79 Trending Molon Labe Tattoo Ideas You Never Miss!

Molon Labe tattoos are popular for hundreds of years. The Molon Labe idea has a thousand years old fascinating stories and repetition of this slogan has been seen many times in the story.

Despite being an ancient phrase, a larger number of people still prefer to get it inked on their bodies. Especially, tattoo has tremendous demand from celebrities, athletes, gym freaks, gun freaks, and on military background peoples as well.

Many people believe that after inking Molon Labe on their body, they feel more motivated, and they achieved better self-discipline, some say, the tattoo helps them to find the hidden warrior in them.

If you also want to get a Molon Labe tattoo, here you have gathered the 80 best Molon Labe tattoo ideas for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Scroll down and adopt the best one and get it inked!


Molon Labe Tattoos Designs and Meaning

Molon Labe means come and take/get.

This is one of the most powerful slogans used for wars and battles. The purpose of this motto is to fight against the opponent without giving up fearlessly.

Not just war, many people use it to fight in their daily life. However, it’s most popular with people in the army or serving in the military.

Many Molon Labe tattoo holder says, this tattoo keeps them motivated and helps them to discover their hidden inner energy.

The slogan became famous when Persian emperor Xerxes asked Leonidas to surrender in the battle of Thermopylae and in return, he said, MOLON LOBE. (For more read, check Molon Lobe History).


  1. Warrior’s Weapon Tattoo 

Molon Labe with Guns Tattoo

Source: tattoosbybrewer

This warrior sword is one of the most aggressive tattoos one can get. The tattoo enhances your personality and gives your arm a warrior vibe.

This is an ideal Molon Labe tattoo that shows you are a WARRIOR and you aren’t gonna give up, so if they have courage, they will come and take it from you.

With the warrior’s head and two sword shows, you are always ready to face challenges and defeat your enemy without giving up. The tattoo will increase your confidence than it was earlier.


2. Molon Labe with Warrior Head

molon labe tattoo

Source: scndchance

Molon Labe is itself a powerful phase and if you are a die-hard fan of it, get a tattoo of it.

The tattoo in bolder words will make you feel like a warrior who can conquer anything he wants, while everyone else will think twice before messing up with you.

This warrior headed mostly looks best on inner arms.


3. American Punisher 

molon labe meaning
Source: pushinink

This American punisher skull shows there is something always over criminals. It’s the sign of bravery, power, action, and dominating the dominators.

The tattoo looks tempting and manly on the muscle and arms.


4. Colorful High Graphical Molon labe tattoo 

molon tattoo
Source: markymark_ftw


This over-energized and colorful tattoo is something that looks best over the arm. This higher graphic and colorful tattoo show the aggression and willpower coming out of a stubborn warrior.

The molon labe line at the end of the tattoo makes it a lot more powerful and appealing.


5. Black Inked Ultra-masculine

mmolon labe meaning tattoo
Source: marta_montero_tattoo


The 3D visualized tattoo looks stunning and the Molon Labe phrase makes it more powerful.

Black inked and the small-sized tattoo that looks attractive to every body part, especially on the thigh (it will stand out on leg days in the gym). 😉



meaning molon labe
Source: dgarmanleather

MOAON AABE and Molon Labe are the same things in different fonts.

However, this bold and larger font tattoo looks great and shows its impact on your personality.

If you are a fan of the BOLD and larger tattoos, then it’s another best one to get inked.


7. Colorful Warrior Helmet

tattoo molon labe
Source: jbowenkmt

Vibrant design inspired by ancient warrior hats is something that will attract everyone’s eye.

The detailed aggressive horse work on the armor and the Greek phase in unique make it desirable.

This larger size tattoo looks best on arms.


The History of Molon Labe

The history of Molon Lobe is more than a thousand years old. However, it has been used by many throughout the time and that kept it alive till today.

The phrase is in Greek and it’s originally taken from Greek Historian Herodotus‘s ‘Histories, which is a collection of ancient Greek histories.

Leonidas delivered this powerful slogan to the battle of Thermopylae when the Persian emperor Xerxes asked them to surrender.

The slogan means come and take/get it.

At last, the term became more famous after its usage by settlers in the Texas revolution in the early 19th (aka, the gun rights movement).

Many people use this motto and get it inked in their body because they think it comes with them and it motivates them.




molon labe
Source: mills06


This design is one of the best for those who are looking for a Molon Labe forearm tattoo inspiration.

A larger font written phase with a heroic warrior hat design makes it everyone’s choice.


9. Glitzy Mountain and Arrow

tattoo meaning molon labe
Source: wirnsy24


Beautiful mountains, clouds, and sunrise with colorful designs make it soothing for eyes whereas the arrow and the Greek phase give a sign of war.

Ah! Such an example of Beauty and the Beast.


10. Tenacious Wounded Warrior

meaning molon labe tattoo
Source: meghanschader


This tattoo idea features a wounded but determined warrior who is still standing with all his strength to save his kingdom.

From idea, artwork, and color design, this full hand tattoo inspiration is a great option for people who live a life with a ‘come and take them’ attitude.


11. Bloody Rose and MOVON AABE

 tattoo and meaning
Source: jakeovertimetattoos


Molon Labe has nothing to do with Rose, right?

However, the design resembles a rose bloody rose and the Greek phrase that reflects higher confidence and not giving up attitude.

Perfect inspiration for athletic-minded people.


12. Molon LabeBullet Featured

Molon Labe and Snake Tattoo
Source: tattoosbyjamesashby


This Greek war phase features old-time wars where swords, horses, and arrows were used. However, for a tattoo, you can always design it as per your wish (with bullets too)

The tattoo will look great on the thigh, arms, and on forehand as well. A perfect choice for gun freaks.


13. Big spartan

Guns Tattoo meaning
Source: austintattoozombie


This idea looks amazing on the arms. The red color represents the blood of warriors and the arrow and helmet show their aggressiveness. The greek phase in ancient font along with the bloody shield makes it more manly.


14. Molon Labe tattoo on chest idea

tattoo molon labe meaning
Source: wyatt_smith_16


A unique tattoo idea made with black ink. However, the bluish design on the hat stands out and attracts everyone, whereas the shiny sharpness of the helmet’s edge shows it’s ready for the war.

This small tattoo also has the greek slogan written on the tattoo. An amazing tattoo idea someone can get.


15. Spectacular Black inked Come and Take

meaning tattoo molon labe
Source: tattered71


Molon Labe is one of the most inspiring and powerful slogans. In fact, many military and secret services use this tagline as their motto.

The dark-theme tattoo design with a skull-wearing helmet shows how warriors save a nation by sacrificing their lives and the bold slogan makes it more inspiring.

A perfect tattoo to get on the back of your leg.


16. Powerful Skull!

Molon Labe with meaning
Source: mondotrasho


The tattoo itself carries a lot of energy and aggressiveness.

I liked the greek phase written in a unique font on the helmet. Also, skull shouting and a blue vibe coming from its inside make it a lot more tempting.

A perfect tattoo choice for an energetic person.

Molon Labe and Snake Tattoo

The combination of Molon Labe and Snake makes a perfect combination.

The snake usages are famous because of its usage in the American revolutionary flag where a coiled rattlesnake and a slogan (Don’t tread on me) has been shown.

If we combine a snake and Molon Labe, it stands. Keep what’s yours, don’t let anyone take it away from you, EVER.

Many people carry this tattoo with proud and they are very protective about what they have.


17. Snake on a gun!

Molon Labe Snake Tattoo
Source: jennytattooer


Snake and gun both represent modern war. Snake and guns have been used in many organizations’ flags.

The tattoo looks ruthless because the snake and the gun show inhumanness.

The motto looks tempting and after seeing this tattoo on your forearm, everyone will think hundred times before messing with you.


18. Tribute To Warriors


 molon with gun tattoo
Source: bobbyj_tattoos

This tattoo idea has both looks of a modern and ancient warrior.

The warrior hat, the sword, represents the ancient warriors, and the boot, gun, and goggles show the modern warriors.

The motto inked in a unique font compliments the entire thing.

It’s great for a military guy who is looking for a tattoo design on the inner arm.


19. Modern Movon AABE

molon meaning tattoo
Source: gypsywalters

This tattoo design for the arm is a lot more up-to-date with some ancient touches on it.

The helmet looks outstanding, and the color looks like fire, and the smoky blackish design makes it amazing.

Also, the come and take expression validates it as well.


20. Strong Tattoo

tattoo with meaning molon labe
Source: fat_apex_tattoo_jax

The most dynamic Molon Labe upper arm tattoo design idea I have ever seen.

The broken helmet in the circle, the tagline, and the scratches make the whole tattoo ruthless.

This tattoo represents never giving up and aggression, both at the same time.


21. Simple MOVON AABE design inspiration 

molon labe and meaning tattoo
Source: badcompany_d_takov

The clarity and simplicity of the tattoo make it one of the most appealing thigh tattoos.

The shiny warrior hat and the quote make this design much attractive.

I like the sharpness of the hat.


22. Movon AABE Lion

molon labe with tattoo
Source: mattduketattoos

Well, it’s not essential you have to add armors, warrior hats on the tattoo. We can make exceptions and experiment with design.

However, here is a Molon Labe tattoo idea that features a lion with aggressive blue eyes.

The small tattoo looks great on the chest, and it looks realistic too.


23. Gladiator 

meaning and molon labe
Source: rob_and_his_tj

If you are looking for a simple forearm tattoo idea, here the gladiator comes.

This tattoo represents the quote in bolder design, along with a warrior hat.

A simple but powerful tattoo inspiration.


24. Delightful Movon Aabe inspiration 

gun and molon labe
Source: mathewscotttattooer

Another great example of an arm tattoo that contains some colorful flowers, dangerous arrows, and a dangerous message.

Looking at the depth of the tattoo shows the peacefulness of flowers, the aggressiveness of the war arrows, and the message Molon Labe,

It means you are calm and peaceful, but if someone messes up with you, he’s in danger.


Molon Labe American Flag Tattoo


25.  American Flag Design 

tattoo with meaning
Source: station1tattoo_company

Well, the image contains many small tattoo design ideas.

However, the first one represents a warrior hat and a snake on the gun with the greek quote itself.

Other design ideas are representing flags like the US flag.

Simple design idea for patriots.


26. Artistic Molon Labe

molon labe and tattoo
Source: leemallett666

Looking at the tattoo, it looks super artistic, and the slogan itself looks aesthetic in this font.

If you are not a big fan of big tattoos and looking for a small and simple tattoo and this is a great option for you.


27. Large MOVON AABE tattoo idea 

taottoo meaning
Source: permagrafix

Another simple but big tattoo idea is here.

The tattoo looks super simple but attractive too.

The tagline in large and bold words and the one side of the mask makes it more tempting.

The best idea for someone who’s looking for a simple but big tattoo inspiration.


28. Lion vs. lionheart 

snake meaning molon labe
Source: nebojsa.m_tattoo

Lions are the most dangerous and aggressive animal and people are afraid of them. However, only lionheart people have the courage to fight with lions.

So, if you consider yourself a powerful and stronger person who can fight with a lion all alone, here is the perfect one for you.


29. Restless Fighter

snake and gun
Source: stef2026

Best tattoo idea that represents the real meaning of Molon Labe.

The tattoo features a soldier looking with bolder eyes on the enemy with an arrow and shield in hand.

This design looks super realistic.


30. Simplistic 

molon tattoo labe
Source: mrx.tattoo.e.custom.art

If you are looking for a small and simple movon aabe tattoo idea for your arm, this one can be great for you.

Many say it looks like a logo but it’s actually not.

In fact, it delivers the message correctly.


31. Black inked Soldier Helmet

gun molon labe
Source: sheltontattoostudio

Black inked hat design with a shining touch makes it really attractive.

On the other side, the slogan in bold font above the helmet gives it better focus.

A perfect chest tattoo one can get, indeed!


32. Classic Arrow and Warrior Helmet

with gun meaning
Source: saramonsterkennedy

Looking for a Molon Labe big arm tattoo inspiration? If yes, then it can be a great one for you.

The arrow and the helmet with red hair compliment the whole thing.

Also, the slogan got better attention on a bolder front.

Ah! Perfect!

What else can you ask for?


33. MOVON AABE with Guns 

molon labe and gun
Source: ryantattoo

This tattoo design follows the story of new wars where soldier uses guns instead of sword and arrows.

The small tattoo idea looks perfect on the forearm. You can also enjoy the existence of the slogan down below the helmet.

Another perfect choice for gun freaks.


34. 3D Molon Labe  

and tattoo
Source: electrogiraffe

The 3D tattoo with written in bold words. It looks outstanding on the inner hand.

Also, the sparkling effect on the 3D tattoo attracts everyone’s eye first.

Undoubtedly, this tattoo will make you feel more confident and tenacious.



with tattoo
Source: astoutheart

If you are familiar with American history, then you should have already understood the meaning of this tattoo inspiration.

With 1776, it represents the war and independence of America.

A perfect tattoo idea for patriots.


36. Inspiring  Snake

snake tattoo
Source: winslowtattoo


The tattoo design is best and made for simple tattoo design lovers.

With the slogan in bolder words, the tattoo focuses more on its theme.

Also, the snake in the middle means courage and strength. A powerful tattoo that doesn’t cost much and takes a shorter time, too.


37. Dark Theme Molon Labe Tattoo 

meaning tattoo
Source: bodymod502

The tattoo has been made with dark color and with a few shinier touches.

With the helmet. There is a flag design as well which makes it a good choice for patriots.

The tattoo looks great on the hand, thighs, and on the shoulder as well.


38. Small MOVON AABE 

molon labe snake
Source: btatu

Most people think Moaon Aabe tattoos have to be big, colorful, and harsh.

However, it’s not true! The tattoo can be small and simple too.

If you see this tattoo, it’s an ideal example of a small tattoo. Nevertheless, it’s conveying the same power and energy.

This small tattoo looks fantastic on the chest as well.


39. Ancient Warrior Tattoo Inspiration 

snake gun tattoo
Source: freakykatty


Here is another perfect small tattoo idea based on Molon Labe.

In this tattoo, you can see warrior helmets, shields, arrows, and swords as well.

Also, at the end of the tattoo, the title is also noticeable.

A simple yet powerful tattoo that looks great on arms.


Spartan Molon Labe Tattoo

Spartan along with Molon Labe create an aesthetic tattoo.

Spartan means those Greek warriors who are famous for their bravery, self-discipline, and fearlessness (even after more than a thousand years).

Many Greek prefers to get it inked on their body.

Some Spartan Molon Labe tattoo holder believes it makes them feel like a warrior and the feels motivated and more self-disciplined.


40. Shiny warrior Helmet tattoo 

tattoo with tattoo
Source: inkmanmike

The shiny warrior hat tattoo looks super appealing. It stands out and attracts everyone’s eyeball.

In the end, the slogan inked in bold font gives a meaningful message too.

The tattoo looks superb on the chest.




molon labe and meaning
Source: marceb_76



Tattoo and molon labe
Source: meat_at_animalhousetat2



gun meaning with tattoo


Source: 21_narvois

meaning tattoo with molon labe
Source: jmillisock1791


tattoo molon labe gun

Source: samartoficial

tattoo and molon labe tattoo
Source: abductedtattoos


with gun tattoo
Source: irotasone


molon and Snake
Source: tattoohouse_pg


meaning and tattoo
Source: thayronramon


and tattoo meaning
Source: vinzarms_kustom


snake with taattoo
Source: tattooleme


gun meaning tattoo
Source: gabrielbslg_tattoo


molon guns
Source: rpressutto_tattoo


guns and tattoo
Source: destinytattoos

Molon Labe with Guns Tattoo

Molon Labe and gun represent the Texas revolution. People of texas find it very fascinating because of its font, the texas vibe, and the revolution.

Molon Labe, the powerful slogan, was also used in the time of early 19th when the Texas revolution occurs where civilians were striking for permission to carry a gun for themselves.

At that time, colonists used to use this slogan.

Many gun freaks enthusiastically carry a gun and Molon Labe tattoo for honoring the revolution.


molon labe and snake
Source: tattootinus


meaning with and tattoo
Source: oldcrowscustomtattoo


snake molon labe
Source: bruno.godoy_tattoo


guns meaning molon labe tattoo
Source: ewersumati


sanke and guns
Source: raquel.leal.tattoo__


molon labe guns
Source: rob86tattoos


with meaning molon tattoo
Source: yago.tattoo.age


molon labe tattoo with
Source: lobaotattoo


with meaning
Source: and.linden


with and tattoo
Source: sandro.ink


molon labe and tattoo with
Source: jackie_rabbit


snake meaning with molon labe
Source: keval_tattooist.official


tattoo and molon labe guns
Source: intheink76


tattoo molon labe and
Source: haroldtattoostudio


guns molon labe
Source: mandarim.tattoo


molon labe snake guns
Source: somtattoosantos


Guns Tattoo molon labe
Source: nervo.tattoo


guns molon labe and tattoos
Source: fernandoberta.tattoo


with meaning and
Source: executive_decisions_tattoo


and guns
Source: andresantostattoo


molon labe and meaning guns
Source: negro_adrian_tattoo


snake guns and tattoo
Source: pacific_ave_tattoo


snake molon labe with tattoo
Source: tattoostudioreddragon


molon labe guns and
Source: ben_h_tattoo


tattoo meaning with
Source: dantaclausetattoos


molon labe guns snake meaning
Source: mike_leone86



If you are in search of a tattoo that helps you to find the inner warrior that lies in you, then Molon Labe is something you can get. The powerful slogan is motivating people for more than a thousand years.

It has historical value and looks impressive too.

So, what are you waiting for?

Get this, come and take it tattoo and gain the warrior’s personality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Get a Molon Labe Tattoo?

The Molon Labe tattoo mostly features that they aren’t afraid of anyone. They are always ready for the fight and that’s why it’s a favorite one of military people. If you also want to keep motivating yourself, consider getting a Molon Labe tattoo.

What Does Molon Labe Mean In Latin?

Molon Labe means come and take it. If we translate it into Latin, it should be ‘veniet et tolle eas.’

Is Molon Labe A Military Tattoo?

The tattoo is quite popular among military people and many prefer one too. However, the Molon Labe tattoo is also popular in athletics and gun enthusiasts. Anyone can get this.


81. Realistic Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: rada0309tattoo


82. Lettering Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: rott3ntattoo


83. Arrow Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: tattoobyjenny


84. Black Work Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: umi.tattoo.studio


85. Old School Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: wolfrobertl


86. Gold Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: talka_pollock


87. Sparta Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: tattdaddy1994


88. Greek Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: mglatattoo


89. Berserker Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: hautecht_tattoo


90. Inked Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: amanda.warrick.tattoos


91. Fingers Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: joylynn.g


92. Fineline Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: entrepontos.estudio


93. American Flag Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: chase_stillwater


94. Greece Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: malvasia_tattoo


95. Viking Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: thevikingtattoostudio


96. Black And Grey Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: tattoosbytashana


97. Helmet Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: tattooxtremealgorta


98. Gladiator Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: tatuador_montenegro


99. Utah Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: iamradness


100. Elbow Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: will_fatman_page


101. Color Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: serpentinetattoomachine


102. 300 Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: tramaeliamart


103. Fresh Ink Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: tomcat20


104. Inkjecta Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: red_pretzel_


105. Spartan Training Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: bmcghan09


106. Iowa Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: broadsttattoo_ia


107. Carved Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: tattoo_elvis


108. Half Sleeve Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: rusaucytat2


109. American Rose Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: stedfast_eslv


110. Chest Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: chris._mac


111. Red And Black Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: red_and_black_tattoo_zagreb


112. Traditional Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: andrearoseti_tattoo


113. Greensboro Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: wicked_catz_tattoo


114. Warrior Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: fabinhotattooart


115. Leonidas Molon Labe Tattoo


Source: red_and_black_tattoo_zagreb


116. Dynamicink Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: kollintattoos


117. Healed Molon Labe Tattoo


Source: rspiertattoo


118. 2nd Amendment Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: sin_corazon_art


119. Sylva Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: bornandraisedtattoo


120. Skull Molon Labe Tattoo

Source: normzar

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