25+ May Birth Flower Tattoos: Celebrating Lily of the Valley

May Birth Flower Tattoo comes with a simple sophisticated design. They represent all the positive elements in life such as rebirth, purity, and innocence. If you want to bring change to your life or happiness, this tattoo would be your first step to moving forward.

This May Birth Flower Tattoo actually means the Lily flowers. They are also known as Lily of the Valley. Most of them contain a feminine vibe though, men are also perfect to have them. In general, tattoos evolve the look of the body in a natural, soothing appearance.

So, let’s dive into the Valley of Lily and see the most beautiful tattoos that ever existed.


25+ May Birth Flower Tattoo Designs and Meanings

May Birth Flower Tattoo is a symbol of rebirth and purity. In a sense, it also means to bring happiness back in life. The wearer of this tattoo is assumed to be safe from danger and other hazards in life. Most cultures believe that it’s a symbol of protection from evil.

May Birth Flower usually indicates the flower, Lily. It brings good luck to the people who were born in May. In the bible, the flower is mentioned as the lily of the valley.


May Birth Flower Tattoo

May Birth Flower Tattoos also represent different meanings according to their design and color. The white ones indicate happiness while the pinkish ones represent happiness. Also, the mixture can be interpreted as you like.

The following list is about those tattoos that are considered lucky charms for their wearer. The tattoos come with the simplest design usually with white and dark shades to make your body look charming.


1. May Blossom

May Birth Flower Tattoo 1
Source: elune_adore_

With a keyring underneath, this may birth flower tattoo is about to open the lock of your fate. Happiness will be overspread in your life and pain will be long gone as long as the tattoo stays on your body.

2. May Flutter 

May Birth Flower Tattoo 2
Source: josephineleighton

A tiny little lily on your white complex and your skin will look like a diamond. This tattoo has the magical power to do that with its deep dark color. This single branch of lily can heal everything in your life.

3. Ribbon Bloom 

May Birth Flower Tattoo 3
Source: gordienumber9

This lily with a ribbon is about to support you in everything in life no matter what. Wearing it on your back can give you comfort and your body a calm look. The tattoo is short and has the power to catch attention rapidly.

4. Lily Pool 

May Birth Flower Tattoo 4
Source: rays_ink_works

This lily pool tattoo is the simplest of all tattoos on our list. The sketch is so lightweight as if it’s pencil art. If you want something cool and classy, this tattoo can be a good choice.

5. May Valley

May Birth Flower Tattoo 5
Source: wildflowers. tattoo

Another is the coolest design you can see in this tattoo. The flower also has a feminine vibe in it. If you want something lightweight, this May Valley tattoo is the way to go.


May Birth Flower Lily of the Valley Tattoo

Lily of the Valley is mentioned several times in Song of Solomon, a poetic book. It is also a symbol of Christianity and a trusted sign of God. To deter the sadness and pain from your life, the lily of the valley is the only way to approach it.

The following tattoos have the most soothing design among all the tattoos on our list.

6. Floral Branch 

May Birth Flower Lily Of The Valley Tattoo 1
Source: kimi_tattooist

How would you like to have butterflies with a May Birth flower lily? This design is the best for women with the most soothing design. As it takes less space to get printed, get this tattoo if any space is available in your body.

7. Lily Charm 

May Birth Flower Lily Of The Valley Tattoo 2
Source: simikosart

A golden color in the lily of the valley is going to make your skin gold. This tattoo is likable for its unique color. It also has a royal look. Your neck can be the best place to have it.

8. Majestic May

May Birth Flower Lily Of The Valley Tattoo 3
Source: babyelletattoo

With this ‘Majestic May,’ you can get the simplest design we offer. The tattoo looks satisfying, and it’ll satisfy its owner as well. Though the tattoo is dark, its deep complexion can be noticeable in black skin.

9. Ancient Lily 

May Birth Flower Lily Of The Valley Tattoo 4
Source: elli.wonderland

Wouldn’t you like to get a lily from the past? Yes, the design of this state that it has come from 1964. Don’t miss the opportunity to get this historical flower in your body.

10. Bluebell Bliss 

May Birth Flower Lily Of The Valley Tattoo 5
Source: jasminmacalawa

If you are fond of a bluish color, this ‘Bluebell Bliss’ would be to your liking. The most amazing fact about this tattoo is it can suit any skin. As the flower in this tattoo grows out of its boundary, you can make yourself a growing force with it.


May Birth Month Flower Tattoos

May Birth Flower Tattoos come with unique designs. That’s why this section is going to be interesting for you. If you were born in May, you can’t overlook the following tattoos. These amazing designs are surely going to catch your attention.

11. Crane Grace 

May Birth Month Flower Tattoos 1
Source: bev.hooey

A crane in a pond with the lily of the valley. This is the most aesthetic design you can get. If your body has ample space to get something glorious, this is the tattoo you must go for.

12. Lily Love 

May Birth Month Flower Tattoos 2
Source: pl_gray

Two lilies in the shape of love are the sweetest tattoo you can get. You can take this tattoo as a dedication to your love life. As it doesn’t take much space, you can wear it with other tattoos.

13. May Dream 

May Birth Month Flower Tattoos 3
Source: jenniferliveshere

Just like your dreams are blurry, this May Birth Month Flower tattoo comes with a fuzzy design. It can cover a lot of space in your body and glorify. Anyone looking at this tattoo will feel like dreaming.

14. Lily Bouquet

May Birth Month Flower Tattoos 4
Source: madmarie84

The ribbon is the symbol of prosperity and if it comes with lily, nothing can get better than this. This tattoo has the design of a heart shape that also spreads love. If you’re in confusion about which one to choose, this design can be your appropriate solution.

15. Hawthorn Grace

May Birth Month Flower Tattoos 5
Source: janicedanger

A curvy branch of a lily flower with a striking design is what you get in this tattoo. The design looks aesthetic and will suit nicely on any side part of your body. If you want the best among the best, this is what you should opt for.


May And July Birth Flower Tattoo

No worries even if you were born in July. The following tattoos can also be opted for by July people. All of them in this section are a treat to watch.

16. Harmonious Floret 

May And July Birth Flower Tattoo 1
Source: tattooz_r_us

This tattoo is like a garden of harmony. If you are looking for something big, unique, and astonishing, this ‘Harmonious Floret’ can fulfill your expectations properly. If you have a white complexion, don’t waste time getting his amazing design.

17. Timeless Grace 

May And July Birth Flower Tattoo 2
Source: ljasonhutchinson

To get the timeless grace of the lily of the valley, get this tattoo without a second thought. This is the most unique design you can get. The clock in this tattoo will make your time on the earth as valuable as the tattoo itself.

18. Lily of the Bee 

May And July Birth Flower Tattoo 3
Source: leehumphs_tattoo

If you think you’re the honey that people fall for, this tattoo is going with your personality. A bee is coming towards the lily to collect the honey. This is the most sweetest design you can have. The tattoo can evolve your body to a new level.

19. Wildflower Bloom

May And July Birth Flower Tattoo 4
Source: ljctattoo

Just like a tussock of flowers you give to your loved one, this design comes with a cluster of lilies. Wearing this tattoo can be a gesture of love from your end. If you want to give your love life a new gift, this is the tattoo you can opt for.

20. Lily’s Melody 

May And July Birth Flower Tattoo 5
Source: markbyhaley

Want something sweet and small? This is the best tattoo you can get. As the tattoo has a dark color the white skin will be appropriate for it. Place this tattoo anywhere noticeable in your body.


May Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas

You can enhance your imagination by observing the tattoos that are yet to come. Their vague gleams will surely satisfy your thirst for temptation.

21. Floral Burst

May Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas 1
Source: mclametattoos

If you want people to notice your tattoo, and get amazed, this ‘Floral Burst’ is the best way to go. The tattoo has a flowery design with bunches of flowers. The design is also simple and natural.

22. Breath In 

May Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas 2
Source: baronart_karen

Breathe in with this amazing tattoo design. The tattoo has a glittering look in it. There’s also a ribbon underneath the flower to tie the cluster. If you bring your back discipline to your life, wear this tattoo as a booster.

23. Melodious Lily 

May Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas 3
Source: emm.dots

How would it feel to you if you saw some flowers lightning in a night? This tattoo exactly creates that scene with its amazing design. To make your body sparkling even at night, get this tattoo as soon as you can.

24. Garden of Melody

May Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas 4
Source: emilybooosh

Imagine some melodies and love coming from the horizon. The scene will certainly charm and soothe your heart. If you also want your body to be this soothing, this ‘Garden of Melody’ will bring it to you.

25. Sweet Symphony 

May Birth Flower Tattoo Ideas 5
Source: obscura_tattoos

A simple, cool, and classy sketch is what this tattoo is about. You can print it on your back and get a simple and unique look on your body. This lily will certainly bring happiness to your life.



May And September Birth Flower Tattoo



May And September Birth Flower Tattoo 1
Source: raincitytattoos



May And September Birth Flower Tattoo 2
Source: kelmonsterrr



May And September Birth Flower Tattoo 3
Source: gulsahcindaruk



May And September Birth Flower Tattoo 4
Source: kelmonsterrr



May And September Birth Flower Tattoo 5
Source: nordictattooqc


As you can see, the May Birth Flower Tattoo comes with the simplest design but makes your body look fancy. Every leaf of these tattoos has different meanings about life. Unless you haven’t covered your entire body, get this tattoo wherever you see fit on you.



Q: What Are the Common Places to Get a May Birth Flower Tattoo?

A: May birth flower tattoos are usually curvy and long. The neck, shoulder, hip, or any side part of your body are suitable places for them. A thin outline of the tattoo can also suit your ankle.

Q: How Much Does a May Birth Flower Tattoo Cost?

A: The May Birth Flower Tattoos usually cost $900 to $2500 on average. The bigger size costs much while the smaller ones are less expensive. As tattoos bring the aesthetic vibe, not only to your body but also in life, money shouldn’t be the obstacle to getting them.

Q: How long does a May birth flower tattoo take to heal?

A: Generally, two to three weeks is the usual time for a May Birth Flower Tattoo to heal. However, several factors affect the healing time such as the size and design of the tattoo and also the artist.


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