102 Unique Mushroom Tattoo Ideas You’ll Love ( 2024)

With each passing day, the tattoo industry has been witnessing a revolution of change. People are now moving away from getting inked with conventional tattoo designs with the inception of new more quirky ink ideas. One such peculiar ink trend is mushroom tattoo designs. 

You might wonder why would you want to have fungi etched on your skin.  Well, mushroom tattoos come with their symbolisms and are widely popular in many cultures. 

It is believed that mushroom tattoos are a source of magic, power, well-being, and strength. While for others they’re just a source of personal experience, a memory that triggered the need to get a mushroom tattoo. 

Whatever the reason, mushroom tattoo arts are very attractive and mysterious. Therefore, something you surely want to get for yourself.


102 Mushroom Tattoo Designs and Meanings

A very popular reason for people to get mushroom tattoos is the belief that they are magical vegetables, as stated in mythical stories. No matter what, we can say for sure that Mushroom tattoos do possess good luck. To help you decide which shroom tattoo you would want to get inked with, we have collected some of the best mushroom designs with their meanings below.


Trippy Mushroom Tattoo

Mushrooms with psychoactive compounds are a very common way of getting high these days, and if you are someone who likes to live a carefree life then you should definitely get a trippy mushroom tattoo for yourself. Get trippy with these trippy shroom tattoo designs below.


1.Good Time Shrooms

Trippy Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: tattsbyjacs

Look at all those trippy emojis on these shrooms. Definitely, a great way to make a statement is by getting these etched on your body.


2. Colour Play

Trippy Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: xhuy.ink

The bright contrasting color shades on this mushroom tattoo really help it to stand out and also infuse psychedelia in your friends. A great way to play with your friends’ minds.


3. Shroomy Elegance

Trippy Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: shyygirltattoo

This mushroom tattoo on a woman’s bicep is not just elegant but spectacular thanks to the amount of details on it. This is going to add to your beauty if you decide to get it.


Minimalist Mushroom Tattoo

Here are some minimalist mushroom tattoo designs if you are looking for something simple. The tattoos below are easy to hide and very simply designed, but would still look beautiful on your skin!


4, Half-Sleeve Mushroom

Minimalist Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: ellemakestattoos

A very simple mushroom design with a combination of flowers and other vegetation. If you choose to get this tattoo, it would be easy for you to hide it under your half-sleeved t-shirts.


5. Magical Shrooms

Minimalist Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: wastedtalenttattoos

The mushroom tattoo design does look very dreamy and contains a range of different mushroom designs. This tattoo would look aesthetic when you wear white socks with the design lining up right on top of the edge of the sock.


6. Mushroom Slice Tattoo

Minimalist Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: pokevalls

Looks a lot like sliced mushrooms you’d find in your soup. Consider getting this simple tattoo if you are a chef or a cook.


Traditional Mushroom Tattoo

Below we have selected some traditional mushroom tattoos for you, these tattoos are the most sought after designs that people choose to get inked with. When you think about mushrooms, you are definitely thinking about frogs and other similar objects.


7. Frog On A Mushroom

Traditional Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: nyspeakeasytattoo

The frog enjoying his sandwich sitting on the mushroom, reminds you to enjoy life and all the little things that matter to you. The hint of green, yellow, and red color on this ink really helps the tattoo to stand out.


8. Red Mushrooms

Traditional Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: sedutattoo

Red is a very popular color choice when it comes to tattoos, mainly because it can attract people very easily. If that is something you are aiming to do getting this red mushrooms tattoo would help you achieve that.


9. The Lady Wearing The Shroom Hat

Traditional Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: pager_the_rager

Just look at those eyes! A beautiful piece of art for beautiful women like you. The sheer beauty of this tattoo is compelling enough to get it inked on your skin.


Mario Mushroom Tattoo

We all are big fans of the video game Super Mario. Relieve your childhood days by getting inked with these villainous shrooms. We present to you some of the coolest Super Mario mushroom tattoos.


10. 1-Up Mushroom

Mario Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: baileyneiltattoo

If you have played Super Mario then you’d remember this green mushroom to be a 1-Up Mushroom that grants you an extra life. Well, getting an extra life isn’t possible but this uniquely detailed shroom is a great source of motivation and good luck!


11. Pixelated Mushroom

Mario Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: erikornstrom.tft

These Mushroom tattoos are sure to take back to the arcade days when you would spend all day playing Super Mario trying to save the princess. You can either choose to get inked with one of these cute shrooms or get both of them tattooed on your wrists.


12. Power-Up Shroom

Mario Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: hammerandnailtattoosociety

Get this cute power-up mushroom to have all the strength you need to conquer your demons. This tattoo is tiny but cute and would look really great anywhere on your body.


Morel Mushroom Tattoo

If you wouldn’t know already, Morel mushrooms are one of the most prized and rare mushrooms out there. Isn’t that a good description for you as well? Check out these unique looking Morel mushroom tattoos and pick one to redefine your personality.


13. Aesthetic Morel

Morel Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: jake.inks

Here is a black and white aesthetic Morel mushroom tattoo. This is a very simple tattoo but contains a lot of detail. Check out the grainy texture on this design which adds a lot of value to the art.


14. A Colourful Bunch

Morel Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: tattoosbylevi

This tattoo on the man’s bicep has a lot of detail on it, including a couple of Morel mushrooms as well. A serene tattoo art that you can consider getting.


15. Mushroom Heaven

Morel Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: bitterfruittattoo

A back of the arm mushroom tattoo with not just Morel shrooms but regular shrooms as well. You cannot deny that the Morel mushrooms add a lot of value to this minimalistic design.


Psychedelic Mushroom Tattoo

We have already mentioned mushrooms containing psychoactive compounds. Is there more to this cute little fungi than what is visible to plain sight? Check out these cool psychedelic mushroom tattoo designs and let your imagination go wild.


16. Crazy Shroom

Psychedelic Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: maniacs_ink_303

A quirky mushroom tattoo art. Probably designed by someone high on shrooms. The beautiful psychedelic color contrast on this tattoo design is sure to get people looking.


17. The Shroom Is Watching You

Psychedelic Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: nesytattoo

This tattoo is creepy enough to give anyone the chills. If you have Trypophobia then this psychedelic mushroom tattoo is not for you.


18. Rainbow Mushroom

Psychedelic Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: adamharmontattoo

The mushroom tattoo on the woman’s wrist is nothing more than pure psychedelic art! The shades of color are brilliantly incorporated in this tattoo, something you should consider for yourself.


Geometric Mushroom Tattoo

Aesthetic mushrooms when fused with precise geometric designs give birth to tattoos that are not only breathtaking but deeply meaningful as well. Notice how these geometric mushroom tattoo designs can uplift your beauty.


19. Psychedelic Gem

Geometric Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: chong.tattoo

A geometric mushroom tattoo with contrasts of color on the border. The color contrast really helps in popping out the design and makes it more noticeable.

20. Emerald Beauty

Geometric Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: chong.tattoo

This mushroom tattoo might look very simple at first glance, but the addition of the green color adds new life to the art. A jewel you would surely want to possess.

21. Mystic Shroom

Geometric Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: chong.tattoo

Looks a lot like the last one, but the play of colors on the mushroom head reinvents this cool tattoo. We are sure you are making up your mind to go for the mushroom tattoo just like the dog.


Fairy Mushroom Tattoo

Mystic art is never complete without magical fairies in them. A great way to embrace your inner child and be enchanted by these little beauties. You will definitely find the fairy mushroom tattoo meant for you from the selections below.


22. Naughty Fairy

Fairy Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: inkandhoneytattoos

A sexy tattoo art that symbolizes being bold and playful. Being the bold beauty that you are, you should get this fairy mushroom tattoo inked on your skin.


23. Tinkerbell

Fairy Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: raymond.savanna

We all know how cute Tinkerbell is. If you are a fan of Peter Pan and his adventures, getting this tattoo of Tinkerbell resting on a magic mushroom won’t be a bad idea.


24. Beautiful And Proud

Fairy Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: magick_moo_tattoo

Fairies are widely known for their beauty. This fairy mushroom tattoo with a beautiful fairy sitting on a mushroom would look alluring on your leg.


Realistic Mushroom Tattoo

Mushroom tattoos coming to life. If you are a big fan of mushrooms and their mythical powers then possessing a realistic tattoo is something that you really want. Well, fear not because we have got you covered with some of the best realistic mushroom tattoo designs.


25. Forest of Shrooms

Realistic Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: maddiewilshertattoos

A big forest of long mushrooms, plenty of magical powers for you. The detail on this black and white realistic mushroom tattoo really helps in inducing it with life.


Realistic Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: aawtattoo



Realistic Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: omni_present_e


Skull Mushroom Tattoo


Skull Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: audberry_tattoo



Skull Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: electricsunlc



Skull Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: bleakoutlook


Magic Mushroom Tattoo


Magic Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: strangeworksjb



Magic Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: bangbangbodyarts



Magic Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: ihana_ink


1 Up Mushroom Tattoo


1 Up Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: inkflictionstudio



1 Up Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: pollyplankton



1 Up Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: nola_nailed_it


Frog Mushroom Tattoo


Frog Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: lexiwilkinson_



Frog Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: valkyrie_tattoo_gallery



Frog Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: alyschendliktattoos


Oyster Mushroom Tattoo


Oyster Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: sosdoestats



Oyster Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: tom.inx



Oyster Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: hellhoundtattoobristol


Cartoon Mushroom Tattoo


Cartoon Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: carney_cai



Cartoon Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: knptattoo



Cartoon Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: redraven_ink


Chanterelle Mushroom Tattoo


Chanterelle Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: paganinkbysarahstreet



Chanterelle Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: artof_cj



Chanterelle Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: solemn_rose


Turkey Tail Mushroom Tattoo



Turkey Tail Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: wildcrafttattoo



Turkey Tail Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: katfacetattoos



Turkey Tail Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: flufur.tattoo


Walking Mushroom Tattoo



Walking Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: dani.louise.ink



Walking Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: limassol_tattoo_crew



Walking Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: breeshennahands


Allman Brothers Mushroom Tattoo



Allman Brothers Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: ianontheair



Allman Brothers Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: raccoon_artist



Allman Brothers Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: anitawilsontattooist


American Traditional Mushroom Tattoo



American Traditional Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: mustyrattats



American Traditional Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: tatsbyori



American Traditional Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: batsforbrains


Crystal Mushroom Tattoo



Crystal Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: robynlynboschart



Crystal Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: voodouxtattoos



Crystal Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: j3mink


Psilocybin Mushroom Tattoo



Psilocybin Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: loki_tattoos



Psilocybin Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: kelynjames



Psilocybin Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: tattooedbychris


Snail Mushroom Tattoo



Snail Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: foxkidstattoos



Snail Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: jmcc.857



Snail Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: madison_taylor_tattoos


Forest Mushroom Tattoo



Forest Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: naetibbs.tattoo



Forest Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: kgw.tattoo



Forest Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: brookerabbit


Infected Mushroom Tattoo



Infected Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: graveyard.shift888



Infected Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: clawzceee



Infected Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: lucifernandarotten


Dainty Mushroom Tattoo



Dainty Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: halloween.parade



Dainty Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: karine.ink



Dainty Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: gotoobatz


Alien Mushroom Tattoo



Alien Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: stephmosstattoos



Alien Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: toothandnail.tattoo



Alien Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: alexth13kid


Amanita Mushroom Tattoo



Amanita Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: lampart.pracownia



Amanita Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: vividflora.ink



Amanita Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: parmanite.ink


New School Mushroom Tattoo



New School Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: tattooatta



New School Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: rec.tattoo



New School Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: curlyh0rns


Reishi Mushroom Tattoo



Reishi Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: spiritalchemytattoo



Reishi Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: sarahericetattoo



Reishi Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: riaptor


Botanical Mushroom Tattoo



Botanical Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: foxx.teeth_



Botanical Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: tattooingbarbie



Botanical Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: kalatu_tattoo


Enoki Mushroom Tattoo



Enoki Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: erika.tattoo.art



Enoki Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: theartofamberramirez



Enoki Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: carolla_deville


Gnome Mushroom Tattoo



Gnome Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: johnalvaradotattoos



Gnome Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: karathetattooist



Gnome Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: manna_bananna


Japanese Mushroom Tattoo



Japanese Mushroom Tattoo 1
Source: hand_elements_tattoo



Japanese Mushroom Tattoo 2
Source: smp.tattoos



Japanese Mushroom Tattoo 3
Source: smp.tattoos


Nonetheless, mushroom tattoos are much more than just regular pigment on your skin.  They’re art that conveys stories and loads of symbolism that defines you and your character. If you are a big fan of mysticism and adored all the fairy tales you grew up reading, then what better way to relieve that other than getting a mushroom tattoo? These tattoos are indeed a great vessel of spirituality. They bring power, good luck, and well-being to whoever possesses one. No matter what the reason shroom tattoos are a great way to connect to yourself and have more admiration for the alluring fungi.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What does mushroom people tattoo mean?

Mushrooms are considered a source of power in various cultures. It is popularly believed that mushroom tattoos are a great way to showcase power through art.


2. Is a mushroom a symbol of luck?

Yes, it is believed that mushrooms can bring good luck to people.

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