105+ Artistic Expression Of Negative Space Tattoo With Meanings

Body ink is a great way to express your individuality and uniqueness. While some people tend to go for standard tattoo designs, a good bunch of people choose to ink their body with something different. Something that warrants attention and leaves people awestruck – Negative Space Tattoos help to achieve that really well.  

These inverted tattoos bring out the artistic expertise of a tattoo artist. A great way to create an eye orgasm of artistic expression, and captivate the eyes of the beholders with visual delight. 

With a plethora of design possibilities, let your imagination go wild and make a statement of your uniqueness by getting etched with a negative space tattoo!

108 Negative Space Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Negative space tattoos are made by a technique of inking the surrounding skin instead and keeping the design blank to create a reverse effect. This is a great form of art that uplifts the skin and allows its bearer to be different than conventional people. Tattoo artists love negative space tattoos due to them being easy to ink and less time-consuming as well. Below we have selected some of the best negative space tattoos with their meanings for you. 

Negative Space Blackout Tattoo

Blackout tattoos are probably one of the most dramatic inks in the industry. It is a great way to make a bold statement for people who love body art. Blackout art is when you ink a large part of the skin black, and keep the design white. The sheer size of the black contrast earned this design the name ‘Blackout’.


  1. Rugged Arm
Negative Space Blackout Tattoo 1
Source: antinomian.ink

This rugged negative space blackout tattoo gives a rough and tough look to anyone who chooses to get this. If you are well-built, the contrasts on this tattoo would complement your arm really well.


2. Floral Blackout

Negative Space Blackout Tattoo 2
Source: hipso_tattoo

A beautiful negative space floral art with a full arm blackout until the upper part of the hand. The skull and flowers on top of the arm add a lot of value to this tattoo.


3. Bionic Arm

Negative Space Blackout Tattoo 3
Source: blackworktattoonl

If you’re a big fan of tech and robots, getting inked with this bionic arm would be the best thing that could happen to you! The serial number and the detailed tech finish to this tattoo make it look breathtaking.


Cursive Negative Space Lettering Tattoo

There’s no end to the amount of charm a cursive font can bestow on words for your tattoo design. Mix that up with some negative space, and you can achieve visual greatness. Check out these aesthetic cursive negative space lettering tattoos.


4. Blackout Name Tattoo

Cursive Negative Space Lettering Tattoo 1
Source: javy626tattoos

Black and white blackout name tattoos look very alluring and adding cursive to it brings out more attractiveness. You can get this tattooed with your name, or your loved one’s.


5. Light Blackout Tattoo

Cursive Negative Space Lettering Tattoo 2
Source: fleshbone__

If getting your whole arm blacked out is a bit too much for you then you can certainly choose this tattoo with a lighter shade of black on it. This would definitely look great for all skin types.


6. Blackout Blessed Tattoo

Cursive Negative Space Lettering Tattoo 3
Source: scar_muney

Blackout blessed tattoos are a great way to show gratitude to god or your loved one. It is a spiritual way to keep motivating yourself daily. We also have other blessed tattoo designs that you can check out.


Geometric Negative Space Tattoo

Geometric precision always rejuvenates and gives new life to tattoo art. The mathematical precision of geometric tattoos combined with negative space creativity gives birth to perfection. Pick one from the selection of geometric negative space tattoo designs below.


7. Floral Geometry

Geometric Negative Space Tattoo 1
Source: pasteldevilstudio

The Geometric addition to this tattoo creates a sense of balance that helps to uplift the floral design in the middle. Although this is a negative space tattoo, the addition of colors to the flowers makes it look really pretty!


8. Basic Shapes

Geometric Negative Space Tattoo 2
Source: sleep______well

Two basic shapes overlapping each other. Well, this negative space geometric tattoo could have a lot of meanings for you. Maybe the bond between two individuals?


9. Negative Geometry

Geometric Negative Space Tattoo 3
Source: lost.dream.tattoo

A set of geometric shapes that are drawn with negative space art. A mysterious tattoo art that can mean anything. You can always build up your own story around it if you choose to get this tattoo.


Negative Space Flower Tattoo

Floral art can make anything look impressive. Especially for women flower tattoos are a great way to bring out the feminine value in your body art as well as using it as a symbol for your personality traits. If you plan on getting a negative space flower tattoo, consider checking out the inks we have picked for you.


10. Petals And Darkness

Negative Space Flower Tattoo 1
Source: sam.inky

A simple floral tattoo art that has been stamped on a patch of black ink. The outline of the flowers and leaves helps it to stand out very well.


11. Negative Floral Canvas

Negative Space Flower Tattoo 2
Source: scene360

You might have seen loads of around-the-arm or around-the-leg floral tattoos so far. This negative space floral tattoo inverts the standard floral ink to produce something very unique.


12. Darkness Overshadowed

Negative Space Flower Tattoo 3
Source: _mariahwoodman_

A geometric-shaped floral negative space tattoo, the circular patch of black being overshadowed by the flower pushes you to know that there’s always an end to bad phases in your life so stay optimistic.


Negative Space Cross Tattoos

The cross is a very important spiritual symbol for religious individuals. It is a beacon of hope and support if you believe in god and possessing one as a body art is the best form of motivation that you can choose. Negative space cross tattoos add a new perspective to this already popular ink choice.


13. Roses And Jesus

Negative Space Cross Tattoos 1
Source: goodnewstattoo

Roses are a great way to symbolize love. By having a cross on top of it to create a negative-spaced tattoo, you can profess your love for Christianity and Jesus Christ.


14. On A Bed Of Flowers

Negative Space Cross Tattoos 2
Source: jennywrenstudio

This tattoo brings out the creative side of negative space tattoos. On first look, this tattoo signifies a cross that used to rest on this bed of flowers. It does look very enigmatic.


15. Floral Spirituality

Negative Space Cross Tattoos 3
Source: jroptattoo

Sunflowers can signify loyalty and happiness. This tattoo signifies your loyalty towards Christianity, and your happiness being a devoted Christian. A great way to make a statement through ink.


Negative Space Rose Tattoo

We have mentioned briefly that rose tattoos signify love and beauty. If you are a woman, there can’t be a better way to flaunt your beauty than getting inked with these beautiful flowers. We have chosen some of the best negative space rose tattoos below.


16. Full Arm Rose Tattoo

Negative Space Rose Tattoo 1
Source: ipe_ink

Full arm tattoos are always a great way of showing your different way of thinking. This rose negative space tattoo is surely going to look bewitching on your arm.


17. Triangular Rose Tattoo

Negative Space Rose Tattoo 2
Source: rach.nyx_art

A play of creativity at work with this negative-spaced rose tattoo. The inside of the triangle is a work of negative space art with the outside being a standard tattoo technique. A combination of both worlds.


18. Rose Illusion

Negative Space Rose Tattoo 3
Source: ghost505tattoo

This tattoo helps to create an enchanting illusion with one arm having a negative space rose design and the back of the arm possessing the complete rose. Consider getting this design if you are a fan of optical illusion art.


Negative Space Sleeve Tattoo

A great way to make a bold statement is to get tattooed with a negative space tattoo all the way from your shoulder to the edge of your wrist. This is the most visible part of your body and presents a huge canvas for varying forms of captivating designs. Select one of these negative space sleeve tattoos for your body.


19. Essence Of Life

Negative Space Sleeve Tattoo 1
Source: aliceleopard

A beautiful negative space sleeve tattoo that captures the beauty of nature. The black contrast provided by the negative space helps to bring out the colors of the pomegranate.


20. Captivating Sleeve Tattoo

Negative Space Sleeve Tattoo 2
Source: aliceleopard

Another form of negative sleeve tattoo that portrays nature really well. This is a second design with more details on the leaves that you can pick for yourself.


21. Blackout Sleeve Tattoo

Negative Space Sleeve Tattoo 3
Source: missesmurderface

A blackout sleeve tattoo of a fern. Ferns symbolize your youthfulness. It doesn’t matter how old you are, preserving the youth in your heart is more important and this tattoo does that for you.


Negative Space Tree Tattoo

Trees tattoos are a great way to show the level of endurance you have in yourself. Being able to endure the toughest moments in your life helps you to keep fighting and these tattoos are a great way to find motivation. THe addition of negative space style helps these ink arts to look very different.


22. Negative Space Vegetation

Negative Space Tree Tattoo 1
Source: karas.ink

A tattoo with a set of different plant life that has its own symbolism. This is a great combination of different personality trait symbols that you can consider etching your skin with.


23. Negative Space Fern

Negative Space Tree Tattoo 2
Source: rustsedoy

We have discussed the significance that fern tattoos can have for you. This one is a more detailed negative space art that you ink your skin with.


24. Thundering Tree

Negative Space Tree Tattoo 3
Source: ashevillecrafttattoo

This negative space tree tattoo is a great representation of how we withstand the toughest problems that life throws at us and continue thriving by getting stronger each day. A great way to inspire yourself and others around you.


Negative Space Filigree Tattoo

Filigree tattoos convey a very aesthetic form of art that only master tattoo artists can bring to life. The fluid nature of these ornate depictions adds life to any tattoo and not just negative space tattoos. Some of the best negative space filigree tattoos for you are below.


25. Filigree Eagle Tattoo

Negative Space Filigree Tattoo 1
Source: pandatrev_tattoos

The artsy creativity of filigree when combined with this negative space eagle design brings forth a captivating art that no one can look away from. Get all the attention you want with this fascinating negative space arm tattoo.



Negative Space Filigree Tattoo 2
Source: pharaohinkedinburgtx



Negative Space Filigree Tattoo 3
Source: tinogtattoos


Negative Space Elbow Tattoos



Negative Space Elbow Tattoos 1
Source: janethestranger



Negative Space Elbow Tattoos 2
Source: tattoona_studio



Negative Space Elbow Tattoos 3
Source: abysmal.arts


Negative Space Skull Tattoo



Negative Space Skull Tattoo 1
Source: lizrd.tats



Negative Space Skull Tattoo 2
Source: showcase_tattoos



Negative Space Skull Tattoo 3
Source: taxestattoosandfitness


Negative Space Star Wars Tattoo



Negative Space Star Wars Tattoo 1
Source: olahdani15



Negative Space Star Wars Tattoo 2
Source: jrigoto



Negative Space Star Wars Tattoo 3
Source: vinzent_blaustich_tattoo


Negative Space Candle Tattoo



Negative Space Candle Tattoo 1
Source: violet.xv



Negative Space Candle Tattoo 2
Source: magic_tattz



Negative Space Candle Tattoo 3
Source: suicidalthxts


Negative Space Flame Tattoo



Negative Space Flame Tattoo 1
Source: weissraum.tattoo



Negative Space Flame Tattoo 2
Source: alanatomlin



Negative Space Flame Tattoo 3
Source: noam_tattoo


Negative Space Forest Tattoo



Negative Space Forest Tattoo 1
Source: mitattoostudios



Negative Space Forest Tattoo 2
Source: melissadowart



Negative Space Forest Tattoo 3
Source: vidalocatattoobolton


Negative Space Heart Tattoo



Negative Space Heart Tattoo 1
Source: felipesilva.tattoo



Negative Space Heart Tattoo 2
Source: celia_ravenna



Negative Space Heart Tattoo 3
Source: misfit_job


Negative Space Mandala Tattoo



Negative Space Mandala Tattoo 1
Source: bigbad_kenn



Negative Space Mandala Tattoo 2
Source: spiritalchemytattoo



Negative Space Mandala Tattoo 3
Source: blackcatperkasie


Negative Space Tribal Tattoos



Negative Space Tribal Tattoos 1
Source: venusbalam.ttt



Negative Space Tribal Tattoos 2
Source: is_this_heather



Negative Space Tribal Tattoos 3
Source: michelangelotattoo


Negative Space Bear Tattoo



Negative Space Bear Tattoo 1
Source: alber.haupt



Negative Space Bear Tattoo 2
Source: sashimi_tak



Negative Space Bear Tattoo 3
Source: zibal.tattow


Negative Space Butterfly Tattoo



Negative Space Butterfly Tattoo 1
Source: melonpokes



Negative Space Butterfly Tattoo 2
Source: melonpokes



Negative Space Butterfly Tattoo 3
Source: lynn.ivarsson


Negative Space Jellyfish Tattoo



Negative Space Jellyfish Tattoo 1
Source: shroom.tats



Negative Space Jellyfish Tattoo 2
Source: kurage.ink



Negative Space Jellyfish Tattoo 3
Source: victoriahelenartist


Negative Space Moon Tattoo



Negative Space Moon Tattoo 1
Source: faust_tattoos



Negative Space Moon Tattoo 2
Source: charles.oliver.tattoo



Negative Space Moon Tattoo 3
Source: taosky


Negative Space Number Tattoo



Negative Space Number Tattoo 1
Source: glautattoo_



Negative Space Number Tattoo 2
Source: blackpearlinktattoo



Negative Space Number Tattoo 3
Source: elbrunogabri


Negative Space Owl Tattoo



Negative Space Owl Tattoo 1
Source: lifeofbookz



Negative Space Owl Tattoo 2
Source: emanuelemasin



Negative Space Owl Tattoo 3
Source: tattooist_doy


Negative Space Shark Tattoo



Negative Space Shark Tattoo 1
Source: lostboys.tattoo



Negative Space Shark Tattoo 2
Source: ilya.stolbov



Negative Space Shark Tattoo 3
Source: mattstatts808


Negative Space Skeleton Hand Tattoo



Negative Space Skeleton Hand Tattoo 1
Source: black_fox_tattoo



Negative Space Skeleton Hand Tattoo 2
Source: janusz841110



Negative Space Skeleton Hand Tattoo 3
Source: 1936greaser


Negative Space Wolf Tattoo



Negative Space Wolf Tattoo 1
Source: wedersantos.tatuagens



Negative Space Wolf Tattoo 2
Source: van_malrostro



Negative Space Wolf Tattoo 3
Source: glitz_beauty_nz


Negative Space Chest Tattoo



Negative Space Chest Tattoo 1
Source: metamorphosistattoos



Negative Space Chest Tattoo 2
Source: artbysativasabrina



Negative Space Chest Tattoo 3
Source: 5thlayerstudios


Negative Space Lotus Tattoo



Negative Space Lotus Tattoo 1
Source: chris_sparrow13tattoos



Negative Space Lotus Tattoo 2
Source: a_yo_dee



Negative Space Lotus Tattoo 3
Source: valedrawz


Negative Space Roman Numeral Tattoo



Negative Space Roman Numeral Tattoo 1
Source: strugglemadetattoo



Negative Space Roman Numeral Tattoo 2
Source: artworxbyryan



Negative Space Roman Numeral Tattoo 3
Source: jklemkow


Negative Space Band Tattoo



Negative Space Band Tattoo 1
Source: zenietreeink



Negative Space Band Tattoo 2
Source: rustsedoy



Negative Space Band Tattoo 3
Source: kindergarton.tattoos


Negative Space Bird Tattoo



Negative Space Bird Tattoo 1
Source: osidax_ink



Negative Space Bird Tattoo 2
Source: gentlemanjoel



Negative Space Bird Tattoo 3
Source: hemlocktattoostudio


Negative Space Cherry Blossom Tattoo



Negative Space Cherry Blossom Tattoo 1
Source: hermanaldowibowo



Negative Space Cherry Blossom Tattoo 2
Source: bonten4horiken



Negative Space Cherry Blossom Tattoo 3
Source: baegx_


Negative Space Dragon Tattoo



Negative Space Dragon Tattoo 1
Source: horiyotattoo



Negative Space Dragon Tattoo 2
Source: victorm.tattoo



Negative Space Dragon Tattoo 3
Source: tijuanatattoo


Negative Space Galaxy Tattoo



Negative Space Galaxy Tattoo 1
Source: juliegoonie



Negative Space Galaxy Tattoo 2
Source: misseutanasia



Negative Space Galaxy Tattoo 3
Source: chamomile_candy


Negative Space Japanese Tattoo



Negative Space Japanese Tattoo 1
Source: indietattoo.taoyuan



Negative Space Japanese Tattoo 2
Source: leonkappeltattoo



Negative Space Japanese Tattoo 3
Source: chrisptattooer



Negative space tattoos are a great way to present yourself to someone who is mysterious and enigmatic. It adds a lot of depth to standard tattoo designs and helps to bring out the uniqueness in you. Negative-spaced tattoos require a lot of expertise when you incorporate them with multiple elements and it calls for thorough research before you select a tattoo artist. We hope you find your next tattoo with us, something that helps to express your choice to be different and bold!


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is negative space in tattooing?

Negative Space is a tattooing technique in which the primary object in the design is contrasted with black, other colors, or other objects. The primary object is therefore kept empty to create a form of optical illusion.

How do negative space tattoos age?

Negative space tattoos age much better compared to densely inked tattoos. Since the main color of the object is your skin, the natural color helps to keep the object looking bright even as the tattoo ages. 

Should I get a white ink tattoo?

White ink tattoo is used in combination with black ink to produce negative space tattoos. This helps to add more detail to the whole design and create a more alluring tattoo. 

How much do negative space tattoos cost?

Negative space tattoos can take anywhere from $100 per hour to $500 per hour to get. Also, prices may vary according to the exclusivity and experience of the tattoo artist.

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