81 Most Aesthetic Gypsy Tattoos for Man and Woman

Gypsy tattoos represent the freedom of nomad life. They reflect the struggle of wanderers as well. Luck and desire are also the elements that a gypsy tattoo represents. However, most gypsy tattoos come with women’s faces. They appear with great beauty with ancient lust.

Here we will see many gypsy tattoos with unique designs to soothe your eyes. Gypsy rose tattoo, Luck gypsy tattoo, or Gypsy moon tattoo sections will be to your liking. When you reach the witcher gypsy section, you’ll also get thrilled. So, let’s not waste time and see the most unique tattoos of the modern era.


81 Gypsy Tattoos Designs and Meanings

Gypsy tattoo designs are always unique from others. Even a simple illustration of a female gypsy face will look exceptional. The following tattoos take you to the world of gypsy and open your eyes to more fantastic beauty.


Gypsy Rose Tattoo

Gypsy rose tattoos are always illustrated with roses. The flowers enhance the beauty of the gypsy woman quite efficiently. You will see the most beautiful gypsy tattoos in the first section of this content.


1. Mystery woman

Gypsy Rose Tattoo 1
Source: kd1904

With her reddish chin and long black hair, the woman looks nothing less than mysterious. She has an appealing shape, intoxicated eyes, and roses around her. You can’t perceive whether she is seeking love or destruction.


2. Precious offering

Gypsy Rose Tattoo 2
Source: demaratattoo

A charmer face of a woman comes in this tattoo with a rose of light red color. The look is illustrated sideways. The woman is beautiful and seems like she is offering love.


3. Captive beauty

Gypsy Rose Tattoo 3
Source: youngraytattoo

A beautiful face of a woman in a rose is what you see in this tattoo. This is the most precious art you can have. The woman is gorgeous, and the rose is light red on the shoulder.


Gypsy Soul Tattoo

No one can illustrate a soul. But you can get a glimpse of gypsy life through these tattoos. Gypsy souls are the hardest as they lead more challenging life than ours.


4. Romance vagabond

Gypsy Soul Tattoo 1
Source: gene_menges_tattoo

The tattoo comes with a stylish font where the words “gypsy soul” is written. The image is suitable for your Bicep and Back. A few leaves with the font enhance the beauty of this tattoo.


5. The romance

Gypsy Soul Tattoo 2
Source: j.a.yelle

In a thinner yet bold font, the word Gypsy Soul is written here. It’s the most stylish font you can get on your body. Wearing it on your chest will purify your own soul.


6. A craved bird

Gypsy Soul Tattoo 3
Source: creativetoe_ink

The mountain always represents one thing clearly, and that is gypsy life. In western Asia, gypsies are a wanderer who never stops walking. The desire to reach their destination keeps them moving, and this tattoo simply reflects this thing.


Traditional Gypsy Tattoo

Traditional gypsy tattoos mainly illustrate women’s faces. The women are beautiful and have a great ancient appearance. The following tattoos will soothe your heart with their beauty.


7. Mysterious vagrant

Traditional Gypsy Tattoo 1
Source: manuelribautattooer

A woman middle of her age, craving love from whoever sees her. A big earring and a necklace are all she has as ornaments. You will see doom in her deadly stare.


8. Innocence of paradox

Traditional Gypsy Tattoo 2
Source: tomtilden

An innocent face of a gypsy woman is illustrated in this tattoo sideways. She has flowers in her head and is peering at the mountain unconsciously. Whoever comes down from the hill, she will take him as her love.


9. Enchanting beauty

Traditional Gypsy Tattoo 3
Source: skin.ninja_

A woman red hue on her chin looks at you seductively. This is what you see in this tattoo. She also has a red towel on her head and two mysterious-looking eyes.


Gypsy Moth Tattoo

Gypsy moth tattoos bring moths with the gypsy vibe. You may find these tattoos weird, but they are great elements of gypsy nature.


10. Old soul romance

Gypsy Moth Tattoo 1
Source: gypsymoth_tattooer

A grasshopper with a skull on its back flying for the journey of the unknown. The skull simply reminds the gypsies who get burned by the sun after walking many miles.  


11. Lone rambler

Gypsy Moth Tattoo 2
Source: rightinthetrash

A caterpillar is climbing up a leaf in this tattoo. The moth in this tattoo is black and has sharp thorns on its body. It’s silently carrying a butterfly in it. 


12. Old soul

Gypsy Moth Tattoo 3
Source: pager_the_rager

Now the butterfly has appeared. With leaves surrounding it and an illustration of the moon make, this tattoo is eye soothing. The tattoo will surely give you happiness. 


Gypsy Skull Tattoo

Skulls can be drawn in many ways. Here you will see the gypsy ways of illustrating skulls. The tattoos are indeed the most attractive ones. 


13. Embracing chaos

Gypsy Skull Tattoo 1
Source: tattooistleec73

With a headband and flower, this skull looks fancy in its appearance. This deluxe illustration can surely make your body glamorous.  


14. Deceit charade

Gypsy Skull Tattoo 2
Source: boldandgoldart

How would you imagine a skull with a glass full of wine? Intense, isn’t it? This skull also has a headband and a flower on her head. 


15. Eternal soul

Gypsy Skull Tattoo 3
Source: luvinink

This skull is sure of a gypsy woman. It has long hair and horns. The most noticeable thing is that it has greenish eyes and hair. 


Gypsy Witch Tattoo

We know how horrific witches can be. What if you see the frightening illustrations of witches in gypsy tattoos? Sit tight to get thrilled by the following beauties.  


16. Wriggling goddess

Gypsy Witch Tattoo 1
Source: piatych13_denis_tattoo

A goddess of her dark world appears with her glamorous look in this tattoo. She has lots of ornaments on her body and deadly eyes to burn you at a stare. 


17. Deceiving witch

Gypsy Witch Tattoo 2
Source: lois.storm.tattoos

This witch looks a bit upset. This is the most unique thing about this tattoo. The woman is so beautiful as if she doesn’t want to be a witch.  


18. Necromancer vision

Gypsy Witch Tattoo 3
Source: mastermindstattoo

A vision of a witch can be so dangerous. You’ll get a glimpse of the deadliest vision in this tattoo. This woman certainly looks scary. 


Gypsy Moon Tattoo

Here you will see the gypsy faces of man and woman on the moon. The moon goddess will appear as well. Scroll down to see if any of these suit you.


19. Eternal amour

Gypsy Moon Tattoo 1
Source: katancostello

The moon appears as a man’s face, and there’s a woman’s face as well. The tattoo is simply ironic. It can also be a tattoo with the sign of love.  


20. Moon goddess

Gypsy Moon Tattoo 2
Source: katancostello

A black cat from Murakami’s book is sitting on the edge of the moon. The moon also appears as a woman’s face. You can assume the face as the face of the moon goddess.  


21. Soul ranger

Gypsy Moon Tattoo 3
Source: gypsymoontattoo

A beautiful woman’s face here, wrapped with lots of illustrations. You can see a glimpse of the sun here as well. It’s the most colorful tattoo you can get on your body.


Lucky Gypsy Tattoo

Gypsies aren’t the luckiest living creatures in the world. However, you will find the three most fascinating lucky gypsy tattoos here. These are certainly the most creative gypsy tattoos you will see.


22. Eternal home

Lucky Gypsy Tattoo 1
Source: luckygypsytattoostudio

A raven with a necklace sits on a tree branch at night. The necklace it’s wearing carries the number 9, although 7 is considered the luckiest number. The tattoo is mysterious as it brings the night vibe.


23. Deceptive enchantress

Lucky Gypsy Tattoo 2
Source: christianbuckingham

The tattoo is deceptive because the enchantress has two faces. On one side, the witch gets her true face, whereas, on another side, it appears with a face of a devil. The tattoo is simply the scariest one.


24. Wild romanticism

Lucky Gypsy Tattoo 3
Source: tat2sbychin

A wolf appears in this tattoo, and half its face is covered with flowers. The tattoo is not scary, yet mysterious. In the sense of beauty, this gypsy tattoo gets a full mark.


American Gypsy Tattoo

American gypsy tattoos naturally look a bit updated. The ancient vibe has gone from them; however, the illustrations still glow.


25. Mysterious vision

American Gypsy Tattoo 1
Source: ianinagaliana

Here we see a modern-day woman with a little blanket covering her head. The woman has red lipstick on her lip. However, ancient lust is seen in her eyes.



American Gypsy Tattoo 2
Source: alfonsocmena



American Gypsy Tattoo 3
Source: m.sesini


Gypsy Hill Tattoo



Gypsy Hill Tattoo 1
Source: maggotat78



Gypsy Hill Tattoo 2
Source: papifritastattoos



Gypsy Hill Tattoo 3
Source: goldenfalcontattoo


Chrome Gypsy Tattoo



Chrome Gypsy Tattoo 1
Source: andrew_tattooer



Chrome Gypsy Tattoo 2
Source: max_mogstad



Chrome Gypsy Tattoo 3
Source: max_mogstad


Gypsy Head Tattoo



Gypsy Head Tattoo 1
Source: tylergregorchik



Gypsy Head Tattoo 2
Source: magnumopustattoo



Gypsy Head Tattoo 3
Source: flamineighttattoo


Gypsy Crystal Ball Tattoo



Gypsy Crystal Ball Tattoo 1
Source: maerrose311



Gypsy Crystal Ball Tattoo 2
Source: leonwalkertattoo



Gypsy Crystal Ball Tattoo 3
Source: tattooraul


Gypsy Tattoo Sleeve



Gypsy Tattoo Sleeve 1
Source: inkproof



Gypsy Tattoo Sleeve 2
Source: shawnpopeart



Gypsy Tattoo Sleeve 3
Source: trailmixtattoos


Gypsy Muse Tattoo



Gypsy Muse Tattoo 1
Source: reject_batman



Gypsy Muse Tattoo 2
Source: tothegypsythatremains



Gypsy Muse Tattoo 3
Source: gypsymusetattoo


Mystical Gypsy Tattoo



Mystical Gypsy Tattoo 1
Source: jakefinneytattoos



Mystical Gypsy Tattoo 2
Source: frost_store__



Mystical Gypsy Tattoo 3
Source: tattoosbycolbydaehler


Twisted Gypsy Tattoo



Twisted Gypsy Tattoo 1
Source: twistedgypsytattoo



Twisted Gypsy Tattoo 2
Source: twistedgypsytattoo



Twisted Gypsy Tattoo 3
Source: twistedgypsytattoo


Gypsy Finger Tattoos



Gypsy Finger Tattoos 1
Source: aloewaya



Gypsy Finger Tattoos 2
Source: missmelissatattooer



Gypsy Finger Tattoos 3
Source: lil_tat_mama


Gypsy Hand Tattoos



Gypsy Hand Tattoos 1
Source: estudio_cleitontattoo



Gypsy Hand Tattoos 2
Source: punko_tattoo



Gypsy Hand Tattoos 3
Source: lasantamariatattoocl


Gypsy Cat Tattoo



Gypsy Cat Tattoo 1
Source: shaunda.gebbink



Gypsy Cat Tattoo 2
Source: christy.e.hayes2



Gypsy Cat Tattoo 3
Source: gypsycattattoos


Gypsy Face Tattoo



Gypsy Face Tattoo 1
Source: skinscenetattoo



Gypsy Face Tattoo 2
Source: melissa_daye



Gypsy Face Tattoo 3
Source: northsidetattooz


Gypsy Butterfly Tattoo



Gypsy Butterfly Tattoo 1
Source: robert_tattoo.tatta



Gypsy Butterfly Tattoo 2
Source: antsol3



Gypsy Butterfly Tattoo 3
Source: robyn_uri_cano


Gypsy Eye Tattoo



Gypsy Eye Tattoo 1
Source: rangel.tats



Gypsy Eye Tattoo 2
Source: greezy_noseslide



Gypsy Eye Tattoo 3
Source: jack_the_lantern


Gypsy Horse Tattoo



Gypsy Horse Tattoo 1
Source: van1ty_tattoo



Gypsy Horse Tattoo 2
Source: pesky_inc



Gypsy Horse Tattoo 3
Source: vermont.gypsy.lady


Gypsy Owl Tattoo



Gypsy Owl Tattoo 1
Source: thegypsyowlartco



Gypsy Owl Tattoo 2
Source: pablohermano



Gypsy Owl Tattoo 3
Source: inktherapydiva


Gypsy Queen Tattoo



Gypsy Queen Tattoo 1
Source: jannectattoos



Gypsy Queen Tattoo 2
Source: krazykyle.74



Gypsy Queen Tattoo 3
Source: andreytattooing


Mexican Gypsy Tattoo



Mexican Gypsy Tattoo 1
Source: danielle_marie_tattoos



Mexican Gypsy Tattoo 2
Source: jon_greenaway82



Mexican Gypsy Tattoo 3
Source: adam_forero




Now we are at the last stage of this article. The large collection of gypsy tattoos ends here. We hope you have selected so many tattoos to wear that it trapped you in confusion. we suggest you wear whatever you choose because these tattoos are painless and come at an affordable price. They take approximately 1 to 1.5 hours, and you can get them for only 100 to 150 dollars with a lifetime guarantee.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What Is a Gypsy Tattoo?

A: Gypsy tattoos usually come with a female gypsy illustration with a brief detail of her origin. The illustration often looks century old. The portraits come with black hair, heavy makeup, jewelry, and flower. Most of the female appears in black skin.


Q: What Does a Traditional Gypsy Tattoo Mean?

A: Traditional gypsy tattoos are symbols of gypsy tradition. They represent freedom of traveling, independence, and the gypsy way of life. Through these tattoos, we see a glimpse of the Roman, European, and African gypsy lifestyles.


Q: What Does Gypsy Tattoo Mean?

A: Living life is the main aspect of a gypsy tattoo. The gypsies are always walking and leading a different life than us. Their lifestyle is what gypsy tattoos represent. Also, luck, independence, desire, and good fortune are facets that the gypsy tattoos represent.


Q: Do Gypsies Have Tattoos?

A: Some gypsies are always tattooed as their tradition, but some are not. For instance, Oriental gypsies in the East are seen tattooed, whereas European gypsies never had tattooing. Oriental gypsies, often seen in Europe and America, are easily identified with their tattoos.






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