The Most Thrilling 30 Yakuza Tattoos – History & Meaning

If you know about the Japanese culture in detail, you must have heard about Yakuza. Yakuza is basically a Japanese criminal organization that became notorious for its involvement in all sorts of criminal activities but many people seem to be fond of Yakuza tattoos anyway. The organization strictly follows hierarchy and mainly works within Japan. The members of this organization can be differentiated through their super complex and spread-out tattoos that cover most of their bodies.

Regular people tend to get Yakuza tattoos for various reasons. It can be because the tattoos are aesthetically appealing, show cultural appreciation, act as a symbol, relate to history, or simply because they are trendy.

If you are going through this article, you are probably also interested in hopping into the trend of. Well, I must say that you are in the right place.

Here, you will find a bunch of different and unique styles of Yakuza tattoos for your body that will let you give out self-expression through exquisite body art. You can pick the best-suited design for you that lets you be a part of the rich history and culture of Japan without actually being involved in it!


XX Yakuza Tattoos Designs And Meanings

One important thing to note is that Yakuza members get tattoos to be recognized as a part of the organization. However, regular people who get Yakuza-themed tattoos get very different designs that only show Yakuza culture without making the people part of the organization.

Tattoos that represent Yakuza culture usually have dragons, koi fishes, cherry blossoms, tigers, snakes, frogs, samurais, etc. Each of the elements represents a different set of characteristics that the wearer can relate to the most. For example, dragons mean strength while cherry blossoms represent beauty and delicacy.


Yakuza Back Tattoo

The Yakuza-themed tattoos on the back and other places are also called “Irezumi.” These tattoos cover a significant portion of the body through detailed and complex designs. You will often see different elements such as dragons, cherry blossoms, and Samurai figures combined in the artwork since there is a lot of space to cover.


1. Flowers And Wonders 

Yakuza Back Tattoo 1
Source: bonten4horiken

At first glance, this back tattoo may look like a haphazard doodle. But when you look closely, you can see a ferocious dragon surrounded by a bunch of flowers and a banner with foreign characters.


2. Deadly Sword

Yakuza Back Tattoo 2
Source: bonten4horiken

The entire back is covered with a wall having the face of a monster and a Samurai with a beautiful sword held in his mouth. The orange and purple artwork makes the tattoo lively.


3. Hypnotized 

Yakuza Back Tattoo 3
Source: liwei_tattoo

This Yakuza artwork covers the entire back up to the hips. It has a huge monster with hypnotizing eyes holding the tail of a dragon in his mouth.


Yakuza Dragon Tattoo

Dragon is the most common form of a Yakuza tattoo. It is mostly seen on the back or arms since they are large and colorful. The dragons usually portray a sense of strength, power, and protection. The fierceness of the dragon can also be a reflection of your inner personality.


4. Scream Of The Devil

Yakuza Dragon Tattoo 1
Source: nicholaszeto888

You can show your aggressive personality with this super bright red dragon as a back tattoo. The features of this figure are super detailed and the vibrant color makes it look dangerous and scary.


5. Screaming Out Fire

Yakuza Dragon Tattoo 2
Source: horinuo_tattoo

The face of this dragon looks super angry as if it is about to scream out fire. This tattoo on the chest goes all the way back to the shoulder and the hand makes a complete figure of a dragon.


6. Demon Eyes

Yakuza Dragon Tattoo 3
Source: horihoka_tahotattoo

This design is more on the dark side with all the shading and details. It has beautiful patterns with the face of a dragon which looks super aggressive and dangerous.


Yakuza Tattoo Meaning

Yakuza culture has a bunch of aspects that can be portrayed in different kinds of tattoos. Such tattoos usually have deep meanings. You can get tattoos that show loyalty, resilience, intimidation, codes, etc. There are so many elements that a wide variety of designs are available.


7. Watercolor Koi Fish

Yakuza Tattoo Meaning 1
Source: blueloutattoo

The scales of the koi fish in the tattoo are colored in different vibrant colors. It is surrounded by crazy waves and beautiful flowers creating a colorful and chaotic atmosphere.


8. Roar Of Terror 

Yakuza Tattoo Meaning 2
Source: blueloutattoo

How scary does this tiger look? It is colored in bright orange with the classic black stripes. The mouth of the tiger is open as if it is roaring at the top of its lungs.


9. A Battle To Remember 

Yakuza Tattoo Meaning 3
Source: blueloutattoo

It’s an entire scene of war on the back. A powerful Samurai is showing off his moves with a sharp sword. You can also see the bright sun amidst the dark clouds of fear.


Japanese Yakuza Tattoo

Since the Japanese culture is rich in terms of history, the tattoos related to it are quite interesting. One of the most prominent ones is the Yakuza-themed artworks. They come with super intricate details and beautiful designs. When you add colors to the art, it reaches another level!


10. Rise Of The Warrior 

Japanese Yakuza Tattoo 1
Source: sumankc922

The entire arm looks super powerful with the face of a Samurai roaring. It leads to a bunch of details including a red flower and two ancient characters looking facing each other passionately.


11. Cherry Blossoms

Japanese Yakuza Tattoo 2
Source: blueloutattoo

The cherry blossom with the dark clouds behind represents beauty amidst all the darkness. This design shows that you love to see the good things in the bad and are a positive person in general.


12. The Protector 

Japanese Yakuza Tattoo 3
Source: blueloutattoo

The symbol of a frog is considered lucky in the world of Yakuza-themed tattoos. It is said that the green frog with a determined face in the tattoo brings success, money, and power in abundance.


Yakuza Style Tattoo

Without being part of the organization, you can totally get the vibe of their style and create your own Yakuza tattoo. Such designs hold the vibe of the Yakuza gang and their symbols with super cool colors and patterns. You can get some ideas from the designs below.


13. Dragons And Flowers 

Yakuza Style Tattoo 1
Source: maxink5.0

The tall dragon covers the entire arm and gives it a lot of colors. The dragon is painted green in this tattoo with red and orange details. There are white flowers and petals sprinkled around.


14. Blooming In The Dark

Yakuza Style Tattoo 2
Source: maxink5.0

The beauty of the flower in the artwork is darkened by all the negativity. This design could be perfect as a representation of your transformation into a stronger personality.


15. Dagger Of Power 

Yakuza Style Tattoo 3
Source: maxink5.0

The dagger has a lot of elements in it. You can see the face of a villain at first glance. Then you will spot the colorful flowers behind it and the vibrance of the art.


Yakuza Tattoo Drawing

Tattoos with a Yakuza theme can be drawn beautifully with different styles and patterns. The artwork is often intimidating yet beautiful with the flowers and outlines softening out the overall vibe of the design.


16. Illusions

Yakuza Tattoo Drawing 1
Source: volkantattooz

The incredible artwork above has a neon theme. The blue, pink, and purple shades give out a metallic essence while the intricate design makes it so modern and cool!


17. Smoking Frog

Yakuza Tattoo Drawing 2

This one is a funny tattoo with a frog chilling over the clouds and smoking. It is a black-and-white art with lots of details and tells a lot about your quirky sense of humor.


18. Garden Of Terror

Yakuza Tattoo Drawing 3
Source: tb_tattoo_itzehoe

Even though the tattoo above is not colored, the shading and details give it an exquisite look. The petals of the roses look almost real with a long dragon floating around it.


Yakuza Game Tattoo

Many video games in modern times are inspired by the Yakuza culture. These games come out with striking visuals of characters and setups along with compelling storylines. People who are a fan of these games get tattoos inspired by them to show their admiration towards the game as well as the culture.


19. The Attacker 

Yakuza Game Tattoo 1
Source: nat_headstone

This design shows a very dangerous face with teeth spiked out of his mouth. There is a black patch on one of his eyes with the symbol of a snake and a bunch of pink flowers around his neck.


20. Kiryu And The Dragon 

Yakuza Game Tattoo 2
Source: brockfidowtattoo

The details and shading make this design super realistic. It has a main character of the game with a determined face ready to destroy the world. The dragon adds a sense of fierceness to the tattoo.


21. GoroMajima

Yakuza Game Tattoo 3
Source: ___vy___

Just look how bright and colorful the tattoo looks! It looks like a protagonist intro from the game scene with super graphic artwork and a vibrant background to attract more users.


Yakuza Kiryu Tattoo

If you know about Yakuza-themed games, you definitely know about Kiryu Kazuma. People are super inspired by this iconic protagonist and get tattoos known as “Dragon of Dojima.” Such tattoos represent the different kinds of challenges faced by the protagonist during the journey.


22. Spikes

Yakuza Kiryu Tattoo 1
Source: marisa_strix_cosplay

Luxuria Superbia is a game with a musical journey. This tattoo has an element of the game with spikes colored in bright crimson. The shading on the edges makes it more visually appealing.


23. Flaming Hot

Yakuza Kiryu Tattoo 2
Source: boniaart

The dragon in this tattoo almost looks like it is on fire. The red flames around it look super vibrant with his mouth screaming out loud. It covers the thighs beautifully but can also be an arm tattoo.


24. The Wonders Of Dragon

Yakuza Kiryu Tattoo 3
Source: boniaart

It’s as if you can almost hear this art. The dragon is screaming and is very similar to the Flaming Hot tattoo jist without the colors. This one is best for you if you are not looking for colorful designs.


Female Yakuza Tattoos

Such tattoos designed for females mostly show evolution and empowerment. Women don’t have a direct involvement in the Yakuza organization but still play special roles. Tattoos symbolizing such roles tend to show a unique aspect of the organization and its culture.


25. The Red Doll

Female Yakuza Tattoos 1
Source: zhan_yokozuna

Isn’t the little Japanese doll in the tattoo super cute? It can be a perfect design for a female with a bright red tone in the figure and beautiful flowers surrounding the tattoo.



Female Yakuza Tattoos 2
Source: zhan_yokozuna



Female Yakuza Tattoos 3
Source: horihachi.irezumi


Yakuza Dragon Back Tattoo



Yakuza Dragon Back Tattoo 1
Source: blueloutattoo



Yakuza Dragon Back Tattoo 2
Source: mina_irezumi



Yakuza Dragon Back Tattoo 3
Source: alonso__art_tattoo


Concluding Words

The super colorful designs in this blog are just worth being picked. If you like the Yakuza culture, you have definitely loved at least a few of the designs.

Now it is time for you to be creative and choose your perfect design for your next tattoo. You can get the super gorgeous ones for a back or chest tattoo or maybe the simple ones for the hands and arms. The tattoos are not only to portray your admiration for the culture, but also to reflect your personality traits through the characters you resonate with the most.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Yakuza tattoo mean?

In general, a Yakuza tattoo means loyalty and commitment to the organization. However, you can get it without having to be part of the organization if you simply love the rich culture of Japan. Different elements of the tattoos mean different things. You can easily find the detailed meanings of each by reading this article and find out which one suits you the best.

Are yakuza tattoos illegal?

No, Yakuza tattoos are not illegal. As long as you are not part of the organization, you are good. However, you may face restrictions while taking entry to certain places. If your tattoo is well-hidden, it should not be a problem which design you get as long as your are not being disrespectful.

What is Yakuza tattoo called?

Yakuza tattoos are often called “irezumi.” It is a Japanese word for tattoos that can be true for most tattoo artworks.

Are Yakuza tattoos painful?

Since Yakuza-themed tattoos are complex and huge, they can be painful compared to most regular tattoos. They take up a lot of space to it can hurt more.

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