30 Unique Mandalorian Tattoo Ideas for Men and Women

The Mandalorian is one of the most popular characters of recent times in the Star Wars universe and the popularity of this character is only increasing day by day. Being a die-hard fan of this franchise, people are all over it when it comes to getting a Mandalorian tattoo.

No matter what style you choose, a Mandalorian tattoo is a unique and eye-catching way to express your love for the Star Wars franchise and your connection to the Mandalorian culture. So let’s dive in.


30 Mandalorian Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Mandalorian tattoos come in different shapes and forms featuring the Mandalore, Baby Yoda, Boba Frett, the Mythosaur, and Mandalore symbols. All of them play significant roles in the Mandalorian universe.

For Star Wars fanboys, a Mandalorian tattoo can have different meanings depending on its characteristics, themes, and placement. They come in various designs and fans can have personal attachments to them. Scroll down to know more.


Mandalorian Symbol Tattoo

The Mythosaur is seen to be the ultimate symbol for the Mandlorians. This symbol is seen in their armor, artifacts, caves, and in many other places. Check out those wonderful Mandalorian symbol tattoos below.


1. Colorful Mythosaur Tattoo

Mandalorian Symbol Tattoo 1
Source: sacredartfl

A colorful Mythosaur tattoo on a man’s calf. This tattoo depicts the deep historical aura of the Mandalorian culture. If you look closely you will see a green Mandalorian helmet which indicates it’s Boba Fett inside the mythosaur symbol.


2. Painted Mythosaur

Mandalorian Symbol Tattoo 2
Source: joazis

By the looks of it, this mythosaur tattoo feels like it was inked by sprayed paints like something out of a wall art. This tattoo might seem vague to you but the mythosaur symbol is pretty clear here and for the exotic colors even girls can try out this tattoo.


3. Breaking Out from The Skin

Mandalorian Symbol Tattoo 3
Source: jingstattoo

This powerful and dark mythosaur tattoo is breaking out within the skin. The mighty presence of this tattoo will be strongly felt by whoever encounters it and they surely will think twice before messing around with you.


4. Sparkling Mythosaur Tattoo

Mandalorian Symbol Tattoo 4
Source: saffiasco

This fancy-looking and sparkling mythosaur tattoo gives a galactic vibe on a man’s bicep. The colors used in this tattoo are very vibrant and though this tattoo is on a man’s bicep, it will look really pretty on a woman’s hand too.


5. Survivor

Mandalorian Symbol Tattoo 5
Source: reggietherascal13

A black mythosaur tattoo over three red claw marks. The Mandalore clan came into existence after Mandalore the First defeated a mythosaur. This tattoo indicates the very prestigious legacy of the Mandalore clan.


Mandalorian Helmet Tattoo

The helmet of a Mandalorian is a very significant asset to them and holds important customs. To them, it protects their identity and anonymity, displays their legacy and heritage, and protects them from the enemy.


6. Flowers Behind Pride

Mandalorian Helmet Tattoo 1

Not quite often do you see designs like this. A Mandalorian helmet with colorful flowers behind it. One might get a trippy feeling seeing this unique concept. This design would suit a girl’s hand perfectly.


7. Baby Yoda on Top

Mandalorian Helmet Tattoo 2
Source: selfmadeandy

A cute baby Yoda on top of a Mandalorian helmet with Sorgan frog below. Here they are waiting with desperation for Mando to return from a fierce battle. It shows the parental bond between baby Grogu and Mando.


8. Spilling Blood Helmet

Mandalorian Helmet Tattoo 3
Source: tillinger_lilla_tattoo

The Mandalorian uses the helmet to hide their identities. For them, it is a symbol of pride and honor. In their culture, it is a sin to take off their helmet and show their face to others. This tattoo of blood spilling out of the helmet makes this powerful statement more intense.


9. Majestic Helmet

Mandalorian Helmet Tattoo 4
Source: drazink974

A Mandalorian helmet tattoo on the back of the leg of a man. Here we see two feathers on the top of the helmet which gives it a majestic princely vibe. You can try out this beautiful design elsewhere on your body too.


10. Geometrical Helmet Tattoo

Mandalorian Helmet Tattoo 5
Source: carlies.artspace

This the probably the simplest Mandalorian helmet tattoo you will see here. The simple design makes it look more elegant. The geometric patterns and the dotted lines are inked perfectly into the skin.


Mandalorian Skull Tattoo

In Madalorian skull tattoos mainly the Mythosaur skull is more popular than others. However, the Mudhorn skull is also among the favorites when it comes to these types of tattoos.


11. Realistic Mythosaur Skull

Mandalorian Skull Tattoo 1
Source: prickedtattoos

A tattoo of the skull of the mythosaur on a man’s shoulder. you can see that deep black ink has been used to give this tattoo a realistic view. This tattoo doesn’t only complement the shoulder but also fits nicely to its curves.


12. Mandalorian Warrior

Mandalorian Skull Tattoo 2
Source: ambermanbearpig0.0

This is a skull tattoo of a Mandalorian warrior on the thigh. The warrior is wearing the iconic Mandalorian helmet. You can see that the skull is screaming indicating that it had a dignified death on the battlefield fighting the enemies.


13. Mythosauric Heritage

Mandalorian Skull Tattoo 3
Source: spluisart

It is believed that the Mandalore clan began with Mandalore the Great defeating the mythosaur. Since then, the Mandalorians have used the mythosaur skull as their own symbol of their identity. This tattoo is a shoutout to that heritage.


14. Green Skull Tattoo

Mandalorian Skull Tattoo 4
Source: pinklightsaber

A green mythosaur skull tattoo on a man’s muscle. The green texture inside of the skull looks like some kind of holy liquid portion indicating the power of the Mandalorian tribe.


15. Menacing Mythosaur

Mandalorian Skull Tattoo 5
Source: station1tattoo_company

This skull tattoo of the Mythosaur looks vicious like it’s furious over something. You can see the rage in its left eye, patiently giving its hunter instincts. You can also write something in this tattoo to make it more memorable.


Mandalorian Mythosaur Tattoo

The mythosaur is the ultimate symbol of the Mandalorian culture that represents strength, power, resilience, and survival. It is believed that Mandalore the First defeated the mythosaur and set the beginning for their tribe.


16. The Mandalorian and The Mythosaur

Mandalorian Mythosaur Tattoo 1
Source: tbatattoos

The Mythosaur is the ultimate symbol and an icon of resilience to the Mandalorians. It is this ancient creature that made them well-known to others by being defeated by ancient Mandalorians. This tattoo resembles this exact legacy of the Mandalore clan.


17. Skull of the Mythosaur

Mandalorian Mythosaur Tattoo 2
Source: flaxrootstattoo

A mythosaur skull tattoo. The Mythosaur is a mysterious creature in the Star Wars universe and very little is revealed about it in the story. It is the mysticism that has captivated the viewers towards this beast.


18. The Devil on The Arm

Mandalorian Mythosaur Tattoo 3
Source: samwisetattoos

A red devilish-looking mythosaur tattoo on a man’s bicep. The artist here has used his creative visions to reimagine the mythosaur in a different way than others. This mythosaur looks fierce, deadly, and a creature you wouldn’t want to mess around.


19. This Is The Way

Mandalorian Mythosaur Tattoo 4
Source: deefrost_design

To the Mandalorians, ‘this is the way’ is like a moral code of their tribe. It means following their ideals, and traditions, and having respect for them. Here above the mythosaur skull, this text is written in Star Wars font signifying the importance of what it means to be a Mandalore.


20. Din Djarin’s Signet

Mandalorian Mythosaur Tattoo 5
Source: lezama.ink

In Mandalorian culture, signets are meaningful symbols that indicate worthy kills that represent the clan. In the series, Din Djarin protected Baby Yoda from a mudhorn and defeated it. It signifies the strong bond that Djarin and Baby Yoda have.


Mandalorian Tattoo Meaning

Mandalorian Tattoos can have different meanings according to their themes. Fans can have Mandalorian tattoos as personal attachments showing love for the show. It can indicate courage, power, identity, individuality, and one’s love for adventure and exploration.


21. Warrior in Silhouette

Mandalorian Tattoo Meaning 1
Source: flow_tattoo_toronto

A portrait silhouette tattoo of Mando on the forearm. This tattoo looks stylish and the design of this tattoo is truly picturesque. You can also try getting this tattoo on other areas of your body and will have the same mesmerizing effect.


22. Mandalorian in Pencil Ink

Mandalorian Tattoo Meaning 2
Source: foxintherabbithole

The black ink of this tattoo is deeply curved into the skin which gives it a pencil art vibe. This type of tattoo suits the best in white skin tones and you can see how well the tattoo is displaying itself in the skin.


23. The Way

Mandalorian Tattoo Meaning 3
Source: missmollietattoo

A full upper arm tattoo of Mando and Baby Yoda. In this tattoo, you can see Baby Yoda controlling an object in mid-air drawing it towards itself. This tattoo showcases Baby Grogu’s power and the Mandalorian being its protector.


24. Mando The Protector

Mandalorian Tattoo Meaning 4
Source: bat_tattooer

In the show, Mando protects baby Yoda from various dangerous circumstances. He is a parental figure to baby Yoda who risks his life to protect him at any cost. This tattoo can spark interest if you are a parent always there to protect your child from the dark force.


25. Shiny Mandalorian

Mandalorian Tattoo Meaning 5
Source: watsonsith

You can see the armor of Mando shining in this tattoo design. Below Mando, there is Grogu holding his silver ball that reminds him of home and his bond to the force. This pose is iconic in Star Wars World and you can cherish it forever by tattooing it onto your skin.


Mandalorian Crest Tattoo



Mandalorian Crest Tattoo 1
Source: mattdifa



Mandalorian Crest Tattoo 2
Source: dittattoo



Mandalorian Crest Tattoo 3
Source: zinketattoo



Mandalorian Crest Tattoo 4
Source: optikboy



Mandalorian Crest Tattoo 5
Source: seanptattoos



Mandalorian tattoos are bold in color and most of them make a strong statement. They are versatile, noticeable, and a favorite to all Star Wars fans. In recent trends, they are more popular than average Star Wars tattoos.

You might have already booked your appointment by now and will get your Mandalorian tattoo very soon. Best of luck on your tattoo adventure and may the force be with you!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Mandalorian tattoo?

Mandalorian is a popular spin-off series based on the Star Wars universe. A Mandalorian tattoo consists of the characters and symbols of that series.

What do Mandalorian tattoos mean and symbolize?

Mandalorian tattoos can have different meanings according to their theme. Usually, they represent loyalty, bravery, pride, and devotion.

What is a Mythosaur tattoo?

Mythosaur is an ancient creature that represents the Mandalorian culture and many tattoo it onto their skin as a symbol of identity, strength, and valor.

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