15+ Deadliest Ghostface Tattoo Designs With Meaning

The Ghostface tattoo is super popular among tattoo enthusiasts especially if they are a fan of the “Scream” franchise. This character is basically a part of this franchise and people who their love for it through the tattoo.

You can also get a Ghostface tattoo for the incredible designs it comes with and portrays your personality as a mysterious person full of suspense. The designs have a bunch of varieties in the theme including a killer theme, a heart theme, a murder theme, etc.

Let’s take a look at some of the best designs of a Ghostface for your next super cool and unique tattoo!


XX Ghostface Tattoo Designs And Meanings

The most basic meaning of a Ghostface tattoo is the admiration towards the “Scream” franchise. Other than that, it also has a bunch of deep and detailed meanings that could be understood from the designs.

A large portion of the tattoo lovers pick a Ghostface due it the essence of terror and suspense it comes with. Moreover, it could also indicate wearing a mask and hiding your real personality.

Some designs also show a sense of connection with the killer mindset of a ghost while others may just symbolize admiration for a unique piece of artwork.


Ghostface Knife Tattoo

The tattoos featuring the Ghostface and a knife combined are one of the most popular choices of the “Scream” fans. The lovers of this franchise absolutely fantasize about combining the deadly designs of a ghost and a knife in incredible artwork for their tattoos. Let’s take a look at a few designs like that!


1. Dagger Of Death

Ghostface Knife Tattoo 1
Source: jade_tattoo.uk

The dagger in this tattoo is held firmly with a strong hand. It shows the face of a ghost screaming and drowning in blood. The red gives the design a gothic style beautifully.


2. Reflection Of Terror

Ghostface Knife Tattoo 2
Source: horridhenrytattoos

This is a small tattoo of a dagger with a Ghostface reflection. It could fit anywhere on your body as it is small but really cool if you like the Ghostface aesthetic.


3. Sharp And Deadly

Ghostface Knife Tattoo 3
Source: kaythleen.inks

The shading on this design gives it a faded look which has a sharp knife. The knife reflects the face of a deadly ghost that is ready to kill and create chaos.


Scream Ghostface Tattoo


4. Splash Of Blood

Scream Ghostface Tattoo 1
Source: bluebirdtattoo_og

This design straight-up looks like a picture from a crime scene. A super scary ghost is holding a knife after a deadly murder with blood splattered all over.


5. Screaming Terror

Scream Ghostface Tattoo 2
Source: smileycharrtattooz

You can see a cartoonish layout of the Ghostface in the design. It is a simple black-and-white ghost screaming its face off and ready to haunt the world.


6. Blue Haze

Scream Ghostface Tattoo 3
Source: smile_you_sonuvabitch

I love how colorful this design is and it also gives off a Harley Quinn vibe with the red and blue. The face of this ghost almost looks like it’s melting and is cut off from its body.


Ghostface Tattoo Designs

Tattoo designs of a Ghostface can include just the face of the ghost itself or combine it with different elements like a knife, blood, darkness, etc. The tattoos are usually black and white but look absolutely eye-catching when a splash of color is added to them.


7. Ghostly Gaze

Ghostface Tattoo Designs 1
Source: brunnonobregatattoo

You can put this design on your hands, legs, or chest as it is a small but quirky design of a black and white Ghostface. It has a sharp knife in its hand and it is ready to haunt.


8. Call me?

Ghostface Tattoo Designs 2
Source: stechwerk_zuerich

You gotta love the sense of humor behind this design. The ghost is behind a heart with a flirty gesture of asking the audience to call him. How cool is that?


9. Scary Movie

Ghostface Tattoo Designs 3
Source: brad_saw

The Ghostface in this design is resting on a pile of DVDs asking you “What’s your favorite scary movie?” The gown over its head is spattered with blue glitter giving it an incredible bluish hue.


Simple Ghostface Tattoo

Just because the theme is a Ghostface, it doesn’t always have to be extravagant or super deadly. Simple designs of a Ghostface are just as good if you are looking for something that shows your admiration towards the “Scream” franchise but also keeps the look minimal and classy.


10. Dripping Blood

Simple Ghostface Tattoo 1
Source: spookylew

This ghost is between love and hate. It has a dagger dripping with bright red blood while it is inside a big heart. It baits you with love and then kills you with a sharp knife.


11. Hanging 

Simple Ghostface Tattoo 2
Source: abbiehoskintattoo

This is a unique design of a little Ghostface and a tiny dagger hanging off of a safety pin. It looks like a perfect idea for a keychain but also a great design for a tattoo.


12. Blooming Terror

Simple Ghostface Tattoo 3
Source: catrose_tattoos

The contrast is created in this design by pairing flowers with a ghost face. While the flowers resemble the softhearted nature you have, the Ghostface exposes your love for the goth aesthetic.


Ghostface Tattoo Drawing

Drawings and artworks of a Ghostface are a perfect tattoo idea as they show the creativity of the design along with an outstanding outlining skill. Such tattoos usually come with a theme or a message that portrays your personality in a unique way which is definitely not boring.


13. Arrival Of The Devil 

Ghostface Tattoo Drawing 1
Source: jackotattoos

This ghost is ready to kill you with a super sharp knife in his hand. The figure of the ghost fades in the bottom and has a grainy texture all over the design.


14. Devil’s Mourn

Ghostface Tattoo Drawing 2
Source: relicbodyarts

This ghost clearly looks like it’s really old with a wrinkled face. It has the roots of a tree growing inside the skull which is showing through the eyes and mouth.


15. Call Of The Devil

Ghostface Tattoo Drawing 3
Source: adamharmontattoo

Now this is an interesting design of a ghost calling on the phone. The mobile has an old-fashioned aesthetic with the face of a killer ghost popping on the screen. Would you pick up this call?


Ghostface Tattoo Small

Small tattoos of a Ghostface are quite popular as they can be hidden anytime you want but you can definitely show it off at a party or even a date. It will show your personality vividly as a goth lover who doesn’t have a boring fashion sense. Let’s pick one for you from a few of the best designs!


16. Haunted Heart

Ghostface Tattoo Small 1
Source: prettyodd.ink

A simple tattoo of a first-timer can be this little Ghostface inside a heart. This could portray your personality as a loving person from the outside with a killer mindset from the inside.


17. Funky Ghost

Ghostface Tattoo Small 2
Source: steelninkguelph

This ghost is definitely a skateboard enthusiast. If you also love skateboarding, you can definitely show it off with this super funky tattoo and let people know about your amazing sense of humor.


18. Little Face Of Ghost

Ghostface Tattoo Small 3
Source: krishna.tattoos

If you love the goth aesthetic but want a simple tattoo for now, you can try this little Ghostface. It is fairly minimal with a small face of the ghost screaming and haunting people.


Final Verdict

Which one do you think was the deadliest Ghostface tattoo? You can go for the super detailed ones if you are here to show your tattoo off to the world. Or you can also pick the small and simple ones as they are super classy and mysterious with the designs.

What about a matching a tattoo? It won’t be a bad idea to get a matching tattoo of a Ghostface with your friends or partner. You can share the fandom love and the bond forever!



What does Ghostface tattoo mean?

When you get to see a Ghostface tattoo on someone, it could either mean that they are a huge fan of the “Scream” franchise as it has this character or maybe they just love the goth design. You can just ask which one it is for them.

Is Ghost tattoo real?

Ghost tattoos are definitely real and popular but don’t worry. It does not mean creating a connection with some real ghosts through the tattoo. That would surely be lit, right? However, it may depend on the tattoo wearer whether or not they believe in ghosts. Do you believe in ghosts?

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