96 Amazing Geometric Tattoo Ideas For You 

Geometric tattoos are a major part of ancient history and culture. These designs are loved by people worldwide for their unique style and connection to their spiritual and realistic edge. All of these tattoos have beautiful meanings and bring a sense of stability and balance to us.

If you are on the hunt for a geometric design for a meaningful tattoo, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we will discuss some of the extraordinary tattoos and their symbolism. Without further ado, check out the best designs we have put together.


96 Geometric Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Geometric tattoos speak volumes in terms of spiritual and religious meanings. All of these designs are highly attractive and a pleasure to the eyes. Let us take a look at these geometric designs and meanings without any further delay.


Forearm Geometric Tattoo

Tattoos on the forearm are usually less painful compared to the rest of the body. And that is why people typically opt for tattoos covering the entire forearm. Geometric patterns and styles are a great idea for tattooing the forearms. Let us dive into a few examples of forearm geometric ideas.


1. The World Of Robots

Forearm Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: paulokink

The world of technology and science is gaining momentum with every passing day. Depict your love for science and the improvement the sector is making with the geometric art of robots. The hexagons, cubes, and other details of the design increase the beauty of the tattoo and is perfect for a robotic enthusiast.


2. Patterned Geometry

Forearm Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: marcao.geometric

Covering an entire hand with tattoos and patterns requires courage and a brave decision. The flowery style combined with the different patterns makes the design look great on the forearm of a woman. The shaded area near the wrist gives the entire style a more detailed and distinctive look.


3. Flowers and Patterns 

Forearm Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: prevot

If you are looking for an artistic and delicate forearm tattoo, then the world of geometric flowers is definitely your choice. The big flower intricated with small additions and style along with mandala patterns beautifies the design attractively. Get this geometry art tattooed on yourself as a sign of softness and delicacy.


Minimalist Geometric Tattoo

Basic styles in tattoos never fail to catch the eyes of the viewers. The beautiful tattoo pieces featuring eye-catching designs and the small artworks are a great choice for soft and artistic personalities. Detailing these minimalistic designs are worth the tattooing pain. So, take a look at some of the top geometrical tattoo ideas.


4. The Calculated Axe

Minimalist Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: antstattoo_zoey

The axe is a powerful but scary tool, and the beauty of this tool can be perfectly portrayed in tattoos and art. Take a look at the simple axe design beautifully tied with markings and calculations. It is a sign that perfection is very hard to achieve in life. And the line in cursive writing indicates that perfection is rare to find and gain.


5. Chakra of Life

Minimalist Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: camila.manriquezc

Life is one beautiful thing connected with emotions, feelings, pain, happiness, and so much more. This geometrical art piece is a simple representation of life and its twists and turns. It is a great choice for a man and looks outstanding on the upper part of the arm.


6. The Hills Over The Ground 

Minimalist Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: secondhandink

Geometric styles do not only associate with patterns and lines or shapes. But the art style can be shaped to turn into a significant and artistic workpiece. This pretty tattoo of the hills and trees combined with the sun and other intricate details is a great symbol of beauty and nature.


Rose Geometric Tattoo

Rose is one of the prettiest flowers found in nature. The geometric approach linked with the flowers makes the tattoo designs more appealing and alluring. Check out some of the best tattoo designs that speak the heart out with geometry and roses.


7. Rose and Geometry 

Rose Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: artcoholic_tattoo

Getting over the obsession with flowers, especially roses, is quite hard. The beautiful smell and vibrant color melt even the angriest hearts. This outstanding look of the rose is perfectly portrayed, and the geometric shapes divert focus to the flower.


8. The Artistic Flower

Rose Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: hillbilly_ink

Bloom of nature cannot be trapped with constricting shapes; this tattoo proves that. The design shows a blooming rose growing out of geometric shapes. It is a representation that people and their personalities should be set free to understand the concepts of life and grow.


9. Colors And Triangles

Rose Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: przystanektattoo

Get these colorful roses tattooed on your skin with a simple tattoo of triangle on the arm. This design is a precious symbol of nature and is perfectly suitable to honor the arms of women.


Moon Geometric Tattoo

The moon is one of the most spectacular things ever to grace our lives. The serenity and beauty of the moon look great in  real life and in tattoos. And when the moon meets geometric style, the result looks magical and pleasing to the eyes. Let us see a few examples of geometric moon tattoos.


10. Beauty Of The Moon 

Moon Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: tattoofarbloos

Turn heads everywhere you go with this stunning design of the moon associated with markings and shapes. It is an aesthetic tattoo that is a must for the moon and art lovers. This design looks incredible on the arms of a man and beautifully presents his inner feelings.


11. The Lunar Chronicles

Moon Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: beckypopetattoo

Beautify the features of your arm and secure an amazing lunar cycle tattoo with outstanding details and illustrations. The tiny dots on the moon shapes show a shaded variation, making the beautiful design a hit among tattoo lovers.


12. Flowers On The Moon

Moon Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: sarah_ollis

Moon and flowers are the epitomai of beauty in nature, and the simple design speaks wonder. The wonderful and attractive flowers surrounding the moon make the tattoo look outstanding on the arms and legs. It is the perfect design for women, and the creative approach shows the talent of the artist.


Cat Geometric Tattoo

Cats are precious being gracing the earth with their royal style. And cat tattoos have significant space in the heart of cat lovers. The beauty of these designs is hard to express in words. So, take a look at some of the best examples under this category.


13. The Fading Cat

Cat Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: kapo13_tattoo

Losing a loving pet can be devastating and heartbreaking. The pain and memories stay with us for years even after the tragic day. Treasure the beautiful memories of the pet you have lost with this geometric cat design. It is a constant reminder of support, love, and adoration.


14. Cat Symmetry

Cat Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: utopica_tattoos

Symmetrical beauty is a sight to behold, and the good looks multiply tenfolds when it is a cat. Get this cat tattoo as a loving memory of your cute cat and an appreciation of the love it has brought into your life.


15. Patterns On The Cat

Cat Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: chong.tattoo

Cats in tattoos look awesome on their own, but the geometric touch gives it a more aesthetic and artistic look. The colorful patterns on the arm and body of the cat make this tattoo eye-catching and stunning. It is a perfect tattoo for cat lovers and looks great on the arm.


Japanese Geometric Tattoo

Japanese tattoos have specific and special meanings, and they are undoubtedly amazing. Japanese geometric tattoos also have an attractive and smart touch for it. Let us check out a few outstanding examples of these tattoo designs.


16. Cubes In Hexagon 

Japanese Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: omerja_tattoo

Turn heads with this minimalistic hexagon design with cubes inside the shape. This tattoo is simple with basic patterns and is an amazing choice for a man’s arm. It symbolizes the simplicity of things in life and its delicate approach to it.


17. Girl In The Diamond 

Japanese Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: inkbypalomino

Beautify the features of your hand with this eye-catching and amazing tattoo of a girl surrounded by a geometrical diamond shape. The unique style of the girl and the classical Japanese outfit make it a top-notch tattoo choice. This design will look perfect on the arm, shoulder, or thigh of a man.


18. The Viewing Eye

Japanese Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: cxrottt

Show off your summer body on the beach and on outings with this innovative and attractive eye tattoo on the back of a bird. The bird is surrounded by a geometrical shape, giving it a mysterious view. It is a representation of cleverness, agility, and survival instinct.


Solar System Geometric Tattoo

Stars, planets, and the sun make up the solar system. The solar system is filled with eye-catching and amazing pieces of creation that have all of us in awe. While the universe looks mind-blowing in pictures, it looks amazing in tattoos as well. Dive deep and discover some of the most eye-pleasing designs of the solar systems combined with geometric style.


19. The Universal Art 

Solar System Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: foxintherabbithole

Take a look at this giant tattoo of the solar system. This design is filled with tiny details about the planets surrounding the sun and the moons surrounding them. The artistic style of this geometric universe tattoo is a representation of the outstanding sight that science beholds. Get this design inked on your back as a loving token towards science.


20. The Universe In the Brain 

Solar System Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: tattoosbyjoshrichards

If you are a scientist or a science enthusiast, this tattoo is perfect for you. It showcases the detailing of a few planets over a brain which is associated with a scientific module. This design is a great choice for the legs or thighs of a woman.


21. The Solar Alignment 

Solar System Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: zombieliquorart

Get the wonderful and mysterious solar system tattooed in alignment as a sign of love and respect. It is a beautiful bond between belief and research and is a perfect tribute to a loved one who means the most to you.


Shoulder Geometric Tattoo

There is something absolutely special about shoulder tattoos. You can easily show off these meaningful tattoos to the world or hide them if you like. Geometric tattoos on the shoulder are a sight worth seeing. Without further ado, let us see the top choices of geometric shoulder designs.


22. Geometrical Elephant 

Shoulder Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: 555kelsey

Take a look at this geometrical elephant and bask in its detailed and attractive look. The 2-dimensional diamond shapes around the elephant give it a more concentrated vibe. Half of the elephant is natural art, while the other half is intricated with geometric patterns and shapes. It is a perfect tattoo design for animal lovers.


23. Shoulder Mandala 

Shoulder Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: puudztattoos

Mandalas are a form of therapeutic art. The floral shape designed with geometrical shapes and shades looks stunning and pleasing to the eyes. This comfort art looks equally attractive in tattoos and on paper. It is the perfect choice for a woman’s shoulder.


24. The Targeted Dive 

Shoulder Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: jeffcheng.tattoo

Tearing your eyes off this cute dolphin tattoo is hard, without any doubt. The geometric markings and lines surrounding the dolphin show a calculated dive out of the water surface. It beautifies the features of a man’s shoulder and attracts eyes everywhere.


Floral Geometric Tattoo

The combination of flowers and geometric patterns is unique and fascinating. When both of these styles get linked together, the tattoo design turns out to be innovative and eye-catching. Take a look at some of these geometric floral designs.


25. Plantation In Frame

Floral Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: norarosetattoos

The pinkish purple color of the flowers surrounded by the leaves is a joy to the eyes. These flowers represent the creativity of the artist and the unexplainable elegance of nature. The diamond-shaped frame over the flowers diverts attention toward these flowers, making it hard to take the eyes off this stunning tattoo.



Floral Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: picturesof.someoneelse



Floral Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: gardensof.ink


Flower Geometric Tattoo



Flower Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: code_tattoos



Flower Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: house.o.pain



Flower Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: melissa_daye


Bird Geometric Tattoo



Bird Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: pegaso_tattoo



Bird Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: goldregen.tattoo.schmuck



Bird Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: abra_karbin_ceramics


Dot Geometric Tattoo



Dot Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: mikinsekt_tattoo



Dot Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: tattoo.ink.zone



Dot Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: laurenalicetattoo


Lion Geometric Tattoo



Lion Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: asta_simone_tattoo



Lion Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: poco_tattoo



Lion Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: gokhanbeydilli7


Modern Japanese Geometric Tattoo



Modern Japanese Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: eerietattoos



Modern Japanese Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: masa_sakura_tattoo



Modern Japanese Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: masa_sakura_tattoo


Honeycomb Geometric Tattoo



Honeycomb Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: gat_tattoos



Honeycomb Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: ojas_cats



Honeycomb Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: jon_cataldo


Lotus Geometric Tattoo



Lotus Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: muktha_tattoo_studio



Lotus Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: theelvastefanie



Lotus Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: littleshadowtattoos


Owl Geometric Tattoo



Owl Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: lordneytattoo



Owl Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: tattoodante



Owl Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: altarseattle


Wolf Geometric Tattoo



Wolf Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: abelciustattoo



Wolf Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: butterflytattoo_casale



Wolf Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: dark_arts_tattoo


Aries Geometric Tattoo



Aries Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: atptattoogelo



Aries Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: stichtagtattoo



Aries Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: ginger_tattoos


Gemini Geometric Tattoo



Gemini Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: itsdannymolloy



Gemini Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: aylishtattoo



Gemini Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: yukatattoostudio


Pisces Geometric Tattoo



Pisces Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: helensophialora



Pisces Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: ekemme



Pisces Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: max_toson


Skull Geometric Tattoo



Skull Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: mario_shadowstattoo



Skull Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: kaitlinptattoo



Skull Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: tattoosbymarlee_


Triangle Geometric Tattoo



Triangle Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: yotattoos



Triangle Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: xristinalegendtattoo



Triangle Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: yotattoos


Butterfly Geometric Tattoo



Butterfly Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: massimodinellotattoo



Butterfly Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: sierradawnarts



Butterfly Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: mr.jones.tattoo


Earth Geometric Tattoo



Earth Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: 9dots.nat



Earth Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: natasha_schmidt_art



Earth Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: boerdy_body_electric


Fox Geometric Tattoo



Fox Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: tattoosdelicados



Fox Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: tanik_grobovsky



Fox Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: dark_arts_tattoo


Harry Potter Geometric Tattoo



Harry Potter Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: inkola.tattoo



Harry Potter Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: kaybowmantattoo



Harry Potter Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: lipemoretto


Jellyfish Geometric Tattoo



Jellyfish Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: koittattoo



Jellyfish Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: wenzu_tattoo



Jellyfish Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: midnight.mass.collective


Mountain Geometric Tattoo



Mountain Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: sheyybhatia



Mountain Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: skadi.ink



Mountain Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: nillo_grimaldo


Sunflower Geometric Tattoo



Sunflower Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: gardensof.ink



Sunflower Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: chelsea_tattooart



Sunflower Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: shaneberrytattoos


Taurus Geometric Tattoo



Taurus Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: mandrill_tattoo_



Taurus Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: johnnystattooart



Taurus Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: ghostyle_alex


Angel Geometric Tattoo



Angel Geometric Tattoo 1
Source: _aexl_



Angel Geometric Tattoo 2
Source: sara_piechocka



Angel Geometric Tattoo 3
Source: diklo.inking



Geometric tattoos are a piece of art and require extreme attention to detail and creativity. These tattoos are available in hundreds of different designs and styles, with significant and artistic meanings behind them. And choosing a geometric tattoo by keeping the design and meaning in mind is not easy.

At the end of the guide, we hope you have discovered the tattoo you want to get inked on your skin. For the best results on your geometric-designed tattoos, make sure you go to a talented and creative tattoo artist. Do not forget to check out the experience and credentials of the artist.


Frequently Asked Questions


What do geometric tattoos symbolize?

Geometric tattoos exist in many cultures, and meanings behind these tattoos differ based on the ancient cycle of life. Typically, these tattoos symbolize balance, equality, symmetry, etc.

How do I choose a geometric tattoo?

Choosing a tattoo from several available options can be difficult. While selecting a geometric design, focus on the details, art style, and symbolization of the tattoo.

Why are geometric tattoos popular?

Geometric tattoos refer to the balance and stability of life. These designs have gained enormous popularity because of their artistic representation and mysterious vibe.

What is the meaning of sacred geometry?

Geometrical designs are available in various shapes and patterns. Sacred geometry refers to understanding the spiritual significance of these shapes and designs.

What does a hexagon tattoo mean?

A hexagon tattoo usually represents balance, harmony, and the energy of life. It is seen in several beautiful geometric designs.

Will geometric tattoos go out of fashion?

Geometric designs have been in the tattoo culture since ancient times. These tattoos are still popular among artists and tattoo enthusiasts. So, it does not look like this style will go out of fashion soon.

What are geometric tattoos called?

Geometric tattoos are typically known as sacred geometry. This is because the art style is usually connected to the spiritual meanings behind the designs.

How long does a geometric tattoo take?

The time to complete a geometric design on the skin varies depending on the art style, design, and size. Typically, the design takes between 1 to 4 hours or more.

How to incorporate a geometric tattoo into a sleeve?

Incorporating a tattoo within an existing sleeve is not an easy task. If you want to incorporate a geometric design, choose a transitional tattoo or small patterns to match the existing designs.

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