90 Best Bison Tattoos for Men and Women!

Bison are considered to be the largest mammal in the whole of North America. These creatures weigh up to two thousand pounds and are about 6 feet tall. Because they’re so enormous and majestic, people get bison tattoos in order to relate to the powerful interpretations attached to the designs.

Not only are they big, but bison are also pretty fast and agile. This may be another explanation as to why so many people get tattoos of these massive-looking creatures.


Bison Tattoos Designs and Ideas

We’re about to walk you through some of the most unique and beautiful-looking bison tattoo designs as well as the meanings tied to each one of them. Keep in mind that you are allowed to come up with you own interpretation for your tattoo design or it doesn’t have to have any meaning at all. You got the tattoo simply because it looked cool and stylish. You’re also free to make your own modifications or adjustments to your tattoo after taking some ideas from this article.

Now that everything’s out of the way, let’s begin!


Bison Skull Tattoo

A bison’s head is quite thick and large. These tattoos symbolize perseverance, protection, determination, adaptability, fortitude, etc. Below you’ll find some cool design ideas:


1. Agility


Bison Skull Tattoo 1
Source: aethertattooclub

The basic meaning of the word “agility” is to understand and think quickly. In a spiritual sense, it is a practice that enables us to respond to our changing realities with dexterity and stability.


2. Endurance


Bison Skull Tattoo 2
Source: chanaya_twain

Another reason why people get bison skull tattoos is that they want to show how enduring or durable they are. Not many people possess this quality, which is why the meaning is so powerful.


3. Toughness


Bison Skull Tattoo 3
Source: blue.s.ink

Bison tattoos also represent mental toughness. Despite the difficult conditions, mental toughness provides you with the confidence you will need to keep pushing forward.


Bison Head Tattoo

The most common reason why people get these tattoos is that they signify fortitude, strength, freedom, protection, abundance, and many more. Check some of them out below:


4. Courage


Bison Head Tattoo 1
Source: capitolcitytattoo1

Facing consequent challenges and tackling them is not something everyone can do. It takes great courage and heart to deal with them and this bison tattoo paints that picture quite beautifully.


5. Strength


Bison Head Tattoo 2
Source: robertegberttattoo

Bison are large powerful bovines. They do not always represent mental strength and toughness. The tattoo is also ideal for an individual who is physically robust.


6. Valor


Bison Head Tattoo 3
Source: _ryhno_

The bison tattoo above signifies fearlessness and braveness. The design is totally ideal for an individual who has a bold and powerful personality.


Realistic Bison Tattoo

You can also make these tattoos look very realistic by adding an appropriate amount of details. It can be done with or without the help of colors. Here are some cool concepts below:


7. Determination


Realistic Bison Tattoo 1
Source: hailey.tattoos

Life isn’t perfect and many of us fail when we come across huge obstacles. For this reason, a determination is required to help us push forward and that is exactly what this tattoo portrays.


8. Unstoppable Force


Realistic Bison Tattoo 2
Source: jwilky_tattoos

The interpretation of this bison tattoo may seem somewhat similar to some of the previous designs we’ve looked at but visually it looks completely different. You can also get the full body of this animal tattooed on your bicep.


9. Rebirth


Realistic Bison Tattoo 3
Source: kylectomlin

Spiritual enlightenment or rebirth is what causes an individual to turn over a new leaf and start a completely new life. This tattoo will look absolutely perfect on the man’s arms.


Traditional Bison Tattoo

The designs in this part of the article are mostly traditional. You are honoring the history of the art style by getting a traditional bison tattoo. Check them out below!


10. Doom


Traditional Bison Tattoo 1
Source: kargapolovtattoo

The term refers to a very dangerous situation that cannot be avoided in any way whatsoever. We get this feeling by looking at this blood-thirsty bison.


11. Immortality


Traditional Bison Tattoo 2
Source: alexduquettetattoos

The most general meaning of immortality is when a person constantly avoids death and always maintains conscious thought. People who view themselves in this way may find this bison tattoo appealing.


12. Last Man Standing


Traditional Bison Tattoo 3
Source: rempetattoo

The phrase is a direct reference to a sole survivor of a war or battle after everyone else has fallen. Figuratively, it is used to describe an individual who has outlasted or outlived other similar things.


American Bison Tattoo

The bison tattoos, in this section, are more American-themed. We’re going to be walking you through the meanings of each of them so stick around!


13. Abundance


American Bison Tattoo 1
Source: bobbypadrontattoo

The notion of abundance, in a spiritual context, is less about materialistic stuff and more about an appreciation of life in its joy and strength of mind.


14. Pure Linework


American Bison Tattoo 2
Source: will_allan_tattoos

Bison tattoos can look really cool and stylish in linework style. This doesn’t require the use of colors and it keeps everything plain and simple.


15. Invincibility


American Bison Tattoo 3
Source: eekpdx

The term “invincibility” means an individual who is too powerful to be overthrown or defeated. The tattoo above is ideal for a person who possesses this quality.


Geometric Bison Tattoo

Geometric tattoos, in general, symbolize balance, stability, and symmetry. This style of tattooing has become increasingly popular and bison tattoos would look definitely cooler if it’s incorporated.


16. Loyalty


Geometric Bison Tattoo 1
Source: scott_nguyen_tattoos

Bison tattoos also symbolize loyalty. Their toughness and perseverance are matched by their gentleness as well as their loyalty. The tattoo also keeps things simple.


17. Two Sides


Geometric Bison Tattoo 2
Source: riversofinktattoostudio

There are always two sides to every story. Similarly, a person also has two sides- one that is revealed to the world and another that is hidden. That is exactly what this tattoo on the man’s thigh portrays.


18. Protection


Geometric Bison Tattoo 3
Source: igly.i.tusztattoo

These tattoos also signify protection and guidance. A person who is in dire need of protection will find it extremely difficult to perform optimally. The tattoo, inked on a man’s leg, can make them feel safe and protected.


Bison Face Tattoo

Although these tattoos take up less space, their meanings are quite deep and powerful. You are also free to come up with your own interpretations of the designs.


19. Going Strong


Bison Face Tattoo 1
Source: rabidhandstattooseattle

The tattoo above is referring to an individual’s durability or capacity to tolerate all sorts of difficult conditions in life. You can add details wherever necessary for better visuals.


20. Willpower


Bison Face Tattoo 2
Source: radioblocktattoo

Willpower is what enables us to pursue our long-term career goals and stay motivated all the time. We will never put in our best work if we don’t have willpower. This is exactly what the bison tattoo symbolizes.


21. Unyielding


Bison Face Tattoo 3
Source: chrisfrantzart

This tattoo design represents a person who can handle just about anything that is thrown his/her way. These tattoos are a perfect symbol for interpretations such as this one.


Bison Sleeve Tattoo

Sleeve tattoos go from the wrist all the way to one’s shoulder and they don’t even hurt that much. Besides, bison tattoos can look pretty cool in this area of the body so why not get them?


22. King of the World


Bison Sleeve Tattoo 1
Source: tattoo_kuestenjung

Since bison tattoos represent invincibility and immortality, they can make you feel like you’re at the top of the world. Rather than adding colors to it, the tattoo looks better in the B&W effect.


23. Forbearance


Bison Sleeve Tattoo 2
Source: sbstattoolt

Forbearance is the state or quality of showing great self-control and this is exactly what the design above signifies. It’s more like a half-sleeve tattoo but nevertheless, the tattoo looks absolutely stunning.


24. Force To Be Reckoned With


Bison Sleeve Tattoo 3
Source: thevalleynorn

The phrase above means a powerful person or thing that should not be taken lightly when being faced with. The interpretation makes sense because that is what the tattoo depicts quite accurately.


Bison Tattoo Designs

In this section, you’ll come across some more beautiful and unique bison tattoo designs. Colors have been used in every one of these designs and they definitely look sensational. Check them out below:


25. Astronomical


Bison Tattoo Designs 1
Source: goddessmusetattoo

This is more of a double entendre. The term “astronomical” can refer to the two celestial bodies seen in the bison tattoo above. It can also refer to the vastness of this mighty creature.



Bison Tattoo Designs 2
Source: friendly.monsxer




Bison Tattoo Designs 3
Source: woof.wah.tattoo


Tribal Bison Tattoo




Tribal Bison Tattoo 1
Source: honeybunnytattoo




Tribal Bison Tattoo 2
Source: bigfoottattoos




Tribal Bison Tattoo 3
Source: sun.yata


Bison Outline Tattoo




Bison Outline Tattoo 1
Source: bird_witch_tatto




Bison Outline Tattoo 2
Source: blancamediavilla




Bison Outline Tattoo 3
Source: danieljamestattooer


Minimalist Bison Tattoo




Minimalist Bison Tattoo 1
Source: monicaa.leeigh




Minimalist Bison Tattoo 2
Source: tattoos_bymadi




Minimalist Bison Tattoo 3
Source: an.i.tattoo


Iron Bison Tattoo




Iron Bison Tattoo 1
Source: jmc.tattoo




Iron Bison Tattoo 2
Source: josue_acosta




Iron Bison Tattoo 3
Source: liber.hatred


Angry Bison Tattoo




Angry Bison Tattoo 1
Source: sanctorumtattoo




Angry Bison Tattoo 2
Source: chandlermoaseartist




Angry Bison Tattoo 3
Source: 60jams


Bison Back Tattoo




Bison Back Tattoo 1
Source: seankarn




Bison Back Tattoo 2
Source: adizmalworld




Bison Back Tattoo 3
Source: harleyknowsitsalive


Bison Chest Tattoo




Bison Chest Tattoo 1
Source: tracey.rox.tattoos




Bison Chest Tattoo 2
Source: affanita




Bison Chest Tattoo 3
Source: terrygrow


Bison Face Side View Tattoo




Bison Face Side View Tattoo 1




Bison Face Side View Tattoo 2
Source: eternalimagetattoo




Bison Face Side View Tattoo 3
Source: babygunstattoo2.0


Bison Hand Tattoo




Bison Hand Tattoo 1
Source: maurizio_gobbo




Bison Hand Tattoo 2
Source: risingwavetattoo




Bison Hand Tattoo 3
Source: sebastiantattoos


Bison Line Tattoo




Bison Line Tattoo 1
Source: christiangronewold_tattoo




Bison Line Tattoo 2
Source: aztattoostudio




Bison Line Tattoo 3
Source: mothteethart


Bison Mountain Tattoo




Bison Mountain Tattoo 1
Source: crosstattoopai




Bison Mountain Tattoo 2
Source: tatsbyrob




Bison Mountain Tattoo 3
Source: hazzardtattoos


Bison Shoulder Tattoo




Bison Shoulder Tattoo 1
Source: misslaceytattoos




Bison Shoulder Tattoo 2
Source: penandoaktattoo




Bison Shoulder Tattoo 3
Source: integritybodyarts


Bison Silhouette Tattoo




Bison Silhouette Tattoo 1
Source: thirtytwotattoo




Bison Silhouette Tattoo 2
Source: sagebrushtattoo




Bison Silhouette Tattoo 3
Source: larkin181


Bison Spirit Tattoo




Bison Spirit Tattoo 1
Source: avatartat2




Bison Spirit Tattoo 2
Source: sinnermantattoo




Bison Spirit Tattoo 3
Source: creaturecomforts.tattoo


Bison Thigh Tattoo




Bison Thigh Tattoo 1
Source: eugene_dil




Bison Thigh Tattoo 2
Source: aaronremington




Bison Thigh Tattoo 3
Source: scottartist


Bison Wearing Headdress Tattoo




Bison Wearing Headdress Tattoo 1
Source: davidpedigotattooer




Bison Wearing Headdress Tattoo 2
Source: vitorfernandex




Bison Wearing Headdress Tattoo 3
Source: goldeneyes.tattoo


Buffalo Bison Tattoos




Buffalo Bison Tattoos 1
Source: mittzhell




Buffalo Bison Tattoos 2
Source: nate.burrow.tattoo




Buffalo Bison Tattoos 3
Source: kaboomtatuajes


Flying Bison Tattoo




Flying Bison Tattoo 1
Source: mochi.tattoos




Flying Bison Tattoo 2
Source: hevtattoos




Flying Bison Tattoo 3
Source: katscratchkatie


Indian Bison Tattoo




Indian Bison Tattoo 1
Source: artofficialautumn




Indian Bison Tattoo 2
Source: melissa_daye




Indian Bison Tattoo 3
Source: esperanzainktattoos


Jumping Bison Tattoo




Jumping Bison Tattoo 1
Source: high_carbontattoos




Jumping Bison Tattoo 2
Source: paultattooer




Jumping Bison Tattoo 3
Source: _victorywin_


Leg Bison Tattoo




Leg Bison Tattoo 1
Source: jamais.vu.tattoo




Leg Bison Tattoo 2
Source: morelia_ink




Leg Bison Tattoo 3
Source: the_hideaway_tattoo


And that’s a wrap! These were some of the most striking bison tattoos we had in store for you. If you’ve made it till the very end, congratulations!

Now all you have to do is just take time and find the ideal tattoo design for yourself. Tattoos are going to be there permanently so if you decide to change your mind later or come across a better-looking design, you would have to go through a lot of trouble to change it afterward. Once you’ve picked your design, it’s all smooth sailing after that. We wish you all the best!


Frequently Asked Questions

What does a bison tattoo represent?

Power, invincibility, and strength.

What does a bison skull tattoo mean?

Endurance and survival.

Is a bison a buffalo?

Although both of these creatures are from the same family, they are two distinct animals and also have different physical features.



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