos That You Can’t Afford To Miss

Because they are delicate and pretty to look at, fairy tattoos make amazing tattoos. Since fairies typically symbolize mystery and beauty, their tattoo designs are immensely popular among women. They are also quite colorful and vibrant which adds charm to the person wearing the tattoo.

Fairies are actually enchanted beings that are quite whimsical in nature. Not only are they beautiful creatures, but they also exemplify the fact that magic probably exists in the world and that is something some people would like to believe in.

These mystical creatures have a special ability to help people in life’s struggles. Their tattoo designs often symbolize beauty and child-like innocence.

111 Fairy Tattoos Designs and Meanings

Today, we have gathered over 100 distinct tattoo designs of fairies for you to go through. If you’re seriously considering getting a fairy tattoo, then you might want to take some time and take a gander at all of the various designs that are available.

Bear in mind that you’re allowed to make your own adjustments to the designs and come up with your own meanings and interpretations for the tattoo. With that said, buckle up as we are about to take you on a wild journey through the vast world of fairy tattoos.

Butterfly Fairy Tattoo

In a general sense, butterfly fairy tattoo designs represent the joy and beauty of the world. If you’re in search of such tattoos, scroll down below to check them out:


1. Gracefulness

Butterfly Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: tuva.ink

The butterfly wings do not seem too over-the-top and the design overall captures the joyousness. The inclusion of the fairy’s shadow is also a pretty nice touch.


2. Blithe

Butterfly Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: theredparlourtattoo

Of course, if you wish to bring the best out of your fairy tattoo, then be sure to throw in some vibrant colors. Not only does it make the tattoo more noticeable, but it also captures the beauty of the tattoo quite vividly.


3. Serenity

Butterfly Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: katiemoonart

These tattoos are a wonderful way to show off one’s personality, especially when it comes to beauty and femininity. The design stands for innocence and serenity, in case you were wondering.

Dark Fairy Tattoo

These tattoos will mainly appeal to females with a goth-style persona, especially because of the meanings they carry. Here are some cool dark fairy tattoos for you to check out:


4. Loss Of Innocence 

Dark Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: venemousprick

The soulless eyes and the long-sharp nails of the fairy definitely give the tattoo an evil vibe. The dark wings are well-drawn as well.


5. Impurity

Dark Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: simon_baron_tattoo

It seems like there’s a lot going on in this design with the number of elements that are present here. The tattoo, nevertheless, looks pretty cool and it sure has an ominous vibe attached to it.


6. Looks Can Be Deceiving

Dark Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: valkyrietattooscotland

The tattoo design above of a fairy symbolizes deception. It means that you are a beautiful individual with a dark side that is hidden or concealed.

Mushroom Fairy Tattoo

Mushrooms are connected to nature and because of that connection, they have a natural bond with pretty much everything around it and that includes fairies as well, if they actually existed.


7. Nonchalance 

Mushroom Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: zombiebellabug

If you’re looking for a tattoo of a fairy that is incredibly aesthetic, this is definitely the one. The tattoo would also look good on one of your arms if you don’t want it on your leg.


8. Good Fortune

Mushroom Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: momagstattoos

Yes, the tattoo looks quite creepy and strange and it’s not something you see often. However, the meaning attached to it couldn’t be more positive and cheery. It symbolizes good luck.


9. Head Over Heels

Mushroom Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: elliott.tattoo

Tattoo designs where a crying fairy is seen sitting on a mushroom or hugging it actually symbolize sadness over a connection that has been broken or shattered.

Silhouette Fairy Tattoo

Silhouette tattoos have been becoming increasingly popular over the last few years. Scroll down below to check out some of the most unique silhouette tattoo designs of fairies:


10. Illusion

Silhouette Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: meaghan.rhea

Consider adding some unique patterns to these tattoo designs. You can also include more elements such as a couple of butterflies here and there to add more depth to your tattoo.


11. Fairy Dust

Silhouette Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: helen_tinc_etherington

Fairy dust is a magical powder that would give flight power to whoever the powder was sprinkled on. Of course, it’s not real but people like the idea of it.


12. Charm

Silhouette Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: baby_doll_ink

These tattoo designs would also look wonderful if they were etched on the upper corners of the torso. The tattoo above stands for charm or glamour.

Flower Fairy Tattoo

Typically, these fairy tattoos mean that you highly value nature and its beauty. Here are some striking tattoo designs of flower fairies for you to go through:


13. Guardian

Flower Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: buymeapumpkin

If you are looking for a tattoo design that will easily capture people’s attention, this is definitely the one for you. Feel free to use different shades of colors and replace the flower with another one if you wish to.


14. Enchantress

Flower Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: bethanyriverstattoos

The enchanting beauty of the fairy easily makes this tattoo the best-looking one so far. The detailing here is just perfect and the color combination couldn’t be any better.


15. Protector

Flower Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: barbielongfox

This design right here just proved that for a tattoo to look stunning, you don’t necessarily have to use bright colors or bold outlines. The presence of the flowers and the mushrooms symbolizes one’s love for nature.

Skeleton Fairy Tattoo

People get such tattoos for their aestheticism. The concept may sound peculiar at first but the end result will completely blow your mind away. Check them out:


16. Spirits Of The Dead

Skeleton Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: clancy_mercer_art

The tattoo will look best on one of the legs. The detailing on the skeleton is just perfect and you can make some more adjustments to the wings if you wish to.


17. Fallen Angel

Skeleton Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: acidscoop

Some skeleton fairy tattoos can be aesthetic as well and this design is one of them. If you wish to make your tattoo more meaningful, consider adding a short message at the bottom.


18. Wither Away

Skeleton Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: skidlette.tattoos

People do not usually get tattoos on the back of the neck. However, some tattoos look absolutely stunning in this particular location, just like this one does. The detailing here is quite sublime as well.

Mystical Fairy Tattoo

If you wish to show off your dreamy, whimsical side, getting these tattoo designs is the best way to do so. Scroll down below to go through some of the most wonderful tattoo works of mystical fairies:


19. Innocence

Mystical Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: linalimontattoo

You can tell that a lot of thought went into this design. It’s definitely not too complicated and the tattoo looks absolutely perfect in this particular location.


20. Watchful Protector

Mystical Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: jassspage

Of all the tattoos we have looked at so far, this one is by far the most realistic. The detailing at every inch of the design is just sublime and it can’t get any better than this.


21. Cheating Death

Mystical Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: josie_tat_twos

The tattoo design above symbolizes a feminine mystique. The artist has not made it too complex but the creativity is still actually there, especially with how the skull is protruding from the crescent moon. Not many people can come up with this.

Evil Fairy Tattoo

There is a certain charm about evilness that some people find really appealing. These tattoos mostly feature seductive women with a sly smile on their faces. Check them out below:


22. Looks Can Be Deceiving

Evil Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: tattoosbyalex79

Fairies spread joy wherever they go but as you can see, this one right here is the exact opposite. There is nothing positive about this design but if we’re talking about the visuals, it is outstandingly cool.


23. Irresistible 

Evil Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: helen_tinc_etherington

There’s a lot going on with this tattoo design. One thing that will surely grab people’s attention is the glaring stare given by the evil fairy. All in all, the design is pretty stylish and it’s a very good choice for an evil fairy tattoo.


24. Soulless Eyes

Evil Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: purpuratatuajes

Looking for a creepy tattoo design that features a fairy? This is the one right here! The detailing here is absolutely on point and this is the ideal location for the tattoo.

Mystic Moon Fairy Tattoo

Fairies sitting on a crescent moon symbolize feminine mystique and power. As you might’ve guessed, the tattoo designs in this section will appeal mostly to women.


25. Glamour

Mystic Moon Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: roni_0236

Glamour is the quality of alluring or attracting people, especially by a combination of good looks and charm. This striking pose of the fairy sitting on the crescent moon paints that picture quite vividly.


Mystic Moon Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: mr.inkwells



Mystic Moon Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: vvilliamalbert


American Traditional Fairy Tattoo



American Traditional Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: molehewitttattoo



American Traditional Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: leandrogiroldotattoo



American Traditional Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: redgrizzly123


Cat Fairy Tattoo



Cat Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: lo.tattoos



Cat Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: sugabear_tattoos



Cat Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: mastermindstattoo


Garden Fairy Tattoo



Garden Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: lillithvaintattoos



Garden Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: ash.s.tattoos



Garden Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: cappy_ink


Minimalist Fairy Tattoo



Minimalist Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: pashazstudio



Minimalist Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: cloud.tattt



Minimalist Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: megrobertstattoo


Tooth Fairy Tattoo



Tooth Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: allisintattoos



Tooth Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: kam_tattooer



Tooth Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: bulldogcustomtattooing


Weed Fairy Tattoo



Weed Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: madtatterky



Weed Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: 2ladiesinavan



Weed Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: thetattooflorist


Zelda Fairy Tattoo



Zelda Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: brianwingerter



Zelda Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: lois_doodles



Zelda Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: 56lozano47_12michael


Dragon Fairy Tattoo



Dragon Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: meister.tattoo



Dragon Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: sorrymatattoos



Dragon Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: jimmy.vonlemon.1


Sad Fairy Tattoo



Sad Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: markdwithinktattoo



Sad Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: bufobufotattoo



Sad Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: princepsed.tattoos


Ankle Fairy Tattoo



Ankle Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: smith.ink



Ankle Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: kewkba_tattoos



Ankle Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: jeffchewtattoostudio


Realistic Fairy Tattoo



Realistic Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: miss_preciouss



Realistic Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: livcaroart



Realistic Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: tabanan_inktattoo


Skull Fairy Tattoo



Skull Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: panidoratattoo



Skull Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: laurabellini.art



Skull Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: hayvenbowman


Snow Fairy Tattoo



Snow Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: kokeshitattoo



Snow Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: munkaspeni



Snow Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: radsimona17


Tribal Fairy Tattoo



Tribal Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: s.dreamsstudio1517



Tribal Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: kaisukuu



Tribal Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: lutattu


Mermaid Fairy Tattoo



Mermaid Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: yacalixto



Mermaid Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: misfitmenagerie



Mermaid Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: shapeshiftertat2


Naughty Fairy Tattoo



Naughty Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: hannahjones_tattoos



Naughty Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: catlynefable



Naughty Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: milly.maz


Sugar Skull Fairy Tattoo



Sugar Skull Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: life_of_lottiexox



Sugar Skull Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: stephicorn81



Sugar Skull Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: life_of_lottiexox


Warrior Fairy Tattoo



Warrior Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: crappy_name



Warrior Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: piccoli_tattoo



Warrior Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: _catnoname


Angel Fairy Tattoo



Angel Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: meriditatu



Angel Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: andersonreistattoo



Angel Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: halflife_of_human


Broken Fairy Tattoo



Broken Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: nittakar



Broken Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: haiziegrey



Broken Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: deepak.vetal.5


Fantasia Fairy Tattoo



Fantasia Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: jharmony_tatts



Fantasia Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: arcanawaves



Fantasia Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: meaghan.rhea


Punk Fairy Tattoo



Punk Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: tonycliftontattoos



Punk Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: tattoos.by.em



Punk Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: spork_chop


Twin Fairy Tattoo



Twin Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: rabbitfoot.tattoo



Twin Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: annaolivia.tattoo



Twin Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: molliekelttattoos


Absinthe Fairy Tattoo



Absinthe Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: izadeeg



Absinthe Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: morninggorytattoo



Absinthe Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: rabbittattooer


Abstract Fairy Tattoo



Abstract Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: jam_butty_tattoo



Abstract Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: sable.art



Abstract Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: _aramoonlight_


Angry Fairy Tattoo



Angry Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: neotokyo_edinburgh



Angry Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: urielettetattoo



Angry Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: bonesandstars


Anime Fairy Tattoo



Anime Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: allinkeduptattoo



Anime Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: evil_rob



Anime Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: tachotheripper


Back Fairy Tattoo



Back Fairy Tattoo 1
Source: gunajit_tatin



Back Fairy Tattoo 2
Source: whitewaspstudio



Back Fairy Tattoo 3
Source: tomnavtattoo


And that’s a wrap! Yes, we are aware of the fact that this was very overwhelming but if you want the perfect fairy tattoo on your body, you’re going to have to go through this long list of designs and pick the one that you’re actually going to be satisfied with.

After that, you will just have to consult your tattoo artist and make sure they’re fit for the job or capable enough to get you the design that you desire. Once you’ve completed that step, you will be ready to get your first/ next fairy tattoo.

Good luck!


Frequently Asked Questions


What Does A Fairy Tattoo Mean and Symbolize?

Fairy tattoos often symbolize beauty and child-like innocence.

What Size To Go For When It Comes To Your Fairy Tattoo?

These tattoos look best if they are medium-sized or small-sized.

What Is The Average Price Point For Your Fairy Tattoo?

Fairy tattoos are quite pricey. A smaller fairy tattoo will cost you $200.

Can Guys Get Fairy Tattoos?

Guys can get fairy tattoo designs if they enjoy, appreciate and embrace their symbolism.

Which Celebrities Have Fairy Tattoos?

Britney Spears and Lily Collins have got cute fairy tattoos.

Where to place your fairy Tattoo?

The placement may vary from person to person. Typically, fairy tattoos look great on the chest, on the forearm as well as on the thighs.

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