60 Die Hard Patriotic Tattoos Ideas for 21 Century!

Patriotic tattoos were first designed to inspire fellow men to join them in combat to defend their country. Nowadays they are used to show devotion and love for the brave spirits that fought for the country.

These tattoos are a way of showing love and willingness to sacrifice for their nations. They are some of the most respected and noble tattoo pieces available.

Some of the common places to get these tattoos to include arms, chest, forearm, and sometimes even legs. But mostly the upper part of the body is used to get these designs.

They can be based on recent events or historical events. Colorful options are more suitable for clear visibility. Also, symbols, signs, animals, and objects are also used to signify these tattoo’s meanings.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best designs that’ll give you new inspiration. So, buckle up & let’s get started.


Awesome Patriotic Tattoos Ideas and Designs

There are new designs coming up every day. Here are some of the best patriotic tattoo designs from the most popular and trendy styles. There are options for everyone regardless of their gender, skin tone, or religious beliefs.


Patriotic Sleeve Tattoo

Patriotic tattoos that are drawn all over the arms as sleeves symbolize devotion, dedication & one’s will to fight and protect one’s homeland. They are a sign of true love for one’s country and pride.


1. Dead Statue Of Liberty


Source: libstartattoos

The statue of liberty is a symbol of freedom and enlightenment. However, this one is drawn with a skull on the side of his arms. It highlights the suffering and hardships of the captives.


2. Angel Eagle


Source: beresfordtattoos

Some graves are shielded by an eagle with lots of stars. The graves are of brave soldiers who died while fighting for their country. There’s nothing more patriotic and heroic than devoting life to a great cause. An amazing man’s sleeve tattoo.


3. Fellow Travelers


Source: dougburkmire

Some brave and courageous soldiers are sailing through the mad sea in search of land. It represents the discovery of the great country we now call the USA. This patriotic sleeve tattoo will be suited for men with wider arms.


Patriotic Forearm Tattoos

Forearms are another most popular place to get patriotic tattoos. They are easily visible and make your forearms more attractive. Typically they cover the entire width of the forearm.


4. Ukrainian Balance


Source: subbotinatattoo

The blue and yellow stripe on the background of this tattoo symbolizes the flag of Ukraine. There is also a burning scale that transitions to a flower. The flames are the bravery of the Ukrainian’s & the flower is the soft nature of their heart.


5. Eagle Forearm


Source: bonanza_studiotatuazu

An eagle is at the center of this piece. There is a brick wall in the heart of this mighty bird. It indicates how it’ll stand strong against injustice and defend its boundaries. A true patriotic gentleman’s forearm tattoo.


6. Future Shadow


Source: sparnuota_tattoo

Although there is a paper plane on his forearm the shadow it is portraying is of a fighter jet. This indicates the hidden potential of an ordinary man who can be extraordinary and courageous to fight for justice.


American Patriotic Tattoos

American patriotic tattoos revolve around the USA & their heroic displays of power and justice. These tattoos typically contain some resemblance to the American flag or its symbols.


7. Dogtags On Flag


Source: inkaddictiontherapy

There are two dog tags scattered on the great American flag. Most likely they belonged to soldiers who died in the war. This woman has their tags tattooed on her left arm to show respect and love for their souls.


8. Eagle Attack


Source: dean_baumgartner

Sometimes the only way to defend liberty and freedom is to attack with all forces. This Eagle represents that exact philosophy. An amazing patriotic tattoo that screams aggression.


9. Waving Flag


Source: luckyluke8282

The light breeze is making the flag of one of the greatest nations slowly move in a rhythm. The shine on the flag is making it glaze with its glory. This covers the entire upper arm of this patriotic man.


Small Patriotic Tattoos

If you have a thin arm or want to get a tattoo that looks gorgeous & also highlights patriotism then these tattoos are best suited for you. They don’t take a lot of time & are relatively less painful to get.


10. Diving Bird


Source: olenka.makhanets

Birds are some of the best symbols of a fighting spirit. This bird drawn in blue and yellow color represents the fighting spirits of the people of Ukraine. How they are not afraid to dive down when necessary is also visible in this small patriotic tattoo on her forearm.


11. Ukrain Heart


Source: tamistra_art

A gorgeous young lady has a tattoo right over her heart that looks like a flag of Ukraine. It tells us that the love for her country is in her soul. One of the best patriotic tattoos for young ladies.


12. Sparrow On Wrist


Source: maria__bogachova

The wrist of this girl is inked with a sparrow. The sparrow is half blue and half yellow. It is another variation of a patriotic Ukrainian tattoo for a more feminine look.


Patriotic Eagle Tattoo

The eagle has a long history in American patriotism. It symbolizes the freedom & strength of the nation & its people. They are often drawn with other elements such as flags, weapons, & other objects. It enhances the tattoo’s meaning.


13. Arrow & Grass


Source: joey.navarro.tattooer

A large ribbon is held by the eagle with its beak and one leg has three arrows & another hand has grass. The center of this eagle is guarded by a shield that symbolizes the flag. It has its hands full but still has an aggressive look.


14. Inspiring Quote


Source: danielleoberosler

The wings of this angry eagle have the quote “LIVE FREE OR DIE”. It encourages you to thrive for glory and freedom which is the main point of being a patriot. An inspiring patriotic tattoo for men’s chest.


15. Fight Direction


Source: sztuka_ciala

There is a compass on the bottom of this tattoo. It is used to find the direction of a fight. The eagle is ready to snatch its glory with its swords. The details on this tattoo are simply eye-catching.


Patriotic Heart Tattoos

Patriotism always comes from the shallow depth of the heart. So naturally, tattoo artists combine heart symbols or love symbols in patriotic tattoo designs. They are suitable for arms, chest, and forearms.


16. Heart Signature


Source: maria__bogachova

This beautiful lady had a signature on the right side of her chest. It is followed by a love symbol that is filled with blue and yellow colors. A combination of text, love, and patriot tattoo.


17. Heart Touching


Source: ruta_tattoo

Two hands are trying to reach the heart-shaped Ukrainian flag-inspired symbol in the middle. It says that their suffering and bravery touched everyone’s heart.


18. Minimalist Heart


Source: ruta_tattoo

The back of this young woman’s arm is tattooed with a minimal design. The heart is accompanied by two wheat plants which is a staple food source. It indicates their bond with their nature and soil. A true display of patriotism.


Patriotic Skull Tattoo

Although skulls are known to represent death and sadness they can be used in fun ways also. These patriotic skull tattoos are a display of mixing two different styles in a totally new way.


19. Hipster Skull


Source: blessedinkaz

A feminine skull is drawn with a trendy look. It has all the latest fashions but still has a feeling of patriotism in it.


20. Chiseled Skull


Source: mikedrurytattoos

A highly defined and detailed skull is covered with the national flag of the USA. The cracks on the skull indicate the damage and fighting spirit of the American people.


21. Patriotic Cross


Source: jakedoestattoos

A cross is a symbol of sacrifice and suffering. It adds a religious twist to this patriotic tattoo design.


Patriotic Chest Tattoo

Patriotic chest tattoos on the chest typically cover one side of the sheet but it’s also very common to see the entire chest covered. These tattoos also stay on top of their heart symbolizing their beliefs and trust.


22. We The People


Source: brian_monk_taylor

There is a quote “We the people” which represents all the people living in the united states and they are governed by the constitution. A tattoo that shows belief in the constitution.


23. Red Sun


Source: legacytattoony

A colorful and vibrant tattoo. A mighty eagle is flying up on the horizon. There is a shining red sun on the back of this eagle. It is also wearing a cape made out of flags. A bunch of patriotic signs are used in this piece.


24. Flag Snatcher


Source: blackorchidtattoo

There’s an eagle inked that is holding on to an American flag. Its giant wings cover the entire flag which symbolizes its effort to protect the nation from any harm.


Patriotic Leg Tattoos

Patriotic tattoos on legs are not that common but there are still some designs available. Usually, the back of the leg is used for these tattoos because they have a clear wide area.


25. Lightning Gladiator


Source: bigdealtattooz

A gladiator’s helmet is drawn with the year 1776 on it. It symbolizes the birth of a fighting and brave country. The stars around the helmet represent the great American flag.


26. Wounds


Source: inksabbath


27. Black Skull


Source: shadesofpaintattoo


Patriotic Wrist Tattoos

28. Home


Source: in_white_tattoo


29. Golden Lands


Source: in_white_tattoo


30. Brushed Flag


Source: kaplan.tattooing


Patriotic Rose Tattoo


31. American Rose


Source: craftypirategirl


32. Contrasting Rose


Source: electric.zombie


33. Bloomed Flower


Source: fridaynighttattoos



Polish Patriotic Tattoos


34. Dark Symbol


Source: rudeboytattoo999


35. Polish Side Arm Tattoo


Source: deviltattooart


36. Anchored Polish Tattoo


Source: marcincecelskitattoo


Patriotic Canadian Tattoos


37. Wild Canada


Source: morninggorytattoo


38. Scarred Flag


Source: laurenbtattoos


39. Deep Cut


Source: atatofclass


New England Patriotic Tattoo


40. Floral Eagle


Source: empiretattooinc


41. One Winged Flag


Source: tattoo_art_byandrew


42. American Flesh


Source: maineink


Traditional Patriotic Tattoo


43. Eagle Badge


Source: matparktattoo


44. Grapes


Source: el_inmortal_tattoo


45. Crisp Eagle


Source: dlcardinale_tattoos



46. Historical Sleeve


Source: themooreclan77


47. Globe & Scroll


Source: ks_tattoo


48. Bicep Text


Source: tattoos_by_suzanneb


Forearm Patriotic We The People Tattoo


49. Bold Writing


Source: jdavilatattooer59


50. Old Scroll


Source: chicho505


51. Side Forearm Quote


Source: lost_inthe_trees


Patriotic Star Tattoos


52. Star Flag


Source: james_sacramento_tattoo


53. Glazing Blue Star


Source: stabby_gabby_tattoo


54. Triple Stars


Source: j.vandytattoos


Patriotic Cross Tattoos


55. Silver Cross


Source: sloweace


56. Metal Crossed


Source: tattoosbymikehuff


57. Nails & Flag


Source: rodney.davis.tattoos


Patriotic Neck Tattoos


58. Eagle Watch


Source: new.tribe.tattoo


59. Mythical Unicorn


Source: salamitattoo82


60. Neck Scar


Source: ks_tattoo



Hopefully, these designs were able to spark some interest in your patriotic heart. If you want to get a piece that shows off your love for freedom and love for your country there is nothing more suitable than these patriotic tattoos. If you are going with a design with a tricky concept it’s advised to get it done by someone with vast experience. That being said, don’t be afraid to add your own twists to your pieces. After all, they are a representation of your own perspective and beliefs.


Frequently Asked Questions

Aside from the flag, what are the other patriotic symbols I can use as tattoo imagery?

Some other patriotic symbols that you can use to show patriotism are the eagle, dog tags, statues and monuments of liberty, etc.

Any suggestions for a small patriotic tattoo?

You can go with a design with a dog tag, bird, or heart.

Why Should You Choose Patriotic Tattoos?

You should choose patriotic tattoos because they display your patriotism and love for your country.

How Much Do American Tattoos Cost?

They can cost anywhere between $50 to $250 depending on the design and size.

What is the Best Time to Get a Patriotic Tattoo?

There’s no best time to get a patriotic tattoo. But you can get them a few weeks earlier from national events, it’ll allow the tattoo to heal properly.

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