Top 30 Attack On Titan Tattoos for Ultimate Fans

Attack on Titan Tattoo is something that people love to wear at least for once in their lifetime. The series has a tremendous fan base worldwide. And guess what, you’ll get to see your favorite characters like Levi, Eren or Mikasa in the following list of our tattoos.

The tattoos symbolize different things based  on the characters they consist of. In general, they represent, freedom, bravery, rebel and love. These elements of life are clearly visible to these tattoos as you’ll see.

So, let’s not waste a second and dive in to the main part.


30 Attack on Titan Tattoo Designs and Meanings

As you’ve watched the series, you may be well aware of what the Attack on Titan tattoo represents. Thought the meaning of these tattoos vary according their characters they represent inspiration and bravery in general.

To get such inspiration in life, the following tattoos can be your best motivator.


Simple Attack on Titan Tattoo

Simple designs always have some soothing appearance. These tattoos are no different. They have a catchy image to make anyone turn their eyes on you.

  1.  Eren’s Gaze 
Simple Attack On Titan Tattoo 1
Source: fanwuink

The first tattoo of this list sketch the blistering eyes of Eren Yeager. He’s the protagonist of the series and the protector of his family. If you find similarities in you with him, you shouldn’t waste time to get his tattoo in your body.

2. Wings of Freedom 

Simple Attack On Titan Tattoo 2
Source: perrytregale

This amazing tattoo only outline two beautiful wings. It’s the symbol of Scouting Legion from the series which represent freedom. If you have such willpower of freedom, this tattoo should be on your body by now.

3. Hidden Melancholy 

Simple Attack On Titan Tattoo 3
Source: katkatink

Eren Yeager has always been with a trauma of the titans. He lost his family for them. If such melancholy affected you as well, you can get this tattoo as a dedication to Eren’s pain.

4. Outrage 

Simple Attack On Titan Tattoo 4
Source: nunu.ttt

The outrageous temper Eren carries with him for the titan is reflected properly in this tattoo. This anger is for avenge and for the betterment of the world. Print this tattoo on your body if you possess with such wrath.

5. Captain Levi 

Simple Attack On Titan Tattoo 5
Source: belzebubtattoo

The cool, calm and sensible vision is always a soothe for the eyes. This mild appearance of Captain Levi gives us comfort as viewers. If you want to be a source of comfort to anyone, this tattoo can reflect your purpose quite nicely.


Attack On Titan Sword Tattoo

Swords have important roles in the Attack on Titan series. They are the symbol of protection and rebel. If you want to take a stand against anything in life, the following tattoos should be with you.

6. The sword of Mystery 

Attack On Titan Sword Tattoo 1
Source: tattoos_by_remington

A single sword can call a rebel or bring haul to the wars of thousand years. The tattoo portrays such sword with a unique hue of color. This design is equally meaningful and satisfying to watch.

7.  Mysterious Duo 

Attack On Titan Sword Tattoo 2
Source: joseg.inktreasures

If you decide to pick this one, the tattoo will offer two swords. You can print them in your both hands and legs as you wish. The expectation for simplest tattoo design will be filled with this one.

8. Blade of Harmony 

Attack On Titan Sword Tattoo 3
Source: redpandameg

Here you’ll see a blade with colorful wings. The blade fights against the odd and the wings helps us flying towards freedom. This design is a perfect image for liberty and freedom.

9. Wings of Freedom 

Attack On Titan Sword Tattoo 4
Source: senpaiiiart

The wings here comes in bigger size to cover up a vast area of your body. It has a combination of reddish pale hue that creates an artistic look. The flower in the middle also spread love through this tattoo.

10. Swords of Love 

Attack On Titan Sword Tattoo 5
Source: kellyloutattoo

Though flowers with swords together a contradictory image, it shows a great sign love and war. If you are always ready to call war for your beloved ones, this tattoo is highly appropriate to showcase your characteristic.


Attack On Titan Small Tattoo

Smallest tattoos contain such sweetness that everybody loves. And if they are from Attack on Titan series, nothing can be more amazing than this. Below are the most cutest tattoos from our list.

11. Hen Partner 

Attack On Titan Small Tattoo 1
Source: senpai_tattoos

A little boy with a hen walking with joy is the most sweetest picture you can have. It reminds us of our childhood. Here, the chicken is attentive to the boy as he is singing. We all need such friends with proper attention.

12. Titan’s Mark 

Attack On Titan Small Tattoo 2
Source: black_clover_tatto

The tattoo shows a character with some marks in his cheek. It possibly the titan’s mark. If you are dealing with such marks from the past, the tattoo can be a great reminder for this.

13. Magnificent Titan 

Attack On Titan Small Tattoo 3
Source: pinzy.tattoos

Here, a character from the series showing his fighting skill with an unique pose. The tattoo comes in black color so it can be seen from the distance if you have a white complex. If you posses any martial art skill, you can let people know with such a tattoo.

14. Unity 

Attack On Titan Small Tattoo 4

Two wings mixed up with one another represent the most important element in life which is unity. If you have a partner, you both can wear this tattoo as a tribute to your united love.

15. Magic Sword 

Attack On Titan Small Tattoo 5
Source: its_tues_day_

A sword surrounded with flowers surely indicates something magical. The tattoo is not that vivid so it’ll be painless as well. If you want something more light and simple, you can go for this tattoo.


Minimalist Attack On Titan Tattoo

You certainly have some favorite character in the Attack on Titan series. Now, you’ll get to see their figures in the following tattoos. So, this section is going to be the most interesting one.

16. Pessimism 

Minimalist Attack On Titan Tattoo 1
Source: burajtattoo

We have a dark truth of our lives which is pessimism. And we all want to wash it out with a washing machine. If you too want to washout all the dirt in your life, this tattoo can be your inspiration to do so.

17. Heartless 

Minimalist Attack On Titan Tattoo 2

The words written here means “Heartless.” If the cruelty of the world have made you such personality with no heart, you can draw this up to match your personality. The tattoo looks like a pencil sketch so is classy.

18. Stuck in the Mirror 

Minimalist Attack On Titan Tattoo 3
Source: ethereal.inked

The character here is stuck in the mirror. Maybe he’s from another world that only exist in the mirror. Or maybe the mirror is the prison where he’s locked up for his sin. If you want to lock your evil in such mirror, start with this tattoo.

19. Harmonious Swords 

Minimalist Attack On Titan Tattoo 4
Source: corrupted_tattoo

Two small swords falling from the sky with leaves is a treat to watch. The tattoo draws a piece of harmony. If you want something harmonious or beautiful from this section, this tattoo is the way to go.

20. A Blink of An Eye 

Minimalist Attack On Titan Tattoo 5
Source: modoink_reagan

A leaf falling as it’s carrying an eye. You can interpret anything seeing the design. Whatever, you interpret, it’ll be the most you thing you can get on your body.


Attack On Titan Tattoo Designs

Attack on Titan tattoos can be of many designs. You can’t even imagine how improvised they can be. And this last section will be the most creative ones.

21. The Last Rage 

Attack On Titan Tattoo Designs 1
Source: alienvi_

The tattoo shows Eren Yeager with his last rage. The character was destined to die in the series. Maybe it’s the last phrase of his life that the tattoo describe.

22. Levi’s Dream 

Attack On Titan Tattoo Designs 2
Source: bettto.h

The dreamy eye of the character will make your heart fill with joy once you see this tattoo. It doesn’t convey and rage or destructive elements. If this calmness suit your personality, the tattoo can be your partner for the rest of your life.

23. Delighted Solider 

Attack On Titan Tattoo Designs 3
Source: bettto.h

Here, you’ll see the delighted face of the character Levi Ackerman. Any fan of this character would like to have this tattoo at any cost. This could be a great way to show love for  one of the most beloved character in anime world.

24. Dilemma 

Attack On Titan Tattoo Designs 4
Source: motitatattoos96

The facial expression that this character have in this tattoo surely indicates some sorts of dilemma. We all have our dilemma in life. If you want to express yours, this tattoo can be a great source.

25. Two Faced Titan 

Attack On Titan Tattoo Designs 5
Source: av25tattoo

Just like the design, we have good and evil in us. This two faced personality is what we all possess with. And two express this universal truth, this is the most perfect tattoo you can have.


Levi Attack On Titan Tattoo



Levi Attack On Titan Tattoo 1
Source: dazhi_tatt



Levi Attack On Titan Tattoo 2
Source: ryanhalvorsenart



Levi Attack On Titan Tattoo 3
Source: belzebubtattoo



Levi Attack On Titan Tattoo 4
Source: hattitattoo



Levi Attack On Titan Tattoo 5
Source: aokunaru



Now that we have come to an end, you must have picked your favorite figures to get printed in. Several characters represents various things so pick your idol wisely. And if there’s any space left after wearing your favorite tattoo, don’t forget to ink an small one on the side.



Q: Where can I get an attack on titan tattoo?

A: Any reputable parlor can be the reliable source to find attack on titan tattoos. But if you can research and get in touch with some specialist, it’d be beneficial. Always find an artist who specializes in anime tattoos and has experience with such series.

Q: What does an attack on titan tattoo symbolize? 

A: Attack on titan tattoos contain several character from the movie. One character is different from the other. Different characters symbolize different things. For example, captain Levi symbolize calmness and sensibility, while Mikasa represents strength and self-assuredness.

Q: How much do Attack on Titan tattoos cost?

A: The size, complexity and the design affect the price of a attack on titan tattoo. Usually, it range from $50 to $300. If you can contact a specialist tattoo artist, you can get a better idea about the cost.

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