80+ Badass Gorilla Tattoos to Show-off Your Masculinity!

Gorillas are an herbivorous animal that lives primarily in deep forests. They have a hairless faces with small eyes, large muscular hands, broad chests and shoulders, and broad chests and shoulders. They typically live in packs, with the leader designated as a silverback. People obtain gorilla tattoos for a variety of reasons, including loyalty, friendliness, gentleness, and compassion. They represent wisdom, tenderness, and compassion.

To some people’s surprise, their DNA is found to be between 95% and 99% identical to our own.

They are considered the third most closely related to humans after bonobos and chimpanzees. In spite of the association with utility, studies of these apes are impressive in and of themselves. At first appearance, the huge head, short neigh, and stocky build could be off-putting. If you dare to enter one of their camps, you should expect a hostile reception.

In reality, gorillas are one of the most docile species of primates and are only dangerous when provoked. They genuinely care about people and give priority to helping the elderly and the children. One could say that they relieve the elderly of unnecessary responsibility.

There is an unending list of different types of gorilla tattoos, each with its own meaning and reason why people acquire gorilla tattoos. This article contains various gorilla tattoos, each with its own meaning and explanation.

Let’s get started then-


82 Gorilla Tattoos Designs and Meanings

Gorilla tattoo designs can be designed in a variety of different ways. Tattoos featuring gorillas can be drawn in a realistic or cartoonish style. Some gorilla tattoos feature a serene gorilla, while others have a fierce one. Most gorilla tattoos only feature the animal’s head. However, there are some gorilla tattoo designs that show the full animal.

Symbols and motifs often linked with the gorilla are also common in gorilla tattoo designs. There are several gorilla designs that incorporate bamboo, plants, flowers, and even other creatures. Some gorilla tattoos may feature a gorilla with another gorilla, either a baby or an older one. It’s not uncommon for gorilla tattoos to use a landscape as a secondary design element.

And as for the meaning, Gorilla tattoos can have symbolic meanings and signify a multitude of things. Such as, the qualities of loyalty, family, strength, community, masculinity, intelligence, and nurturing.

Because gorilla tattoo designs vary in size and design, certain gorilla tattoos may only be tattooed in specific regions, and others may be tattooed almost anywhere on the body. It all depends on the gorilla tattoo design you select. Please take the time to go through all of the different gorilla tattoo designs in this article. This will provide you with a broad sense of what is available, as well as some advice and ideas for your personal gorilla tattoo design.

Traditional Gorilla Tattoo

Traditional gorilla tattoo designs typically feature uncomplicated imagery that is rendered with clean and powerful line work and make use of a constrained color palette. You will be honoring the art form and contributing to the continuation of tradition if you get a tattoo that is done in the traditional style. Each of these gorilla designs conveys its own unique meaning, and many of these interpretations have lasted the test of time.

So, here are some gorilla tattoo designs that are inked with the traditional approach. Take a look and these designs can inspire your next piece.


  1. King Kong
Source: matte_webs

This piece gives off a subtle retro punk vibe with its well-thought coloring and design. The eyes are glowing with hellish wrath and the gorilla seems to be howling. With its coloring and design, the piece is looking fabulous on this man’s sleeve.


2. Black Gorilla

Source: theinkpack

It’s a monochrome piece that has the utmost traditional vibe to it. The piece also has a geometric flavor to it with its line works. Overall, it’s a visually aesthetic piece with a great sense of artistry.


3. Skulls

Source: michaelcortes.tattoo

The gorilla in this piece looks like someone from a secret cult. It has an aggressive expression all over it. Plus, the skull necklace around its neck added that extra flare to this design.


Gangster Gorilla Tattoo

A few generations earlier, the general populace thought that the gangster version of the tattoo design was exceedingly strange. But not anymore! Tattoo designs like Gangster gorilla tattoos became superbly popular as they don’t show any negative side. Rather, the Gangster gorilla tattoos are just the artistic portrayal of confidence. These certain designs have some particular inking patterns such as bold outlines, vivid color palettes, and rigorous expressions. The gorilla designs that imitate that pattern are called gangster gorilla tattoos.

Here are some ideas-


4. Mafia Monkey

Source: janman_tattoos

It’s quite a funky piece with a gangster vibe. The piece looks more like a monkey than a gorilla. However, this design won’t disappoint in badassery with its burning cigar and aggressive look.


5. The Hunk

Source: tirymaclucastattoo

This piece on this man’s forearm surely is scary- in a good sense. Its aggression and inking method gave it a hunky look. If you want to show off some real badassery then this piece is for you.


6. Gangster Paradise

Source: w_royal

Wise, subtle, and calculative, in other words, he is the leader of the pack. This design states all of the said things in an artistic way. Furthermore,  the bloody knife and the wrench in the background made it look like a piece of real gangster vibe.


Angry Gorilla Tattoo

The gorilla design in the tattoos shown below is depicted as having a very belligerent demeanor, and its chest features a wound. These angry gorilla tattoo designs represent ruthlessness, power, aggression, bravery, and strength. It reflects the personality of the wearer, which may be one that is highly powerful and aggressive.

Below are some exotic ideas for angry gorilla tattoos-


7. Wrath

Source: enki.ink

This is the pure imitation of wrath. The whole piece is flooded with that one singular concept. Other than that, the inking is quite profound and fluid. The details are razor sharp and it’s the perfect one as a thigh tattoo design.


8. Supernatural

Source: anna.tattoos

Gorillas are animals that have a very close connection to nature. In this design, that closeness is portrayed in a very unique and artistic manner. Plus, the dot works of  Unalome designs and the crescent moon design added an extra glare to it.


9. Brown Gorilla

Source: metalbrushes_tattoo

This tattoo is a representation of a person’s intelligence, strength, power, bravery, and wisdom. It portrays the personality of the wearer, who may be courageous and clever at the same time.


Tribal Gorilla Tattoo

Tribal marks can take many different forms depending on the culture, but common ones include patterns and recognized objects like flowers or animals.  The tribal-styled gorilla tattoos are also defined by the thick lines and the black ink used. The absence of color and shading results in a straightforward tattoo that retains its symbolic significance. On the plus side, the tribal gorilla designs also add some extra spice to conventional designs.

Looking for some spicey pieces, this selection can be the one you were looking-


10. The Elder

Source: tattoos_by_nikki

Tribal designs are always hypnotizing. And this piece pushed that concept even further with its rapture and expressions. The gorilla in this piece is excellently gorgeous and the perfect piece for a man’s shoulder back.


11. Mandala

Source: inky_tattoo_h

In and out, this is an intricate piece with a strong aesthetic glare. The piece completely wrapped this man’s forearm with a superficial aestheticism. The mandala design around the gorilla’s face gave it a spiritual look too.


12. Flare

Source: daimon.crea

This particular design feels like a straight-up mythical creature. The flame-like drawing added a crunchy flavor to it which looks distinctively cool. Wherever you want to ink it, it will serve as a unique and unconventional piece.


Beast Gorilla Tattoo

The gorilla is the biggest of the manlike apes and lives in equatorial Africa’s forests. Although this animal was once thought to be savage and lethal, fresh research suggests that it is not only not hostile, but rather shy. Gorillas are large, intelligent, and fierce. People frequently equate the gorilla tattoo with attributes like as power, aggression, and ferocity because the gorilla may be a frightening animal. This species, on the other hand, is one of the most compassionate in the animal kingdom. But their aggressive expressions can be inked in a beasty manner to showcase power and strength in a harmless way.

So, here are our collection of beast gorilla designs-


13. 1997

Source: leftsidetattoo

This one’s a rather grotesque piece with the inclusion of weed in the design. The piece is inked with sheer expertise as it is popping out very beautifully from the body.


14. Nature’s Wrath

Source: samgarciart

Other than being a very aggressive design, this one has a certain tribal look to it. Furthermore, the white strokes of ink around the eye areas made this piece a treat to the eyes. And in size, it’s a quite big piece which is best for lower leg placement.


15. Demon

Source: stabrrien

The design looks like a gorilla demon that is inspired by Japanese tattoo designsThe piece wholly wraps around the man’s forearm beautifully with its unique art style and is very pleasing to the eyes.


Warrior Gorilla Tattoo

Warriors or soldiers are rugged personalities who can survive nearly through tough situations. They are the pinnacle of masculinity. And to show that off a bit, the warrior gorilla tattoo designs are second to none. These designs are the artistic embodiment of toughness, power, courage, and will. These designs can be the perfect choice for an alpha male who is in the army or on defense.

So, here are some inspirations-


16. Soldier

Source: _ivannucci

This creative design depicts a soldier. And, the reason it is a portrayal of a gorilla is because the gorilla portrays the rough and tough living conditions of a soldier on the battlefield. Plus, as an extra flare to the design, the gorilla is smoking a cigar which is common among soldiers.


17. The Ancient Warrior

Source: dereknoregrets

This one is a rather colorful one. This piece breaks the conventional monochrome inking method of gorilla tattoos. The design looks very confident and inked with splashes of colors that are bound to catch some curious eyes.


18. Colonel

Source: tattoodohamburg

The piece above has every fundamental aspects of a warrior or soldier. The roughness, the rigidness, the wise eyes, this piece offers everything. On top of that, it warns the wearer not to be deceived by the imposter of man.


American Traditional Gorilla Tattoo

Traditional American gorilla tattoos are the creative manifestation of free spirit, power, and independence. When they first appeared on people in American culture in the 1930s, they indicated a rejection of the American dream and a life lived outside of mainstream society. Traditional tattoos, also known as American, Western, or Old School tattoos, are distinguished by their crisp black outlines, vibrant colors, and minimal shading. These are important to the American traditional gorilla tattoo style, making it one of the most daring and famous tattoo styles available.

As we are discussing gorilla tattoo designs today, here are some eccentric examples of American Traditional gorilla tattoos-


19. Flake

Source: hectorlopeztattoo

Another piece with a whole lot of colors. The piece revolves around the wrath and the burning flamed design. Combining the hot red fire and the vividly portrayed colors, this certainly flared up this man’s sleeve.


20. Killer Blade

Source: stardust_tattoo_pc

It’s a rather grotesque piece with a knife piercing through the head. And as for the design, it is very colorful in an aesthetic way that fulfills every aspect of the traditional tattoo design.


21.  Roar

Source: gianlucaartico

To put it simply, it’s a scary one. And also, it is vividly colorful. The big glaring orange eyes, scary wrinkles on the face, and the colorful portrayal gave it a traditional look.


Japanese Gorilla Tattoo

Irezumi is another name for Japanese tattoos, particularly those of a traditional nature. It is a method of tattooing that dates back centuries and is abundant in figurative meaning. The artwork on the body typically incorporates a number of distinct themes, any of which may have been motivated by mythology or tradition. However, Japanese gorilla tattoo designs are not only constricted within these traditional patterns, any gorilla design that follows the traditional inking method can be called Japanese gorilla tattoo design.

So, here’s a phenomenal design that follows Japanese inking patterns and features a gorilla design-


22. Oni & Gorilla

Source: adamhoritsuru

The piece is intricate, vivid, big, and fabulously beautiful. It covers the man’s whole arm which gave it its unique aesthetic appeal. Plus, with the gorilla design on top, the bottom is ornated with the Japanese traditional Oni mask design.


King Gorilla Tattoo

The gorilla in the following tattoo designs is seen wearing a crown, which is a symbol of victory. There is also a cross that has wings attached to it, which is a symbol of religious freedom. This tattoo represents vigor, spirituality, dignity, power, and wisdom in equal measure. It portrays the nature of the wearer, who may be powerful, spiritual, and strong all at the same time.

Check out these inspirational designs-


23. King

Source: tatobyjo

Wrath of a King! Those are the words that can describe this piece fluently. It’s a monochrome piece That has a certain glare to it. The design has a bit of realistic flair too.


24. Zeus

Source: bodyartistsd

It’s a rugged piece with rough line works. This particular piece is very expressive and looks great on this man’s forearm. Plus, the gorilla in this one looks very aggressive and has a crown on its head which represents power and wisdom.


25. Cunning Crown

Source: mr.makyin

Man’s chest is always a great place for inking. And this piece on this man’s chest fitted perfectly with its cunning and wide smile. The design feels quite realistic and the crown on the top is moderately shiny. This piece is just perfect for showing off your masculinity.


Vanilla Gorilla Tattoo



Source: vanillagorillatattoos



Source: vanillagorillatattoos


Mcgregor Gorilla Tattoo



Source: mayastudiotattoo



Source: roske_tattoo



Source: aleksandra.tattooartist


Angry Silverback Gorilla Tattoo



Source: yoshi_tats



Source: chriswinsortattoo



Source: jj.neotraditional


Electric Gorilla Tattoo



Source: bigdaddyjaz



Source: madmaxwallace



Source: bigdaddyjaz


Geometric Gorilla Tattoo



Source: dustyduza



Source: dustyduza



Source: georgitattoo


Jiu Jitsu Gorilla Tattoo



Source: blacksuntattoostudio



Source: ricosaldivar



Source: wu_tattoo


Aggressive Gorilla Tattoo



Source: angie_tattoo



Source: kit.creates



Source: david_drohan_tattoo


Chest Gorilla Tattoo



Source: leogdl85



Source: luckydeviltattoosandpiercings



Source: 11christiantattoo


Screaming Gorilla Tattoo



Source: joshrobinsontattoos



Source: liftedcanvas



Source: alexmoritattoo


3 Eyed Gorilla Tattoo



Source: angie_tattoo



Source: theshoptattoo92



Source: bigdaddyjaz


Abstract Gorilla Tattoo



Source: lou_tattoos_woodlandrealm



Source: tatuajes_cr



Source: gentlemanjimstattooclub


Burning Gorilla Tattoo



Source: missbeans



Source: bb_tattoo_studio_77



Source: elder_delgado_


Calm Gorilla Tattoo



Source: pixietattooist



Source: redspidertattoopoa



Source: tomsherman


Cartoon Gorilla Tattoo



Source: briancorleytattooer



Source: strangelove_tattoo



Source: vdvilela


Chrome Gorilla Tattoo



Source: _ajberry



Source: conairbud


Classic Gorilla Tattoo



Source: juliancallejas



Source: todonadatatuajes



Source: evaleaplaza


Evil Gorilla Tattoo



Source: ultimatetattoosupply



Source: shanemichaeljamestattoos



Source: dantejeirax


Fierce Gorilla Tattoo



Source: capeelectrictattoo



Source: brozilliantattoos



Source: bluginbill


Full Body Gorilla Tattoo



Source: peroz_no_pain



Source: roberto_poliri_tattooer



Source: rocknink_tattoo


Gangster Killer Gorilla Tattoo



Source: billybostonink



Source: mrmartintattoo



1. What does a gorilla tattoo mean?

Tattoos of gorillas can have a variety of symbolic meanings and represent a wide range of things. For instance, characteristics associated with fidelity, familial relationships, physical prowess, membership in a group, masculinity, intellectual prowess, and parental care.


2. What do gorillas symbolize?

Strength, intelligence, communication, dignity, tranquility, kindness, and family are some of the themes that are associated with gorillas in symbolism and meaning. The gorilla, which is native to the highlands and forests of central and west Africa, captivates those of us who feel a profound kinship with these intelligent primates because of their shared habitat.


3. Why do people get gorilla tattoos?

Gorillas have long been revered as a natural representation of power and authority. However, at the same time, they are considered to be an animal that embodies compassion, intelligence, dignity, and honor. One thing that all gorilla tattoos have in common is that they make some great ink, even though their meanings can vary depending on the person getting the tattoo. For these reasons, most people tend to get a gorilla tattoo.



Gorillas have a lot in common with humans, despite the fact that they live in the wild and have to get around by knuckle walking. Today, gorilla tattoos can symbolize everything from strength and dominance to family loyalty and safety. It may be nothing more than an expression of respect for the animal for certain male zoologists.
So, we tried our best to compile a list of some design ideas that will suit the general people and also the people with certain professions. Just give this a go and you’re sure to stumble upon a mind blowing piece. And get it inked by a professional.
Happy Tattooing!


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