25 Best February Birth Flower Tattoo In Collection For Inking

February brings us an enchanting blend of winter’s end and the promise of spring’s arrival. Each month has different birth flowers, representing unique meanings and motivations. And like that, Violet is the birth flower of February. 

Violets symbolize things such as – 

  1. Modesty 
  2. Faithfulness 
  3. Virtue
  4. Love
  5. Remembrance
  6. Arrival of Spring
  7. Sensitivity and Shyness

Now, let us dive deeper into the best February Birth Flower tattoo collection in town for your next tattoo session. Each tattoo is different than the other representing variations and meanings.


25 Best February Birth Flower Tattoo Designs And Meanings

Explore the allure of February’s birth flower, through our curated selection of the 25 Best February Birth Flower Tattoo Designs and Meanings.

Each design shows the essence of modesty, faithfulness, and virtue, offering a unique blend of artistic beauty and personal symbolism.


Violet February Birth Flower Tattoo

The upcoming five Violet flower tattoos fall under the simple minimalistic category in our collection. They are all colorless and small in size, the lines are also very sleek.

The patterns of the tattoos are the same, yet they are different because of the styles. 


1. Violets In A Circle

Violet February Birth Flower Tattoo 1
Source: who_is_agne

There are three small-sized Violets in the tattoo, with little leaves aside. The design of straight lines around it, makes it look as if a light is coming out of it. 


2. Violets With Buds And Leaves

Violet February Birth Flower Tattoo 2
Source: brighteyestattoo

In this tattoo, there are three violets, with multiple small buds. And there are big leaves along with small leaves in it. 

The tattoo looks as if it is drawn with a black-inked pen. 


3. Minimalist Violets 

Violet February Birth Flower Tattoo 3
Source: _lucidtattoos_

Minimalist tattoos make a person feel organized and simple. There are two Violets in the tattoo, with a few leaves aside. No flower bud can be seen in it.


4. Heavy Yet Simple Violets

Violet February Birth Flower Tattoo 4
Source: amberraboin

The tattoo artist here gave a heavy floral look, but that does not take the tattoo out of the minimalist category. 

It is a long stick with multiple flowers, buds, and leaves – making it look like a simple traditional floral tattoo.


5. Triplets Violets 

Violet February Birth Flower Tattoo 5
Source: inkspirationbb

The way three of the flowers are attached to each other, it feels as if they are triplets. We can also see a moon and a few stars in the tattoo. 


February Birth Month Flower Tattoo

The next five tattoos in our collection are a mixture of dark pencil sketch shades, light colors, bright colors, and simple sleek designs. 

In one tattoo, the artist also customized it with a few important lines that the tattoo doer wants. 


6. Sketched Violets

February Birth Month Flower Tattoo 1
Source: vickystraktattoo

This tattoo gives a very classy vibe, because of the way it is drawn. The artist painted three flowers and leaves like sketching – making it look so soothing. 


7. A Stick of Purple Blue Violets

February Birth Month Flower Tattoo 2
Source: caseydohnertattoos

These Violets in the tattoo appear like real flowers, with a combination of both light purple and blue colors.

There are also a few lines written – which you can customize according to your choice of poems, quotes, or songs. 


8. Super Simple February Birth Flower 

February Birth Month Flower Tattoo 3
Source: sophiekennedy.tattoos

It is a simple small-bloomed Violet without any colors, with a half-bloomed flower beside it.

However, there is only one leaf in this full stick of the flowers. 


9. Pure Violets Flowers For Leg

February Birth Month Flower Tattoo 4
Source: emm.dots

You can ink this tattoo in your leg area. There are three purple violets, and by pure here we mean it looks very fresh. 


10. Purple And Yellow Violets Flowers

February Birth Month Flower Tattoo 5
Source: hollytattoo

It is a different combination of the violet flowers that we can see in this tattoo. The purple and yellow shades, with green leaves, give a vibe of a colorful world. 


February Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas

The next five collection of tattoos in our list falls under two categories. Some tattoos are gorgeous, and some are very simple and minimalist types of tattoos.

But none of them are colorful, all are colorless, and maybe one or two have little light colors in them.


11. Simple Daisy Like Violets

February Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas 1
Source: bunami.ink

When our tattoo experts first looked at this tattoo, they felt as if these were daisies and not violets. 

It is similar to a daisy because of the light yellow color in the middle, and white petals.


12. Gorgeous February Birth Flowers

February Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas 2
Source: kayseeshuster

The tattoo that we see here looks like a 3D drawing of flowers. There are different flowers in the tattoo, along with leaves and buds, all in black and white. 


13. Small Baby February Birth Flowers 

February Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas 3
Source: 77kierstyn

These flowers here in the tattoo are very tiny with little petals and leaves. It can look at the hands of women or around the neck area of women. 


14. Birth Flower Tattoo Drawn With Pen

February Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas 4
Source: mint_hontattoo

Why have we given it this name? Before you start thinking it is drawn by a pen for real, listen, it is not.

But the way it’s inked feels like inked with a normal gel pen. 


15. Long Birth Flower Tattoo

February Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas 5
Source: lonelytattoos

We tend to think that flower tattoos are only for women – but absolutely it is not. The tattoo we see here, it’s best for the back side of men. 


December And February Birth Flower Tattoo

Our next five birth flower tattoos are a classic fusion of traditional and modern tattoos. The floral designs here are a beautiful mixture of December and February birth flowers – Holly and Violets.

Holly symbolizes wisdom, courage, and defense. Whereas Violets symbolize many more important things in daily life.

So the combination is very powerful both in meaning and appearance. However, here are some other flowers inked also.


16. The Powerful Violets And Holly 

December And February Birth Flower Tattoo 1
Source: kariannetattoo

We can see that the bunch of violets and hollies are decorated with some beautiful big stones and chains of pearls. 

There is also an old brownish-colored ribbon that is tied around it.


17. Primrose And Other December Flowers

December And February Birth Flower Tattoo 2
Source: ellisarchtattoo

After the Violets, Primrose is the secondary birth flower of February. This tattoo is a colorful combination of primrose and other flowers that bloom in December.


18. Eye-catching Floral Tattoo For Arms 

December And February Birth Flower Tattoo 3
Source: paige.nicole.tattoos

Well, assuming that you are someone who loves colors and vibrant flowers. Then this tattoo is something you will really love. 

Moreover, the art is enhanced with the butterflies in the tattoo.


19. Eye Soothing Colors of Flowers

December And February Birth Flower Tattoo 4
Source: kane_tattoos

In our daily machine-type lifestyle, we really need something that’s going to soothe our eyes and mind.

Well, this tattoo is the thing, that will actually give you peace when you see it. 


20. Flowers Blooming In Stones

December And February Birth Flower Tattoo 5
Source: robertvincentfiore

The tattoo portrays something very deep and important. Life is uncertain, when you feel everything has finished, life will show you the most shocking sides of nature. Just the way flowers bloomed in stones here. 


February Birth Flower Tattoo With Name

Both men and women like to put their or someone else’s names on their tattoos. 

We already know what the flowers of today’s collection portray, so you make it special by putting the name you want. 

See the samples here in the upcoming five tattoos, and then customize it the way you like and want. 


21. Bloody Stained Flowers

February Birth Flower Tattoo With Name 1
Source: alicemasiadreams

The color shades in the tattoo make it appear like faded blood stains on the body. And someone’s name is written beside it. 

However, this tattoo feels like a commercial poster that is printed on the lower neck area of men. 


22. Pure Feelings 

February Birth Flower Tattoo With Name 2
Source: artofficial.tattoos

This light purple color, with shades of white and a little yellow, makes it look very aesthetic. And at the same time, it looks very simple and traditional too. 


23. Bunch of Beautiful Violets 

February Birth Flower Tattoo With Name 3
Source: bailey.tats

Someone who loves the purple color and violets – will just go crazy over this tattoo.

A fresh bunch of violets with green leaves, the date and name of a person you adore – in short life is good.


24. A Unique February Birth Flower Tattoo

February Birth Flower Tattoo With Name 4
Source: tattooist_giho_

A delightful half-moon, with a milky way around it – what a great portrayal of uniqueness. The is decorated with a tone above and some violets in blue and purple. 


25. Flowers Inside A Vase

February Birth Flower Tattoo With Name 5
Source: corinascreations

In this tattoo, we can see one violet flower and another daffodil flower. The sign lines of the two names make it look like a vase. 



A February birth flower tattoo is not just a beautiful piece of body art but a meaningful symbol of the qualities associated with violets.  Our tattoo choice offers a timeless connection to the natural world and the deeper emotions that flowers can convey.

Our tattoo experts picked each and every 25 tattoos for you with love and dedication. February is on its way, so if you already decided which one to ink, then book your artist. 

You can even ink multiple tattoos from our list in different parts of your body.



Can I add more details to my tattoo of the February birth flower?

Yes, you may make your tattoo more special by using features like names, birthdates, or significant phrases.

Do February birth flower tattoos have a gender preference?

No, these tattoos are gender-neutral and adaptable for many types of people. Individual preferences can be accommodated in the positioning and design.

Are there any special aftercare considerations for flower tattoos?

The aftercare for flower tattoos is the same as for other tattoos, to be honest. Keep it hydrated, clean, and sun-protected. To ensure optimal healing and long-lasting beauty, adhere to your tattoo artist’s precise guidelines.

What is the typical size and detailing for a February birth flower tattoo?

The size and detailing can vary widely based on your preferences. Some opt for small, intricate violets, while others choose larger, more elaborate designs with additional elements.  

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