28 Memorial Tattoos for Grandma – Symbolic and Meaningful Ideas

Dealing with their absence is hard as we get used to having this special part of our lives around us. You cannot undo death but you can surely etch a part of it on your skin to constantly have your grandma and her memories around you. 

This article will discuss memorial tattoos for grandma and will help you ease your pain to some extent with these unique body arts. We will delve into the various designs that are possible and pick one that works best to materialize your memories with your grandmom.


28 Memorial Tattoos For Grandma Designs and Meanings

Grandmas are considered to be living guardian angels in our lives. She teaches us about the harshness of life and also blesses us with the power to overcome all our challenges and shine through. Below we have selected 28 memorial tattoos for your grandma that will not only help you to keep a part of her with you but also to pay tribute to this legend in your life.


Rip Grandma Tattoos

We certainly want our grandmas to reach heaven and attain peace. Getting one of these RIP grandma tattoos is a great way to do that. Let’s start our tattoo journey with these Rip Grandma tattoo designs below.

1. Messenger Dove

Rip Grandma Tattoos 1
Source: adalbertotattoos

An immersive tattoo with a heartfelt tribute to your beloved grandma. This tattoo depicts a dove that is carrying this message to heaven to your grandma.

2. Eternal Respect

Rip Grandma Tattoos 2
Source: _tattoo_artist_md_mr_sahil_

A person that you love a lot might die physically but their memories keep them alive in your heart. This is presented very beautifully in this tattoo.

3. Grandma Portrait

Rip Grandma Tattoos 3
Source: vanjohnsonofficial

What better way to always have your grandma by your side, other than having a portrait of them etched to your back? Certainly, a very thoughtful way to show love for one’s grandma.

4. Colourful Dove

Rip Grandma Tattoos 4
Source: brookelaurenxi

A dove is a messenger of peace. If that is something you relate to your grandma then this colorful dove tattoo is definitely something you should consider.

5. Prayers For Grandma

Rip Grandma Tattoos 5
Source: itsbritney_bish

Butterflies symbolize hope and resurrection. This butterfly tattoo on the woman’s leg is a way to show that her grandma has been resurrected within her.

6. Grandma RIP Tribute

Rip Grandma Tattoos 6
Source: kenny_cummings

The loss of a grandma is painful indeed. This pain is brilliantly depicted by the thorny heart in the middle of the man’s chest. A simple tattoo with a deep meaning.

7. Grandma Realism Portrait

Rip Grandma Tattoos 7
Source: juan_pwee_garay

This Grandma rip tattoo on the man’s arm has surely been created with a lot of time and detail. This sheer dedication reflects the amount of love this individual had for their grandma.

Memory Of Grandma Tattoos

Often, we associate our dead loved ones with objects around us. These objects could be anything our loved ones may have used a lot throughout their day. Take a look at all the memory of grandma tattoos that we have selected below.

8. Sewing Machine

Memory Of Grandma Tattoos 1
Source: _delcanto_

The most fond memory we have of our grandmas is them sewing clothes for us. This detailed sewing machine tattoo is a great way to etch this memory on your body.

9. Flower Tattoo

Memory Of Grandma Tattoos 2
Source: totallytiffany82

This flower tattoo on this woman’s arm is a memory of her grandma. Her grandma probably loved flowers and this tattoo is to depict that.

10. Infinity Love

Memory Of Grandma Tattoos 3
Source: ashleyreinawright

An infinity love tattoo on the lower arm with a sweet note above it. We surely love our grandmas infinitely and this beautiful tattoo suggests that.

11. Prayers For Grandma

Memory Of Grandma Tattoos 4
Source: ogslimthug04

A RIP tattoo for a grandma named Virginia with hands folded in prayers. You can get a similar praying hands tattoo with your grandma’s name below it.

12. Black And White Grandma Portrait

Memory Of Grandma Tattoos 5
Source: joelriostattoos

A beautiful portrait of his grandma on this man’s upper arm. The individual has also added his grandma’s birth and death dates below the portrait.

13. Guardian Angel

Memory Of Grandma Tattoos 6
Source: ink.joy.tattoo

As we mentioned before, your grandma is your guardian angel in life. This tattoo suggests that very well with the scope of you adding your grandma’s initial right between the wings.

14. Grandma Forearm Tattoo

Memory Of Grandma Tattoos 7
Source: ink.joy.tattoo

Flowers are the best way of expressing love. Including it in a memory tattoo for your grandma is also advisable to express your infinite love for them.

Grandma Tattoo Ideas

Loved all the ideas we have shared so far. If you are looking for more special ideas for your special grandma then we have more grandma tattoo ideas for you below. Consider checking them out as well.

15. Grandma And Her Pet

Grandma Tattoo Ideas 1
Source: yoyosinktattoos

I love you very much, that is exactly what’s written in Spanish on the tattoo. This tattoo also depicts Grandma with her favorite pet. A fond memory of seeing both of them together.

16. Grandma And Her Granddaughter. 

Grandma Tattoo Ideas 2
Source: 31_ink

This woman’s forearm illustrates a tattoo of her childhood memory with her grandma. It is a portrait of her sharing lovely moments with her guardian angel.

17. The Angel’s Memories

Grandma Tattoo Ideas 3
Source: evelin.egyed

Every grandkid is a grandma’s angel as they fill her life with joy and happiness. When a grandma passes away, she stays with her angels by always overlooking them from heaven.

18. Simple Miss You Grandma Tattoo

Grandma Tattoo Ideas 4
Source: mr.chumpytattoo

Another simple grandma tattoo on a man’s wrist that shows a young boy running to his grandma. This tattoo is smaller compared to the others and can fit any tight space.

19. Grandma Silhouette 

Grandma Tattoo Ideas 5
Source: _pi.art

A back of the arm grandma silhouette tattoo. This tattoo also contains a sweet note expressing eternal love for their grandma.

20. Angelic Grandma

Grandma Tattoo Ideas 6
Source: tattoosbyjennie

Another Guardian Angel tattoo for your grandma that shows one of the wings being made out of flowers. Flowers are a way to express love to your grandparents.

21. Ladybug Tattoo

Grandma Tattoo Ideas 7
Source: laukysstudio

Ladybug’s symbolize new beginnings and that is something that we all want for our grandma. We want her to enjoy her life after death in heaven wrapped with all the luxuries available.

Tattoos For Dead Grandma

Nothing can reduce the pain of the loss of a grandma. We cannot bring you your grandma back but we can surely suggest a few tattoos that can help you to eternalize her on your body.

22. The Joyous Walk

Tattoos For Dead Grandma 1
Source: tattoosbyneff

We have our own fond memories with our grandmas. This tattoo on the woman’s arm reflects one such moment of her taking a walk with her grandma.

23. Grandma Portrait Back Tattoo

Tattoos For Dead Grandma 2
Source: chino_bronxfinest

A very realistic portrait of her grandma on this woman’s back. Choosing the back as a canvas for your tattoo art will give you a large area to get inked on.

24. Grandma Cross

Tattoos For Dead Grandma 3
Source: gjkluvvv

We constantly pray to god that our grandmas attain heaven and this alluring tattoo shows that. A cross tattoo with a heart and grandma written on it.

25. Grandma Wool Tattoo

Tattoos For Dead Grandma 4
Source: lele_kurama_tattoo

Another fond memory of our grandmas that is similar to the sewing machine tattoo. If you miss cardigan’s made by your grandma then consider getting tattooed with this design.


Tattoos For Dead Grandma 5
Source: gialelem.xo



Tattoos For Dead Grandma 6
Source: al_lytle_stuttertattoo



Tattoos For Dead Grandma 7
Source: smoketatt00



Losing your grandma is certainly a very difficult thing to cope with. Someone who has always been there as an advisor and guardian angel and then one fine day you don’t get to interact with them anymore. We can understand that the pain can be heart wrenching but you also need to understand that even if your grandma is dead physically, her spirit continues to live around you. She continues to bless you as she always has. If you want to convey your love then getting one of these memorial tattoos for grandma can help make it possible.



What Symbolizes Grandparents?

Flowers are considered to symbolize grandparents. Flowers are a depiction of affection and also help to convey emotions, this is something that we can relate to our grandparents.

Is It Ok To Get A Memorial Tattoo?

It is very common for people to get a memorial tattoo once they lose someone. Tattoos are considered to be a medium of expressing love for these departed relatives and can also help to immortalize their memories.

What Tattoo Represents A Passed Loved One?

Sugar Skull tattoos have been widely believed to represent passed loved ones. If you have watched Coco then you would know what a sugar skull tattoo is.

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