81 Best Pocket Watch Tattoo Design To Give A Try ( 2022)

A pocket watch tattoo is a classic design that is currently trendy across the worldwide. Related timepiece tattoos may now be found on both males and females. With patterns that also are showing the difference in a vintage-yet-futuristic fashion, it has been regarded as a mainstay of the steam medieval aesthetics.

Generally, it has a retro feel to them, but more modern versions may approximate a time. An older clock or watch tattoo may represent an ancient soul or wise individual, but a more current one may represent a desire for technical advancements or future optimism. A deformed or cracking timer, a common design, can express a vehement rejection of power and a willingness to think beyond the box in certain circumstances.

The allure is overwhelming, and here is everything you need to know specifically about the significance of a pocket watch tattoo design.


Pocket Watch Tattoo Meaning

A pocket watch tattoo represents the value of the timing for a particular incident or individual. This design can represent rebellion or a passion for the present situation, which is very important for somebody who is suffering or facing a life-threatening situation. The majority of tattoos are known for their intellectual brilliance and straightforward implementation. Because each person’s tattoo must be distinctive to them, so there is no correct or incorrect moment to show it off. You could choose a date or time that has had a significant influence on your life to consider.


Exclusive Pocket Watch Tattoo Design to Do

You will find various watch pocket tattoo ideas. Continue reading to find more about this tattoo and how the meaning may differ along with different symbols.

1.  Quoted Timepiece


Source: angeloctopus

Time signifies the good and evil of a never-ending circle of life to someone. The timepiece in hand communicates a remark about a memorable event that needs to remember.


2. Pocket Watch And Rose Tattoo


Source: puppy_tattooer

The flowering rose and watch are etched with remarkable intricacies as a sign of luxury. A rose not only represents love and grace but also shows optimism, promise, and a fresh start.


3. Roman Numeral With Blooming Rose

Source: troytucktattoo

The blooming rose and watch are carved with incredible details and originality as a statement of elegance. It denotes that you’re prepared to go on a new journey in your life.


4. Detailed Watch Motif

Source: puppy_tattooer

An accessory with a rose indicates faith and compassion, of a new beginning. It means you’re poised to embark on a great adventure in your lifetime.


5. Shackled And Broken

Source: karoo_dame

The chain provides protection and the assurance that if the clock drops or someone attempts to steal you, the chain can prevent such occurrences from occurring.


6. Antique Clock 

Source: cody_ryan_pappas

It was a fantastic start, but there is more that can do to better it. The strong intricacy of the watches’ staging area may benefit from the use of pigment ink, considering the tattoo’s positioning.


7.  Graffiti Pattern Smoky Effect

Source: 181_tattooz_studio

Anyone will appreciate how the designer incorporated graffiti-style fog effects for different fill. As well as the option to make the dies appear to be transparent coated pieces.


8. Floral Chained 

Source: draztiktattoos

Simple and elegant form to make individual elements stand out amid the grayscale and give more fascinating patterns to concentrate on.


9.  Musical Note With An Inspirational Quote

Source: mary_j_tattoos_

The blackness is often associated with melancholy and sorrow. It creates an out-of-the-ordinary focus area for the blue pink tint and helps the creative instead of the precise detailed the clock remains on-trend.One of the amazing thigh tattoos.


10. Grayscale smoke Women’s Pocket Watch Tattoo

Source: sineadlogietattoo

The black and gray smoke appearance contrasts beautifully with the scientific decision. It gives the picture a wonderful silver shine and contrasts with the foundation gray.


11.  Broken Pocket Watch Tattoo On Back


Source: bandit_tattoos

Like a classic Marilyn Monroe poster, this timepiece exudes everlasting elegance. It adds a lovely silver sheen to the image and mixes nicely with the grayish base.


12. Owl Timing


Source: fukyotattoos

This is one of the great pocket watch tattoos. It is a wonderfully creative approach to use only the interior of the eccentric watch for coloration and then turn it into an imaginative take on an owl.


13.  Timepiece With Pinpoint Precision


Source: vonstytch

Shadowing only the elements rather than the entire display is a reasonable and attractive solution. It’s a fantastic piece that will look much better if it decks out in vibrant colors.


14. Directional Pocket Watch 

Source: forever_ink_tattoos

The concept of a nicely honed cover is intriguing, but the implementation amazed the necessary simplicity to pull it off.


15. Trio Dated Pocket Watch 

Source: jasonriedelneedle

It is a well-done neo-traditional artwork. There’s no striking aspect throughout; simply a dedication to beautiful, precise lines, a larger focal picture, and subdued gorgeous gray toner to complement the charcoal.


16. Memorable Time With Date Inked

Source: voodootattooclub

An eternal love may serve as a constant remembrance to savor every moment in life, considering appreciation is the biggest form of disguise blessing.


17. Endless Compassion With Caterpillar 

Source: skinmisfits

Some individuals will get this artwork to show their devotion. Some Individuals still yearn for the distant past, and this tat might represent their desire to dwell in the old days.


18. Pocket Watch Tattoo on Forearm


Source: wallbass.producer

This chunky black grandfather clock appears to be a good choice for a cover-up. The creator will have to emphasize more information in the background graphics.


19. Complex History Period


Source: artan_tat

The artwork will appeal to those who enjoy blackish toner hues and a livelier style. The unusual center highlight is a cool blend of color and concept that complements the precise technical features.


20. Men’s pocket Watch Tattoo Design


Source: diego_censori_tattoo

The hand-watch tats cover has a fascinating shine appearance. It produces that dazzling, gleaming sheen that both high-end and mass-market watches may have.


21. Floral Mandala clock


Source: alebonjo

The positioning helps to establish a sleek perspective for the clock of intricate detail.  The artistic embellishments on the fob connection and inner timepiece are good motifs to follow.


22. Pocket Watch And Rose Artwork

Source: grazianoleoni

The sculpture is physically appealing, but it is also rich in meaning, frequently expressing life and love. Because of its symbolism, blooming is among the greatest attractive tattoo designs.


23. Old Pocket Watch Tattoo

Source: _think_ink_

A chronograph symbolizes our transience and the fact that nothing lasts eternally. It might indicate an equilibrium between life and death, and it’s a great pocket watch tattoo to have if you’re always thinking about your existence.


24. Tower Clock 

Source: valoniatattoos

Clocks and towers come in a wide range of forms and colors, allowing for a wide range of designs and uses. It is intrinsically fascinating in that the viewer is instinctively drawn to these stunning pictures.


25. Ancient Clock

Source: igtattoos12

In honor of a fantastic watch with vibrant and lovely hues. A stunning timepiece with amazing details like a mandala and flowers.


26. Chained Pocket Watch With Cross 

Source: ramonetattoo

The remembrance of devout love is depicted by the flowering rose around the clock with the cross. It is a masterpiece work with a floating beauty.


27. Nozzle clock watch

Source: bombay.tattoo

Motifs and swirls work well with the concept of time. It demonstrates how concerned you are about the protection of your dear ones and how sympathetic you are to your priorities.


28. Disciplined Aand Punctual Keeper

Source: marcel_steinhof_tattoo_artist

The tattoo wearers are often fearless, thoughtful, hopeful, and conscientious. It might serve as a reminder to appreciate in the now and go on with your life.


29. Pigeon + Rose With Pocket Watch 

Source: viresh_mystic_ink_harilall

As individuals become more imaginative and as younger folks appreciate it as a popular tattoo design, new forms and variants emerge.


30. Intricate Rosy Pocket Watch Tattoo

Source: skuby_tattoo

The charcoal ink helps to highlight the detailed work. A rose-leafy ink can indicate love and dedication, as well as power or good fortune.


31. Slipping Away Time

Source: bartek_fold

It is undoubtedly a personal statement for the individual, but it’s also a trendy tattoo design. Such patterns are stunning and grab people’s attention right away.


32. Owl Dominate Period

Source: diego.cardona.o

Not all clocks require a black structure to maintain their heaviness; the same may be accomplished by combining a variety of colors to create an even more stunning design.


33. Broken Pocket Watch Tattoo Designs

Source: the.inked.coven

Due to the obvious tearing look, torn tattoo patterns have become extremely prevalent. It appears really genuine, and that’s perhaps the only cause it’s so popular.


34. Eye Watch On Hand

Source: gokhanbeydilli7

The artwork of the eye clock depicts the universe as it is. It appears to be an authentic timepiece! Such patterns are stunning and grab people’s attention right away.


35. Ripped Roman Clock

Source: painted_people_tattoos

Timing is the biggest significant aspect of a man’s existence, and a clock is used to approximate time, making it a useful device.


36. Crescent Pocket Watch And Rose Tattoo

Source: inkwithin_tattoo

The medieval time watch was made the center of attention, and to add a touch of tenderness, one might utilize the blossoming with all its petals to create a burning sensation.


37. Wrapped Watch Underhand

Source: brother_tattooz47

The hand and clock ink pattern are particularly appealing because it resembles the capacity to regulate time in various aspects. This is an excellent choice for people who want to represent courage and devotion.


38. Pocket Watch Tattoo with Childs Name

Source: dla_ciebie_tattoo

Mechanical watches are associated with uncertainty, signifying that everything endures. This aspect raises people’s enthusiasm for their circumstances and encourages them to make the most of them.


39. Broken Pocket Watch with Rose Tattoo


Source: rupintart_com

All folks’s lives are generally driven by hectic timelines and time constraints, and as a culture, we place a high value on time.


40. Bird Clock Piece


Source: v_fox_tattoo

For individuals who are recuperating from a damaged companionship, a sense of setback from a connection can incorporate the recovery and perseverance symbolism pieces.




Source: jessejamescorraotattoo



Source: gordienumber9



Source: yokarin1



Source: funky_tattoo_bucuresti



Source: robmrinehart



Source: brinasinkbox



Source: cheyannerussell96



Source: jsf_emerald





50. Realistic Pocket Watch Tattoo


Source: floraistvanffy



realistic pocket watch tattoo (2)

Source: fabiotattz



realistic pocket watch tattoo (3)

Source: voodooinktattoodublin



Source: floraistvanffy



Source: voodooinktattoodublin



Source: blackdiamondtattoos



Source: tattooalan00



Source: pamador_tattoos



Source: blanktattooart



Source: pedro_paiva_estigmatattoo



Source: nezz_tat2



Source: nezz_tat2



Source: colatherockstar



Source: gordontshepherd



Source: boobiestattooginowan



Source: bournemouth_ink


66. Old Pocket Watch Tattoo


Source: kungkent222




Source: kovesitamas




Source: diego_villanello



Source: julien_tatt0o



Source: karisforniaink



Source: kungkent222



Source: tattzgreat


73. Roses Pocket Watch Tattoo


Source: gamavision




Source: nuno_west




Source: raphael_ospino_luckydicetattoo



Source: chrisdixontattoo



Source: lifekgr



Source: annvonsz



Source: jpena_ink



Source: thajazman



Source: ink_stain_in_the_membrane


Tattoos of pocket watches are frequently ornate and complex, making them aesthetically attractive.   The position is famous among both sexes however, you must be aware that it is painful. It is due to a deficiency of fat and muscle in the region. However, you will most likely realize that the inconvenience is well worth it!

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