80 Pisces Tattoo Ideas and Designs

People born from 19 February to 20 March are considered to be Pisces. And Pisces tattoos are a representation of the Pisces people along with their personality traits. Emotional stability, healing, and feelings are one of the core symbols of these designs. This zodiac sign has a unique symbol that is inspired by the famous Yin Yang sign.

There are endless possibilities of designs available for the beautiful Pisces. The designs allow the artists to express their skills and art along with feelings and deep thinking. We have worked to find out some of the most popular tattoo designs for you. Discover some of the trending designs in this guide.


XX Pisces Tattoos Designs and Ideas

Pisces is the last zodiac sign and the meaning behind the Pisces tattoos is heartwarming and great. The ideas and designs under this sign will give you a sense of fulfillment and peace. Dive deep into one of the top Pisces tattoo designs and ideas.

Constellation Pisces Tattoo

The Pisces constellation is a beautiful and eye-pleasing starry affair. The bright and stunning look of the constellation is expressed in tattoos. So, let us take a look at a few constellation Pisces tattoos.


1. The Starry Pisces


Constellation Pisces Tattoo 1
Source: the_art_of_yivah

Express the mesmerizing view of the bright stars in the night sky in this tattoo. The Pisces constellation is perfect for the arm or thigh of men or women.


2. The Koi Connection


Constellation Pisces Tattoo 2
Source: leemalonetattoo

Get a koi tattoo with the Pisces constellation as a representation of the sign and artistic creativity. The flowers on the fishes make the entire design look more catchy and intriguing.


3. Fish Constellation


Constellation Pisces Tattoo 3
Source: vizion123tattoo

Two fishes circling over the constellation symbolize the beautiful meaning of Pisces. It is a design representing the personality traits and characteristics of the zodiac sign.


Geometric Pisces Tattoo

Geometric designs on tattoos are both simple and gorgeous at the same time. The unique styles and detailing make the tattoos more approachable and good-looking.


4. The Diamond Place


Geometric Pisces Tattoo 1
Source: tat2bymarlonm

Make your features enhance majestically by getting the koi within a diamond tattoo. The design portrays Pisces and the beauty of art. Perfect for both men and women, this style looks astounding on the wrist or arm.


5. The World Of Arcs


Geometric Pisces Tattoo 2
Source: 02.cit

Beautify your hand or thigh with a unique design of koi circling over planetary arcs. The planets and stars look great and represent the stunning look of the night sky.


6. Floral Koi


Geometric Pisces Tattoo 3
Source: jes.tattoos

Pisces majorly focuses on the emotional side of a person. The sensitivity, feelings, and expressions of emotion give Pisces a beautiful meaning. The flowers and fishes combined with the geometric art express the meaning.


Koi Fish Pisces Tattoo

Koi fish are commonly used to represent the pretty-looking art of Pisces. So, let us dive deep into some of the best examples of Koi fish Pisces tattoos.


7. Yin Yang Koi


Koi Fish Pisces Tattoo 1
Source: catalysttattoosg

Take a peak into your life and the good and bad aspects of it by getting this Koi fish design. The tattoo gives a unique and eye-catching look to the meaning of life.


8. The Reddish Fish


Koi Fish Pisces Tattoo 2
Source: selishiaxart

Turn heads with this beautiful pair of fish tattooed on your arm. The red color and the simple design make it an attractive sight to see.


9. The Colorful Pisces


Koi Fish Pisces Tattoo 3
Source: nicole_inkart

Design your Pisces constellation with circling fishes on top. The unique coloring, detailing, and design of the fishes are a representation of art, creativity, and meaningful thinking.


10. Yin Yang View


Koi Fish Pisces Tattoo 4
Source: novaluna_ink

Combine the yin yang with the beautiful Koi fishes and get a distinct look at life and Pisces. It is a symbolization of life, love, feelings, and emotional stability.


11. Double Koi Trouble


Koi Fish Pisces Tattoo 5
Source: h_appytattoo

Express your inner feelings along with emotional stability and stability by sporting two pairs of Koi on two feet. The colorful design and cute representation of the Pisces tattoo make it an amazing choice.


12. Good And Evil Art


Koi Fish Pisces Tattoo 6
Source: greenpilgrimtattoos

Give yourself a boost of confidence with the Pisces representation tattoo. The red and black ink gives the design an attractive and nice look with a minimalistic style.


Zodiac Sign Pisces Tattoo

The Pisces zodiac sign is a symbol of love, emotional stability, sensitivity, and so on. The simple to unique designs of the signs looks great on both men and women. So, find out a few examples of Pisces tattoo styles.


13. The Constellation Sign


Zodiac Sign Pisces Tattoo 1
Source: rosalyra_tattoo

Give your inner feelings a space of expression with a Pisces zodiac sign. The constellation around the sign helps to enhance the beauty of the tattoo.


14. The Artistic Pisces


Zodiac Sign Pisces Tattoo 2
Source: bodyarts_blr

If you are looking for an artistic design with your zodiac sign, go for this tattoo style. The geometric shapes along with the distinct design and Pisces symbols make it a great choice.


15. Symbolic Meaning


Zodiac Sign Pisces Tattoo 3
Source: strudlle_tattoo

Give yourself a reminder of your personality traits and inner feelings with a simple Pisces tattoo. The minimalistic and bold design makes your tattoo look adorable and symbolic.


Scorpio Pisces Tattoo

Scorpio and Pisces are two popular zodiac signs with slightly similar personality traits. Both of these signs talk deeply about our emotions. So, let us combine the two signs and take a look at the result.


16. The Zodiac Connection


Scorpio Pisces Tattoo 1
Source: levishortbull

Make your features pop and more attractive with the beautiful Pisces and Scorpion combination. The style gives a clear idea about thoughtful thinking, understanding, and stability.


17. Scorpio Fish Duo


Scorpio Pisces Tattoo 2
Source: sashaknight0809

Get a scorpion and koi tattooed on your arm or thigh as a representation of the two zodiac signs. This design is suitable for both men and women looking for a mesmerizing tattoo.


Aries Pisces Tattoo

While Pisces focuses on emotions, Aries diverts its focus to courage and bold steps. The combination of these two signs creates a bold and brave personality. Let us see some of the top examples of this union.


18. Aries Koi Chronicles


Aries Pisces Tattoo 1
Source: dmptattoos

Circulating koi fishes with the Aries sign in the middle represents courage and emotional stability. The stars surrounding the design give it an eye-pleasing and beautiful look.


19. The Mixed Signs


Aries Pisces Tattoo 2
Source: thedarksiren92

Turn heads everywhere you go with the colorful combination of Aries and Pisces. Symbolize bravery, emotional balance, and artistic skills with the amazing design.


20. Tribal Zodiac


Aries Pisces Tattoo 3
Source: samarawitch13

Pay respect and show love towards the tribal culture and faith with this innovative tribal Aries Pisces tattoo. This design also shows faith towards zodiac signs and nature.


Gemini Pisces Tattoo

The connection between Gemini and Pisces is rare and the beauty of this rarity is depicted with tattoos. Let us guide you through the top Gemini Pisces tattoo designs.


21. The Cross Connection


Gemini Pisces Tattoo 1
Source: ramie_chan_17

Suitable for both men and women, this artistic take on Gemini and Pisces signs is eye-catching and perfectly depicted. The simplicity of the designs and the skills of the artist make this design worth the attention.


22. The Art Of Signs


Gemini Pisces Tattoo 2
Source: a_ink_art

If you are passionate about the zodiac signs and their beautiful representations, then this tattoo is the perfect choice for you. Several zodiac signs are integrated in one tattoo, making the view phenomenal and attractive.


23. The Mermaids


Gemini Pisces Tattoo 3
Source: androgynous_butch_oldpage

Beautify your pretty features with two outstanding and beautiful mermaids combined with the Gemini sign. It is a representation of beauty, emotions, and art.


Taurus Pisces Tattoo

Taurus is known for its strong personality. Magic happens when the strong Taurus characteristics match the energy of the Pisces personality. Discover the top Taurus Pisces tattoos below.


24. The Bull Pisces


Taurus Pisces Tattoo 1
Source: danamorsetattoos

Get this realistic and beautiful tattoo as a symb0lization of Taurus and Pisces personalities. The design is a top choice for men and looks great on the bicep.


25. Match Matching


Taurus Pisces Tattoo 2
Source: tattooss.alkaya

Express your love and respect for your soulmate with the unique Taurus Pisces tattoo. The designs show the bond, love, and connection between two partners.




Taurus Pisces Tattoo 3
Source: bull.sheep


Cancer Pisces Tattoo




Cancer Pisces Tattoo 1
Source: yaydelivalentina




Cancer Pisces Tattoo 2
Source: sherinicole_




Cancer Pisces Tattoo 3
Source: coco784


Wrist Pisces Tattoo




Wrist Pisces Tattoo 1
Source: muera_tattoo




Wrist Pisces Tattoo 2
Source: kerri.stevenson.12




Wrist Pisces Tattoo 3
Source: bsomebodytattoos


Aquarius Pisces Tattoo




Aquarius Pisces Tattoo 1
Source: wilde.tinte




Aquarius Pisces Tattoo 2
Source: untappeddesigns




Aquarius Pisces Tattoo 3
Source: untappeddesigns


Capricorn Pisces Tattoo




Capricorn Pisces Tattoo 1
Source: michalska.tattoo




Capricorn Pisces Tattoo 2
Source: body.and.soul.tattoos


Tribal Pisces Tattoo




Tribal Pisces Tattoo 1
Source: carolyndaisy




Tribal Pisces Tattoo 2
Source: andre_lopes91




Tribal Pisces Tattoo 3
Source: kkreps13


Water Lily Pisces Tattoo




Water Lily Pisces Tattoo 1
Source: manthbtattoo




Water Lily Pisces Tattoo 2
Source: fantasma.inkk




Water Lily Pisces Tattoo 3
Source: rakeink


Fish Pisces Tattoo




Fish Pisces Tattoo 1
Source: thehauntedbat




Fish Pisces Tattoo 2
Source: kah.ink




Fish Pisces Tattoo 3
Source: dangotattoo


Polynesian Pisces Tattoo




Polynesian Pisces Tattoo 1
Source: jonathanmargolis




Polynesian Pisces Tattoo 2
Source: macintossh




Polynesian Pisces Tattoo 3
Source: twogunstattoo_bali


Dolphin Pisces Tattoo




Dolphin Pisces Tattoo 1
Source: sweety_sting




Dolphin Pisces Tattoo 2
Source: empiretattoomadrid21




Dolphin Pisces Tattoo 3
Source: cardinamita


Evil Pisces Tattoo




Evil Pisces Tattoo 1
Source: mariannedawn6




Evil Pisces Tattoo 2
Source: bigphiltattoos




Evil Pisces Tattoo 3
Source: deadline_tats_


Japanese Pisces Tattoo




Japanese Pisces Tattoo 1
Source: alliancetattoosupply




Japanese Pisces Tattoo 2
Source: _dan_archy_




Japanese Pisces Tattoo 3
Source: alisa.inks


Libra Pisces Tattoo




Libra Pisces Tattoo 1
Source: davis.jerald




Libra Pisces Tattoo 2
Source: tattoo13_cz




Libra Pisces Tattoo 3
Source: joschetattooenpiercing


Shark Pisces Tattoo




Shark Pisces Tattoo 1
Source: joan_benimaclet




Shark Pisces Tattoo 2
Source: dad_l1f3




Shark Pisces Tattoo 3
Source: tetovacky_od_anicky


Betta Fish Pisces Tattoo




Betta Fish Pisces Tattoo 1
Source: marigold.inks




Betta Fish Pisces Tattoo 2
Source: byrd.kat




Betta Fish Pisces Tattoo 3
Source: michaela_leightattoo


Moon Pisces Tattoo




Moon Pisces Tattoo 1
Source: gera_galicia81




Moon Pisces Tattoo 2
Source: louisastartattoo




Moon Pisces Tattoo 3
Source: tattooing.bykat


Traditional Pisces Tattoo




Traditional Pisces Tattoo 1
Source: nate.burrow.tattoo




Traditional Pisces Tattoo 2
Source: artbyeemar




Traditional Pisces Tattoo 3
Source: alaskas_ink




Traditional Pisces Tattoo 4
Source: kennedyleightattoo


Astrological Pisces Tattoo




Astrological Pisces Tattoo 1
Source: link_1997




Astrological Pisces Tattoo 2
Source: alma_tattoo_baja




Astrological Pisces Tattoo 3
Source: roxcrd




Astrological Pisces Tattoo 4
Source: elchinyto_ink




Astrological Pisces Tattoo 5
Source: jpeyton0323




Astrological Pisces Tattoo 6
Source: tattooist_neul



Representing your innermost feelings with tattoos often seems easy, but finding the perfect tattoo for it is quite complicated. With various designs available out there, you are open to endless possibilities of depicting your thoughts and emotions.

After going through all the top designs for Pisces, we hope you have found the tattoo you are looking for. The Pisces tattoos are undoubtedly one of a kind, and the outstanding combinations and artistic approaches make the design more appealing.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which tattoo is lucky for Pisces?

Spiritual designs and styles related to nature and its aspects is lucky for Pisces.

What does a Pisces tattoo mean?

A Pisces tattoo means emotional sensitivity, balance, and spiritual healing. It mainly represents the healing process from within.

What is the symbol for Pisces?

Fishes are the symbol for Pisces. Koi fish is typically used to symbolize the Pisces zodiac sign.

How many stars are in Pisces?

There are 18 major stars in the Pisces constellation. These stars are bright and look amazing on the night sky.

Does a tattoo bring luck?

Many people believe that tattoos bring luck to a person. However, it is believed that luck depends on the design and style of the tattoo.

Who is a Pisces soulmate?

Taurus, Virgo, Aries, and Gemini sync well with the beauty and emotions of Pisces.

What Is The Best Location For Pisces Tattoo?

Pisces tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body. However, the designs are popularly placed on the arms, thighs, or shoulders.

What Is The Price For Pisces Tattoo?

The price of a Pisces tattoo typically ranges from $150 to $250 or higher. But the price typically varies depending on the design and style you choose.

Which Celebrities Did Make Pisces Tattoo On Their Body?

The popular artist “Rihanna” has a simple Pisces tattoo behind her ear.

What Is The Least Painful Area To Get Pisces Tattoo?

Tattoos are quite painful no matter where you get them. Pisces tattoo or any design on the arm is less painful compared to other body parts.

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