27 Unique Minimalist Birth Flower Tattoos To Celebrate Love & Life

Is it your birth knocking on the door? Do you want to show your love to your special friend or family? Why not celebrate these little things with minimalist family birth flower tattoos?

Honestly, not everyone likes life-size or realistic-looking tattoos. For them, the line birth flower tattoos are perfect. Just like zodiac signs, each birth month is expressed with one or two special flowers. 

Narcissus, for example, is a December birth flower. It symbolizes self-love, purity, and celebration of life. Likewise, Likewise, daisy, the April birth flower, stands for good luck, eternal love, and balance of nature. 

Getting the birth month flower tattoo is indeed unique and attractive. Access 27 trendy minimalist birth flower tattoos in this article. 


27 Minimalist Family Birth Flower Tattoos With Meaning

The family birth flower tattoos are a beautiful way to celebrate life. These designs give a sense of identity to most people.

Inking a birth flower tattoo expresses self-love. You can add more flowers to the branch. These can be the birth month flowers of your loved ones. This is a unique way of showing affection.

Catch 27 minimal family birth flower tattoo ideas below.


Birth Flower Bouquet Tattoo

The birth flower bouquet tattoos are in high demand now. Inking more flowers to the branch adds more meaning to the tattoo. Besides, it reveals the unseen layers of your personality. For example, a daisy with a rose stands for innocent and pure love.

1. Little Moments

Birth Flower Bouquet Tattoo 1
Source: beccasuetattoo

Happiness lies in the little things. The tattoo here illustrates a beautiful natural moment. It symbolizes that you can find joy anywhere when you own every moment.

2. Pretty Stuff 

Birth Flower Bouquet Tattoo 2
Source: the_tinytatstudio

This minimal floral bouquet tattoo has elegance in it. Two different flowers in the bouquet have added dynamics to the overall meaning. The tattoo symbolizes beauty, positivity, and feminine energy.

3. Bonding For Life 

Birth Flower Bouquet Tattoo 3
Source: inkedbyineke

You can express your love to your family with flower bouquet tattoos. Add their birth flowers to the bouquet. It will reflect your care and tenderness for them.

Birth Flower Tattoos Ideas

You can never go boring with a birth flower tattoo. Each flower has several varieties. For example, a rose is a June month birth flower. While the red rose symbolizes pure love, the yellow one represents friendship. Besides, you can add elements to the basic flowers to make the tattoo interesting.

4. Amore

Birth Flower Tattoos Ideas 1
Source: katiethetattoolady

The lily and lotus signify a new phase. Get this tattoo to celebrate the life of a newborn in your family. Ink the date to make the design more meaningful.

5. Vessel Of Life   

Birth Flower Tattoos Ideas 2
Source: skileystattoos

This birth flower tattoo radiates a positive energy. The lily of the valley and the narcissus signify happiness and joy. Again, the poppy and daisy reflect the purity of life.

6. Baby’s Breath   

Birth Flower Tattoos Ideas 3
Source: handitrip

Baby’s breath flower tattoos are unique and look gorgeous. This tattoo brings innocence and freshness to your personality. You can keep the flowers white or color them pink or purple.

Delicate Family Birth Flower Tattoos

Family birth flower tattoos establish you as a family person. These body arts reflect your dedication and affection for your loved ones. Select flowers according to the birth months of your family members. Both males and females can ink these family birth flower tattoos.

7. World Of My Own 

Delicate Family Birth Flower Tattoos 1
Source: shu041485

The family flower birth tattoos are timeless. This body art lets you express your loyalty and emotions for your family. It also stands for unconditional love.

8. Blooming  

Delicate Family Birth Flower Tattoos 2
Source: tattooist_yutae

This birth flower tattoo is enough to motivate you to move forward. The gladiolus in the tattoo symbolizes strength and resilience. Again, the narcissus makes you aware of your inner mind.

9. Spring Time

Delicate Family Birth Flower Tattoos 3
Source: tattooist_yutae

Families always stand with you in thick and thin. This tattoo reminds us of such support. It shows that the hard times will pass, and you will bloom with success soon.

Birth Flower Chart Tattoo

Each month has a different birth flower. For example, the carnation is the birth flower of January. It symbolizes devotion, passion, and fascination. Likewise, violet represents the February born. The flower embodies modesty and gratitude for life. Find your birth month flower and ink it to express your fantastic personality.

10. Forever Love 

Birth Flower Chart Tattoo 1
Source: wildiris.ink

No other flower can offer the warmth of a rose. This flower symbolizes inner courage, purity, and beauty. The June-borns use the rose birth flower to express their emotions.

11. Magical Dust 

Birth Flower Chart Tattoo 2
Source: jettblackjune

The Lilly of the Valley is a May birth flower. This flower is used to celebrate motherhood in many cultures. You can get this tattoo after having your first child.

12. Reborn   

Birth Flower Chart Tattoo 3
Source: yeowool_tattooer

Tulips bloom at the beginning of spring. The tattoo, here, symbolizes rebirth and a new start. The Rose and butterfly in the design stand for dedication and a give-up mentality.

July Birth Flower Larkspur Tattoo

Larkspur, or delphinium, is the flower of July. So, the July-born people ink this flower as their birth month tattoo. The Larkspur flower resembles the spur of a knight. No wonder the tattoo reflects the same warrior-like mentality and resilience.

13. I Am Enough 

July Birth Flower Larkspur Tattoo 1
Source: tattoobysoso

This ‘I am enough’ Larkspur tattoo will remind you of your self-worth. It illustrates the significance of self-love. You can only share happiness when you keep yourself satisfied.

14. The Whisper

July Birth Flower Larkspur Tattoo 2
Source: beauty.adoreink

Larkspur flower tattoo depicts an emotional side of yours. It represents how easily you get attached to people. Also, the flower shows that you value the affection of others.

15. The Blush 

July Birth Flower Larkspur Tattoo 3
Source: trending__tattoos

The poppy suits perfectly with the basic larkspur flower tattoo. Together, these flowers symbolize the beauty of first love. This tattoo represents the emotional connection you share with your partner.

Gemini Birth Flower Tattoo

Geminies share two birth months, from May 21 to June 20. Their birth flowers are chrysanthemums, lily of the valley, and lavender. Besides, lotus is considered lucky for the Geminies. Each flower symbolizes different sides of a Gemini. For example, the lily stands for openness; the lotus reflects their pure soul.

16. Winner Of Hearts 

Gemini Birth Flower Tattoo 1
Source: tattooist_solar

The lavender wrapping around a sword reflects the brave nature of Geminies. It says that Geminies are born stubborn and rebels. Yet, they carry the innocence in their hearts.

17. Moonlight Bloom 

Gemini Birth Flower Tattoo 2
Source: myashleyb04

You can not take your eyes off this lavender-moon tattoo. It spreads off a magical aura. The moon in the tattoo depicts a spiritual energy, and lavender symbolizes the calmness of life.

18. Sacred Flower

Gemini Birth Flower Tattoo 3

Lavender has a sacred background. In ancient times, the lavender scent was used to promote inner peace. Use this lavender birth flower tattoo to connect to the divine power.

Leo Birth Flower Tattoo

Leos are born in the sunniest months (July 23 to August 23). No wonder sunflower is used as their birth flower tattoo. People also consider marigolds, clivia, dahlia, and safflower the Leo birth month tattoo. The flowers reflect happiness and a radiating positive energy.

19. Gleam & Glow  

Leo Birth Flower Tattoo 1
Source: timatattoos_

Sunflowers rise under the sunshine. Right? But the Leos bloom in any condition, night or day. The sunflower tattoo with the moon’s constellation reflects such determination and hunger for success.

20. Unconditional Loyalty  

Leo Birth Flower Tattoo 2
Source: uno.tat

The sunflowers teach us such consistency. You will witness this unwavering faith and loyalty in Leos, too. They are ready to sacrifice anything to protect their loved ones.

21. Soaking The Sun 

Leo Birth Flower Tattoo 3
Source: o.ri_tattoo

No hardship and struggle in life are permanent. So, keep your head high and keep fighting. The sunflower birth tattoo reminds us of the upcoming good days.

Scorpio Birth Flower Tattoo

You can spot a Scorpio by their dedication, passion, and loyalty. People born from October 23rd to November 21st fall in this Zodiac sign. Geranium is considered the birth flower for the Scorpios. The flower illustrates friendship and the value of relations.

22. Forget Me Not

Scorpio Birth Flower Tattoo 1
Source: youngchickentattoo

Scorpios often ink a forget-me-not birth flower tattoo if it suits their personality more. These deep blue flowers symbolize the delicacy of life and relations. The tattoo stands for true love.

23. Hight Hopes

Scorpio Birth Flower Tattoo 2
Source: o.ri_tattoo

The geranium tattoos depict the visionary nature of the Scorpios. These people love to shoot for the star, regardless of their condition. It makes the Scorpios the real winners.

24. Admiring Beauty 

Scorpio Birth Flower Tattoo 3
Source: tattooist_solar

Purple geranium flowers are rare but carry a special meaning. Tattoos of these flowers with a sword illustrate admiration for true bravery. They also symbolize the establishment of peace.

Fine Line Birth Flower Tattoo

The line birth flower tattoos look clean. This type of tattoo flourishes you as delicate and emotional. Also, the line birth flower tattoos reflect the simplicity of your nature. You can choose the flowers according to your birth month. Add more flowers or elements to make the tattoo exciting and meaningful.

25. Pause And Breathe 

Fine Line Birth Flower Tattoo 1
Source: vibetattoo.ut

Sometimes, it is important to take a break and live in the moment. The daisy birth flower tattoos will remind us to stay humble and grateful.


Fine Line Birth Flower Tattoo 2
Source: yeowool_tattooer



Fine Line Birth Flower Tattoo 3
Source: yeowool_tattooer



Minimalist birth flower tattoos suit both males and females. Yes, the floral tattoos have a more feminine touch and energy. Yet, the men happily embrace this trend, which only makes them more attractive to women. You can select your preferred family birth flower tattoo from our collection or get an idea.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Flower Tattoo Means Family?

The hibiscus is the most popular family tattoo. But forget-me-not, lily of the valley, and rose also represent the loyalty and love of a family. You can add jasmine and sunflower to the list, too.

What Does The Minimal Flower Tattoo Mean?

The minimalist family birth flower tattoos are small and carry a special meaning to you. Such line tattoos show the maturity and simplicity of the wearer. Also, the minimal tattoos are less painful to ink and easier to remove.

What Flower Tattoo Represents Life?

Lily flowers are often associated with life. It signifies the excitement of life and the beauty of death. Lily is the birth month flower of May.

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